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"No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you." (Joshua 1:5)

They promised to never leave him.

They'd kept the promise for a while, too.

Wally was familiar with how the world worked; it spun, and the life on it continued as normal until they died, and until their yellow sun expanded into a red giant in another couple million years everyone was fine and humans would dominate until some disaster struck and wiped them out, like with the dinosaurs.

Somewhere in the world's workings, there was a mechanism that always loved to try and plot against people's promises, he decided.

Once he'd gotten his powers, Uncle Barry - the Flash - had told him he was always welcome as his partner. No, he wasn't mad. No, he wouldn't leave him on his own. He could be a hero, too.

It had sounded like such fun.

Until the first person was critically injured.

She'd died at the hospital, and Wally never forgave himself.

If only I had run faster. If only I was there. If only...

That wouldn't help anyone though. He trained, he got better, he pushed himself to the limit.

He promised to never leave someone to die again.

(And he was doing a pretty dang good job of so far too.)

He'd met Dick, or Robin, and they'd immediately decided it was going to be the two of them against the world someday.

And no one would ever be able to stand in their way, no one, because they were the speedster and the hacker, speed and brains, and sure they had little muscle between them but both were pretty good at disappearing in a second and confusing their enemies to no end.

They were like gum to a shoe; inseparable.

It was perfect. They were perfect.

No one could stand against them.

The team formed and he was pretty darn happy. No more being called a sidekick. They were making a name for themselves. (Covert op? Yeah, that was pretty much out the window the first month of their time as a team.)

And sure, he'd hit on the beautiful Miss Martian, but really he had eyes for only one girl - despite never acknowledging that until it was almost too late.


He'd realized it after the failsafe mission gone awry. And he'd known since then and he decided something when he kissed her that New Year's Day.

He would never leave her to die ever again.

But five years later everything was not perfect. He and Dick were beginning to be peeled away from each other and it hurt and he hated it. But he didn't know what else he could do to stand against it anymore.

And then the end of days came, and they fought, and they won - but at a cost.

He'd known the risks.

He didn't care.

His only regret was leaving Artemis - but he'd promised, he'd promised...he'd promised...

Sometimes Artemis hears the wind whisp around her at night. She smiles, closes her eyes, and she knows for sure that it is his voice she hears in the wind.

I will never leave you. Never.