Another chappy! Yay! Now, suffer my rant about Zombie-loan. I really love this tory but... Ugh! Sometime, I feel like it's not enough developped and everything goes too fast (as for the Butterfly case). There is some characters that aren't enough developped and some times, characters switched of places and I'm all like "How did they get there?" And Carmella who died but is still alive? I was really confused. And the end! What happened to Shiba? Huh? What happened to Yomi? WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NOW? All question without any answer! I feel like if it was kind of rushed. That's not cool. But the characters are really great, and I loooooove Shiba, Kuro (a guy who's a ferryman and who we only see at the end in the manga), Chitose, Zarame and Yomi! Oh, and Lyca too! Some characters miss developement, as Lyca, Shiba, Kuro (Totally, okay?!), Shimotsuki and Yomi. And Shimotsuki too! Some were well developed (Chika, Shito, Michiru it's half, Toko (somehow), Zen, Toho, Yuuta). But what do we know of Shimotsuki, or Lyca, or Shiba? Nothing! And that bugs me! Yeah. I think I finished. You can go read the story now.


"Give it back! Give it back! GiveItBackGiveItBackGiveItBack! GIVE IT BACK! GIVEITBACKGIVEITBACK! JUST FUCKING GIVE IT BACK!" screamed the petite, black-haired girl, trying to snatch the hemp bag away from Rei's hand.

"Iza-tan!" shouted her twin as Kozakura pushed the girl away, beside her brother, who ran up to her.

"Rei, are you alright?" asked Kozakura, intently looking at Rei. Still dizzy after the horrid flashback she had seen, the poor girl could only nod, deeply confused with the events happening around her. "Who are you?" continued the boy, looking at the twins after being reassured that his companion was alright.

"Some people you don't know, why?" responded the girl, venom filling her voice as she glared at him.

"Why... Do you want it? Whose.. Is it? There's... a fourth child! It was a girl... She... She.. was murdered by the principal... It was so horrible... Why did he did such an atroceous thing?" muttered Rei, still largely confused.

Who was that fourth child? She had a feeling to have already seen that kid somewhere else, but where? And this man! It was the principal of the school, Takamine Yanagihori... He killed a young girl... Why? And what was he talking about? And these two... These two who wanted the tongue! Why would they wanted it? Maybe they were connected to that little girl...? Who were they? So much questions, without any answers, it was so frustrating! Why must it be so complicated?

"Please, could you give that bag to us? We were tasked to retrieve it and bring in back to its owner..." sweetly asked the boy, pleading.

"Tell us your name first!" angrily shouted Kozakura, furiously looking at them.

"NEVAH!" responded the girl, crossing her arms on her chest while glaring at the duo.

"We're Izaya and Madoka Kawaii... Please, can we have it now?" answered the boy, smiling as his sister angrily looked at him.

"Who... Is its owner?" asked Rei, unsure of her question.

"Someone... A child. That's all you can know, now give it back!" yelled Izaya, trying once again to steal the hemp bag from Rei's hands.

"The only way you will get this thing is telling us the whole truth of all this masquerade!" shouted Kozakura, as he took hold of Izaya's arms, bringing her away from the other girl.

"But... I don't know if she wants us to complied to your request... Even for the price of her own tongue..." muttered Madoka, frowning. "I just want to be with them..." whispered the golden-eyed boy, walking away. "I want to madness to end... For good.

Instantly, his sister jolt to him and took his arm rudely. "We need to do this! For her! We're only alive because of her and we promised her that we would help her, protect her: that means keeping the secret and... Eliminate them. Nobody shall ever leave this place!" angrily whispered Izaya, shaking her brother.

"I don't want... Enemoto... Or Yuuki... To die... Even Dana and Seji... And what about Sora and Urata? Hiro and Jin and Houtarou and Misao died... And... Aoi... Aoi died too! He died because of me! Yoshikazu killed him!" tears fillled his eyes at the mention of the blue-haired boy as Kozakura and Rei watched the twins with confusion. What were they talking about? "I don't want Urata, or Sora or Enemoto, or Yuuki to die too! I want Urata, Yuuki, Enemoto and Sora to live! I have enough of this!" cried the golden-eyed boy, freeing himself from his sister grip and running away, leaving his twin and the duo confused and speechless.

"This is... This is all your fault!" screamed Izaya, turning to face Kozakura and Rei. "He's gone because of you! He hates me because of you!" she angrily shouted, before efficiently snatching the bag containing the tongue.

Casting them another glare filled with venom, she ran away, holding the bloodstained bag in her hand.

"The bag!" screamed Rei, finally realizing the situation.

"What just happened?" asked Kozakura, still confused.

"We need to get it back!" shouted the girl, running after the thief.

Kozakura followed Rei's lead as they tracked the golden-eyed girl to the other school's wing. Jumping over decaying bodies, avoiding deep gap, they managed to keep up with Izaya, keeping her in sight... Until she disappeared.

"Where is she gone?" asked Kozakura, looking around. The hallway was cut short by an humongous gap, impossible to cross while jumping.

"An incinerator?" wondered Rei, looking at a big metallic door, sliding from up to down.

"It's slightly open... Enough for us to fit... Do you think she might had gone in it?"

"Well... It's either that or she jumped in the gap over there so... Let's go..."

Kozakura nodded and they crouched to enter the incinerator, crawling into the thin space.

"It's so... Gllgh! Little!" groaned Kozakura.

"Look!" shouted Rei, her eyes widening at the sight a of glowing little girl dressed in red: Sachiko. Soon, the little girl turned and crawled further into the darkness.

"Follow her!" commanded Kozakura. They continued to crawl in the little space of the incenirator.

"Where is the end?..." wondered Rei, getting tired. "My elbows hurt..."

"We must be halfway trough, at least."

"Get out."

"What? Is it Sachiko?"

"Please, get out."

"There's something important there... I'm sure of it. She wouldn't say such a thing otherwise. Let's go!" decided Kozakura, continuing to crawl. Rei nodded to show her approval before following him.

"GET OUT!" yelled Sachiko, getting angry. Rei closed her eyes and took a deep breath before opening them, determine to find what Sachiko was hiding in this place.

"Sorry... I wanna know the end of all this... And the answer... The end... Seems just a bit further..."

Suddenly a loud noise resonated in the thin space, and the floor opened beneath them.