A/N: A little 'Daria Diaries'-style drabble in Quinn's voice. I think I got her early-season character down perfectly here. No offense is intended to our soldiers, past or present. xD

by Quinn Morgendorffer


Memorial Day is a day for memorializing. Because, can you have a holiday about memories if you DON'T remember them? I don't think so!

I believe it was Sandi Griffin who once said, "Fashion does not remember its failures. Once something is out, it's out." And she was like so right, even if she takes her job way too seriously. I'm NOT trying to steal it Sandi, I swear! Can't you see this distrust is tearing our friendship apart? (By the way did you say you were going out of town next weekend?)

So anyway. Forgetting stuff that's out like ripped up jeans, or stuff that was only in with unfashionable people like Crocs, is all well and good for fashion. But I guess forgetting stuff that didn't work for our country can be a bad idea, because one night when 'Before They Were Supermodels' was cancelled (stupid football!) I heard on the news that we were taking soldiers out of one dirty sand-filled country and just putting them in another dirty sand-filled country and a lot of people weren't happy about it. Well, duh! Have you seen what dry environments can do to your complexion?!

I also see a lot of signs that say 'support our troops' and I know what they mean! But I don't think Tiffany does because one time she asked "can't they get their own support?" and we all just kind of stared at her until Sandi changed the subject.

I know Memorial Day is supposed to be about soldiers and what they did in wars and stuff, but I think a lot of people don't really get it because all we remember about the Civilian War is slavery and all we remember about World War 2 is the Nazis, who had nice uniforms but REALLY weren't nice people so that just goes to show you that clothes aren't always everything. Lucky for Brooke! Did you SEE what she was WEARING Stacy?

So Memorial Day means that we should remember the soldiers who fought so we could live and dress however we want as long as we don't abuse it, and to this day we still have big Memorial Day sales in their honor.