Sheer chaos. That is what I'm seeing. That is what Nerezza promised. Kids running, screaming, fearing us. Fearing the Human Crew. Normal and chud alike are running from us. We have complete power over them. And I am the new ruler of Perdido Beach.

A kid runs past me; he's a fat thing with curled brown hair. I recall that he's a chud; he can change the colour of anything just by touching it. Not human. Not deserving to live. I raise my shotgun, and fire.


The kid falls to the ground, a smoking bloody hole in his torso. Another freak down. A girl runs up to him, sobbing. I lift my shotgun, about to wipe out the moof supporter, when I see it. Coming up the road. A tornado of floating debris. Immediately I know who it is; everyone in the FAYZ knows who that is. The fat black dyke bitch: Dekka.

"Get her!" I call to those around me. "Get the freak!" A couple of them leave whoever they were chasing alone, and head towards her. I fire another shot at the tornado, and turn and run: no time to see if I hit. It's not worth risking my life.

I've nearly made it down the road when something rushes towards me. Clutching my shotgun, I turn around, and see the massive pillar that can only be created by Dekka. The tornado stops, and Dekka runs out from the cloud of dust, murder in her eyes. But I'm ready for her. As she draws within close range, I swing my shotgun at her. The butt slams into her head. But it does nothing to her. Which means I need to get back, and shoot her: let's see her keep going with a bullet in her skull.

But as I back up, Dekka grips my ear. Hard. Tears prick my eyes as she pulls me in, glaring viciously at me. But I'm not scared; I see an opportunity. I lift the shotgun up, ramming the barrel into her chin. We both exchange a glance for one second before I press the trigger. But just as the explosive bullet erupts from it, she pulls her head back. The bullet sails harmlessly past her. My eyes go wide. No... that was supposed to work!

Almost smirking, Dekka points her hands to the ground. And we begin to float, higher and higher. the dust and debris swirl around us, blocking out the rest of the world. It's just us, locked in combat. She seems distracted for a brief second; I use this opportunity to pull away. But she's still got a powerful grip on my ear, and half of it is torn off as I pull away. The searing agony instantly takes over as blood dribbles down my face, but I can't show weakness. I look hard at her, trying to find the best way to attack when she punches me right on the nose. A pounding throb pulsates throughout my face, and a stream of blood from my nostrils joins my ear's blood. She punches again, but without gravity, she misses, and spins away from me.

I grip onto my shotgun, and try to turn and face her, finding myself in a similar position. But I manage to do it, and have the barrel pointed right at her. Ha! Victory for the Human Crew! In retaliation, Dekka begins to kick. She manages to connect with my thigh. More pain floods through my body, but I don't let it stop me. I keep the gun aimed at her, and notice the distance. We're about ten feet apart from each other. Still enough distance for one shot to kill her. My finger flies to the trigger, and I grin triumphantly. I've done it. Dekka lets out a strange chuckle as I prepare to end her life.

"Look down, genius," she says viciously. Confused, I look down. All I see is a swirling mess of dust. Then it hits me. "Shoot me, and you fall."

"Filthy freak!" I yell at her. She's bluffing; we're probably not that high up. I'll kill her, and get back to conquering Perdido Beach. Glaring at her, I pull the trigger.

The bullet flies out. I don't have time to see if it connects, because I'm blown back. Out of the tornado. One glance tells me all I need to know: I'm probably about 300 feet above Perdido Beach. And falling right towards it.

I let go of my shotgun, and cover my face with my hands, screaming. There is no point in trying to save myself; how can you get out of falling to your death. The ground is drawing up. Fast. I close my eyes, and for a split second, think of my family. Wherever they are. Would they be happy with this? What would they say if they could see me?

And then the dirt rushes up to me and everything stops.