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A pair of binoculars peered through the crack of the large red sofa, magically enhancing as the person zoomed in. A lone, messy haired boy looked peculiar as he crouched behind the couch, tightening the grip on his navy blue binoculars. The subject of the boy's nosiness was Lily Evans - Gryffindor redhead extraordinaire.

James Potter didn't exactly know why he was spy – er, watching Lily Evans, but he made no move to stop. He guessed he was doing it out of pure boredom. Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, his best mates, were studying for their Transfiguration Exam in the library. They had asked James to come along, of course, but the boy blatantly refused and told them that he had something 'Super important to do, guys!'

That was lie, of course. James Henry Potter, in all fourteen years of his life, had a secret-that-was-too-secret-to-tell.

He was afraid of libraries.

Now, before you go running off to your nearest librarian, blabbing his secret-that-was-too-secret-to-tell, you should know that this was not something James liked. Sure, he may come off as a cool guy, with cool friends and a just woke up hairdo, but contrary to popular belief, James actually enjoyed studying.

Well how else do you think he got superb marks?

James studied practically everywhere – in class (with Professor Slughorn breathing down his neck asking him why in the world he was studying Charms in Potions. He liked to think of this as a skill, you see), in the Great Hall (sometimes Dumbledore's speeches get a tad boring), underneath his bed sheets, ('No, Sirius, I am not doing that! Get your brain out of the gutter, why don't you?'), and once, when he had too much butterbeer to drink, during a party.

But James wouldn't even dare to put a toe over the school's library's threshold.

You see, when James Henry Potter was five years old, his mother took him to the local library to fetch some books about flowers. She had wanted to plant a garden in their backyard, but didn't know where to begin. James, being the curious five year old he was, asked to tag along and his mother happily obliged thinking little Jamesie wanted to be apart of her dream of being the best gardener in the world.

James didn't even know what gardener meant.

Anyway, once they reached the old library, Dorea Potter told her son to stick close and not to wander away. James held onto his mother's dress as they moved along the different aisles, flitting through books. Suddenly, something green caught onto the bespectacled boy's eyes and he looked up to see a mascot figure entertaining a group of kids sitting on colourful pillows as the costume figured told a story.

"Mum, can I – " James' question fell on deaf ears because his mother was talking to a librarian. James shrugged, thinking he'd be back before his mother noticed he was gone, and sat on a blue pillow as the mascot finished his story. The children left and James left to go find his mother. But she wasn't there. He double checked the aisle he had left her in, but Mrs. Potter had gone. James had run along all over the library, crying hysterically as he did. At the time, the shelves looked way too big for the small library and the books gigantic. James thought the walls were closing in on him as he backed into a corner, hugging his sides. A minute before James Potter fainted from fright; his mother swooped in, hugging him and telling him it was all right. But James would never forget that moment, making him library phobic.

"What the hell are you doing?"

James snapped out of his reverie as he quickly glanced up to the figure looming over him. Sirius Black arched an eyebrow as he stared down at his best mate, looking utterly confused.

"Shhh!" He hissed, pulling Sirius down by the arm. "Do you want them to hear you?"

"Them?" Sirius practically shouted. He, unfortunately, hadn't mastered the art of tact like his friends. "Wait – are you spying?"

James clamped a hand over the boy's mouth, looking around to see if anyone heard. "Shut up!"

Sirius removed the hand off of his mouth, grinning like the Cheshire cat. "We are spying! Hold on, I'll be right back!" He sprinted up the boy's staircase and returned minutes later, wearing a black suit.

The girls in the Gryffindor common room sighed wistfully as Sirius shot them a smile, winking cheekily and doing the 'call me' motion with his hands. He sauntered behind the red couch, stooping down. "What?" He asked, looking baffled.

James gave him a look.

Sirius looked down at his attire. "You mean this old thing? I just, er, found it lying around and, uh, thought it'd go with the mood … heh heh."

James gave him another look.

Sirius coughed. "Right. So, who are we spying on?"

"No one," James answered quickly … too quickly.

Sirius thought he answered to quickly, too. "No one, eh? Are you sure it's not – " He grabbed the binoculars peering to the general direction James was staring at. "Lily Evans?" James mentally face palmed.

Lily Evans, hearing her name being called, looked around confusedly. Arching an eyebrow, she shrugged standing up, and followed her friends through the portrait hole.

"They're getting away – quick!" Sirius flipped over the couch, and sprinted out of the portrait hole, in pursuit of the unsuspecting girls.

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," James muttered as he followed his friend.

"Dun-dun dun-dun! Dun-dun daaaa daaaa!" Sirius crooned, doing an impressive somersault. James leaped over a first year, landing on his feet. This would have been impressive, had he not slipped on a banana peel that was lying on the floor. Sirius, catapulting over a suit of armor, looked back to see who had fallen, and crashed on the floor – pulling the armor down painfully with him.

"OUCH!" He wailed, throwing the helmet across the hall and picking himself up.

James steadily got up on his feet. "You're telling me! Who leaves banana peels on the floor? Seriously! Who the hell does that anymore?"

"Heh heh … Siriusly … heh heh …" Sirius sniggered at his own pun, and James joined along, but snapped out of it, realising something, "Hey, where'd they go?"

Sirius blinked. "C'mon!" They dashed across the corridor, turning several corners until they caught sight of them – going inside the library.

James stopped right away, his eyes widening as he made a connection.

Me + Library = fear. Me + fear = hyperventilating. Hyperventilating + Sirius = more ammo for blackmail. Sirius + blackmail = self-destruction. Self destruction = BAD

Instead of having to explain why he couldn't go inside the library to continue their spying, Sirius seemed to understand.

"Don't worry, mate. We can do this some other time, if you want."

"What are you talking about?" James asked, blinking rapidly and trying to look like he wasn't hiding anything.

Sirius smiled, as if he knew something he didn't – which he probably did. "I know you're afraid of libraries."

James' jaw dropped. "WHO – WHAT – WHERE – WHEN – WHY – HOW – "

Sirius shrugged, turning around and heading back to the Gryffindor common room. "You really shouldn't leave your diary lying around, mate. You know I snoop."


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