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To Build a Home

She had told him she didn't want to bring the darkness to their home. He only wished he had listened.

Residence of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully


"I thought you were just consulting for the FBI?" She asked casually as she took off her black peacoat, placing it on the coat rack. To think, they wanted Spooky Mulder back in the FBI. All he had to do was solve one case for them and suddenly he wasn't a murderer anymore.

"I'm sorry I had to call you at work. You really didn't have to rush home." At this statement her eyebrow arched harshly.

"Mulder, do you remember what you said on my machine?" She paused for a moment before continuing, reiterating his message word for word. "I'll be gone for the next week or so, don't worry about me." She laid down her briefcase and eased off her shoes. She would have to thank him sometime. Sure she was petrified when he message initially played but it saved her from simply telling her boss "I feel sick" and heading home. She did feel terribly sick-exhausted, really. She knew her body would thank her for this time, even if it was simply 14 hours until her next shift. She quickly ran her hand through her hair, letting it linger on her forehead for a moment in an attempt to ease the headache.

"Scully, are you alright?" He stepped towards her and she knew that her 'I'm fine' routine wouldn't work on him, not now; not ever.

"Just a headache."

"When did you last eat?" She could see the concern in his eyes and contemplated telling him the truth. It would only make him worry more if she told him she hadn't been able to keep anything on her stomach for a while now. She couldn't blame him for now knowing she was feeling sick- her schedule at the hospital was quite intense, especially compared with his new job helping the FBI. It had been more than a week since the last time they had eaten a meal together, honestly. That didn't matter, though. She needed to make sure he wasn't rushing into danger again.

"Where are you going and why?" His eyes lingered on her for a moment before he decided to answer her question.

"There's a serial killer in Baltimore. The murders weren't even connected until the unsub started sending letters, saying he would keep killing until they sent someone competent to find him." He paused in his statement, waggling his eyebrows briefly. "Did ya here that, Scully? Apparently the FBI thinks I'm competent."

"They always knew you were competent, it's your sanity they questioned." She replied effortlessly, a glint in her eye that challenged him. She was toying with him. The ball was in his court and he was going to make the lay-up.

"Crazy am I?" He grinned as he crossed the room quickly and lifted her , tossing her casually on their sofa as she squealed through laughter. God, how he loved to hear her laugh. He joined her soon after, bringing his lips to her luscious ones. He spoke through her lips: "will you miss me?" She broke from his mouth abruptly, her eyes suddenly becoming serious, focusing on his. Her hands rose to his head, grasping it on each side, her thumbs moving in small circles over his cheeks.

"Please…promise me you'll be safe." She paused, before continuing slowly. "I can't ask you to give up but I need you to be careful"

"So no axe-wielding Russians this time? You're such a party pooper." He joked, feeling her smile through his lips as they joined once again. He would leave in the morning but for now he would enjoy this time with his partner, his lover, his everything.

Baltimore City Police Department

8:07 am

"I'm glad you made it safely here, Agent Mulder." The tall black woman spoke, extending her pristine hand. He quickly corrected her, saying he was just 'Mulder,' as he shook her hand. The middle-aged detective nodded, guiding him to the room where nearly a dozen other people were gathered. "Did you get a chance to look over the preliminary report?" He tilted his head, simultaneously sipping the coffee supplied by the eager assistant who shifted on his feet, following Mulder a few paces behind. Detective Warner chuckled at this, her lips pulling into a small smile. "You're pretty famous in these parts…especially around the rookies." As she entered the room her eyebrows arched upward in surprise before her voice boomed with authority: "If you're not on this case, out! This is a police department, not an episode of TMZ." Half of the room quickly scurried out, one of the women managing to snap a picture of him before the door was slammed on her face, courtesy of Detective Warner. Wouldn't Scully love to hear about this one? Mulder ran his hand through his hair before sitting down with the official reports and sighing deeply.

They had a sicko on their hands

Residence of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

5:05 am

"Mommy, I'm scared"

She breathed raggedly, trying to stop the impending anxiety attack triggered by a voice she shouldn't- couldn't know

"Mommy, I miss you…I want to see my sister…help me"

Scully sat up from bed, wide eyed and gasping for air. She knew she would have dreams about their son for the rest of her life, but they had never been this vivid. It was like he was actually there…pleading for her help. And Emily…God how she missed Emily. How could William have known about Emily? She pressed her hands to her face, taking in one deep, shuddering breath. She was going mad. Of course it wasn't William she was hearing, it was he minds cruel way of taunting her. She glanced at the clock, noting that she would have to get up in an hour anyway. Maybe a morning bath would ease her aching muscles and get her to relax. Mulder had only been gone for a day and already she was longing for him. She clicked the button on her tiny radio as she began to undo the sash of her silk robe. Tears formed quickly before she slumped to the pristine white tiles of her bathroom floor, the radio softly playing a familiar melody:

'Joy to the world, all the boys and girls…'

2 weeks later

Channeling his 'spooky' abilities, Mulder was able to put a profile together for the police department. The problem was- it was no different from the other profile they already had. He couldn't determine why he was even called on this case, or frankly why he had been here for so long. There was nothing unnatural about it- well unnatural in his terms. A crazy maniac, who was chopping off the ring fingers of unmarried women and leaving the rest of their body behind. They were terribly gruesome murders reflecting extreme rage, but certainly not an X-file or anything remotely close, seeing as how the X-files had been officially shut down. This was certainly frustrating, receiving taunting notes constantly from this killer, along with yet another body. He hadn't talked to Scully in days. Last he heard her voice was sleep-deprived and pained but her patient Christian had just finished the last of his treatments. At least she had that going for her. What was he doing, besides failing at the only thing he was supposedly good at? The initial charm of Baltimore had worn off quickly and all the newbies who were so eager to meet him now had dispersed, realizing that he wasn't the man of their fairy tales- at least not anymore. One word: washed up. He scanned over the report again finally thinking he might have stumbled upon something when his phone rang, breaking his concentration. The thought was lost.

"Mulder." He answered with extreme irritation, practically barking into the phone.

"Mulder, I have to tell you something…I need to see you." Her voice was needy, something that should have sent off a red flag in his mind. He should have realized that something was terribly wrong, but he didn't.

"I can't just leave this case." He snapped. "You can expect me just to give up an-"

"No, I don't Mulder. I just…" Detective Warner walked into the room and signaled for him to hurry.

"Scully, I have to go"

"I…" The phone was dead before she could object. She placed the phone on the table before closing her eyes in frustration. She picked up the paper and held it in her agile fingers, her eyes running over the words over and over again as her hands shook. It was a miracle once, but for it to happen twice seemed cruel, especially after everything they'd been through. She was 44 years old, this couldn't happen. It was impossible and yet after nearly fainting at work she had finally sought out medical attention. It seemed as though the impossible was possible: Dana Katherine Scully was three months pregnant.