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Chapter One

The night was cold and the crisp clear sky was full of stars. The bright lights of stores and neon lights lit up the streets as if the streetlights weren't annoying enough already. You were a night person; hated the day and anything involved with it. The wind howled and tugged at your coat; threatening frostbite. You shiver and hold your coat tighter around your body, and your breath puffed out in small clouds as you slowly made your way down the street. It was barely after eight so you were caught up in the hustle and bustle of busy people with real lives and with real destinations in mind. Sure, you had a destination to go to, but deep down that was the last thing you wanted to do. Your best friend had called you crying because her boyfriend broke up with her. This was the normal routine every week. She gets a new boyfriend, they break up after a week, and you are the one having to pick up her "broken heart."

'I think I'm the only twenty year old here...' You think to yourself. Now that it has been brought to your attention, you begin to notice the looks of envy, anger, disgust, and amusement that people gave you as they walked by. Which you understood. It was like a mini New York here so everyone was in high class clothes and dresses even though it was below 32 degrees, and here you were with a simple black jacket, black t-shirt, and holy blue jeans. You felt more out of place then Eminem did at a rap competition. Or so, that's how you would imagine it.

Your converse scuffed against the sidewalk rather loudly because you were in no mood to pick your feet up and walk properly. You were too busy worrying about your destination and the hell you were about to go through to notice people's new annoyed stares. You would have to go to the bus stop in order to get a ride across town, but you slowed your pace in high hopes of your friend giving up on you having to come over. After all, she moved on quite quickly. For all you knew, she already had her legs wrapped around some stranger and wasn't even thinking about you. Or the breakup for that matter.

As you walked on, you notice that the bright neon lights were becoming dimmer and less frequent among the stores. The scenery began to become rough-looking and run down. The bushes that lined the sidewalks and the occasional trees were still there however, which made the place look less ugly then it really was. You quickly noticed how deserted the place was and mentally groaned. 'Great. I'm going to get raped out here. Damn you Anastasia' You think angrily as you pick up your pace. It wasn't long after that until you slow your pace to hear a couple just ahead of you arguing under a tree. You didn't want to eavesdrop, but their rich foreign accents drew you closer. Not close enough where they could see you, but close enough to hear what they were saying. The girl with an Italian accent was yelling furiously at a boy,

"What do you want me to do?! I tried everything to make you happy, but all you want to do is play silly games for people that you don't even know! I'm your girlfriend here! I think that I should get a little attention too! Is it really too much to ask that we go have some alone time without a camera in our face or you playing games?!"

she yelled.

"Do you not know how hard it is to be able to get a day off? I love my job. I was doing this job way before we got together," the boy said furiously, " And if i remember correctly, we met because of this job. I can't just quit just because you want me to. I try my best to hurry up and finish each day so we can spend time together, and I know that most of the time that doesn't work. But i really do try. I warned you that it would be like this, and you still went through with it"

You know that it was horrible, but you had to hold a hand over your mouth to keep from laughing. The boy's accent sounded British, and something about British accents made you go into hysterical giggles most of the time.

The girl growled angrily and stomped away screaming, "Fine! My mother was right about you! You can play your childish games all you want in peace because I'm leaving! I'll be picking up my things tomorrow and you will never see me again!"

The boy started to go after her, begging her to stay. But she picked up a piece of loose asphalt and threw it at him. As she stomped off, the boy walked back over to the tree and seemed to be in a daze. He slammed his fist into the tree trunk and burst into a fit of girlish tears. Despite how serious the situation was, you almost lost your ability to hold your laughter.

Yes, you know that your heartless. You know it. Karma quickly caught up with you as someone ran past you and managed to knock you down in the process. Your face had no trouble becoming best friends with the concrete as you hit the ground. Hard. 'I guess I'm heavier then I thought' You think angrily to yourself as you get up.

"Ugh. Damn communists"

you grumble, dusting yourself off.

The boy laughed softly, but quickly looked away when I looked at him.

"Glad you find my misery to your amusement"

You say, rolling your eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to-'

"Don't worry about it. Not the first time karma has caught up with me. My name is *insert name here*"

You smile, sitting next to him.

"That is actually a very pretty name. My name is Felix"

he smiled back.

"Your accent...where is it from?"

"Swedish. I'm from Sweden"

"No way. That is so cool!"

He smiled and looked up at the sky. Now that you were paying attention, you could see how cute the guy really was. He had beautiful dirty blonde hair and light eyes. You couldn't tell what color they were due to the darkness of the night, but you could tell they were beautiful. For a moment, his care-free smile made it hard to believe that he had been sobbing like a love sick schoolgirl just moments before.

"I couldn't help but overhear your quarrel with that girl a minute ago...Are you going to be alright?"

I asked.

At the mention of the fight, his eyes filled with tears. I could see the pain and grief even in the poor lighting, and I immediately regretted asking.

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