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Epilogue- Chapter Twenty Eight

I zipped up my peachy-pink dress. Yes Katniss Ludwig is was wearing pink, well a shade of it and it was a dress. I slide on my old converse, the amount of memories that come with these are just amazing.

"Looking as radiant as the sun today, I see," says Cato as I push up his tie.

"Not so bad yourself," i say pecking him on the cheek

"This high school reunion is gonna be so weird," he says

"It would be worse if Finnick was a year younger,"

"True," he sits on the edge of the bed and I join him

"You know, these have been the best ten years of my life,"

"Same here," he agrees

"Come on," i say standing up abruptly "We don't want to be late."

We stare up at the high school sign. Ten years. During those ten years, Effie got rather friendly with Haymitch and they ended up getting married not long after we did, they even adopted Prim and I. However Prim does like to see our real mother from time to time, even though she ended up in prison after being caught with illegal substances. Effie doesn't mind, she's definitely the best second mother ever and well Haymitch... he's always been a father figure to me.

"Mommy, this place is SOOOOO big," says Pandora tugging on my dress. She's the youngest, she's three and her brother Zed is five.

"I know," i say hitching her up and letting her sit on my hip. Meanwhile Zed sits on his dad's shoulders.

We enter through the doors. It hasn't changed. I make my way to the hall.

"JANEY!" yells Pandora at the top of her voice. I put her down and she stumbles off into the direction of Clove's daughter Janey. Clove walks over hand in hand with Marvel, they got back together and got married

"Hey Kat, Cato," smiles Clove. Marvel nods.

"Hey little man," says Marvel high fiving Zed "Max is over by the buffet table,"

"Thanks," says Zed rather cutely before running off to the buffet table," Max is Glimmer and Gale's son. Yeah Glimmer and Gale. Never thought I would say it but Glimmer became a very good mother and wife to Gale. She must really love him.

I hug Clove before Marvel pulls me into one of his bear hugs, before man-hugging Cato.

"Good to see you again," says Clove

"It was only last Sunday," i correct. Ever other Sunday we all gather around Effie's for this beautiful Sunday dinner before playing games in the afternoon. Sundays are for families.

"Going to get drinks with Marvel," says Cato kissing my cheek before walking off to the drinks section

"You two are just too cute," says Clove

"Have you see you and Marvel?" she laughs in response

"You made some good choices Kat," she smiles

"You did too," i smile back

"I can't believe we broke up five whole years ago," she says now smiling sadly

"Yeah, but it was the right thing to do,"

"After all you were pregnant with Zed," five years ago we all decided that the band should split up so we could start family life, in the end we all started a music school called Lost in the Music. It's only small but we have a lot of fun. Pandora is just awesome at strumming her little electric guitar and Zed is an amazing singer. Zed looks like his dad with blonde hair and he has my grey eyes whilst Pandora has dark brown hair like mine and icy blue eyes. Cato calls it the perfect mix "I need to go to the bathroom," says Clove waddling away "MOVE OUT THE WAY PREGNANT WOMAN NEEDS TO PEE!" she shouts and I laugh. Did I tell you she was pregnant? She really wants a boy but i think Marvel wants girl, he likes playing dress up really.

I make my way over to the chairs at the side of the room and sit down. I search through my bag and pull out my scrapbook. It was meant to be a collage of senior year, but it turned out to be a scrapbook of senior year, life on tour, opening Lost in the Music and having the kids.

I flick to one particular pages sprinkled with glitters and dollops of nail varnish. Clove's scrapbook skills. I look at one particular photo, the one Effie took of me and Clove before the party that Peeta kissed me. I particularly love this photo but not the story behind it.

"I remember that day," says a male voice, i look up from the scrapbook and find Peeta Mellark. Panem's largest man whore. "You haven't changed one bit," he smirks sitting down next to me "Now tell me, did Clove force you into that dress or did you just want to look good for me?"

"My husband chose it actually,"

"Ah Cato, thought you two would be divorced by now,"

"And why would that be?"

"Because you truly love me,"

"In your dreams Mellark,"

"I was truly devastated when your precious little band broke up," he says mockingly

"We broke up for all the right reasons," i smirk thinking of my pregnancy. Not an easy one. Zed wasn't easy, he was stubborn, just like his mother.

"Mommy!" says Pandora running over almost tripping over her tiny little feet. I pick her up and spin her around. "Hi, I'm Pandora but everyone calls me Pan," she smiles with an outstretched hand, Peeta looks at me then back at Pan, then repeats this action. He takes her chubby little hand and shakes it lightly

"I'm Peeta," he says with a sincere smile "Is Katniss Everdeen your mommy?" he asks

"No silly, my mommy's last name is Ludwig like me!" she squeals as I pick her up again and twirl her round. I put her back down.

"Where's Zed?" i ask

"Eating choc-choc cake with Max," she says adorably

"Ooh! Yummy!" i say "Go tell Zed to get Mommy and Daddy some chocolate cake, ok? Get yourself some too," she smiles before running off

"Two kids, huh?" says Peeta looking over towards the buffet table where Pandora is talking to Zed

"Yeah," i sigh "Zed's five now, Cato loved the name, Pandora's three now, she's named Pandora because she is always so curious,"

"She's exactly like you," he smiles somewhat apologetically "She's beautiful,"

"Yeah, but she is nowhere near as stubborn as Zed,"

"What's he like?"

"Stubborn, like me, but he has the most adorable smile like his dad as well as his dad's blonde hair and definitely height, he sees the best in everyone much like Cato, and he sure can sing for a five year old,"

"You happy?" he asks

i sigh "Definitely."

"I can't believe my little girl is getting married," i smile clasping Pan's necklace, I've already cried twice...

"Come on Mom, we've talked about this-"

"And to Max Hawthorne," Gale and I teased them a lot when they started dating

"You didn't cry when Zed got married," she pouts, Zed got married to his long term girlfriend Suzie. They went to the same high school and college. She's a nice girl, she's pregnant also, Zed is going to make a brilliant father.

"Yeah I did, you were too busy with Max," she blushes. I gesture for her to turn around "My little girl is all grown up-" she cuts me off by hugging me

"Knock knock," said Cato poking his head around the door "I thought someone might need some tissues-" he stopped "Pan, you look beautiful," he said as she gave him a twirl

"Thanks dad,"

"Come on, let's get you to that church," he says as we get leave the house and get into the car

"Remember our wedding day?" i ask

"Like it was yesterday."

"Do you Max Robert Hawthorne, take Pandora Grace Ludwig to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do," says Max not taking his eyes off Pan

"And do you Pandora Grace Ludwig, take Max Robert Hawthorne to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," she says looking straight back at him.

Cato puts his arm around me and I turn my head to see Zed with his arm around his wife Suzie, his other hand on her showing stomach. They're happy. My kids are happy.

"They're happy," says Cato confirming my thoughts

"We did a good job, didn't we?"

"Like you wouldn't believe," he stays silent for a moment "I love you,"

"I love you more than you could ever believe."