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Sesshomaru growled. He couldn't believe he was stuck in this ridiculous form! The human girl, Hikari had left some time ago in the morning and hadn't come back yet. He was curious about the girl. She seemed to be shy and unsure of herself from what he could see. And then there was Inuyasha's wench. Why was she here? How did she know Hikari? Sesshomaru lifted his top lip in a silent snarl, irritated. The fur on the back of his neck stood on end as a familiar scent filled the room. The youkai in dog form turned and padded down to the door as he caught her scent. She was back. Hikari shuffled through the door, looking tired and if he wasn't mistaken, a little angry.

"Jerks, don't know a damn thing," she grumbled. He could smell blood, her blood. Nearly growling, Sesshomaru nudged her with his nose. "Hey Shiro," she said, smiling sadly at him. Sesshomaru could see tears swimming in her eyes. He could also see a couple cuts and bruises on her arms and a scrape on her right cheek.

"You fought again?" a familiar voice asked, as a light appeared next to Hikari. The brown haired girl sighed.

"Yeah, they started it though!" Hikari replied. Sesshomaru's eyes widened as the form of his father came into view, slightly transparent. Inutaisho flashed a quick grin at his son, before turning his attention back to the girl who was shuffling her way into the kitchen to get the first aid kit she kept there.

"Hikari-chan, what started it this time?" he sighed. Hikari looked at him.

"They said the accident was my fault," she whispered. Inutaisho flinched in sympathy. As if she didn't have enough on her conscious. She sighed again. "I know it wasn't my fault, but still," she whispered.

"Don't finish that thought Hikari. You couldn't have stopped it, even if you weren't sick that day," Inutaisho snapped.

"Gomen," Hikari said.

"Just don't let them get to you okay?" Inutaisho sighed. Hikari nodded, yawning.

"So I see you have a new friend," Inutaisho said, nodding to the dog.

"Yeah, that's Shiro, I found him the other day and brought him home and cleaned him up. He almost reminds me of you, so bossy," Hikari said, smiling. Inutaisho snorted. Sesshomaru growled a bit at the girl. She smiled. "I'm only teasing you grump," she said. Sesshomaru huffed, nipping at her hand gently, reprimanding her. It made the girl snort though, running her hand through his fur again. Hikari's doorbell rang. The girl jerked her head up and sighed. "Beat it," she grumbled as she passed Inutaisho. He grinned, merely making himself invisible to anyone but the girl and his son. Hikari opened the door and Kagome smiled at her smaller friend. The silver haired guy behind her crossed his arms, grumbling.

"Hi Hikari-chan, I just wanted to check up on you after what happened today at school," Kagome said gently, elbowing her companion as he grumbled louder. Hikari giggled at the display.

"Thank you Kagome-chan, I'm okay now, come in, I'll make something to snack on," Hikari said.

Sesshomaru growled inwardly as he saw his brother walk in behind the miko.

Inuyasha's eyes widened as he caught the scent of his half-brother in the small apartment of Kagome's friend.

"Kagome get back, I smell Sesshomaru in here," he snapped. Kagome gasped. Hikari blinked in confusion. Sesshomaru growled, stepping between the hanyou and Hikari, lips pulled back in a snarl of warning.

"Shiro?" Hikari gasped. Inuyasha blinked then cursed.

"Sesshomaru, what are you doing here!? And in that form? Change back you bastard and get out of here!" Inuyasha snarled.

Idiot little brother! This Sesshomaru cannot return to his humanoid form, Sesshomaru growled at his brother, knowing the idiot's youkai would understand. Sure enough, Inuyasha's eyes widened in shock.

"W-what's going on!?" Hikari suddenly piped up, wrapping her arms around herself in a defensive way, slouching in as if to protect herself. Inuyasha looked at the girl, noting her stance, and how she was wobbling. Sesshomaru noticed and padded over, pushing at her stomach with his nose, guiding the girl to the couch and making her sit down with a gentle nip at her knees. Hikari took the hint and sank down, still staring at Inuyasha with wide terrified eyes.

"Hikari-chan, this is Inuyasha, and well, I don't think you'd believe me if I told you everything," Kagome said.

"Try me," Hikari spat, suddenly getting angry. She could feel Inutaisho hovering near her, his presence giving her some comfort.

"Feh, that dog there isn't a mortal dog, girl. He's actually a demon and my half-brother," Inuyasha spat. Hikari glared at him, purple eyes blazing. She didn't like his tone. Sesshomaru growled in warning at his brother.

Do not upset her Inuyasha, or I will make you pay in blood for it, he warned his brother.

"I'd like to see you try bastard," Inuyasha snapped, moving towards his brother. Hikari shot to her feet, placing herself between them.

"Stay back!" she yelled. Kagome sighed.

"Inuyasha, stop, Hikari-chan's not someone to mess with," she warned. Inuyasha brushed off the warning. Hikari glared at him, tensing up, prepared to drop the guy who was threatening her friend. Shiro moved almost too fast to see, jumping between them again and snarling savagely.

Sesshomaru snarled at his brother, warning him to back off. Hikari gasped.

"Ouswari!" Kagome yelled. The beads around Inuyasha's neck glowed and he slammed into the floor. Hikari blinked before giggling.

"S-Sit? Oh Kagome-chan that's funny!" Hikari giggled. Kagome smiled.

"Let's talk things out, is that okay?" Kagome said. Hikari nodded, sitting down again. Sesshomaru sat next to her on the floor. Hikari tangled her fingers in his fur. The daiyoukai turned dog leaned into the touch, much to the amusement of his still invisible father. I am going to enjoy teasing the pup about this, he thought.

Hikari stared at her dog. Kagome and Inuyasha watched them carefully. Kagome was ready to purify the demon if he hurt her friend. Sesshomaru stared back at Hikari before whining, nudging his nose against her hand. Hikari smiled.

"Your name is Sesshomaru?" she whispered. Sesshomaru nodded. "They're telling the truth?" she asked. He nodded again. "What happened to you?" she whispered. A chuckle in her ear made her tense. It was Inutaisho. She had a feeling that he knew more than he should. I'll deal with him after I get those two out, she decided. "Kagome-chan, will you leave please? I want to talk with Sesshomaru-sama alone," she asked.

"Of course. Call if you need anything Hikari-chan," Kagome replied, dragging Inuyasha out.

"Okay Inutaisho, explain," Hikari said, hands on her hips.

"Well…" he began, teasing the girl. He flinched at the dark look she shot him. She's scarier than any opponent I have ever faced when she's this mad! Inutaisho thought, sweat dropping a little. Hikari scowled, waiting. "I noticed his cold attitude back in the past and so I turned him into a dog and brought him here," he finally said. Hikari blinked.

"So you turned your own son into a dog!?" she shrieked finally. Inutaisho winced. Sesshomaru growled, agreeing with the fuming girl. "Turn him back to normal now!" Hikari ordered.

"It's not that simple Hikari-chan. He is stuck in that form until he learns to care for another. Not just the little girl that follows him around," Inutaisho said, looking off to the side. Hikari's face turned redder as her temper finally snapped. Inutaisho winced, knowing what was coming. Hikari took a deep breath.

"Inutaisho you idiot! How could you do that to your son!?" she hissed. Even Sesshomaru winced at how angry she was. He could see her aura crackling around her as she stepped towards his father. Inutaisho vanished. Hikari let out a little shriek of anger.

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