A/N: Prompt courtesy of koryanders: "bro-cation." I had no idea what to do with this, honestly, which is why it took so long. It's meant to take place very early in season 1, like the episode after Artemis arrives. It's not great, and it's actually really short, but short updates are better than no updates...right?


Superboy and Kaldur exchanged hesitant glances at the mention of a "bro-cation". Wally and Robin were grinning at them with ridiculous smiles, and they were sure that if they could see Robin's eyes behind those sunglasses they would be sparkling with mischief just as Wally's glinted with excitement.

"Fine," Kaldur grunted, already preparing for his dignity to go down the drain. "What is a 'bro-cation', and when shall we begin?"

It was such a horrible idea to agree to this.

Superboy just buried his head under his arms as Kaldur massaged his temples. Robin and Wally were attempting to talk the girl working at the fro-yo place out of calling the cops on them - and now Robin was flashing around a ridiculous amount of money to be carried around as dollar bills. Where had he gotten that, anyway?

The two had no idea how the frozen yogurt machine meant to make peanut butter fro-yo had suddenly exploded - they had already payed and were eating by then - but they were sure it was Wally's fault. Their "bro-cation" into New York City was drastically getting worse and worse by the minute.

Robin had walked over by this point, with Wally's three fro-yo cups stacked precariously in the speedster's arms. "It's all set. What do you say we hit up M&M World next?"

"NO." Robin and Wally flinched at the stern looks being shot at them by the Atlantian and the Kryptonian. The two rose from their chairs, disposing of their empty cups.

"We are going back to the tower," Kaldur stated in a much calmer voice.

"Finish your bro-cation thing on your own," Superboy piped up. "I am not risking getting into trouble by associating with you two clowns."

The young duo was left standing there, Wally's fro-yo melting, as the older two stalked away to the nearest Zeta Tube.

Twenty-four hours later, as reports came in about the almost total destruction of M&M World by some red-haired kid and his sunglasses-wearing friend from breaking a dispensing machine, Kaldur and Superboy did not regret their decision.