Thimbles hosts this writing exercise called fanficflashfic. You can check it out at fanficflashfic -dot- blogspot -dot- com.

The author has 24 hours to write 100-200 words inspired by the prompt. It can be fanfic with any pairing, original fic, short stories, or poems. Here I will post the entries and sometimes the full length piece before I edited it down to the required limits.

Week 3's prompt can be found here: bit -dot - ly / 16nked1 Just remove spaces and insert a period where it says :-}

Overpowering all of her senses, the water-filled, glass coffin enshrouds her reality. Before succumbing back to the darkness, she quickly rethinks the last hour.

She knew the date was a bad idea. All her instincts told her Riley would twist this evening into heartache, yet she was tired of spending another night alone on the couch. Before her roommate had taken off, she had warned her to stay in crowded locations, to drive herself, and to watch out for the killer. Bree didn't see anything wrong with the guy picking her up on the first date, and the intimate dinner Riley said he had prepared sounded like the perfect way to get to know him better.

Nothing appeared out of the ordinary to Bree as they entered; it looked like a typical bachelor pad. Therefore, the feel of something covering her mouth as she slipped out of her jacket took her by surprise.

Waking up as the water covered her completely and the lid was sealed in place, she grasped that she was the next victim.

As the last bubble escapes her lungs and the blackness covers her vision, Bree accepts that she should have listened to her roommate.

A/N This piece won second place. Not too shabby for my first foray into fiction in a few years.

Word count: 199