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September 25, 2039

Location: Earth, San Francisco, CA.

12:04 A.M

The city was completely dark and lifeless, and only illuminated by a small fire that burned near the west side. Around the scene lay the remains of what had once been a jeep, but was now a burning wreck. The owner, having survived the explosion, look like they had been taken out by any amaranths that were nearby.

A few miles away, two pairs of shoes scuffed the ground as they approached the scene.

"Todo un espectáculo, no es así?" One of them, the female, said in fluent Spanish.

The other one, this one male, simply shrugged. "A bit sad, actually."

The woman laughed. "For who, the truck or the people in it?" Twirling around, she latched onto him and kissed his lips.

He, in return, kissed her back, and moaned in pleasure. "How do you always make everything enjoyable?"

She smirked. "I'm just talented like that." She replied. She pulled away and pranced away. "Come on! Let's go check this thing out!" Then in a flash of purple, she teleported away down to the burning wreckage.

"Mii, wait up!" The man called, teleporting after her, this time in a flash of green.

"Hurry up, Lirio!" She called back. Her image was illuminated in the firelight, revealing her to be a young lady with shining purple hair and eyes, a witch's hat, and a dazzling figure that would attract men-and women-for miles.

As the man, named Lirio, reached her, the light cast over him as well, enabling a clearer view. He wore a short leather jacket with straps crossing it, black trousers, and had blazing green eyes and snow white hair, cut by a black streak running down the side.

They slowly approached the car, and Mii drew her axe and poked at the wreckage. When it didn't explode, she spread her arms wide, and a thick cloud of dark red and black smoke covered the vehicle, putting out the fire. Once the fire was out, she pried open the door (which fell off as soon as she touched it) and began pawing through the glove compartment.

Lirio went around to the back of the truck and opened the trunk, rummaging around. He pulled out a few charred notebooks and a couple of guns, some test tubes, a few beakers, and a few exploded bottles of chemicals, but other than that, there was noting in there of interest.

"Nothing in here!" Mii shouted. "Some old maps, but they're burnt beyond legible, now." She clambered out of the truck. "I'm gonna check around."

"Sounds good." Lirio replied. "Nothing much here, anyway."

The two began to scout the opposing areas around the truck, until Lirio heard Mii call out. "Lirio, come look at this."

He jogged around to the other side of the jeep. Mii was a few feet away, crouched by a pile of rocks, peering underneath one into a dark space below.

She motioned for him to crouch down. "Look at this." She whispered. He looked down and his eyes widened.

There was a basket underneath the rock, and inside the basket lay a tiny, black haired baby wrapped in a blue blanket with shooting stars decorating it, like the kind you would find in a nursery. On top of the sleeping baby lay a sticky not that said "Please let this child be safe."

Lirio picked up the note. "It's signed W.G…" He read. He looked up and saw Mii lifting the baby out of the basket, propping her up in the crook of her elbow.

"What are you doing?!" He exclaimed. "That thing could be dangerous!"

Mii looked at him skeptically. "Lirio, it's a baby, not a bomb."

"We don't know that!" He cried, though listening to himself it dawned on him how stupid he sounded.

Mii smiled. "I think I've been in this business long enough to be able to tell the difference between an infant and a weapon of mass destruction." She held the baby up for him to see. "Besides, look at her little face~"

"Her?" He looked at the baby. "How can you tell?"

In response, Mii held out the baby's wrist, which was wrapped in a pink wristband with "It's a Girl!" written on it.

She cradled the baby against her chest, rocking her gently from side to side as she began to whimper. "Shh, mija, shh. El sol casi se ha aumentado, y la noche está a punto de terminar." In response the baby relaxed against her chest and fell into a deep sleep.

Mii stood up. "Here, help me with the basket."

"What do you mean?" He replied. "You're not thinking about taking her home, are you?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking." She replied, adjusting the baby's position in her arms ever so slightly.

Lirio sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Mii, you know why we can't do that. It would start an uproar. We would be demoted for it…or worse."

"So you're suggesting we just leave her here?"

"We don't have any other choice. She'll die if she comes with us."

"She'll die if she stays here!" Mii was now clutching her against her chest tightly, as if she would die if she let go. "At least if we bring her home they can put her down quickly! If we leave her out here she'll starve or freeze or dehydrate to death!"

Lirio held his hands up. "I don't like it either, but if the General says we can't then it's the law."

"The General hasn't checked in on us since we first came here." She insisted. "It would be fine."

"I'm sorry." He answered. "If it was just my life I'd say ok, but I can't risk you being punished for it."

Mii was starring at the ground. The only light now was that of the moon shining on them, and it gave her a ghostly glow. Without another word she walked back over to the rock pile and sat cross legged on the ground.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Puedes ir si quieres." She replied.

"You're not staying, are you?"


Lirio massaged his temple. "Mii…"

She didn't move.

He looked up at her. "You're gonna stay here until I give in, aren't you?"

She nodded.

He starred at her and the baby for at least another minute, before her threw up his hands in defeat. "Fine. We'll bring her along. Happy?"

Even in the darkness, he could see her face light up. "Ah si?!"

"Yeah." He mumbled. "Now come on; you'll catch a cold if you stay out here all night." He picked up the basket, turned and felt Mii's free arm wrap around his body.

"Gracias! Te amo!"

He chuckled. "Don't mention it." And with that, the two continued on their way.

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I was on the AnimeSuki forums the other day, and I read something very interesting; someone mentioned that,had things gone differently in the game, Stella might have been raised by the Apostles instead of being awoken by PSS. The idea took root in my head, and thus, this was born!

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