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CHAPTER 6: Sometimes a Grenade Goes Boom, Sometimes It Just Goes Poof

The five created a two and three person, back to back formation with Gintoki and Tsukuyo at one end and Katsura, Elizabeth and Saya at the other, setting their eyes at all possible entry of attacks. Gripping their weapons tightly, the five prepared themselves at the oncoming attack.

With the extension of Bansai's arm, the Amantos charged in with full force. Using the narrow path of the pier to their advantage, the first waves of the group were easily pinned down by the barrages of kunais thrown by Tsukuyo and Saya while the two samurais and the Renho stood back.

It was like a double ended funnel method where the Amantos were clustered from behind and their numbers decrease as they get nearer to the group. But because of the sheer number of the creatures rushing at them, it didn't take long for them to lessen the distance enough for the long ranged attacks to be useless.

This was the time that the two samurais and the Renho where waiting for. With a slash of their bokuto, katana and sign board respectively, they were easily able to dispose of the first rows of Amantos. With that, the two kunoichi switched to their short ranged tantos (a short blade that is a common weapons for shinobis) and joined the fray.

One by one, they cut down through the sea of Amantos while dodging and blocking the oncoming attacks at the same time. In the middle of the chaotic crowd, Tsukuyo suddenly noticed something.

The so called "Deaf Man" was turning back, heading towards the direction of the ship. Not wanting the 'master mind' of the operation that started in Yoshiwara to get away, the Shinigami Tayou, hurriedly cut her way through, hoping to catch the said man in time.

Seeing the change in her pace and the separation that she was having, Gintoki couldn't help but wonder what was causing it. He knew that she wasn't the type of person who rushes things especially when it comes into fighting.

"Oi Tsukki, slow down and stay close." he called out but she didn't pay any attention to it as she continued her quick killings of the Amantos.

The next thing he knew, there was a good 5 meters separating her from the rest of them and counting. Worried, Gintoki quicken his pace as well, trying to catch up with the Shinigami Tayou. But after a couple of meters, things started to get harder for him.

Due to the wounds that his arms sustained earlier, the pain started to kick in and his reflexes started to slow down. Because of that, his enemies landed some attacks on him. Some were caused by blades, opening new cuts on his body, resulting into an increase in blood loss.

His knees started to wobble and the grip on his bokuto started to loosen up. Seeing this as an opening they need to finally finish off the samurai, two spear - wielding Amantos moved in and swung their weapons, targeting his neck.

Suddenly, his body crouched down on its own and landed on his knee, evading the two blades. Then, he started feeling a bit hazy. Now the continuous flow of blood coming out of his wounds is starting to take effect.

'Damn it! This is no good. If I don't do anything soon, I'll be a goner for sure.' said the samurai to himself.

He looked over his shoulder to see how his other companions were fairing compared to him. To his dismay, they too were looking to be in a tight situation as well. He tried to stand back up but his body won't let him.

He didn't know how deep his wounds were or how large were they. But one thing's for sure, he knew that he was in trouble. If he wasn't able to get back up, he was going to get killed and to make matters worse, the two spear wielding Amantos were about to attack again.

'Come on you useless bum, MOVE!'

Then, a memory that was supposed to be buried deep within his mind that somehow in some way resurfaced and flashed before his eyes...

'Gintoki…I'm leaving things in your care… Our comrades… Everyone… Please protect them for me okay? Let's make it a promise…'

It was a promise that he made long ago with the most important person in his life… A commitment that he carried his whole life up to now… A vow that he had broken once before… A promise he swore to himself to never break again…

Gripping his bokuto, he forced himself up, quickly deflected the blows and dispatching the two with ease. His eyes shot open, placing a piercing glare right into the eyes of his enemies. The Amantos suddenly felt a familiar chill down on their spines. They knew this fear. Some of them have felt it before while some of them had heard stories about it. They were now facing the awakened Shiroyasha.

Before they could even move a muscle, the demon suddenly vanished from their sights. The next thing they knew, they saw a bokuto impaled right through one of their comrades. But he wasn't there.

Suddenly, one of them pointed up to the sky and everyone followed. There they saw the Shiroyasha at the center of the full moon, gripping a katana from his from his waist that he grabbed from his foe.

With sheer force, Gintoki dropped down and dispatched every Amanto in front that was surrounding him with one slash. He then picked up his bokuto and changed his stance into a two sword style.

Panicking at the situation, everyone from the group of that end all came in to him, attempting to use the numbers game and maybe somehow, one of them could get a lucky strike on him. Though some had actually managed to land shallow cuts, kicks and punches at him, it was not enough to bring the Shiroyasha down and sure enough, they all paid the price for it.

Noticing the sudden decrease of Amantos and the murmurs that were buzzing around, Katsura and Saya couldn't help wonder what was happening. But one thing was clear in the Joui leader's ears and that was the sentence, 'The Shiroyasha is on a rampage'.

"Katsura – san," asked the teenage kunoichi while still engaging the enemy. "What do you think is happening over there?"

"It appears that Gintoki started to take this little activity of ours a little bit seriously."

"Eh? What does that mean?"

"It means that, he wants to finish this quickly. Heh, I'd feel sorry for anybody who will be standing in his way."

"Do you think Kashira is alright out there?"

"Do not worry Saya – dono. Gintoki might be an idiot, but if there's one thing that I commend him for, it's his dedication to protect his friends and allies." explained Katsura.

After cutting her way through the somewhat endless sea of enemies, Tsukuyo had eventually reached a clearing and had a clear image of the man that she was pursuing.

Using her speed to her advantage, she finally caught up to Bansai, and was close enough for the Shinigami Tayou to throw a kunai at him, attempting to slow the man down.

Aware of the presence of the kunoichi, Bansai was able to dodge the oncoming attack. Tsukuyo tried once more, hoping for a kunai to hit its mark. Although he was able to dodge them all, it only made her to try once again with each kunai getting closer and closer to him even though he continued on dodging them.

Agitated, Bansai pivoted around, unsheathed his sword and deflected the kunais that were headed towards his way, facing Tsukuyo head on.

Noticing the rushing Bansai, Tsukuyo quickly switched to her tanto and clashed steel with the spiky haired man. The two quickly separated just as they met, having a stalemate.

"Ahh… Just what I expect from the guardian of Yoshiwara." greeted the blue haired musician. "Indeed you are strong just like he had said."

Tsukuyo was somehow dumbfounded by the statement that was given out by her adversary. Who was he referring to?

"The 'ell are ya talkin' 'bout criminal?"

"My, my, being called a criminal is a bit cruel? Don't you think, miss?" mocked Bansai. "Besides, you should be honoured for your strength to be recognized by the Admiral of the recently liberated Harusame space pirates' leader."

"Stop talkin' rubbish. I don't care who that person is."

"Oh really? Not even if that person was the rightful ruler of Yoshiwara?"

That statement had shocked her and made her took a few steps back. She knows nothing about another ruler in Yoshiwara after Houssen. As far as she knows, it was Hinowa who was calling the shots around the Red Light District with the Hyakka keeping the place secured.

"I see that you are bewildered by that enlightenment." said Bansai, interrupting her thoughts.

"That's nonsence. Yoshiwara has no ruler."

"But there is. In fact, he knows about your fight together with the Shiroyasha against the almighty Houssen. He was tru—"

"'NUF TALK!" shouted Tsukuyo, interrupting the man. "Let's finish this here and now. I'm goin' to make ya' pay for the crimes that you've committed."

Using her speed and agility, she rushed in towards Bansai, gripping her tanto tightly. The alleged negotiator of the Kiheitai barely evaded the attack, leaving a small cut on his arm. Tsukuyo rushed in again. This time though, he used the strings of his shamisen to intercept the attack.

But, she had already saw how it was used, heck she even considered it as inferior to the kind of strings or more specifically webs that his late shishou, Jiraiya had used before. To her, it was like a slow – mo movie that she could easily see. At a split second, she grabbed her other tanto from behind and blocked the strings with ease.

Little did she know that her foe was expecting this to happen as he landed a kick on her stomach that sent her flying by a few meters away. Because of her athleticism, Tsukuyo managed to land on her feet, lessening the damage that she was supposed to have or so she thought.

Just when she landed, her mid - section started to throb, causing her to clutch it with her left arm. But it was not the time for her to lie helplessly. Soon enough, she got back to her feet and rushed in once again.

This time her pace was slower than before. Bansai thought that the last kick probably took a lot from her, causing her to slow down. But that wasn't the case. Instead of just passing through with one attack, Tsukuyo engaged him in a melee fight.

Bansai tried his best to block and dodge the attacks of the Shinigami Tayou. Although it seems like with each attack that she throws, the faster she gets. Eventually, Tsukuyo had managed to land some decent kicks and scratches into him.

The musician started to tire a bit and his wounds and bruises had started to hurt. Fortunately for him his adversary had also started to tire out snf from the looks of her, she looked more worn out than he was as her breathing rate had started to increase.

Tsukuyo was panting hard. She knew that her last onslaught had taken a lot from her. Looking at her foe, she thinks that he still has a lot left in him even though the blows that he had received earlier must have weakened him by now.

She must finish him quickly or else she might find herself on the edge of his katana. Without a second thought, the Shinigami Tayou charged at the blue haired man. Once again, they traded blows and dodged each other's attacks.

That was until they clashed their weapons again with one another. Thinking that it was going to be another stalemate, Tsukuyo held her ground and waited for the samurai to make his move. Or so she thought as a grin formed in the face of her foe.

Using his strength, Bansai thrust his katana upward, dismantling the intertwining of their weapons that caught the kunoichi off guard. He then rammed his shoulder on her chin, stunning her momentarily.

Taking advantage of the stuation, Bansai quickly kicked one of her hands causing Tsukuyo to drop on of her tantos. In response, the Shinigami Tayou instinctively crouched down and swept the man's leg with her own.

Outbalanced, Bansai fell down on his back, crashing through his shamisen. The loud crackling noise was enough to tell him that it was already broken.

With her foe on his back, Tsukuyo dashed towards him and used her momentum to leap into the air. Putting her blade in front, she dived down the man, attempting to slash through his chest. Unfortunately for her, Bansai saw this coming and rolled out of the way.

Anticipating her next move, the deaf man lunged his foot forward and just like he planned, it hit Tsukuyo's shin, causing her to drop down dorsally and dropping her remaining tanto in the sea.

Instinctively, she rolled forward to get back on her base. She then reached for her kunais from her obi, but failed to find any. Apparently, she had used all of it while taking down the Amantos on her way here.

She was now unarmed. To make matters worse, it seemed like her adversary had noticed it as well.

"It seems that you're out of toys miss. I suggest that you surrender now and leave me be because I am not responsible for what might happen in case you decide otherwise." proposed the negotiator.

"'Yer' offer does sound temptin'. However, I still have an obligation to Yoshiwara to do whatever it takes to subdue criminals like you even if it costs me ma' life."

Having no weapons in her arsenal, Tsukuyo had no other choice but to opt for hand to hand combat. Just like before, she used her speed and agility to her favour to catch him off guard, this time though, she used a variety of kicks and punches to throw at him.

Even though, this was the first time that Bansai saw a diverse combination, he managed to easily dodge and block all of her attacks seeing that she was beginning to become desperate. Then came a kick that he blocked with his hand and grabbed her leg to offset her balance.

But Tsukuyo managed to turn that situation onto her advantage as she used his arm to give herself a boost to backflip behind him. Using the momentum of the flip, she grabbed hold of his back with her legs and attempted a sleeper hold on him.

Having targeted his coronal area, Bansai started to feel its effects as his vision started to blur and his body to become numb as he landed on a knee because of the lack of blood and oxygen going to his head. Panicking, he thought of the only logical plan to get out of this. He used the remaining ounce of his strength to stand up together with the kunoichi and rammed her back against nearby container unit.

It seemed to be effective as he could feel her hold starting to loosen up. He repeated it again and again until she finally let go and collapsed down with her back against the containers.

He then placed his foot near her neck, choking and pinning her against the steel to immobilize and weaken her at the same time. Gasping for air, Tsukuyo tried her best to push away her foe's foot but to no avail. She was too weak and her air supply is rapidly decreasing by the second.

"It looks like this the end of our little game miss." greeted Bansai. "As much as I like to continue this, I still have a delivery to make that couldn't be late. So, I bid y—AHHH!"

Out of desperation, and probably her one and only option, Tsukuyo used her leg to kick Bansai into his nether regions, dropping him on his knees. She took this opportunity to roll away and catch her breath. She then stood back up, entering her stance once again, panting harder than ever. But before she could even move a muscle, she saw someone standing beside her.

Seeing the familiar white yukuta that was presently drenched in blood, not to mention that distinctive silver perm, Tsukuyo knew exactly who she was facing.

"Gi… GINTOKI!?" she called out in confusion about his presence. "Wha' 'ja think 'yer doing here fool? Stay out of this."

Despite her plea, Gintoki ignored her and slowly moved forward, glaring at the other samurai who was still at his knees. Looking at his face, Tsukuyo noted that had a dead serious look, something that is rarely seen in him. She had saw this side of him before during the time that he faced that Naraku assassin. The way his eyes looked was like of those of an actual demon.

She did not want to admit it but, it did scare her. She was used on seeing a goofy, happy – go lucky face of an idiot whom she respected and admired as a friend and a fellow warrior. So for her to see him in that expression just sends chills down her spine. So, she decided it was best to take a step back and let him handle things for now.

Eventually Bansai got back up to his feet and was surprised on the look of his new adversary.

"Hmph… It looks like things got a little more interesting…" greeted the negotiator to his newly arrived foe. "Care to start our rema—"

His greeting was cut short when his face was hit by a blood – stained bokuto, sending him crashing through one of the containers. Slowly, Bansai stood up back onto his feet and entered his stance once more as he spat out a bit of blood.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Placing his katana close to his waist, Bansai changed his stance into a more defensive oriented style. Heeding no attention to whatever he was planning, Gintoki charged in with his bokuto in front.

"Be careful Gintoki!" yelled Tsukuyo. "He's tryin' to anticipate yer' move and counter it afterwards."

However, Gintoki continued his run, ignoring the warnings of the kunoichi that left a grin on the face of the spiky haired samurai. In a split second, Bansai was able to unleash an attack that passed through the other samurai as he quickly crouched down to evade it. But the force alone of the attack was able to cut through the corner of a steel container.

Anticipating that Gintoki would attempt to attack his weak side because of the attack earlier, he quickly hopped back a step and unleashed another one. This time though, the permed samurai was able to block it with his weapon. From there, Bansai went on the offensive launching one slash after the other while Gintoki continues to block them.

Finally after all the attacks that he had thrown, he managed to offset the Shiroyasha's defences and slashed through his torso. Blood immediately started seeping out of it, making the Shinigami Tayou worry.

But what happened next incredibly shocked both Bansai and Tsukuyo. Instead of clutching his torso in pain, Gintoki charged towards him and whipped Bansai in the face with his bokuto.

As he was about to fall, Gintoki grabbed the collar of his shirt and whacked him in the head left and right repeatedly and finished him off with a head butt. Gingerly, the man tried to get back up on his feet again but then, he felt a sharp pain in his left shoulder.

He found out that it had been stabbed by the Shiroyasha with his bokuto, dislocating the head of the humerus (this is basically the ball of the shoulder itself) from its socket and pinning him against the steel container. Slowly, Gintoki removed the wooden sword causing him to wince in pain. Once it was out, he pulled it back towards him until the edge of the bokuto was near his face with the point aimed at the forehead of his foe.

Gintoki was about to finish him off but before he could even move and inch of his arm forward, he heard a familiar voice from inside his mind.

'Gintoki… you must understand. A blade is not to cut down your enemies, nor is it used to cut away your weakness. A sword is not used to protect your body… A sword is meant for protecting your soul.'

Remembering what his late sensei had taught him when they first met, the permed samurai, slowly lowered his weapon as he distanced himself from the injured samurai. He turned around and began walking away.

Seeing the permed samurai distancing himself, Bansai couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at him.

"What's wrong Shiroyasha? Don't you have the guts to finish off an opponent? How disappointing… It's no wonder why Shinsuke – sama turned his back away from you. You lack the strength to get things done."

"Well, sorry if I don't have your foolish leader's little fetish for destruction." he explained. "Besides, it's not my call to end that miserable life of yours"

He then turned his attention to Tsukuyo and threw her one of her kunais that he managed to pick up on his way.

"It's hers."

Catching the kunai, she turned her attention to the said man and saw him gave her a small smile before he turned around. After that, he immediately clutched his stomach to where he was cut and silently gritted his teeth in pain.

With his situation unnoticed by her, Tsukuyo set her sights at the other injured samurai who was clutching his shoulder under his now unbuttoned shirt.

"Ti's true that whatcha' did originated in Yoshiwara. However, it was because of 'yer activities that it had escalated all over Edo as well. So, as far as jurisdiction is considered, this falls under Edo's laws and is best if we leave you with the authorities here to receive whatever judgement they may pass onto you." explained the Shinigami Tayou as she placed her kunai back to the sleeve of her kimono.

However Bansai had again chuckled to the remarks that were given to him.

"I must say, that idea is a good one. However, just like I told you earlier, there's a delivery that I need to make in time and I'm afraid that being brought to the police factions of Edo, especially the Shinsengumi would only slow me down."

"The 'ell ya' mean?"

By the sound of her voice, Gintoki knew something's wrong and so he turned around to see what was happening. His eyes shot open when he saw Bansai removed his arm from his shirt and suddenly threw a couple of grenades in front of Tsukuyo.

Without thinking, he ran quickly in front of her, tackling her down in the process. He then held her tightly between his arms, shielding her from the possible blast. But, these weren't any normal grenades.

When they exploded, it didn't blow up the surroundings like a normal grenade would. Instead, it created a deafening screech and emitted a luminous, blinding light, blocking both the sight and the hearing of the people who are close to it. Those were flash bangs.

A couple of minutes had passed since the explosions. By then, their senses had final returned. As she opened her eyes, the first thing that Tsukuyo saw was Gintoki's face which was just inches away from hers.

Suddenly her face turned deeply red and she started to feel a little bit weird inside. Embarrassed with their current position, she immediately pushed him away and moved away from the samurai.

"Wha… Whadya' think yer doin' fool?" she spat. "Were ya' plannin' on getting' 'yerself killed?"

Her sudden outburst had somehow managed to get his senses back, however it also made him confused. "What are you talking about? It didn't blow up didn't it?"

"Well wha' if it did huh? Wha' if those were grenades?"

Her tone of questioning was now starting to annoy him. For whatever reason that he didn't know, she was angry at him. "WHAT IF'S? YOU'RE BASING THIS ON WHAT IF'S? I saved your life you damn woman. Be grateful that I did at least."

"I didn't ask for yer' help in the first place and I sure did not asked ya' to do such a reckless thang' like shielding me from those explosives!"

"Look who's talking? You were the one who recklessly went solo a while ago. As a matter of fact, none of this would've happened if you just stick with us."

"I toldja' before numbskull, I didn't asked for yer help. This is a problem that started in Yoshi—"

"YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!" he shouted, cutting her off and leaving her dumbfounded.

"Whadya' mean I don't know anythin' about this?" she asked. Then something that their opposition from a while ago came into her mind.

'Besides, you should be honoured for your strength to be recognized by the Admiral of the recently liberated Harusame space pirates… Not even if I told you that he is the rightful ruler of Yoshiwara? But there is. In fact, he knows about your fight together with the Shiroyasha against the almighty Houssen…'

At the thought of the criminal that they were supposed to turn over to the authorities a while ago, Tsukuyo looked back at the place where he was lying earlier, but now he was gone.

Suddenly, the engine of the ship started and not a minute later, it began to depart. It was then that they both realized that Bansai managed to escape when he used the flash bangs as a distraction. Moments later, the ship gained enough speed and lifted off the sea and setting course towards the outer space.

Knowing that they couldn't do anything about it, Tsukuyo decided to ask Gintoki on what he knows about the 'rightful ruler of Yoshiwara'. But before she could utter a single word, Gintoki suddenly fell on his knee and clutched his stomach, gritting his teeth in pain.

"Oi Gintoki, wha's wrong widja'?"

She then noticed the blood stain on his yukuta growing in diameter and eventually seeps out from his hand. It was the wound that he received earlier from Bansai's attack. Apart from it, blood also started to drip from both of his shoulders and his back. Tsukuyo didn't know that his condition was that bad considering that he didn't heed any attention to it while he was fighting.

It was probably because of the adrenaline rush that he was able to endure the pain a while ago. Now that it was gone, the pain started to rush into his brain, resulting into the situation that he was currently in.

"No… nothing… I'm alright… It's just a scratch. Don't worry about me" said Gintoki, trying to mask the pain that he was currently experiencing with a contented face.

"Ya' fool, stop talkin' garbage. It's obvious that yer' hu—"

"I SAID I'M FINE!" he yelled to prove his point.

But, no matter how stubborn he was or how much he tries to deny his pain, it wasn't enough for Tsukuyo to accept it and leave him like that. Without another word, she lifted his left arm and placed it on the back of her neck, assisting him back to his feet which really shocked him.

"(Sigh) When will ya' ever grow up?" she began. "Stop actin' like an immature boy who doesn't wanna' cry in front of others just because he doesn't wanna' show any kind of weakness."

"Oi oi… since when did you learn… how to give out… stupid lectures like that? And by the way, there's… now way in hell… that I will cry… just because of this…" he rebutted.

"That's not what I mean Baka. I mean, don't hesitate to ask for help if you need to because you have friends and comrades who will gladly lend you a hand or two. Isn't that what you told me before?" reminded Tsukuyo as they started to walk back to where their friends were. "And stop talkin' by the way. Conserve yer' energy will ya'?

Realizing that he was actually doing the opposite thing that he advised Tsukuyo some time ago, he couldn't help but let out a small smile and be impressed with the said woman that she still remembers his words and even managed to use it on him.

Suddenly, Tsukuyo turned her attention back to the injured man beside her and caught him smiling at her, causing her face to turn pink and feel that weird warm feeling inside again. Not wanting him to see her like that, she turned her face away as they continued to walk at the docks.

Mmoments later, they arrived to where the fight started but no human nor Renho were there. It was only filled with bodies of dead Amantos.

"Ya' don't think that they didn't make it. Didja'?" asked Tsukuyo who was starting to get worried for their other companions.

"Don't worry, Zura is with them. That guy is a tough bastard and couldn't be taken down easily. Take it from me." he explained, assuring her that everything was going to be okay.

Trusting the samurai's words, Tsukuyo nodded at him and they continued on. She decided to go to where their asset was parked, thinking that maybe Saya dragged Katsura and Elizabeth with her to rest while they wait for them.

Minutes later, they reached the truck just outside the pier and just like Tsukuyo have guessed, their friends were all there. Saya was constantly pacing in front of the truck, worrying about her Kashira. Their asset was sleeping in the driver's seat, Katsura was toying around with Gintoki's scooter, which they got from their previous truck that was trashed earlier by the Amantos, checking if he had some stuff that was lodged on its compartment like food or something after it was loaded on the back and Elizabeth was busy playing with his Bentendo 3D - TS (parody of Nintendo 3DS) to pass the time.

Suddenly, Saya stopped her pacing as she notices her Kashira with a bloody permed samurai on her shoulders walking towards them.

"KASHIRA!" she yelled, dashing off to her side with a worried look.

Once she got a glimpse of her injured companion, she quickly took his free arm and placed it on the back of her neck initiatively. Gintoki then noticed the youthful kunoichi on his right side, helping Tsukuyo in supporting him. To him, she was like a younger version of her master minus her cold stoic personality and her occasional kunai throwings at his head.

"Tch, let me guess, your master thought you to help out a wounded person once you saw one without question didn't she?" asked Gintoki.

The teenager nodded her head in affirmation as they continued walking towards the truck. Once they reached the vehicle, they carefully lay him down at the back, just beside his scooter. Seeing a pile of old cardboards at the back, Tsukuyo decided to compile and fold them and placed it on Gintoki's head to act as a pillow.

After that, Tsukuyo asked her apprentice to look after him for the meantime, while she discussed something with their driver.

Seconds after she was gone, Katsura joined the teenager to check on his long time friend. Seeing the situation he was in made him chuckle a bit.

"Oi Gintoki, what happened to you? It looks like you let every Amanto cut through you like a roast feast." mocked the Joui leader.

"Could you please shut up for now Zura?" he rebutted. "Hearing your voice is making me dizzier."

"Zura ja nai, Katsura da. Has the feared Shiroyasha finally grown weak throughout these years that he let a lady like Tsukuyo – dono carry him like a sack of potatoes when it should have been the other way aro—"

His speech was suddenly cut short when his face had met the cold hard plating of Gintoki's helmet again that the injured samurai threw at him in annoyance.


"That's right Katsura – sama, give Sakata – sama a break." defended Saya. "He's been through a lot tonight. After all, he did take out all those freaks earlier and made it easier for the three of us. And I honestly think that he could even probably take out every one of them if he wanted to, am I right?"

"Y… yes… he… can…"grumbled the downed man as he raised his thumb in the air. (A parody of Barack Obama's speech that Katsura did on the earlier chapters of the series as Ill Smith)

After a while, Tsukuyo came back. Apparently, she asked the 'driver' to take them to Yorozuya Gin – chan to treat him there. (This is a thing that I've noticed from the aftermath of every major fight that he had. Instead of resting at the hospital, he's always seen lying down on his bedroom or just seen walking around Kabuki – chou with his injuries already treated.)

She also asked Katsura to sit at the shotgun of the truck to point out the directions to the driver since he was the one who knows the ways around Edo, particularly Kabuki – chou and which roads or streets to take to get there at the least amount of time while the three of them watch over Gintoki at the back. Katsura nodded his head in affirmation with her plan. With everything settled, they went off.

While Katsura guides the driver to their destination, at the back, Tsukuyo asked Gintoki if she could give him some pre mediated procedures just to keep the blood from flowing any further while Saya had fallen asleep and Elizabeth was still playing with his Bentendo 3D TS at the side.

With his permission, she carefully pulled down the other sleeve of his yukuta and pulled down the zipper of his shirt. Unfortunately, there were more wounds covering his body than she initially thought.

But on the bright side, most of them were just shallow cuts that she didn't need to worry about for now. There were just three wounds that were spilling a lot of blood and those were the wounds on both of his arms which were caused the binding of the steel strings and the cut that he obtained during the fight with Bansai in the mid section. But, it was not deep enough to affect the organs sheltered inside. Still, the blood continued to clot.

Grabbing her kunai that Gintoki gave her back a while ago, she cut the sleeve of her kimono, folded it into a square like figure and placed it on the wound. She then cut one of the sleeves of his yukuta and wrapped it in around it, securing the first piece in place. After that, she placed her hands and applied a significant amount of pressure to prevent further clotting for the meantime.

"Oi, oi" he interrupted. "You better replace that coz I sure does hell don't have the money right now to buy a new one."

"Baka, just stitch it with a needle and a thread or just use a sewin' machine to fix it."

"Wait, that works?"

"Of course it does. Are you that kind of a fool to not know it?"

The samurai nodded making Tsukuyo place one of her hands on her forehead in disbelief. Was that person really idiotic or just pretending to be one to get a new yukuta? Those thoughts went through her mind.

"I suppose ya' don't know how to stitch either doncha'?"

"Nope, that's just a job for girly girls like you."

"WHO'RYA' CALLIN' A GIRLY GIRL YA' STUPID PERM?" she yelled, applying more pressure on the part she was pressing down causing the samurai to yelp in pain.

"It was just a joke… For Pete's sake woman, are you really going squeeze all my blood out just for something shallow like that?"

"We… well… ya' started it." she said, blaming Gintoki for it.

"I started it? Oh that's just great. May I remind you that you were the one who recklessly went solo like some big shot who thinks she can take on anything in the world?"

"Damn fool, may I remind ya' that ya' were' the one who RECKLESSLY interfered with ma' fight thus earning you that cut in the process?" she rebutted.

"As far as I can remember, you were already unarmed back there and I'm pretty sure you were about to get beat. Oh yeah, you're welcome by the way for me coming to your rescue and almost saving your life earlier."

"Who said that I needed rescuin'? I could've still beaten that guy if you didn't stuck yer' nose to ma' business and who told you to throw yerself' like that and shield me from those explosives huh? I'm sure I ain't the one who holler' atcha'."

"Tch, ungrateful bitch"

"Weak ass perm"

The exchange between the two went on and on without anyone of them wanting to admit defeat. Unbeknownst to them, the commotion they were making woke up the slumbering teenager. She let out a soft yawn and turned to the direction to the awful noice that woke her up and everybody knows that when a woman's beauty rest is disturbed, expect a storm to descend upon you.

"WILL THE TWO OF YA' JUST SHUDDAP!?" she shouted, alerting the two adults of her presence.
"I'm tryin' to get sum' shut eyes over 'ere. Can't you wait until we get to Sakata – sama's house? Once we're there you two could continue this at the bedroom."

Everything went silent after Saya's uproar. Alas, everything was peaceful again. She could now go back to her sleep and snooze peacefully, or so she thought. Seconds after shutting her eyes, she felt a foot stomping on her petite structure repeatedly.

It was Tsukuyo beating the hell out of her underling, pissed at the comments that she gave out a while ago.


"SOU… SOUMIMASEN KASHIRA… SOUMIMASEN… SOUMIMASEN!" she screamed, begging for Tsukuyo to stop her punishment which she eventually did.

"Way to show that kid of yours to respect her Kashira and the Kabukichou Danna eh Tsukki?" applauded the downed samurai.

Hearing his remarks, she threw her last and only kunai at the head of the already injured Gintoki in annoyance. Realizing what she had done would only worsen his already bad condition, she quickly turned towards him.

Fortunately or rather miraculously for the permed samurai, her kunai missed his head by only a couple of centimeters shy, only grazing on the hair on the side of his ear. Seeing the kunai stuck on the steel wall of the truck, made her feel relieved.

"Thank goodness…" she said to herself, letting out a sigh of relief.

"THANK GOODNESS!?" shouted Gintoki as a vein formed in his forehead in annoyance to her somewhat ironic comment. "YOU ALMOST KILLED ME DAMN BITCH!"

"Be thankful that I missed this time. It's rare for me to ever miss a target, much more a target in close range."


"May I remind ya' that yer' not in a position to make threats? You that you still owe me for interfeerin' with ma' business earlier."


Ignoring the outburst of the wounded man, Tsukuyo proceeded back on placing her hands on his wounded torso, applying pressure once more instead. Gintoki was somewhat dumbfounded by her recent action. Normally, she would just argue with him for throwing such a topic or would probably give another tsukkomi to insult him even further.

From there on, everything was silent. Saya had even managed to snooze again since the two adults stopped bickering with each other. Elizabeth had managed to fall asleep as well since his Bentendeo 3D TS ran out of juice. Gintoki too was not spared by the effect of drowsiness, given the fact that he was too fatigued and it was already one in the midnight.

Only Tsukuyo was left awake. Because of the responsibility that she had given herself, she convinced herself to not fall asleep. Although there were the occasional yawns and eye rubbings ,she still did not fall.

Suddenly, the truck hit a bump on the road, throwing the Shinigami Tayou off balance. But because of her training as a kunoichi, her hands quickly reacted, flattening themselves on the floor of the truck to break her fall.

The next thing she knew, her face was dangerously close to Gintoki's as she could feel his warm breath. Instinctively, she rapidly went off of that awkward position and gave some distance away from him. Looking back at the samurai, he seems to be unaffected by the 'accident' and was still deep within his sleep.

Ignoring his annoying loud snoring, Tsukuyo was somewhat put into a trance as she mesmerizes upon the sleeping face of the samurai. He looked so peaceful and vulnerable in his current stature that it seemed that the Gintoki she is facing presently was a whole different person compared to his actively, idiotic self.

She can't help but smile onto the sight that she was staring at. If seeing Gintoki's serious side was rare, this one was like something that happens once in a blue moon. She considers this image of him, something she was sure that she will never ever say to anyone else especially to Hinowa, Saya and Gintoki himself to be 'cute and charming'.

Moments later, the truck stopped. The doors of the back were opened by Katsura, revealing that they have arrived at Yorozuya Gin – chan in Kabuki – chou. Tsukuyo woke up her sleeping comrades, including Gintoki, informing them that they have reached their destination.

Groggily, Saya, Tsukuyo and Elizabeth got down from the truck while Katsura and the other man aided Gintoki carefully up to his house. Upon arriving at the front, Tsukuyo rang the doorbell.

"Uhm, hello? Kagura – chan, are you awake?" she asked, hoping to somehow reach into her to wake her up.

"Coming." replied a young male's voice instead, followed by a long yawn.

Opening the fusuma was Shinpachi who looked like he just woke up recently since his hair was a bit messed up and he was still in his pajamas. He was also probably expecting for their leader's return since he was normally sleeping at their dojo.

"Tsukuyo – san? What are you doing here? Where's Gin – san?" asked the boy in confusion.

The Shinigami Tayou stepped aside, revealing to him their leader being aided by Katsura and an unfamiliar face and was covered in blood and cuts. The sight of Gintoki was enough to make the teenage boy's eyes shot wide open.

"GIN – SAN!" shouted the worried boy, running to his boss's side. "What happened to him?" he asked.

"He tripped and fell down a flight of stairs." sarcastically said Katsura with his ever unreadable poker face.

"DONDAKE! Nobody gets cuts all over their body by just falling down the stairs."

"Don't worry Shinpachi." gingerly replied the injured samurai. "This is nothing. Zura's right. I just fell down a tall flight of stairs. That's all."

Typical was the first thing that popped up on his mind after listening to Gintoki's words. He always acts that way whenever he was in a dangerous situation like he was right now. Although Shinpachi has still a lot of questions to ask, he decided to drop it for now and let Gintoki's wounds be treated inside.

Tsukuyo, Saya and Elizabeth pushed the furniture aside to make room for the futon that Shinpachi fetch from Gintoki's room and lay it down on the wooden floor. After everything was set, the two men lay the perm samurai down on the futon.

While Shinpachi fetch the medical kit, Tsukuyo talked to their asset outside, thanked him for his help and told him that he has now earned his freedom and can go now if he wanted to. The man was delighted to hear that. He asked her if they wanted a ride back to Yoshiwara before he sets off to his relatives' place somewhere in Edo but she politely refused since she didn't want to burden him any further. And with that, he drove off through the midnight to start a new life of his own. Hopefully, he will not take part into another illegal activity.

Returning back, she noticed that Saya had already fallen asleep on one of the couches to her dismay since she was planning to get back to Yoshiwara afterwards. Katsura and Elizabeth had also fallen asleep against the wall. Who could blame them? They had a busy and tiring night and to top it all off, it was already two in the morning. Her eyes were also on the verge of closing when Shinpachi came back with the medical kit, a towel and a pail of water, making them open up again since she still has one more task to do.

The teenage boy asked Gintoki to roll over to his side so that he could place the towel underneath him. Once it was in place, he and Tsukuyo started cleaning the wounds on his limbs first with a clean rag damped in cold water.

After that, Shinpachi dabbed down the rag on his mid – section where he was cut the worst. Just as the wet cloth or rather the water coming out of it touched his wound, Gintoki winced in pain making the teenage boyback off. Seeing his reaction, Tsukuyo came by his side.

"Just hold it out for a while Gintoki. I know that it's painful but just hold it out for a bit until your wounds are clean."

"Tch… I know that. It's just that I got caught off guard. That's al—EOUCH!" yelped Gintoki in pain as Shinpachi dabbed the cloth yet again on the affected area.


"Tsukuyo – san's right you know. Just hold it out for a while. You're tougher than this. I heard from Anue – ue that you were silent as a baby when she treated you after you got stabbed by the Benizakura. If I remember correctly, that was way worse compared to this."

"THAT'S BECAUSE I WAS FAST ASLEEP BACK THEN KONOYAROU! Obviously I won't have felt anything ba—AAAHHH!"

This time, it was Tsukuyo who did it, squeezing the rag tightly in annoyance to the continued bickering and whining of the bleater lying on the futon.

"Shinpachi – kun is right. This ain't the time to be complainin' about sum' simple thang' like that. I don't know if you've noticed but it's already past two in the mornin' and I'm already bummed out. Thang's don't go too well if I don't get some shut eyes properly Gintoki."

Looking at her face, he could tell that something bad was bound to happen if he keeps her from her beauty sleep. Probably it will be like her drunken terminator mode only this one will be a drowsy terminator. Not wanting to get beaten up any further, he kept quiet and sucked it up.

What he did next though made the Shinigami Tayou's eyes shot wide open. Gintoki suddenly held her hand, holding it tightly. This made her face flush once again. Embarrassed, she hastily pulled her hand free from his. Luckily though, it seemed like that the two Yorozuya members were already too tired to notice it.

"OI, THE 'ELL WERE YA' DOIN'?" she demanded.

"I need to grip something so that I won't wince or anything and get this over with."


"It's wet and spread all over the futon, giving me nothing to grip on whatsoever."

Seeing that he has a point, she let him grabbed her hand as Shinpachi continued to clean his wounds. Once all his wounds were all cleaned, Tsukuyo sprayed them with an anti – bacterial chemical so that they won't get infected. Finally, the two covered them with bandages.

Contented with what they accomplished, Shinpachi turned off the lights and sat down in Gintoki's chair, laying his head down the table, giving Tsukuyo the other sofa to sleep on which she gladly accepted. But before she went to sleep, she decided to wait for Gintoki to fall asleep first to ensure her that his condition was already stable. Although, she find it somehow troublesome since it seemed like he was also doing the same thing.

"Ano… Gintoki," she began, disrupting the silence surrounding the two of them.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Aren't cha' goin' to sleep yet? It was quite the night after all."

"Well, same goes to you. Are you waiting for me to sleep or something?"

It seemed like she was a bit struck by his question. Did he actually know that he was the reason that was keeping her awake or was just probably coincidental since it was the most obvious reason? Whatever it was, she decided to just let it slip and come clean.

"Hmph. So what if I'm waitin' for ya' damn perm?" she spat.

"Aww… I'm touched. I didn't know that you actually worry about me Tsukki." he sarcastically teased.

"Ba… Baka… It's just that… Shinpachi asked me to look after you until you fall asleep to check if ya'll be alright… Not because I worry about cha' or anythin'"

"Well… don't worry yourself about it. I'll be alright. I had worse before." he assured her. "Tell you what, why don't you lie down the sofa so you can rest already. If you still can't sleep or you're still stubborn enough to wait for me to get a snooze going, talk to me and I'll try to respond if I'm still awake."

"Fine" she said as she moved to the unoccupied couch. She then removed her kunai hair pins and let her hair flow freely to be more comfortable and finally lied down.

"I guess listenin' to yer' ugly voice would be just the thang' I need to go to sleep. It would be like listenin' to a borin' documentary or a political speech."

"Oi oi, my voice isn't ugly. It can never be ugly. My voice is immaculate. Just ask people staring on their monitors at this instant. Isn't that right minna?"

"Fool! This is a fanfiction. Readers won't know what yer' voice sounds like. It's only in the anime where they can hear ya', voiced by Sugita Tomokazu. Besides, Kagura – chan told me that you sang really awful durin' the Ghost Inn arc."

Gintoki felt embarrassed when he remembered that moment. He really did suck at singing. What's worse though was that now, that woman knows about it and would just probably start teasing him from now about it. He then made a mental note to himself to remind that alleged daughter of his to learn how to shut her pie hole to people about stuffs like those that happens to them.

"We… well… that was just to send those miserable spirits to the afterlife… you know? They liked it better when the singer offsets the tune of the song." he lied.

Gintoki (not Sugita) actually doesn't have the most harmonizing singing voice since he's not into musicwhich he revealed in episode 159. He even got his seiyuu's mother to tell him to do a better job in singing next time since he was doing Gintoki's character. Although, he thought of a loophole into changing that predicament into his advantage

"Besides, who are you to judge my singing huh? I haven't even heard you sing once since we've met. I bet you sing way worse than my intended off tuned singing don't you Tsukki?"

"Tch… that I wouldn't know… I don't sing; hell I'm not even into music."

"Well, that's unfortunate."

Silence had engulfed the room after their conversation about who's the worse singer among them but Tsukuyo still couldn't find herself to go to sleep after what happened earlier. Then it came back to her. The thought of the rightful ruler of Yoshiwara and how he has knowledge about her and Gintoki got her thinking if that person had a connection with what was happening at Yoshiwara and the incident a while ago.

Curious, she decided to ask Gintoki if he might know something about it. But before she could even utter a single word, she suddenly heard light snores coming from his direction. She figured that he was already asleep.

'That Bastard'she said to herself. She thought that he would be still up for a little longer sine he was confident a while ago that he was not getting any sleep anytime soon and that she was just going to give herself a hard time waiting for him. Now, he was sleeping peacefully and right when she was about to ask him something important.

In the end, she let him be. He deserved that rest. Besides, he had gone through a lot tonight. Not to mention, he risked himself once again just for her sake. As those thoughts sync in to her mind, her eyes slowly shut as a small smile formed into her face, finally falling into a deep slumber.

Class 3 – Z: Ginpachi Sensei Segment:

Ginpachi: What's up you pieces of shit? I heard you became such a nuisance when I was away last time.

Shinpachi: Sensei, what's up with the deep voice and that kway of speech? What also happened with your sense of style? You're wearing a red bandana on your head, grew facial hair and even grew your hair out. Are you copying Zenjuro Saotome from that high school at Ishiyama? (The teacher of the delinquents in Beelzebub)

Ginpachi: Oi oi, don't compare me with that pervy jiji (old man). I don't peep on girls and talk about how hot a woman is during class hours. Hell I don't even smoke you little piece of shit.

Sougo: Sensei, isn't that the famous weather person, Ketsuno Ana in a sundress walking at the school yard?

Ginpachi: (runs quickly to the window) Where? Where? Where? Eh, no one's outside.

Everyone: Ero Sensei… (a pun on Ero Senin or Jiraiya from Naruto with ero meaning pervy)

Ginpachi: Who are you calling Ero Sensei huh? Tch… let's just go on with the lesson today.

Kamui: Ano, Ero – Sensei,

Ginpachi: Stop calling me Ero – Sensei konoyarou!

Kamui: Whatever. Is it really true that I am the ruler of Yoshiwara?

Ginpachi: I guess so. According to the wiki and some postss on the internet, I think it was said that you were the one who inherited the position since you were the only student of Houssen.

Kamui: Then I can do anything I wanted to do with it right?

Ginpachi: Of course you can. Don't tell me you're planning to abuse your power to get all the courtesans to pleasure you all the time.

Kamui: That is what you're going to do if you were in my shoes Ero – Sensei.

Ginpachi: QUIT IT WITH THE ERO SENSEI WILL YOU!? Anyway, are there any other questions?

Otae: Sense, why is it that you don't go to hospitals when you get injured like in the Benizakura Arc when you got stabbed through the stomach?

Ginpachi: Good question Otae – san. The most obvious reason of course is money. I don't have enough money to undergo a surgery let alone have a room. Secondly, it seems that you and Shinpachi are capable of medical assistance since you were able to partially close that wound caused by the Benizakura and be able to provide me with a cast in my leg after my fight with Oboro.

Shinpachi: Woah, I didn't know that we were capable of such thing that requires years to study in college.

Gintoki: Well it's not official anyway and those were just allegations by that lazy – ass author who perceived it to be. Alright then, last question for the day…

Sacchan: Sensei, how come Tsukki knows hand to hand combat?

Ginpachi: Isn't it mandatory for shinobis to learn the art of ninjutsu for emergency situations like those? Surely you know that right? I'm talking about the martial art here not those fake thingies that uses special effects okay.

Sacchan: O… Of course I do… I know the Teddy Bear Hug the Gin – san, the wrap my arms around Gin – san and my favorite, the let my ass be spanked by Gin – san.

Ginpachi: I think those are M – jutsus.

Sacchan: Oh come on sensei, spank me. Spank me real hard. I promise you'll enjoy it…

Ginpachi: (grabs Sacchan by the back) How about this? The throw a bitch outside the window jutsu


Ginpachi: Tch… What a nuisance.

Suddenly a tap was heard from the door.

?: Ano, is Ginpachi available? This is Ketsuno Ana… Oh no, I've said it too loud…

Ginpachi: What the? Ketsuno Ana is here? And she's looking for me?

Sougo: Told you she was here…

Ginpachi: Coming Ketsono – san. Ginpachi is always available for y— (as soon as he opened the door, his head was immediately struck by a wine bottle)

Tsukkiichi: In your dreams sucka! HAHAHAHAHA

Kagura: (Sigh) Tsukkichi – sensei is drunk again – aru. And I thought alcohol is prohibited inside the campus?

Kamui: Nice plan with those whisky bonbons earlier, ne Sougo?

Sougo: You bet your ass it was. And switching the bottle of soy sauce with Sake, pulled off the trick. (fist bumps with Kamui)

Ginpachi: Urgh… Class… Dismissed…

Tsukkichi: Wwaaiitt… and… hic.. Wweevviieww… hic… Oi, bring me the whole damn barrel… hic…

A/N: Okay, that's the end of the Bansai Arc. Still have more Arcs after this and they are going to be longer than this one. I don't know how many though, since I just let the story glow into me. I'll also be probably updating a bit later next time because I'm thinking on making a birthday fic for Gintoki. Well that's all for now I guess. Don't forget to rate and review minna XD