Hahahahha I'm here with my first ever Naruto/PJO one-shot.

So yeah this is Naruto/Artemis inspired by HistorianoftheKais' story, which actually really got me thinking about Greek Mythology.

So yeah I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Well I'm sure this is pretty damn obviously considering this is FANFICTION and all.

IMPORTANT: This story is following the myth in which at the age of three Artemis sat on Zeus' lap and was granted six wishes, below is a list as to how the events will unfold, so READ BELOW!

1. She wished to remain always a virgin

2. To have many names to set her apart from her brother Apollo

3. To be the Phaesporia or Light Bringer

4. To have a bow and arrow and a knee-length tunic so that she could hunt

5. To have sixty "daughters of Okeanos", all nine years of age, to be her choir

6. And to have twenty Amnisides Nymphs as handmaidens to watch her dogs and bow while she rested. She wished for no city dedicated to her, but to rule the mountains, and for the ability to help women in the pains of childbirth.

Hera was tormenting Artemis the little girl supposedly was crying when she sat on Zeus' lap

As for Naruto he's immortal. LOL

Also note since Artemis is immortal she's going to grow both physically and mentally faster than any normal baby.


Xx 1 xX

Beauty, a word that could simply not be defined by one or a few words, as the ideals of beauty change from person to person; and transform as time goes on; but a certain blonde could swear he was seeing the perfection that could only be described as, well, beauty.

The blonde man was tall, looking to be in his late teens or early twenties. His hair was wild, and reached his shoulders—an odd cut considering that most people in the civilization he was near liked it neat, and short. He was dressed in loose fitting clothing, with firm black sandals, his build lean, yet well-muscled suggesting he was an experienced fighter. Three set of whisker-like marks were on both his healthy, tan cheeks, and with his glowing cerulean eyes, and sharpened canines he looked similar to a cat, fox, or even a dog.

Even though the man was in the forest he wasn't paying attention much to the scenery—no not even close, he was looking at a little girl.

Now before you could call him a pedophile, or whatever, you had to know exactly what this young lady looked like.

She was just so… breathtaking, it was as if looking at her was a sin of its own, her face was so perfect. The girl couldn't have been more than maybe six, but even so she had these most creamy looking skin, her cheeks were flushed a healthy pink. She had the most amazing eyes. They were silvery-yellow, filled with wisdom beyond her years, but even with this knowledge he could still see the child-like innocence in them. Her hair though, was the thing that caught his attention. It was reddish-brown—auburn, long and smoothly brushed, it reached her mid back.

She was so perfect, so beautiful… too beautiful.

The young girl stopped suddenly, looking over her shoulder and straight at the blonde, "I know you are there, you might as well come out." She called voice smooth, even, yet very high-pitched and child-like.

The man blinked in surprise; yes his theory was indeed true. Slowly he came out from behind the tree meeting the little girl's curious gaze.

"Who are you?" she asked, tilting her head to the side, her silver eyes seeming to analyze not only his being, but his very core.

"Who am I?" The whiskered blonde mused, voice calm, despite the oddness the girl practically radiated. "I am many things, and I go by many names, but I suppose you can just call me, Naruto."

"Na-ru-to… you have an interesting name mister."

The blonde smiled down at the little girl, his teeth shone even brighter than her own brother's. "And you're a very interesting little girl."

The young girl huffed crossing her arms, "I'm not little, I'm two years old!"

"A child in my and many other's eyes." Naruto chuckled. "Now since I told you my name, would you mind telling me yours?"

"I'm Artemis." The girl said. "And I'm never going to marry."

"Never going to marry?" Naruto repeated, an amused smile appearing on his face. "Aren't you a little young to decide something like that?"

"No." She shook her head. "I won't marry ever." She then sent him a haughty glance, which the blonde met… and then almost immediately afterwards he laughed, his chest heaving as gasped for air.

The girl's face lit up in anger, her hands balling into tiny fists, "What are you laughing at?' she scowled.

"S-Sorry." Naruto said, slowly calming down. "You just remind me of someone I used to know."


"A friend, who I lost long ago."

Artemis' eyes narrowed at the man, "… You're a little strange mister."

The blonde chuckled, "I get that a lot." He then smirked, peering down at the redhead. "So you never want to marry anyone?"

"Yes." She stated proudly, putting her hands on her hips.

"No boy ever?"

"Yes, boys are gross!"

"What about a girl?"

"Ew, no way!"

"So, you're just going." He made a sarcastic motion with his hand, getting another glare out of the little girl, "to remain virgin forever?"

"Vir… gin?" The girl blinked seeming to digest the word. "What does that mean?"

"Oh… Errrrrrr," Naruto looked up at the sun and laughed sheepishly. "Well, what do you know look at the time, it's almost time for supper." He turned his back on Artemis, scratching the back of his head nervously. "See you around little girl!"

The redhead growled, glaring at the blonde, "I'm not little!"

Xx 2/4 xX

"What are you looking at little girl?"

Artemis' head snapped to the side, eyes widening in surprise, "Wha—Mister Naruto?"

"Hey." The blonde chuckled, his gaze following the place Artemis had been looking at. "A bow?"

The young girl flushed looking away from the man, embarrassedly. "Yes, I always wanted to learn how to shoot, ever since I saw some men shoot down a deer."

"Are you strong enough for a bow?"

The girl shrugged, "I think I'm stronger than all the boys and girls my age." Her chest puffed in pride. "And also my brother of course!"

"Right." Naruto laughed, "I should have known. What's your brother's name anyway?"

"Apollo." Her nose wrinkled with some distaste. "He's younger than me, but since I'm smaller he always calls me his, 'little sister'."

"I'm sure he just means it as a term of endearment." Naruto said, ruffling her hair, earning himself a growl of annoyance. He chuckled, before slinging his own bow off his shoulder, and handing it to her. "Here it's a little big, but it's for hunting small game only, so I think it's usable if you're as strong as you think you are."

Artemis slowly accepted the weapon, testing the string with somehow experienced hands. "You take great care of it." She whispered, earning herself a raised eyebrow via the blonde.

"How do you know that?" He inquired.

His answer was a shrug. "I just know." She admitted. "Like… sometimes I know about things I shouldn't, or know things and can't remember where I learned it if that makes sense."

"… You're sure a funny girl Mitsuki-chan."


"Mitsuki." Naruto grinned, "From where I come from it means beautiful moon… and besides since both your brother's and your name starts with, A, you need different names to set you apart from him right?"

Xx 3 xX

"The moon is beautiful don't you think?"


The blonde turned to look at her, cracking her one of his odd eye smiles. "You're getting better," he praised allowing Artemis a moment of pride before crushing it by saying, "but you still have a ways to go, your aim still goes slightly to the right, and your stance is still too tense."

The young girl huffed, crossing her arms, "But I'm doing pretty good right?"

"Extraordinarily." Naruto admitted. "I don't think there's any other two year old on the planet who is as smart and gifted as you." He glanced back at her, "you must be blessed by the Gods or something!"

"I hope so." Artemis smiled, her hand brushing against her bow.

Naruto caught the movement, and he smiled. "Well if you are and if you ever are granted becoming one you should be the Goddess of the Moon."

The young girl looked down at him a bit confused. "How come?"

Naruto peered up at her cerulean meeting silvery-yellow. "Because you bring light to the dark just like the moon, Hiromi-chan."

Artemis raised a brow, trying hard not to blush at her teachers words. "I thought you called me Mitsuki-chan."

"Yeah, but we're working on different names right?" Naruto smiled. "And besides Hiromi means wide spread beauty just like how all over the world the moon spreads its beauty."

Xx 4 xX

"Come on this way!" Naruto murmured, as he flexed his right hand which had been holding the string of the bow. "There are boar tracks, see." He pointed to the ground, crouching above them. "By their depth, width, and how widely they're apart you can estimate the size of the animal… How much do you think this one weighs Hiromi-chan?"

Artemis traced the tracks with her index finger, brow scrunching in deep thought. "It looks to be around… twenty pounds?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"It's twenty pounds." She said surely and Naruto gave her an approving nod.

"It's a young one that's for sure." He got up and began to trek onwards. "Now come on."

The young girl scrambled up to follow him, she yelped as he feet got caught in the long fabric of her clothes. "Zeus!" Artemis cursed as she tripped over her tunic, the fabric getting caught behind her ankles, as she tripped and stumbled slightly.

Two tanned and firm hands caught her, pulling her back on her feet. "Gods, Hiromi-chan!" Naruto laughed, "You shouldn't wear such a low tunic, here." With his sword he helped her cut off some of the cloth, till it was a little lower than her knee. "There." He smirked. "Now you can run… Diana."

Artemis shot him an annoyed look, "So now I'm Diana? What does that mean?"

Naruto shrugged, "I don't know it just fits somehow."

Xx 5 xX

"Hey, you're the little girl I saw in the forest right?"

Artemis looked up meeting the gaze of the goofily grinning, man from before.

"I found out what a virgin is." The girl said neutrally, and Naruto simply blinked at her, before sweating nervously.

"Oh, well… errrrrr, so anyways." He cleared his throat. "Sorry for the quick introduction last time, allow me to introduce myself properly." He took a deep breath. "My name is Naruto I like noodles, rice, my friends, hunting, and gambling. I dislike perverts, war, and anything resembling a duck butt. My hobbies are reading, writing, and hunting. I don't really have dreams for the future anymore…" he sighed, before looking at Artemis, smiling brightly. "Alright it's your turn."

"… Do I have to?"

"Yes," Naruto grinned. "introducing yourself is considered being hospitable."


"Come on."

With a sigh the young girl said, "My name is Artemis, I'm two years old, yet I grow quickly, so I often get mistaken for being older. I like bows, and watching hunts. I dislike perverts, and right now I think I may not be liking a certain blonde very much." Cue pointed glare, but she went on. "My hobbies… I like to read I guess. And as for my dreams for the future…" She smirked, puffing out her chest slightly. "I'm going to become the greatest huntress in the world!"


"Yes, problem?"

"No, no of course not it's just… you'll need some followers and comrades right?"


"Yeah, y'know someone to fight alongside you…" He put his hand on his chin thoughtfully. "But if you really plan on being the greatest huntress ever I suggest about maybe sixty helpers/followers or so…"

Xx 6 xX

"Mitsuki-chan meet Kiba, Kiba Mitsuki-chan." With careful hands the blonde placed a little white puppy onto the ground, patting its head softly.

"Ah, it's cute." Artemis smiled, wrapping her hands around the little dog. "How come I haven't seen him before?"

"Because I have someone watch him and my other animals when I can't bring them around."

"How come?"

"Well when I need a break, I need someone to take care of my weapons and animals right?" Naruto laughed, "I mean do you think I always carry around my ten swords and hunting bows with me all the time?" Artemis didn't notice as Naruto unconciously touched his right tricep, were underneath his clothing lay a weird tatoo, looking to be written in a type of kanji. "And besides," he smirked. "this one is a handful if I didn't have someone watching him all day he'd get himself into a Hades worth of trouble."


"Come on we have to continue up!" Naruto grabbed the small girl, hoping and praying that her brother was alright as well. He trudged up the mountain, exhausted even with his godly stamina… a little ironic considering whom they were up against.

"W-Why is she doing this." Artemis murmured against Naruto's chest, and the blonde shook his head.

"I have an idea, but I can't be certain." He said, "Hold on."

And with that he speed up the mountain with inhuman speeds, using the lost art of chakra to aide him in his trail. He could feel Artemis shake against him as they continued their trek, and he honestly couldn't blame her.

Even he was somewhat terrified.

Seriously, having a Goddess after you was something no one could wish for.

"We… We are almost there!" He huffed, clutching the small girl to him tighter. "Just—" Naruto flinched as he hit an invisible wall, his arms jerked downward in surprise, and the young girl rolled out of his arms and onto the other side of the barrier.

"What?" the young girl croaked staring at Naruto with wide-eyes. "Naruto what are you doing, come on."

"I… I can't get throu—" The blonde let out a screech as the force field seemed to recoil, his body shook as it looked like thousands upon thousands of bolts of electricity shot through him, he stumbled, before being sent flying back and thus over the cliff side, resulting in him free-falling with his course set directly to the rocky ground below.

From above before he began his descent he heard the horrified wail of Artemis as she all but screamed his name.

Shit, that hurt more than Sasuke's Chidori… Naruto thought as his stomach began to flutter with that free-falling feeling. Why did it…

The barrier seemed to be made to get rid of any traces of tainted or foreign energy… my chakra may be the reason it acted the way it did. A deep, and rumbling voice spoke out, but weirdly only the blonde seemed to hear it. Sorry about that, I'm already repairing the damages; just make sure you land on your feet.

Naruto snorted looking down at the ground which was now a couple of meters away. No promises.

Oh and kit?

Yeah Kurama?

I think it will be for the best that you don't see or look for that girl anymore.

I understand.


Artemis was numb as she sat on her 'father's' lap, all she could do was cry, the image of Naruto's shocked (literally) and pained face kept replaying in her mind. He was dead, her teacher was dead.

He was dead.

He was dead.




He was gone…

"I'm sorry about my wife little one." Zeus said, his voice both deep and powerful. "I will give you anything you desire in hopes that you can forgive her and me for not looking out for you."

Slowly the young girl looked up, tears still in her eyes. "Anything?"

"If it's in my power."

"Can you bring someone back to life?"

"I'm afraid not that is beyond my realm."

"… Okay then. I want six things." She murmured. "I want to remain a virgin forever." Artemis didn't even pause ignoring Zeus' shocked look. "Secondly I wish to have many names to set me apart from my brother, thirdly I want to be the Phaesporia or Light Bringer." She took a breath. "For my fourth I wish to have a bow and arrow, with a knee length tunic so I can hunt, fifth I want to have sixty daughters of Okeanos, all nine years of age, to be my choir, I want no city dedicated to me, but to rule the mountains... And as for the sixth." She paused then. "I want twenty Amnisides Nymphs as handmaidens to watch my dogs and bow when I rest… and if you don't mind can I have a fox as well..."

"A fox?"


"… Very well, what do you wish to name it?"

"… Naruto…"


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