Where is Mommy?

She was here a little while ago, and was making pasta; my favourite food. And then she went away. I even called the police like Mommy told me to if something scary happened. The police weren't there. Everybody isn't here.

A black cloud floats in front of me, and I start to cough. My stomach starts to hurt, and I fall over. The falling causes me to be sick. A yellow puddle is on the floor, and I start coughing again, more sick coming from my mouth. My face lands in the puddle, and I start to cry, like I always do when I'm like this. And because I know Mommy will come when I cry.

I stay on the floor for a long time, but Mommy never comes; only the black cloud that makes me feel bad. I begin to feel scared; what if Mommy isn't coming? No, Mommy will come; she always does!

"Mommy!" I scream, shaking. "Mommy!" Mommy still isn't here. Maybe she's asleep? That's where she normally is when she doesn't come. I stand up, and stay away from the bad cloud; I don't want to be sick again.

The black cloud is covering the doorways that go to the kitchen, Mommy's bedroom, and the outside hallway. I have to go through the cloud to get to Mommy. But I'll be okay, because Mommy will be there, ready to make me feel better.

A scary beeping sound suddenly reaches me, and I look up at the roof, and see the fire alarm is flashing and beeping. Mommy always said that that meant that there was a fire. I scream; fires are bad things that kill people. More of the black cloud fills the room, and I see that it isn't a cloud. It's smoke coming from a fire.

"Mommy!" I scream again, scared. "Mommy!" Mommy has to be here; she can't leave me! The fire will get me and kill me! Maybe that's why Mommy isn't here; maybe the fire got her. No, that can't happen. Mommies can't die. "Mommy!"

I take a deep breath as I start to cry, and a lot of smoke goes into my mouth. I start coughing again, and fall over. But no sick comes out this time. That's good. I try to stand up again, and just as I do, the door breaks open, and someone comes in. Terrified, I push my hands out, hoping that this strange person doesn't hurt me. Just hoping that I don't die, and that I find Mommy again.

Fire comes out of my hands, and I scream. But it doesn't hurt me at all. It cuts through the smoke, and I see a big boy looking at me, his hands pointing at me. Green light comes out of them, and I start to scream.

It's a silly thing to do, because when the light touches me, I'm not in the burning house any more. I'm curled up in Mommy's arms, falling asleep.