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Draco Malfoy was sitting on his bed on a warm summer night.

"Fuck Luc, Sev more!"

"Yes Harry so close!"

It took merely few seconds when the younger Malfoy heard the loud moans/groans of coming of the three men in the next room. Those three men were not other than the famous Harry Potter, Severus Snape and his own father. This is what went through pretty much every night he stayed at Grimlaud 12. He still did not understand how this all came to happen, or well he did understand why it happened but processing the fact that your father and godfather were both the mates of the world strongest wizard was hard at times like these. What child anyway wanted know that their father/father figures were having sex next door with your ex-nemesis turned good friend?!

Draco knew he should not feel outraged anymore. He really was happy that his father and godfather had finally found their third mate and that the triad was happy together. He was also happy for his mother who no longer had to pretend being married with a man who she really saw more as a brother type of figure. Besides just like Lucius, Narcissa had always preferred her lovers men or women younger than herself. He really was happy but it made him feel somehow empty.

After the Dark Lord's fall his parents could finally divorce and have life of their own. Cissa was now in Paris or Milan (Draco was not always sure) enjoying life with her knew partner Commance. Draco and Lucius had both met the guy. He was handsome French man in his early 30s who clearly adored Narcissa more than anything. He was also intelligent but Draco knew that his mother just like his father needed someone to match their witty sense of humor and someone they could debate with from vide range of topics.

These same traits Draco could easily find from his godfather and of course the all mighty boy-who-never-died. At first it had been completely weird to see his father kissing both Severus and Harry or catch three of them snogging, (which had probably caused a live long trauma in Draco's imagination) but in time he had gotten used to it all.

All together even Draco felt quite lonely at times the effects of his father's relationship with Harry had been positive. When he had returned to Hogward's for his last year Harry had stood up for him and he had made friends with many people he could never have been with during the war. He still was not the best of friends with Ron but the rest of the Weasleys were not so bad. Aside from the read-head family he had also befriended Neville, Seamus and the muggle-born Hermione who often had to act as a barrier with Harry to prevent him and Ron from getting in bigger disputes.

From the adults he had met many of the order members including his cousin Tonks which was the follow up from his mother's and aunt's re-joining. Tonks was really peculiar but funny young woman who had quite randy stories at times. The metamorphous visited the house sometimes with her recently found boyfriend Charlie Weasley. Harry had made a joke when they first told that they were a couple that in the end it only took a girl to tame the dragon tamer.

Another interesting person Draco had met when living in Grimlaud 12 was Remus Lupin. Their one time- defense against dark arts professor lived in the house with Harry since Sirius Black had left it to both of them. What Draco had gathered was that Sirius and Remus had been lover's to the end of Black's life and after his death the werewolf had been keeping to himself and only talked with others when it was necessary. Draco could understand the feeling since he and his father were both Veelas and to creatures losing their soul mate was almost the same as dying or in Draco's case being mature Veela for years and not finding one.

It really bothered him. Usually when creatures came to maturity they found their mates during the following year. Veelas came to maturity between the age of 15-18 and Draco had matured on his 16th birthday. At first Draco had though it was because of the war but now he was well over 19 and he still had not found his mate. The painful though in his mind always lingered that his mate had died during the war or that he would have to wait for years like his father to find one.

His father had been lucky since he had found Severus early on during their school time. When Lucius met Harry the first time Lucius had immediately known the Golden-boy was his second mate. Severus had apparently known longer that Harry was their mate but that was because he followed the Dark Lord in the night when Lily and James Potter were killed. Draco really did not ask for two mates, he would be happy knowing that he had one that was alive.

Thinking of mates lead Draco's thoughts back to Lupin. There was something that draw him to the man. His Veela aura seemed to be harder to control around the man and the closer the full moon came the harder it seemed for Draco. Luckily he did not see the man a lot since Lupin was usually cooped up in the extensive Black library or a scheduled spot in the garden. When Draco saw the man alone a pained feeling filled his heart and his Veela seemed to vine in agony. He had considered few times that Lupin could be his mate, but wouldn't it mean that Lupin would have to react to him as well?

Draco tried to banish the thought out of his head. Lupin had had Black who was death and the reason his creature powers were bit out of control was because his Veela was surrounded with so many other creatures while staying in the house. Sleep was not going to come to him so he decided to go downstairs to have some tea.

Meanwhile Remus John Lupin was sitting in the kitchen of Grimlaud 12 waiting the cocoa he was making simmer. It was three days to full moon which meant that he was mainly staying up day and night only sleeping few hours a day. The approach of full moon made his senses go hyper drive and he was constantly on his feet. He had also been kept awake by his godson's and his lovers loud (extremely loud in his ears) night activities. At most nights they remembered the silencing charm but apparently this agonizing night they had forgotten it in the heats of passion.

Even he was down stairs he could smell the scent of sex to the kitchen but some consolation was that the gentlemen upstairs had finished so the scent should get fainter during the night. Suddenly a new smell invaded his nose and he could hear someone coming down stairs. The scent was wonderful something of expensive soup and spring flowers. Moony seemed to surface the closer the source of the scent came and started a small whisper sounding like "mine" and "mate." Remus had not realized that he had let Moony take hold until he saw the young boy staring him at the door frame. "The scent is from him!?" thought Remus in small panic doing everything to get Moony back under control. He hoped the younger Malfoy had not noticed anything off from his behavior when he offered a polite smile and asked:

"Can't sleep either?"

Draco came to sit on the opposite side from Remus and responded:

"Yeah they keep quite a noise and I just can't seem to fall asleep so I came to get something to drink. You don't mind do you sir?"

"I know what you mean and for the hundreds of time Draco stop calling me "sir." I live here just like you, well you don't all the time, but calling me sir seems makes me sound like I am old. Not that I am to deny that I am old but you get the point I'm sure."

Remus seemed to relax as he went and took two cups from the shelves and poured cocoa from the kettle. He took some whipped cream from the fridge and added plenty on top of both drinks and as a finishing touch grained some chocolate chips. Draco was mesmerized by Lupin's movements and found himself checking out Remus's ass and back muscles which could be made out under the thin T-shirt fabric and silk boxer's. "God I really should not be checking him out but he has really nice body" though Draco. When Remus came to hand his cocoa Draco could feel it happening: his aura was leaking.

Remus's senses seemed to blur as only thing he saw was the angelic looking Veela. He did not understand since werewolves usually were immune to creature auras unless…

'No that could not be it! The boy is too young!' thought Remus as he struggled to get himself moving.

"But it is. Why can't you accept? The boy is young mmm.. young and fertile and best submissive." said Moony who's voice had become a lot louder suddenly.

"No he probably is just having a momentarily lapse of control! It happens with Veelas wolf!" argued Remus when he barely was able to put the mugs down on the table still standing in front of Draco.

"But look at him! Not only is he our mate but his beauty will make every werewolf in Britain jealous. And the noises submissive Veelas make are just wonderful when they are fucked. Think about having that sweet body under you." Remus wanted to argue back but suddenly he heard a vine and the next thing he knew he had a young Veela clinging to his body.

Draco could not understand how he was all of sudden body against Lupin. His Veela was vining which change into purring as his and Remus's bodies got in contact. A feeling of desperation filled him as his mate did not seem to react. "Wait?! When did he became my mate!?" thought Draco but in seconds the doubt was pushed away as his aura seemed to get stronger to get a reaction from Remus. He started rubbing himself against the werewolf's body and the pouring got stronger.

"Fuck what happening please no no no! Have to get my aura stopped" Draco tried hard to concentrate and just when he started to get his aura stop something made it flow again. Apparently Remus's resolve had given up and started slowly sliding his hands through Draco's body. Draco leaned deeper into Remus's and his purrs became whimpers as he and his Veela craved for more intimate contact. He could feel Remus hands going under his PJ shirt until… CRASH!

The noise broke the trance completely and Draco took the chance and ran as fast as he could to upstairs. He cast all the locking spells and charms he knew and a silencing spell around the room. He collapsed to his bed while trying to catch his breath. When he blinked his eyes he felt tear going down on his check, then another after another. He felt his Veela in agony and he knew what it meant: Remus Lupin WAS his mate.

The be continued …