Promises Should Always Be Fulfilled

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Genre: Humor, Romance, Hurt/Comfort.

So this fanfic is set after the Courtesan of a Nation and the School of Beam Saber Arc so that the new characters and prior events can be in here. It will involve many pairings especially GinxTsu, OkixKagu, and others. Hope that you guys will enjoy this. Oh and don't forget to rate and review.

Chapter 1: Birthdays should always be celebrated with a cake.

The Joui War, an event that marked the decline of the samurai that was caused by the Amanto. They are aliens who came to Edo and planned to invade it. Willing to negotiate about the invasion, the Bakufu that was led by the 13th shogun, Tokugawa Sadasada decided to make terms with the Amanto to stop the hostility between the two parties. The samurai rebels however saw this as an act of betrayal towards them by selling them out. Outraged, the samurai and the other rebels banded together and started attacking a lot of Amanto factions by themselves. With each rebellion that broke out, the relationship between the Amanto and the Bakufu started to deteriorate. Seeing that there is no point in talking to the Joui factions, Sadasada decided to kill all of the rebels and the people who were a part of the rebellion to prevent any future rebellions to grow. That act will forever be remembered as the Kansei Purge. Having a lot of their comrades killed, the Joui patriots made one last stand to avenge their fallen comrades and take back their freedom. It was a losing battle for the rebels as they were no match for the sheer technology and weapons that the Amanto had in possession of but still, they fought to the death, embracing the code of the bushido that they have sworn to uphold.

On a battlefield that was filled with corpses and crows that are feeding on the remains, a lone, young boy with a distinct silver perm was sitting down beside a corpse while eating some leftover rice ball. He was covered in dirt and blood and was carrying a katana that was obviously too big for him to handle properly.

Little did the boy know that amidst the lifeless remains and the noise made by the crows, a long gray-haired man was strolling in the area, going closer towards him. Once the man was close enough, he placed his hand on the boy's head, interrupting the meal that he was having.

Curious and at the same time irritated, the boy immediately looked to the direction of the hand that grabbed him. He then saw the man. He was wearing a gray coat, a haori and has a katana on his waist, a typical image of a samurai.

"I came here after hearing about a corpse-eating demon… Would that be you?" asked the long-haired man. But the boy remained silent, giving an affirmation to the man's hoax. "A rather cute demon…"

Upon hearing those words, the boy quickly moved away from the man's grip and slowly took out his katana from its sheath. Seeing the boy preparing his weapon, the man could see that it was covered in blood all over.

"Did you also take that from a corpse? A single child stripping corpses to protect himself, is it?" asked the man as the child went to a fighting stance. "That's very impressive. However, you no longer need that sword."

The boy was confused on what the man had said. Was he going to kill him quick and put him out his misery or will he tell him that no matter what he does, it will be useless against him?

Slowly, the man went for his katana and removed it from its sheath, making the boy more nervous than he already is. "A sword that is only swung in self-defense, while fearing others…"

The boy was ready. If it was his time to die, he will die fighting to his last breath. But what the man did next really surprised the boy. He threw his blade to him. This made the boy lose his footing in the ground but fortunately, he quickly recovered from it.

"I shall give you my sword," said the man as he turned his back on the child and walked away. "If you wish to properly use it, then come with me…"

The boy took a couple of minutes to think but ultimately, he decided to follow the man. Besides, where else will he go? Seeing that the child was beside him, the man can't help but smile in delight.

"I see, so you decided to go with me? If that is the case, may I know your name, boy?"

"Gi… Gintoki Sakata… Wha… what's yours?" asked the boy.

"It's Katsura…" replied the man.

"What? Zura?"

"Zura ja nai, Katsura da."


"Ja nai, Katsura da."


Suddenly, a white penguin/duck-like creature appeared beside Gintoki, holding a white sign board. "Not Zura, KATSURA."

This went on and on and on until…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed our favorite samurai who had the oh-so-distinct silver perm named Gintoki Sakata as he quickly rose up from his futon, breathing and perspiring heavily.

It's just a nightmare… a stupid, twisted, idiotic nightmare.


Suddenly, the fusuma of his room slowly opened revealing a drowsy, pink-haired adolescent girl.

"Gin-chan, could you please shut up? It's still early in the morning and young girls like me need some sleep to grow properly –aru," said Kagura who was rubbing her eyes in between her yawns.

"Sorry about that Kagura-chan, I just had a stupid dream, that's all."

"Okay, fine. Just keep it down would ya?" She yawned. "See ya again in a couple of hours, Gin-chan." And with that, the young Yato exited his room and went back to the closet.

Gintoki lied back down to his futon to get some sleep again. But no matter how much he tried, he just couldn't do so. Thirty minutes have passed and still, he failed. Realizing that it was going nowhere, he decided to get up and proceed to the kitchen to get some of his favorite strawberry milk. He then went to the balcony of the Yorozuya Gin-chan, rested his body on the railings and stared at the horizon, waiting for the sun to rise while enjoying his favorite beverage.

During his stay there, he could not help but wonder on why did he dreamt of that moment again and what was the meaning of it, except for the Katsura part of course. Was it telling him that something was that has a connection to it is going to happen or will something entirely different happen?

"Shouyou-sensei, what are you trying to show me?" asked the samurai to himself as he emptied the carton that he was drinking.

It was already past eight o'clock when Kagura woke up. Upon sliding the cabinet door open, she was greeted by the image of a giant white-furred dog, licking her face continuously.

"Alright, alright, stop it Sadaharu. It's good to see you too –aru," greeted the young Yato, petting her beloved pet in the process.

"Ohayou gozaimasu! You guys awake yet?" asked a pair of glasses wearing a young boy who just entered their home.


"But Shinpachi, that has always been your trademark ever since the start of our show and even in the other fan fictions that has been written with you or us in it –aru."

"Oi, oi what's with all the fuss about Kagura? Yo megane, what's up?" asked Gintoki who just entered the room while picking his nose.


"Nope, I always called you megane since day one because that's the thing that stands out of you the most. Isn't it, Kagura?"

The young Yato nodded her head, agreeing on the said assumption. Seeing that it was a losing battle, Shinpachi let down a deep sigh and just sat down on their kotatsu, putting down a plastic bag that he was carrying on it.

"Anyway, I brought you guys breakfast since I know that you're too lazy to cook for yourselves."

Upon placing the bag on the kotatsu, Kagura suddenly smelled something delicious coming out from it. Curious, she decided to ask Shinpachi what it was. The young boy said that he brought some pork katsudon for breakfast on his way here.

Gintoki somewhat disagreed on what the naïve, cherry boy (as he refers to him) said about them. "Oi oi, I agree that Kagura is really a sloth, but I always cook when there is something for me to cook, which is impossible since we haven't had a customer for a long time."

"That's right Shinpachi. Remember, a few weeks before we're even splitting dog food with Sadaharu 'coz we've gotten really broke –aru. Oh by the way, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A SLOTH, YOU FREAKING BUM?! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S DOING NOTHING EXCEPT READING YOUR STUPID JUMP MAGAZINES AND DRINK STRAWBERRY MILK! YOU'RE ALMOST CLOSE TO BEING A MADAO LIKE HASEGAWA-SAN!"


"That has no customers…" butted Kagura in.

"Second, we have a home."

"That you can barely pay…"


"But you did wear goggles at first."

"Oi stop it! Both of you!" shouted Shinpachi who had enough of their bickering. The two in return obeyed his command and sat down at the kotatsu, pouting their faces away from one another like little kids.

"Anyway, Gin-san, we finally have a job."

"Re… really? Ah, finally we're gonna have some cash to spend and I can enjoy another glass of chocolate parfait once again."

"And I can buy myself a lot of sukonbu to munch on!"


"Oh, and more pet food for Sadaharu!"

The young samurai-in-training was somewhat astounded on how fast these guys can make up with one other when it comes to food and a job just like always.

"So Pattsuan, what are we going to do this time?"

"Uhm… here…" Shinpachi then handed an envelope to Gintoki.

Upon seeing the name of the sender, the silver-permed samurai began to have that irritating dead fish-eye look, threw it away from him and lied down to his side and proceeded into reading his favourite JUMP magazine instead.

"Oi, Gin-san, what the heck are you doing? This came from Hinowa-san. Aren't you interested to see her request?" asked Shinpachi.

"Nope. Whenever a request comes from her, we always get in trouble and I always get beaten up by that hellish drunken terminator. And besides, she hasn't actually paid us when we do her requests. She just gives us coupons that can only be used in Yoshiwara and cannot be used to compensate with our daily needs and even pay for our rent."

"Aw come on, Gin-chan, don't be such a stick in the mud –aru. It would be nice to visit Tsukki, Hinowa and Seita again," explained Kagura. "Anyway, what's their request Shinpachi?"

Having no idea on what the request was, the young boy wearing a pair of glasses (ah finally, you got it right!) grabbed the envelope from the floor and opened it.

Dear Yorozuya Gin-chan,

Please come to my shop as soon as you have read this letter. It is very important. I promise to pay you handsomely

this time.

P.S. Also, please bring a cake from Kabuki-chou.

Yours truly,


"I wonder what's so important that she wanted us to come immediately and why did she want us to bring a cake?" asked Shinpachi.

Upon hearing the words 'handsomely rewarded', Gintoki quickly ran outside without saying a word to his younger members, leaving them both in a somewhat confused state.

"Oi Shinpachi, where do you think Gin-chan went?"

"Probably to go buy a cake I guess… because of that… reward… Anyway, let's just go out and look for him just to make sure. But before that let's have brea—"

Just as when Shinpachi was about to mention the word, he saw Kagura hogging down on the pork katsudon that was supposed to be their breakfast.


"What?! I thought you've already eaten at your place! And there are only two packs in here!" explained the young girl.

Shinpachi was surprised that Kagura would think about the idea of him eating ahead of them since he did buy breakfast for them but what surprised him the most was the fact that Kagura only ate two packs. He wondered on what happened to the other pack. His Yato companion however did not seem to mind and continued to chow down on the pork katsudon and the rice that went along with it.

Sighing deeply, the megane boy knew that there was nothing he could do anymore. Arguing about it would just be pointless. So, he just let her have it.

"Well, just finish those quickly so we can fin—"



"Yup, but I'm still so hungry… Let's go find Gin-chan quickly so we can go to Hinowa's and eat some more!" proposed the young Yato.

"Alright, alright. Man, what kind of a stomach do you pack inside there, Kagura-chan?"

"A bottomless pit –aru."

Gintoki had just arrived outside the bakeshop, excited to go pick a cake since Hinowa said that he will be rewarded handsomely this time. When he finally entered the store, he immediately went to the front desk to order.

"Uhm… Excuse me… I'm here to buy a cake."

"What flavor would you like, sir?" asked the sales clerk.

"Let me have a straw…" Suddenly, the sliver permed samurai stopped on his tracks. He did not know the flavor that was stated in the letter.

"Oh no, what kind of cake did she want me to get? Think Gintoki, think. Remember what was written there… Okay… Handsome… Reward… Damn it! That's was the only thing I can remember… This is not good at all… What if I chose the wrong cake? She might not even give me a single dime…"

"Oi Danna, fancy meeting you here."

Hearing the voice coming out of nowhere, the Yorozuya Danna looked to the direction where he heard it, only to find a yawning Shinsengumi officer who had light brown hair and was wearing a red sleeping mask on top of it.

"Souichiro-kun, what are you doing here?"

"How many times do I have to repeat myself to you, it's S-O-U-G-O Okita and to answer your question, I'm just picking up some treats that I regularly take during this time of the day. What are you doing here?"

"Well, I'm kind of picking up a cake for Yoshiwara."

"Yoshiwara, huh?" Then, a thought came to the young Shinsengumi's mind and he, in turn, made an insulting face to Gintoki. "Oi Danna, don't tell me that the cake you're picking is for that blond woman who's with you when you and the others were imprisoned at the Shogun's place… I didn't know that you were into those kinds of women. I mean, I can't say I blame you if you got the thing for her."

The Yorozuya boss was of course agitated by Okita's allegation. "Tha… That is not what this is meant for… I'll have you know that this is a request from Yoshiwara."

Okita did not mind what Gintoki had said. Instead, he continued to tease him about her to pleasure his sick, sadistic self.

"Sure it is… Now what was her name again that I've heard from China? Tu… Tus… Tus… ky…"


"See, you obviously like her. You even got mad when her name is mispronounced and you even know the value of it."


Pushed to his extremes, Gintoki gripped the sadistic boy's neck with both his hands, squeezing away his air supply until the last breath. (Note: This is a parody from The Simpsons when Homer chokes Bart.)

Meanwhile in the red-light district, Yoshiwara, a blond kunoichi who was wearing a black, one-sleeved kimono designed with autumn leaves, has a slender yet curvaceous body and has two distinctive scars running horizontally and vertically in her face, was walking through its busy streets. Tsukuyo, the leader of the para-military group of Yoshiwara called the Hyakka, was conducting an investigation involving the smuggling of illegal weapons in the said district along with two of her subordinates.

"So, do we have any leads yet to the syndicate?" asked the Shinigami Dayuu as she puffed a smoke from her kiseru.

"I'm afraid not, Kashira. It seems that they are very careful on their actions and how they operate in the district ever since we caught a couple of their men a few weeks ago," replied one of the Hyakka members.

She let out a sigh. "In that case, we have to double our efforts. We still do not know what their reason is for smugglin' those weapons so… ouch!" The sudden outburst of pain was caused by Tsukuyo biting her own tongue by accident, making her subordinates giggle.

Their reactions made their Kashira feel uncomfortable and as a result, she started to get pink all over. "THE 'ELL'S SO FUNNY, HUH?"

"Well, you know the saying right, Kashira?" replied one of the Hyakkas.

"And what sayin' is that, huh?"

"You know, when a female bites her tongue in accident, someone is actually thinking about her romantically right now."

"Ooh, maybe it's one of those regulars at Tsubaki. It's probably that handsome guy who's always checking her out while she's hanging out in there," whispered by the other member because she knows that their Kashira doesn't want these kinds of conversations about her."Or maybe it's Sakata-sama," said the two in sync softly yet giggling louder.

"WOULD YOU TWO JUST CUT IT OUT AND GET BACK TO WORK!" shouted the enraged Tsukuyo, separating the two former courtesans from gossiping with each other and getting back their attention in the process.

"Ya' know what, why don't you two just head to the eastern part of the district while I stay here? That way, we can investigate faster. Is that understood?"


Obeying their Kashira's order, the two went off.

Morning passed by and Tsukuyo still didn't have any leads involving the syndicate responsible for the smuggling. During her stroll, she came upon a dirty little puppy licking on a puddle of a carton of strawberry milk that fell over. It had white, wavy fur and short flopping ears. The dog noticed that he was being watched. He lifted his head and stared at the lavender eyes of the Shinigami Dayuu with his red, distinctive dead-fish eyes.

For some reason, the first thing that popped in her mind when she looked at the puppy was Gintoki. (I mean come on, that's just plain obvious.) At first, she just ignored it and told herself that it was just a coincidence. She even tried to walk pass by the puppy. But seeing the condition that it was in, she could not help but feel sorry for it. She could see herself in the mutt, for she was in the same situation before. As a child, before she met Hinowa, Tsukuyo experienced how cruel the world was when she was left all alone without anybody to rely on but herself.

She slowly crouched down to his level and hoisted him in her eye level. The dog, in return, just stared at her, not changing its expression whatsoever.

"At such a young age, ya' were left all alone. Ya' know what, I was in your shoes before and I didn't like it one bit. But lucky for ya', I won't let that happen to ya'. Starting today, yer' gonna be livin' with me and ma' family. Does that sound good to ya?"

The dog barked. His facial expressions told Tsukuyo that he was happy about it.

"Since yer' gonna be with me, you should have a name… Hmm… how does 'Shiro' (Note: white) sound to ya?" asked the Shinigami Dayuu.

The dog barked in approval yet again but this time, he licked Tsukuyo's face, telling her that he loved it making her giggle.

"Alright. Shiro, let's get ya' to yer' new home." After that, Tsukuyo and her new pet headed over to Hinowa's house.

"Tadaima!" announced Tsukuyo upon arriving home.

"Be right there on a sec," replied a soft female voice from inside the house. After a while, she was greeted by a beautiful woman in a wheelchair and a young boy with light brown hair behind her, pushing her chair.

"Okaerinasai, Tsukki," greeted Hinowa.

"You're home earlier than usual, Tsukuyo-nee. Is there something that happened?" asked Seita.

"Actually, I brought a friend along with me." She then moved her hand in front of her, revealing the puppy that she picked up a while ago. "His name is Shiro."

Seita admired the puppy in front of him. "Wow, he's so cute, a bit dirty but still…"

"Yes, I can see that, Seita. He is rather adorable."

"Uhm… Hinowa, I found him roamin' on the streets alone without anything to eat. If it's okay with ya'… can we… uhm…" But before Tsukuyo could finish her sentence, Seita immediately jumped in.

"Can we keep him, Kaa-chan? Please, please, pretty please?" begged the boy who was jumping up and down in excitement.

Sighing deeply, Hinowa knew that she had no chance against the two on the matter at hand. Besides, she also liked the idea of having a pet inside the house to make it livelier.

"Alright, alright. Calm down, Seita-kun. It looks like I'm at a disadvantage about this since the vote is three to none."

Realizing that his mother had given her approval, the young boy leaped in joy because now he has a pet and a new friend to play with. Tsukuyo decided to hand over Shiro since she can see that Seita couldn't wait to play with him. But before Seita could hold him, his mother had something else on her mind.

"Hold on, Seita. Before you play with Shiro, take him outside and give him a bath first. It looks like he has not taken a bath yet for a long time. We can't have a dirty dog running around the house now, can we?"

With a simple nod by Seita, his so-called big sister continued on handing him Shiro. After that, the two went to the backyard to wash the dog off.

Tsukuyo was happy when he saw the joy in Seita's eyes when she brought Shiro home. Hinowa was happy as well to find out that Tsukuyo has a soft spot for animals.

"Tsukki, I'm really glad that you decided to adopt that puppy."

"I knew what he went through before so I decided to take him in. I was surprised though that ya' allowed us to keep him without any hesitation."

"Well, consider that as my present to you."

Hinowa's response made the Shinigami Dayuu confused. Why would she give her a present? She was sure to herself that today was not any Yoshiwarian holiday that she knew of. So what was it? Her pondering was finally broken when Hinowa spoke.

"Tsukki, you don't know what today is, do you?" asked the former Sun of Yoshiwara. Tsukuyo just stood in silence, still confused on what she was trying to say. Her ignorance only made the older woman giggle.

"Oh my, I can't believe that you've forgotten about your own birthday," revealed Hinowa.

Tsukuyo was surprised to know that today was her birthday, let alone somebody remembering it. Because of her dedication to her job of being Yoshiwara's protector, she hasn't paid attention to any of the past occasions that have come and gone.

"Arigatou Hinowa, for rememberin' it for me and letting us keep Shiro. I really appreciate it."

"No problem at all. Besides, when you look closer at him, he does look like Gin-san, don't you think?"

Hinowa's statement hit her on the spot. In response, Tsukyo started to get pink, embarrassed at what the elder woman had said.

"Wh… why would ya' even compare him to that idiot? That's the lowest insult ya' could ever give to a cute dog like him… Besides, unlike that lazy bum, he tries his best to live another day," rebutted the woman in question.

Hinowa just giggled seeing that Tsukuyo was totally in denial, making her blush from pink to red.

"You know what, if I didn't know you any better I would just think that it was the only reason that you took him."

"I… IT'S NOT, OKAY! LET'S JUST LEAVE IT AT THAT!" shouted the Shinigami Dayuu to prove her point. She then went to the door, attempting to go back outside.

"Wait, where are you going Tsukuyo?" halted Hinowa.

"I'm going out to resume my patrollin'."

"But it's your birthday. Why not take the rest of the day off? You've already worked all morning anyway."

"I'm sorry Hinowa, but I still have a job to do and a district to protect."

Letting out a deep sigh, the handicapped woman knew that she can't do anything about it when it comes to her and her job.

"Alright then, but please come home in time for dinner. I'm going to cook us a feast to celebrate you birthday," requested Hinowa.

"Okay, I will."

Back in the bakeshop at Kabuki-chou, Gintoki was still trying to suck the life out of the sadistic Okita when suddenly…

"Uhm… excuse me sir," interrupted the sales clerk. "Uhm… your cake is ready."

"What the… I didn't order a cake yet," said by the silver-permed man as he slowly loosened his grip on the sadist's neck. While Gintoki went up to claim his order, Sougo immediately sucked in as much air as he could to replenish the lost oxygen from his body.

Upon arriving at the front desk, Gintoki became paralyzed. His jaw dropped in disgust and his whole upper body weakened as if all of its strength was sucked out based on what he saw. It was a strawberry short cake with a pink icing and on its center, it read, "To: Tsukki From: Danna" written in red icing enclosed in a heart that was made out of white icing.

Even though he was a huge fan of strawberries and sweets, the fact that it was addressed to a woman who always throws kunais at his head and basically kills him given the chance makes it unappetizing to his eye.

While he was still shocked, the young Shinsengumi officer went up to the front desk to pick up his order.

"I'll have the usual please…"

"Here you go, Okita-sama. Just like always. Two banana muffins, two cupcakes topped with mayonnaise and two cheesecakes," said the clerk, giving the box to him.

When Sougo received the box, he immediately opened it to check if there is something missing. And just as he thought, there was something missing.

"Miss, I think you forgot something."

It took a couple of seconds for the store clerk to process what was missing in the box that she gave. But then she remembered what it was. "Oh, I'm so sorry for that, Okita-sama. Here's the bottle of hot sauce."

"Thanks. Oi, Danna. I'm off. Just say hi to…"

Sougo stopped in the middle of his farewell to Gintoki because of something that had caught his attention. On the front desk was the cake that was allegedly intended for Gintoki. Once again, his sadistic side took over as a plan hatched inside his head on how he can torture him even more.

He grabbed his phone from his pocket and took a photo of the cake. The clicking sound of the camera (or phone to be specific) snapped Gintoki out of his trance and he realized that the sadistic kid had taken a picture of that abomination.

When he looked at Sougo, he can see that he has that irritating, scary and sadistic look accompanied with those huge reddish, brown eyes which can only mean two things: One is that he can spread the picture of the cake to everyone he knows and it might even spread to Yoshiwara to pleasure himself from his humiliation. Second is that he can use it as means of blackmail to get something from the Yoshiwara's Danna.

Panicking, Gintoki immediately rushed in to get his phone but Sougo saw it coming and dodged his attack. But the silver-permed samurai was persistent not to give himself any dirt that can be used against him so he went in for another attack. But it was pointless. Before he knew it, the sadistic teenager was already high up in the air and landed feet first on his head, knocking down the Yorozuya Danna, face first in the process.

"Whew, that was fun. We should do this thing more often. See you around Danna and remember, I have dirt on you." Satisfied with himself, the Shinsengumi 1st Division Captain left the shop and went back to their headquarters.

Meanwhile, Gintoki, who was already having a bad day because of what happened earlier, stood back up on his feet, only

to be greeted by the store clerk. "Uhm… here's your cake now Danna-sama."


"Well, I assumed that it was for her since you were talking about her with Okita-sama a while ago and he also kept calling you 'Danna' so I guess tha…"


"But I think that…"



Upon hearing that sound, Gintoki noticed that there were pink splatters that covered his face, around the clerk's and almost everywhere in the front desk. He then saw his hand clenched into a fist, plunged deep within the center of the cake, resting on the plate that was holding it.

"Uh… uhm… sumi… sumimasen…" Those were the only words that he could blurt out to the clerk because he was too nervous and scared at her now-sarcastically smiling face with a vein throbbing above her head in anger.

"Uhm… you're supposed to pay for that now, sir…"

Comprehending the clerk's command, Gintoki reached inside his yukata to grab his wallet. He checked inside and found a total of a thousand and three hundred yen. But before he gets the money inside, he asked first what the price of the cake is just to be sure. But when the clerk told him about the price, it seemed like his whole world had stopped. He was brought back to reality when the clerk grabbed his attention.

"Sir, the total price of that cake is one thousand eight hundred yen. Is there a problem?"

The silver-permed samurai was shaking in his boots. Sweat was dripping down his forehead heavily and his body started to get numb, realizing that he has not enough money to pay for it. Running out of options, he decided to somehow lower the price to his affordable range.

"Uhm… just one quick question… What's with the price hike? Wasn't the price of these things supposed to be one thousand two hundred?"

The clerk nodded, confirming his hoax. "Yes, there was but that was months ago during our shop sale for the holidays. The standard prices of our cakes are one thousand five hundred but because your cake was decorated, it increased to one thousand eight hundred. Do I make myself clear, Danna-sama?"

Gintoki's trump card has been shredded into tiny bits in front of him (figuratively). Now he has no idea how to pay for the cake that he didn't even order. Noticing that her customer was stunned when she explained the price, she began cracking her fists, showing him what will happen if he doesn't pay. With nowhere to run, Gintoki decided to come clean, with an added dramatic story to somehow get some sympathetic discount.

"Uhm… Excuse me… I'm sorry but... I can't pay you that amount be… because…" Gintoki then started sobbing, acting as if something really tragic just happened to him.

"My mother… she's currently on the hospital and is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer… and the doctor said that anytime she may die… and this was her last request for me… But all our money has been spent on her medications and medical services." Right on cue, his tears were forced to fall. "So please, be a good soul and fulfill a dying woman her final wish (sob)."

To his luck, the clerk went outside the booth and comforted him. Somehow, she bought Gintoki's skit and hugged him.

"Oh you poor thing… Don't worry; I'll let you have this for free…"

Gintoki raised his head up, delighted on what he heard. But when he looked upward, his face met a fist that sent him crashing down near the exit. The clerk slowly approached the battered body of the fallen troublemaker. When she was close enough, the clerk grabbed him by the collar and lifted his upper body.

"You know," said the clerk with a sarcastic smile in her face, "You didn't have to lie to say that you can't pay for something that you have broken."


"Yes, because either you lie or not, I will still beat you up," replied the clerk.

"W-Wait, can't we talk this over?"


And with that, the clerk prepared to beat up the broke samurai while he closed his eyes and prepared for the worst. Fortunately for him, before she could throw a single punch, two people entered the store, making the clerk to quickly return back to her post.

"Konnichiwa," greeted the clerk.

"Konnichiwa," greeted back a small adolescent girl who has her pink hair done in two buns and a pair of glasses wearing a young boy.


Realizing who the two were, Gintoki slowly approached them. "Patt... Pattsuan, please lend me some cash. I'm a bit… short."

The clerk noticed that the troublemaker knew the two newcomers and told them what situation he was in. But before she could tell them that interesting detail about the cake, Gintoki quickly came over and covered her mouth.

"Look, I'll pay you an extra two hundred yen if you will shut up and repair that cake exactly the way I wanted it to look like. Now do we have a deal?"

The clerk nodded her head and proceeded to repair the cake. The other two members of the Yorozuya were somehow confused on the situation that their leader was in. They knew the fact that he was short on money for the cake but what was all about the shutting-the-clerk-up thing?

"Uhm… Pattsuan, could you lend me a thousand yen? I left my cash back at the house. I promise to pay you back when we get paid," requested Gintoki.

"Tsk, it's so typical of you, always rushing in on stuff without even thinking… Fine, here," said Shinpachi as he walked towards Gintoki and gave him the money that he needed. After that, the clerk called Gintoki to come to the front desk.

"Here's your cake, Danna-sama. It's just like the way you've wanted me to do so."

The cake this time had a pink icing that had some special patterns on it and white icing on the edges that served as the borders.

Finally it was good enough. It didn't contain any more idiotic messages or insignificant shapes. Satisfied with the final product, the silver-permed samurai handed over the money plus the bribe. He returned back to his two friends, left the place and proceeded to their destination—the red light district. On their way out, the clerk greeted them goodbye and told them to come again anytime. Well, because of what happened earlier, Gintoki was sure of himself that he won't be going back in there anytime soon.

While they were walking, Kagura kept wondering what was up with Gintoki a while ago. Curious to find out what it was, she decided to ask him about it.

"Oi Gin-chan, why were you shutting up that clerk a while ago –aru? Did something happen before we came there?"

"Oh yeah, that's right. I almost forgot about that. Why did you do that? Don't tell me that you had a thing with the clerk and tried to seduce her?" added Megane. (Shinpachi's giving me the daggering stare. Sorry Shin-bou, that's what you really are.)

"Now where did that come from, Pattsuan? There's no way that I'm seducing that freakazoid. I mean, she's as scary and vicious as Otae-san but with cups. Anyway, the reason I shut her pie hole immediately is because I don't want you guys to know that I ran into those pathetic excuses for a police force in the shop and well got into a little trouble with them," lied their leader who was somehow confident that the two would buy his story and luckily for him, they did.

"Why would you not tell something as simple as that –aru? It's like normal when we bump into them and just say hi, right?"

"Well, you know how much an eyesore I am to Hijikata, right? So after our little 'rough housing', that stupid mayo freak gave me a ticket and that's why I got short on cash for the cake. Oh by the way, Kagura, Souichiro-kun said hi."

Hearing the name of the sadist and the word hi on the same sentence just made the young Yato angry. She knew that he was just teasing her about winning their last fight on the park… again. "ARGH! WHEN I SEE THAT DAMN SADIST AGAIN, I SWEAR I'M GONNA KILL HIM AND EAT HIS HEART OUT!"

Shinpachi sighed. "Kagura chan really hates Okita-san's guts, doesn't she?"

"Who can blame her? I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of people in Edo who wants the head of that sadist on a silver platter. Anyway, let's just hurry up to Hinowa's place and get this thing over with so I can pay my debts and probably eat some chocolate parfait if I still have the cash."

"HAI!" replied the two youngsters.

After hours of walking, it was already past noon when the gang finally made it to the red light district of Yoshiwara. Upon arriving at Hino-ya, Shinpachi knocked on the door. "Hinowa-san, we're here."

"I'll be right there," replied Hinowa.

Seconds later, the fusuma of the shop opened. The Yorozuya were greeted by Hinowa and Seita. "It's nice to see you all again," greeted the handicapped woman.

"Gin-san, minna, I'm so glad that you're here," greeted the energetic boy.

"It's good to see you guys too. Where's Tsukuyo-san by the way?"

"You know her, she's out on the streets, patrolling like always," explained Hinowa. Suddenly, Kagura noticed their new pet walking towards the front, curious on what the commotion was.

"Wow, what a cute puppy. Is that yours, Seita?"

"Yup, Tsukuyo-nee just brought him today. His name is Shiro."

"Nice name. It fits him very well. Can I hold him, Seita? Please?"

"Of course, be my guest."

With Seita's approval, Kagura hoisted the puppy up in the air for the three of them to see him. All of them loved the dog because of his cuteness except for Gintoki who isn't actually a fan of pets.

"Pfft, what's so special about that dog? He just looks like Sadaharu—only in puppy form," commented the silver-permed samurai while picking his nose with his pinky.

"Aw come on Gin-san, don't be like that. Besides, if you look at him a little closer, he looks just like you," replied Shinpachi.

"He's right, Gin-chan. He even has your wavy hair," added Kagura.

"Wha… What!? You dare compare my looks to a mere mutt? I'm insulted!" Gintoki's reaction only made everyone laugh, seeing how much he was denying the truth.

"Actually," said Hinowa to break the laughter, "Gin-san was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw Shiro for the first time."

"And Tsukuyo-nee told us that she found him drinking strawberry milk that was spilled on the street." added Seita, which only increased Gintoki's irritation.

In defense, the Yorozuya Danna insisted that it's just a mere coincidence and any stray animal would drink anything that was spilled on the street. He even told them that Hasegawa does the same whenever he encounters anything edible or drinkable that's left on the ground. But what the dog did next surprised everyone, especially Gintoki.

Out of nowhere, Shiro sneezed, brushed his nose with his paw and rubbed it on the samurai's boot.

"Gyah! Oh man, that's disgusting. Bad dog! Bad dog!" reprimanded Gintoki as he wiped away whatever substance Shiro rubbed in his boots.

"Oi Gin-san, he even has your bad habit of picking your nose and rubbing it off to somewhere. He really is like you."

"Shut it, Megane! And just for that, you're not getting your share with the reward we're getting."

"No way, that's not fair! Plus, you still owe me some money!"

Listening to the boys quarrelling about the reward, Kagura remembered that Hinowa told them specifically to bring a cake. She then gave the box to her, leaving the two to have their talk.

"Here's the cake that you ordered."

"Oh thank you, Kagura-chan. It looks beautiful too. I hope that I didn't cause you any trouble for this."

The Yato girl didn't bother to tell her about the trouble Gintoki went through just to get the cake because she thought that it was his fault anyway and was irrelevant.

"Nah, it's nothing -aru. But I keep wondering, what is it for?"

"It's for Tsukuyo… You see, today… is her birthday."

Hinowa's announcement left the Yorozuya stunned. They weren't aware that today was her birthday. Who can blame them? Almost everything about her is still a mystery and only Hinowa knows about it. Even Seita didn't know it and he's practically living together with her. Everybody suddenly felt guilty about their ignorance about it and the fact that they didn't even bother to know. After all, they are her closest friends apart from the Hyakka. Since everyone seemed to be feeling down, Hinowa decided to break the ice.

"Minna, don't feel so bad. Yorozuya-san, the main reason I told you to come here is to help me and Seita-kun throw Tsukuyo-chan a surprise party."

"Yey! A party! We're going to have a party!" yelled the two kids while jumping up and down.

"I guess that's the only thing we can do to redeem ourselves right, Gin-san?" asked Shinpachi to a nose-picking Gintoki.

"Whatever, I just want to get paid, that's all."

"Alright then, minna listen up," ordered the handicapped woman.

According to her plan, Seita and Kagura will help her set up the house by putting streamers, banners and other party decorations. They will also help in preparing the food and hopefully Kagura won't eat anything before Tsukuyo comes home from work. Gintoki and Shinpachi on the other hand will buy drinks (non-alcoholic on Gintoki's watch. God knows what will happen to him if she even gets a sip of alcohol), plastic cups, some sweet buns (as requested by Seita), sukonbu (because Kagura got jealous of Seita making a request) and candles.

While Hinowa, Seita and Kagura started their work inside the house, the two boys began to do their so-called scavenger hunt list and walked the streets of the red-light district.

"Oi Gin-san, what should we get first?"

"Let's get those sweet buns first. My body is already craving for something sweet."

"But Hinowa-san just gave us enough money for the exact number of the items we need."

"Relax, Pattsuan. I still have some money left in me. Besides, I heard that sweet buns here in Yoshiwara are as big as… uhm well as big as this." Gintoki spread his hands to show the cherry boy how big the size of the sweet bun he was talking about when suddenly his hand did catch something big… and squishy. When he looked at Shinpachi, his face couldn't even tell how afraid he was at that moment.

Just to make sure, Gintoki gave 'it' another squeeze. Once he was sure about it, he started to sweat heavily, nervous on what is about to happen next. Slowly and fearfully, he turned his head towards the direction of his arm to find a shaking Shinigami Dayuu glowing red in anger and embarrassment.

"S… sw… sweet bun?"

Pushed beyond her boiling point, Tsukuyo turned the perverted samurai to his back and grabbed a hold of his waist.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YA' THINK YER' DOIN'!?" shouted the enraged kunochi as she gave him a German suplex straight to the ground.

Class 3-Z Ginpachi-sensei Segment:

Ginpachi: Okay, so that was Chapter 1 of what seems to be like a long and boring fanfic. Do any of you have any questions?

Ginpachi: Yes, Toushi?

Toushi: Why weren't Kondou-san and I a part of this chapter, huh?

Ginpachi: Do I look like the guy that can call the shots here?

Toushi: No, but you're the…

Ginpachi: Then shut it! (Toushi goes back to his seat.) Any other questions that make sense? Yes, Takasugi?

Takasugi: Can I destroy you?

Ginpachi: (silence) Next question please… Yes, Otae?

Otae: Uhm, who's the new kid, sensei? (points over to Kamui)

Ginpachi: What the? I thought you were in that other school?

Kamui: Well, it got so boring back there. All your classmates and the school staff look exactly the same except for one student and a teacher. Plus this is a fanfiction and just like what you've said, you're not the guy who calls the shots around here, are you?

Ginpachi: Grrr… Whatever… Moving on to our last question for this period. Yes, Sougo?

Sougo: Could you please check your phone Sensei?

Ginpachi: Why did you send me a naked picture of you with you sleep mask on? You should send that stuff to someone like Kagura, you know.

Kagura: Eww, that's disgusting. But if ever you send me that, I'll make sure that everybody in this school would see that -aru.

Sougo: Whatever. I'll deal with you later, China. In the meantime, can everyone please check your phones?

Everybody checked their phone to find a picture of the cake that Ginpachi ordered on the bakeshop on its original state. Some letters were added outside the cake that reads: "Tsukki, if you want some of this then you can kiss it out of my mouth. XOXO Ginpachi." Everybody was speechless on what they've just seen while Sougo just had a gruesome smirk in his face.

A knock was suddenly heard on the door.

?: Uhm, is Ginpachi-senpai available?

Kamui: Yes, he is.

Takasugi: You better get that, Sensei.

Ginpachi: No way, my life might be put into danger if I answer that door.

Sougo: Now, now, it's rude to ignore somebody who's at the door. Isn't that what you've told us Sensei?

Ginpachi: Fine! But mark my words, I'll get you three for this.

Ginpachi approached the door. He took in a huge gulp and opened it. After opening it, a barrage of kunai came flying in, all of them hitting their target which was none other than Ginpachi. At the end of the barrage, Ginpachi fell unconscious on the floor with blood oozing out of his body, creating a puddle.

Takasugi: I guess I have to settle with someone else destroying you. After all, it's still entertaining.

Kamui: You two seem to be nice. Wanna hang out later?

Sougo: Eh, sounds good to me.

Takasugi: Whatever.

Ginpachi: Class… Dismissed…

Takasugi: P.S. Remember to review or else, I will destroy you.

Now, now, Takasugi-kun, don't be that mean. Anyway, thanks for reading and please leave your reviews.. I'll update soon!