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Chapter Thirteen

"Come on! Pewds is gonna be at the airport any second! Hurry up!"

Your best friend called from the other side of your bedroom door.

Your heart was pounding in excitement. Today was the day Felix was coming home! You were so excited you almost forgot to breathe as you grabbed his coat and threw it on before running out of your room and almost knocking your best friend over. You could hear her laughter as she stopped by the mirror to look at herself. Now you were the one rushing her as she tried to fix her hair. You just grabbed her wrist and practically dragged her to the car and threw her in the passenger seat. You ignored her shouts of disapproval and practically ran to the driver's side. You quickly got in and started the car and sped to the airport. Your best friend was grumbling to herself, but couldn't hide her smile at your excitement.

"He's coming home! Can you believe it? My baby is coming home!"
You exclaim excitedly.

There was a cheer from the seat next to you, and you had to stop yourself from bouncing in the seat in happiness. Today was the day Felix was coming home! Oh, how sweet that sounded rolling from your lips. You've been waiting for what seemed like years. You were so excited that you almost ran a red light. You slammed on the brakes, earned a few irritated honks from the cars behind you. You didn't mind. Not today. Nothing could possibly bring you down today. You squealed and high-fived your best friend in a failed attempt to contain your excitement. His words from his earlier phone call were running through your head: "Baby i'm coming home! I'm so excited to see you! I've missed you so much! I had a big surprise for you, so be ready! I love you, see you in a few minutes." It sent your heart pounding again just thinking about it. What could the surprise possibly be? What could be more amazing then seeing Felix again? You glance over at your best friend, who was bouncing in her seat too. She cheered once the airport came in sight.

'We are acting like we won the lottery..'

As you pull into the parking lot, you quickly parked the car and got out. There was people everywhere! It was so hard to see a thing! You grip onto your best friend, mainly from the growing nervousness in the pit of your stomach, but also so you wouldn't lose her in such a big crowd. The sad part was, you weren't even in the building yet! There was a large crowd surrounding the front of the buildings and there was a lot of girlish squeals. One of them shouted "PewDiePie I love you!" and you were instantly tugged through the crowd by your best friend.

There he was.

Felix was standing at the front of the building already, looking slightly annoyed, but smiling all the same as a bunch of girls took their picture with him. Even crowded by all those girls, you could only see him. It was like in the movies, when the person falls in love for the first time and everything was in slow-mo. The sun seemed to be directly on him, making him glow like an angel.

'He is just as beautiful as I remember...'

As soon as you saw him, a sudden burst of energy ran through you and you began to run. He saw you and gently pushed past the girls and ran to you too. You jumped into his outstretched arms and he spun you around happily. He pulled you into a passionate kiss that made your best friend squeal and I lot of girls gasp. But you didn't care. He was here now. Nothing else mattered.

"I missed you so much! You have no idea how hard it was without you here!"
You blurted out, tears filling your eyes.

He smiled and pulled you into a tight hug, showering you with kisses.

"I know! I missed you too! I'm so glad to hold you again"

He said, picking you up and squeezing the breath out of you.

The feeling came back.

The feeling of being whole...

After ten minutes of holding each other, the two of you pull away. You notice the tears in his eyes while he pushes through the thinning group of girls and grabbed his luggage and sat it down beside you, which made you smile. Everything was perfect. The love of your life was back. He looked at you dead in the eyes and took your hands in his. You noticed that he looked nervous, but quickly disregarded it as soon as he kissed you tenderly. You best friend gave you a thumbs up and held up her phone, indicated she was videoing the whole thing for us to watch later.

"Well, I guess now is as good as a time as any"

He whispered under his breath.

"What do you mean?"
You smiled as tears brimmed your eyes in happiness.

He took a deep breath and kissed your hand.

"Well, I've only known you for a short amount of time, but right now, I feel as if I've known you my whole life. And I can't see my life without you. I thought I could never love again after that Marzia left me, but you made it so easy..."

His words trailed off. Your heart was beating fast and more tears filled your eyes. He was perfect. You could hear you're best friend squealing of happiness, barely able to hold her phone up.

"I said there was a surprise for you, and before I give it to you, I want you to know that it doesn't matter how far away you are from me, that I will love you more and more each day."

He took another nervous breath and got down on one knee. "And I know that if I don't make you mine right now, I will lose the truly best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't picture myself one day without you now that I have you here with me. Will you please marry me?"

He produced a gorgeous diamond ring from his pocket, looking up at you hopefully.

There was a scream.

You didn't know if you were the one screaming with happiness, or your best friend. But you knew that you were crying and in shock. Was this for real? You just stood there at loss for words. Your heart was about to pound out of your chest. You fell to your knees in front of him and choked on your tears a bit. You threw your arms around his neck and cried in his shoulders.

"Yes! Yes! A million times yes!"

You screamed, choking on the tears of happiness rolling down your cheeks.

He chuckled and held you close and tight, crying along with you. It was perfect. The sun was bright, the bright blue sky was clear. Your best friend was here. And most of all, you were engaged to Felix Kjellberg! Happiness swelled in your chest as you cried uncontrollably of the happiness you thought you could never have. Felix let go of you and took your shaking hand and slipped the ring on. It was a perfect fit. It had a simple silver band with a big diamond surrounded by a bunch of smaller diamonds around it, and 'forever and always' engraved on the band. It was perfect.

There was footsteps coming your way, and you heard a familiar tune. A smooth, velvet voice started to sing your favorite song as Felix kissed you softly. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close as the two of you listened to the song together. He gave the man a thumbs up and the man winked at him and continued to sing. He had blue eyes disguised by a pair of black rimmed glasses, and messy brown hair. That voice was familiar, but you didn't care. You were lost in your own world. Which only you and Felix. Nothing else mattered. Not anymore. Today was the day you started your life as Mrs. Felix Kjellberg.

The happiest girl alive.