Story Summary: It's been about eight years since Prince Endymion and the Shittenou (literally "four kings" or more commonly known as "generals") last saw Princess Serenity and her Inner Senshi. The princess and the prince were close pals from the start, but their guardians were not so agreeable. Even at their first meeting, the opposite guardian groups could not stand each other. At all. So what happens when the queens of the Earth and the Moon decide they can finally spend some quality time together after the long period of separation? The Senshi, Shittenou, and Crown heirs are all grown up (well, physically and in training experience at least) when they finally meet again. God save us all. . .

Extra note: the "Silver Millennium" is used as the more common name for the Moon Kingdom. I use the term "Shittenou" instead of "Generals" and "Senshi" instead of "Scouts".

Disclaimer: The characters of Sailor Moon do not belong to me, but to Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation, and a lotta other peoples I can't name off the top of my head. So if anyone decides to sue, all you'll squeeze outta me are a chewed up stick of gum and a tricycle with no brakes, two missing tires, and one flat tire. Don't ask, just don't bother. The bright side is that the story is, in fact, an original product of my weird and wicked imagination.

' denotes thought

AN: author's notes

The Winning Losers

Prologue: Fate & Destiny Got Bored One Day. . .

A tall, feminine, regal figure entered her Throne Room, her only company being the headache pounding in her head. The constant clicking of her heels against the smooth, cold marble floor wasn't helping her impending migraine. The sound of her footsteps echoed through the spacious room and off the gold and ivory gilded walls and columns. She never remembered the little task of walking across a room to be so complicated.

'Please, no more sounds,' her mind pleaded.

Two long, silvery-lavender rivers of hair trailed behind her, barely able to stay put in their sphere-shaped buns on either sides of her head. The queen's brisk pace threatened to undo her unique hair style, but she continued to pick up speed, almost working up to a sprint.

'Must reach my throne. . .'

Queen Serenity was eagerly pursuing the comfort of her throne. She highly prized it's welcoming elegance, and more importantly, the fond memories of her mother that came with it. Long ago - 'Well it wasn't that long ago' - her mother, the queen before her, would sit Serenity on her lap while she sat on the throne and read stories to her. At the base of it were three steps leading to a crystal platform. On top of that, the platinum frame of the seat itself was intricately carved with designs of vines, roses, stars, and crescent moons. The single plush white cushion, embroidered on the edges with golden thread, simply rested upon the seat. It always relaxed her tense muscles. Whenever the room was empty, it transformed into her sanctuary; her escape of tranquility. It was her favorite place to gather up her thoughts, which now seemed to be jumbled in her tired, overworked mind.

"Ah, silence," she sighed after carelessly plopping herself onto her physical lifesaver, inwardly thanking the saint who invented such a luxury: the chair.

She had just survived a looooong day. At the first light of morning, she forced herself out of bed, performed her morning rituals, squeezed into her royal dress- 'And I still fit into it after all these centuries!' -then set off to head the Silver Millennium council conference. She would always wish her dear husband was still alive to guide her through these agonizingly dull experiences with her. The meeting was where proposals were brought forth, various issues were discussed, and representatives and ambassadors of the alliance bit each other's heads off.

'Babysitting was not one of my job requirements.'

From dawn until dusk that particular day, she sat listening to the droning of grouchy officials, juggled schedules for upcoming major events, approved measures for the schools and communities, supervised the activities of the Lunarian army fleets, did her laundry (the servant who did her laundry was out sick, and she granted her "back-up" servants a two-week vacation), and smoothed out disputes between feuding organizations.

'It's amazing all the planets and galaxies of the Silver Millennium are still united. . .'

Actually, it wasn't a surprise at all to her court. If any of the officers were asked why, they'd all agree Queen Serenity was the main reason the bonds of the federations remained so tight. She was too humble to admit that it was her iron leadership, wisdom, and healthy insights which led them in prosperity. Her loyal subjects loved her for her heart of gold. Bottom line, Queen Serenity, by just being herself, won respect, undying support, and faithful allegiance.

'Is it possible to exchange it all for a week's vacation? Neptune is good this time of year. . .'

Of course, she'd never dream of actually carrying out such a terrible act of selfishness. She was just plain exhausted.

'And I still have to pay the bills! I swear the maids abuse the right to use the teleport, water, and electricity freely.' Yes, the queen uses royal revenue to pay expenses. Magic has more important uses than palace chores--"Work builds character!" was her motto.

After resigning from her duties for a whole minute, a palace messenger rushed through the great wooden doors of the Throne Room's entrance. 'Strange. My precious time to myself is usually interrupted after the firstthirtyseconds,' she mused. The messenger bowed respectfully.

"Your...ummm...Highness," he squeaked nervously (his first day on the job), "this letter just arrived from the kingdom of Earth." In a split second, the queen's sleepy head shot up, all attention now on the envelope the messenger held in his hands. Mustering the strength for a tired but kind smile, she replied, "Thank you, you may be excused." The boy bowed vigorously, then skipped crookedly towards the exit while humming a tune which kept going off key, his puberty barely kicking in.

"Where in Hades do they find these new palace interns?" she mumbled to herself after he'd left. 'Who is our human resources person? Oh yes, it's Artemis. No wonder. He finds these types of things amusing.' Quickly pushing that thought out of her head to puzzle over later, she carefully tore off the golden seal on the envelope, noticing it was indeed imprinted with the Earth's symbol. She quickly snatched out the letter and unfolded it. Instantly, she recognized the neat, concise handwriting as she smiled to no one but herself. The letter read:

Dearest Serenity,

It's been so long since I have gotten the opportunity to write to you personally, and even longer since we last met. Both you and I must oversee large kingdoms, but you definitely deserve more applause for smoothly managing the bustling Silver Millennium, even after hundreds of years! I hope you are feeling well, and please tell your lovely daughter and the Senshi I send my warmest greetings.

I am most excited to tell you that God has granted me a most pleasant gift. Out of my busy life, I have finally been able to clear an entire two and a half months, and I only desire to spend this valuable time one way: I am planning to arrive on the Moon for a nice visit. It has been so long, Serenity, since I have conversed and laughed with you beside me with a cup of tea at my side. I sorely miss your companionship, not to mention our gossip.

At this comment, the queen giggled knowingly. Queens don't giggle.

Also, my husband finally agreed to settle down his kingly affairs to accompany me, and I know how much you shall enjoy his presence as well.

Finally, I shall reveal the best part of this correspondence. After long sessions of persuading, I have succeeded in convincing my son Endymion, I swear he's his father's son, and his guard to delay any of their other plans to also join me. Is it not grand? I am sure you remember eight years ago when my son and his four Shittenou first met your daughter and the inner planet princesses. The boys were about thirteen, and the girls were around ten. My son and your daughter were the best of friends from the start, always going off together! I believe the boys absolutely enjoyed the girls' company and play. It is a shame it was fated as the first of only a few visits, due to the early combat training both groups went through separately. Endymion and the Shittenou have become fine, disciplined warriors. I am well aware the Senshi are the best known defenders of the Moon Kingdom. Maybe it's been too long, but I still can't imagine your daughter, little Princess Sere to me always, being a champion of love and justice! But each one of those five girls are probably the galaxy's most skilled fighters, and I knew it from the start. They were such spirited little girls. I never predicted both the boys' and girls' battle preparation would continue so, so long, nor did I know our royal duties would become more cumbersome and hectic.

Anyways, after eight years apart, I wouldn't be surprised if none of them remember each other since it was so long ago and they were so young. I plan to arrive tomorrow afternoon at three o'clock sharp. I anticipate our meeting, for we must do lots of catching up. Take care, my friend.

Yours truly,


Queen Serenity could just faint from the overwhelming happiness flooding through her body. It felt an eternity since last she saw her closest friends Queen Gwendolyn of Earth and her husband King Damon of Earth. What struck her even more was the fact that her friend's son and his guard would visit too!

'Such nice young boys,' she remembered. 'The girls shall be thrilled to hear this glorious news!'

Queen Serenity was known for her quick and accurate assumptions, but this one was by far the worst judgment she ever made in her life. Oh, if only she knew. . .

"I'll inform them at dinner," she decided. Then she glanced at the grandfather clock. 7:00. Dinner would be served in half an hour.

That exact half an hour marked the beginning of when those young men and women's lives would slip into mayhem. . . . . .