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"You can now leave detention." said the teacher, leaving before any of the students could say anything.

Seven classmates had just finished their detention after had started a huge food fight at the cafeteria, willingly or not.

"Hey! Did you ever heard of the 'Sachiko Ever After Charm'?" asked Kano Aoki, a black-haired girl with dark blue eyes and a ghostly white skin. She stood up, showing her altered uniform. Instead of wearing the normal girl's skirt, she wore dark blue pants. Under the open dark blue jacket marked with the insigne of the school, she had a black sweat-shirt with long rabbit ears attached to the hood. She wore white knee-length boots with its black lace unattached and a white bunny plushie, with one eyes closed in a wink while the other was in an X form, hanging to her belt. Her waist-length hair was pulled into twin tails by blue ribbons. Kano was renowned as an occult and urban legend fanatic.

"Nope, but I guess you'll tell us." answered Tsubaki Furukawa, a young man with dark brown eyes and pale brown hair. He wore the usual, classic Meguru Academy's uniform: dark blue pants, a white button-down shirt under a dark blue jacket and a red tie. The only thing he added was the blue scarf adorning his neck, a gift from his younger sister Uta.

"Is it another of your urban legends?" wondered Takeshi Hayashi, with sharp-looking green eyes and a black, long ponytail which went halfway down his chest. He had a tan skin and his right arm was full of tattooed skulls, Celtic designs, swords and others. He wore the classical uniform as well, even if he openly hated it.

"It's a friendship charm. It's meant to symbolize an ever-lasting friendship." responded Usaji Aoki. He was Kano's twin, with the same dark blue eyes and black hair, a bit long for a guy. He also had the same ghost-like skin. The only changes he brought to his uniform was the lack of a jacket and the black combat boots he wore.

"And what are we supposed to do?" asked Masuto Tsubaki. He had evenly-spaced gray eyes and short, unkempt black hair. The slight change in his uniform was that his jacket was unbuttoned at the collar.

Kano searched through her backpack to extirpate a white paper doll from it.

"With that! We are supposed to chant "Sachiko, we beg of you" the number of the participants who are participating. Then, we tear apart the paper doll and it's done!" she said, proudly showing the paper doll to everyone.

"But who is Sachiko?" asked Miyaki Koboyashi, a blond girl.

"No one in particular, I guess." flatly responded Tsubaki as Kano nodded.

"Where did you find it?" wondered Masuto, fixing the paper.

"Find what?" innocently answered Kano.

"The charm!" Masato answered quite rudely. The black-haired girl only childishly stuck her tongue at him.

"On Naho Saenoki's blog. She is a famous paranormalist who can supposedly talk with spirits or something in the like." answered her twin, wincing.

"You're not a big fan of her, huh, Aoki-kun?" asked Reon Miyazaki, a brown-haired and brown-eyed girl.

"Don't like her." Usaji answered plainly, looking bored.

"So, who's in?" asked the black-haired female, sitting on her brother's desk.

"I don't see why not." responded Takeshi, smiling weakly.

"I'm in." flatly said Tsubaki.

"Let's try this." continued Masuto, followed by the two remaining girls.

"Glad that everyone's willing to perform the charm!" happily chirped Kano, clapping her hands. "Now, you must grab the Sachiko doll-"

"Sachiko doll?" asked Miyaki, frowning. The black-haired female rolled her eyes as she repeated, changing her words to 'paper doll'.

"If you need, dig your nails in it to be sure to have a piece when we'll tear it apart. Now, we have to chant "Sachiko, we beg of you" seven times. Don't worry if you stutter or flub it; even if it isn't said perfectly, don't try to resay it, it still counts as one. Alright?" she continued. Everyone nodded. "Oh, and do not try to joke around and miss one time! It'll only anger both me and Sachiko-chan! And you don't want to see that! Now that you are warned… Let's begin!"

The group looked at each other's, grabbing each a part of the paper doll, digging their nails into the fabric. Then, they began to chant.

"Sachiko, we beg of you!"

"Sachiko, we beg of you!"

"Sachiko, we beg of you!"

"Sachiko, we beg of you!"

"Sachiko, we beg of you!"

"Sachiko, we beg of you!"

"Sachiko, we beg of you!"

"Now, hold tightly on the paper doll. We'll pull it until it tears apart in seven pieces. Ready? Go!" Kano said, giggling.

"No count to three?!" asked Masuto, startled, but still having his ripped piece in his hand.

"Noppey-doo!" she answered, giggling once again.

What a strange girl… Masuto thought, shaking his head.

"Anyway! Great job everyone! Everyone did it perfectly, therefore, none of you will endure my wrath!" she continued, giggling again. "Now, keep that paper scrap preciously! Keep it safe, as if your own life depended on it! Put it in your student's ID or anywhere where you won't lose it." She finished, talking more seriously.

Everyone put it where they thought would be a good place, the student ID for the Aoki twins, Tsubaki and Masuto, the wallet for Takeshi and Reon and Miyaki's pocket.

Suddenly, the floor began to move under their feet, shaking violently.

"Earthquake!" shouted Takeshi, while Kano fell on Usaji, sending both on the floor.

"Hide under the desk!" yelled Masuto.

As Reon was about to obey, a light bulb fell down right at her feet.


"Gah!" Tsubaki fell down, rolling under a desk, avoiding another falling light bulb.

Suddenly, the lights went off, leaving them in darkness.

"Eeeeeeek!" screamed Reon and Miyaki, holding hands.

"Usaji-niichan!" cried Kano, clinging to her twin, who stared in horror at the big gap that had opened in the classroom's floor, at the opposite of their position.

As the earthquake continued, the gap kept growing closer to them.

"What is that!" screamed Takeshi.

The hole was incredibly close now. In no time, they would fell into the abyss.

"We're going to die!" whined Miyaki, crying her heart out.

Suddenly, the floor opened under the Aoki Twins as they were soon engulfed by its darkness.

"Onii-chaaaan!" the remaining students heard Kano screamed, her voice fading in the blackness.

"Ggh!" Tsubaki looked into the nothingness approaching toward him.

Are they… dead? Are we all going to die? He thought, before he disappeared in the hole's shadows.

Both Miyaki and Reon soon followed, their piercing, era-splitting screams echoing in the destroyed class, or what the earthquake hadn't engulfed yet.

Takeshi looked at Masuto in horror, terror written over both faces. They stare into the hole which had eaten their friends away in pure fright. They were both panicking. All their friends were probably dead! And the gap was advancing towards them, ready to devour them into its darkness.

Masuto stared in dread as the gap engulfed Takeshi, who had looked at him with frightened eyes.

It's my turn now… My turn… It's my turn to die! He thought, losing any possibility to reason.

The last thing which flashed in his mind as he felt the floor opening under him was his twin sister, Takano. He felt so grateful that she wasn't there; he almost smiled while he fell to, he believed, his death.