Chapter One

As I sit here in English class, chewing the end of my pencil, I think that life is the queen of the bitches and Monday is definitely her heir to the throne. I denied everyone, including my best friend- ex best friend, Clove from contacting me. She still tries, even if it's just a hi in the hallway or asking me about homework, but I never answer. I am just too busy on the wrong side of the fence, hanging out with the wrong kind of people like Gale Hawthorne, he's on the wrong side of the fence too and he's also my boyfriend.

Normally I skip English class and I have good reason to, this class is as boring as hell, partly because Gale isn't here to pass notes to and mock the teacher, detentions are my weekly thing with Snow the principle after all I do live with the guy... yes that bastard is my grandfather, from my mother's side, he sent her to get her act together after not being able to look after us because my father died. I was doing just fine until he showed up.

"Miss Everdeen care to read the next paragraph?" asked Miss Whatsherface, yes I didn't know her name, like I said I turn up to class much

"Nope," I said popping the p and leaning back into the chair

"Didn't think so," she continued with the class, all teachers did it they didn't give a shit about me they just cared on getting every kid onto college so they would get a promotion, none of them knew my status with Snow so the didn't suck up to me, I was thankful for that at least. The bell rang and I packed my things away hurriedly

"Miss Everdeen," chimed the teacher

"What?" I growled

"Manners!" she screeched and I rolled my mind "I want a word with you," if her annoying voice and eccentric clothing wasn't enough this bitch was first period on Mondays, yes karma's a bitch, and now she wants a word with me. Oh joy! The rest of the class gave me a glace then left the classroom leaving me and the teacher alone "Katniss, dear-"

"What do you want?" I groaned popping a piece of gum into my mouth, spearmint- my favourite

"You are being warned Miss Everdeen, one day that boyfriend of yours wont be around and you will have nowhere to hide,"

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I growled chewing my gum furiously, the noise it was making my mouth was making her twitch and to be honest I enjoyed watched the freak show of a woman, in front of me.

"Katniss, you've headed down the wrong path, with the smoking and skipping classes,"

"And do I care? Nope." I popped the p much to her aggravation

"You'll end up nowhere in life if you carry on like this," I took my pen knife out from my boot and stabbed it into her desk

"THAT IS MAHOGANY!" she cried

"Listen you old crow," I snapped "I do what I like and this stupid school isn't going to stop me,"

"Remove your pen knife from the desk, Katniss," I whipped it away safely into the hidden pocket in my boot, I rolled my eyes at the shaking woman. "There is another reason why I asked you to stay behind,"

"So what is it? I'm meeting Gale at my locker,"

"Ah Cato dear," she said pulling a boy from outside the classroom "Cato Ludwig this is Katniss Everdeen," I rolled my eyes at her and pulled my satchel up more on my left shoulder, it was hanging down my left side as I had not bothered to hook it across my body.

"Nice to meet you," said the blonde boy holding out his hand, I ignored him and turned back to the crazed woman

"What the fuck do you want me to do with him?" I asked bluntly

"Language!" she shrieked "I want you to show him around, show him what kind of people to hang around with,"

"Oh so he's a good two shoes? And you want to straighten me out? It's not going to work!"

"That's not why Katniss," she said softly

"Then what is it? Huh?"

"I am not in the position to tell," she said finally

"Well screw you," I said walking out the classroom, I was fully aware of the blonde boy, Cato, following behind me. I walked to my lockers and angrily shoved my English folder in. I was skipping second and third no questions asked.

"Hey babe," said a voice from behind me I closed my locker door and went to extreme lip lock with Gale to warn of the newbie that was falling me like a lost puppy. Gale was cool, but I didn't love him or anything, he was just there when I needed him, no questions asked.

"Spearmint my favourite," smiled Gale

"Whore." coughed Peeta Mellark

"Oh fuck off Mellark," Clove spat from down the hallway, I ignored her "Just because you can't get a girl," with that Peeta Mellark and so was Clove was gone and that left me and Gale and unfortunately blonde boy as well.

"Who's this?" asked Gale gesturing towards Cato

"English teacher's idea of straightening me out," I smirked looking at Gale who was towering above me with his arm blocking my view to the left but letting me look to my right, at Cato

"Trinket huh?"

"Like I give a fuck," I said truthfully

"So Blondie... what's your name?"

"Cato Ludwig," he said uncertainly

"The name's Gale Hawthorne, this is my girlfriend Katniss Everdeen and I'm sure you should get to next class," he said as the bell signalled the end of break

"So should you," he said slyly

"We've got a free period," lied Gale

"As if," Cato muttered, Gale chose not to hear with that the Cato guy walked off and Gale and I walked to the woods. Hopefully Cato would leave well alone, I didn't want my secrets getting out.

Gale and I said watching the sun on the lake, his arm was laid over my shoulder as he sat behind me slightly.

"Let me see your arms Katniss," he said suddenly, he was the only one who knew just because my sleeve had rolled up slightly, it was by pure accident, coincidently he asked me to be his girlfriend after because he said I was beautiful even with the scars.

"No," I said firmly, not looking at him but I felt his eyes on me


"Gale, I said no!" with that he pinned me to the ground and pulled up the sleeves of my black hoodie, he saw the new scars.

"When did you do it?" he asked getting off me and sitting down, I got up, pulled my sleeves down and zipped up my hoodie slightly

"Saturday... Prim wasn't there," I added the last part quickly

"I thought you stopped,"

"I'm sorry," I said covering my face, he made no attempt to comfort me because he couldn't, because he didn't understand. Because he was Gale and I was alien to him.

It was lunch and I had to use the bathroom and told Gale to go get our spot on the quad. Once I exited the bathroom I was immediately approached by Clove.

"Katniss..." she began but I didn't answer "Please, I want my best friend back," I sighed in response "Katniss, stop pushing me away like this, you must need a girl to talk to sometimes and not just Prim," she touched my shoulder but I pushed her hand away "Katniss, you've been lost in all the craziness now Finn is gone and then... well you know, Katniss I miss you, Finn misses you, we Skype every night and he always asks about you! We want our best friend back," I pushed past her and began walking to the quad until Cato started walking next to me

"What was that all about?" he asked concerned

"Nothing you need to worry about,"

"So are you going to tell me why you're acting as some bad ass bitch that rules the school with her emo boyfriend?" I just slapped him, I wasn't a violent person but my hand made contact with his face, people looked but I didn't care, today would be over soon. Like I said Monday's the heir to the bitch's throne.

"Don't you dare. You don't know a thing about me or what I've been through ad don't you dare make jokes about Gale so why don't you just fuck off to wherever you came from because I don't want to hear it," I said leaving him in the hallway alone, shocked.

I joined Gale at our spot on the quad. I get a ride on his bike home as I would never accept a ride from Snow, even if I had to walk. When I got home I twisted the screw out of my pencil sharpener and held the blade between my thumb and fore finger letting it shine in the light but the blonde boy with ice blue eyes wouldn't leave my mind. Even with the red sheen of blood dripping down my arms all I could see were those two ice blue eyes. His ice blue eyes.

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