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Chapter 1

He didn't know why he was in front of her door; the only thing he knew was that when he left his house he just drove for hours trying to clear his mind, now he was in front of her door, he had nowhere else to go. He knew she would be sleeping, he felt bad about waking her up. He thought about using his key but he also knew she would have the chain on. After another minute he knocked on the door.

She had just fallen asleep, now she was woken up by a knock at her door. She rolled over and looked at the clock it was only two in the morning, she wondered who was at her door this time of night. There was another knock, this time it was harder and louder. She finally got out of bed, grabbing her gun as a precaution. When she got to the door she looked through the peephole, she should've known it was him. When she opens the door, she knew something was wrong, "El what's going?" Olivia asked as she moved out of the way to let him in.

Elliot tried to smile, "I'm sorry Liv for coming over so late, I just didn't know where else to go." He always knew that he could come to Olivia when he needed someone, she was always there for him, and right now he needed her now more than ever.

"El its ok, you know I'm always here for you, but what's going?" Olivia asked again, she began to worry she could tell that Elliot needed her right now, she wondered what happened.

Elliot sighed he really didn't want to talk right now, he just wanted to sleep, "I would love to tell you Liv, really I do, but can it wait until the morning please, I'm tired, I just want to sleep."

Olivia could tell that Elliot really didn't want to talk about it right now. "Ok we can talk about it in the morning. I'll go get some blankets for you." Olivia wished that they could talk about it tonight, but both have had little sleep in the past couple of days so she could understand his need for rest, if she was honest she needed some rest herself, so she would wait until the morning to find out what was going on.

After Olivia got Elliot situated on the couch she headed back to her room to try and sleep. She was worried about Elliot; she has never seen him look so hurt yet angry. In her gut she knew it has something to do with Kathy.

The next morning Olivia woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee. Then she remembered Elliot coming over late last night. She got up making herself look decent before heading towards the kitchen.

Elliot heard Olivia walk into the kitchen, he turned around and smiled at her, maybe this was his chance he thought, "Morning Liv, made breakfast." Elliot said turning around to flip the pancakes.

Olivia just stood there; she was glad that he was in a better mood today. "Thanks El, but shouldn't we start getting ready for work?" She really did appreciate him making breakfast, but she knew that if they were late for work, Cragen would have their necks for it.

Elliot just smiled, he knew what she was thinking, "Don't worry Liv I called Cragen this morning told him I needed a day off and if he could give you a day off also because I needed you, he said as long as no cases comes in where we are needed he had no problem with it." Elliot said as he made two plates with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. "Oh and when do you have food?" Elliot said with a smirk, he knew Olivia rarely had food in her place, so to find some was a shock to him.

Olivia was glad to have a day off, as Elliot and she could talk about what cause him to show up at her place late last night. "That's good that Cragen gave us a day off. The food that you see is from me going shopping yesterday after work, needed to limit my eating out before I become as big as fat Albert." Olivia said chuckling a little at the thought.

Elliot chuckled a little too, 'Liv you look absolutely beautiful, and I love you curves. Even if you did get as big as fat Albert you'll still look beautiful' Elliot thought, "Liv you don't have to worry about that, you look great, let's eat." Elliot said with a smirk.

Olivia just shook her head, she knew that he was avoiding the topic, but she wasn't going to let him off the hook that easy, "El, this all looks and smell delicious, thank you." Olivia said taking a seat at the table looking at the food, she took a bite out of the pancakes, a moan escaping her month, "El, these are absolutely delicious." Olivia said taking another bite of her pancakes, moaning again.

Elliot would never admit it out loud but her moaning was turning him on. "Thanks, it's the least I could do plus they are my specialty." Elliot said smirking, please with himself.

Olivia knew that smirk, "Cocky bastard," Olivia said as she ate another bite moaning once again, "So are you going to tell me what happened last night." Olivia said glancing up at Elliot before biting into her bacon.

Elliot sighed he was trying to delay it as long as possible. "Can we talk after breakfast, please I promise after we eat." Elliot said pleading with her, hoping that they could wait so that he could figure out how he was going to tell her what happen when he was still trying to figure it out himself.

Olivia just nodded. She was going to hold him to that promise. They finished eating their breakfast and coffee. They cleaned the kitchen up and made another cup of coffee and they made themselves comfortable on the couch. Elliot was trying to figure out how he was going to tell Liv what happen.

Elliot took a deep breath, "After Cragen told us that we could leave early," Elliot said gaining Olivia's attention, "I decided to surprise Kathy, have the kids go to the movies and for pizza while Kathy and I go out to eat and have some alone time since she is always complaining that we never spend time together." Elliot was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. He had a feeling who it might be, "Liv I get it, it's probably Kathy." Elliot said as the knocking continued getting louder. Elliot got up from the couch heading towards the door. He open the door, "Kathy what do you want?"

Kathy scoffed, "I knew you would come here," Kathy said pushing her way in.

"Kathy you got some nerve…" Elliot couldn't finish his statement when he was interrupted by Olivia.

"Elliot what's going… Kathy… what's going on?" Olivia said coming towards the door, trying to figure out exactly what's going on.

Kathy just laughed, "Like he hasn't told you. Just couldn't wait to be with him could you, you husband stealing home wrecking whore." Kathy yelled

Olivia just stood there not believing what Kathy just called her, how dare her come into her home accusing her of stealing her husband, "Kathy I don't know what you're talking about. Elliot just showed up here last night angry and hurt, I'm still trying to figure out what's going on," Olivia said trying her best to stay calm. She did not want to give Kathy the satisfaction that what she said had gotten to her.

Elliot was beyond pissed, how Kathy dare come here and accused Olivia of being a home wrecker. "Kathy if anyone is a home wrecker it's you." Elliot yelled he turned to Olivia, "You want to know what Kathy did, what happened last night. When I got home to take Kathy out to dinner like she always wanted me to, when I walked into our bedroom I caught Kathy in bed with another man." Elliot turned back to Kathy, "All those years of accusing me of sleeping with Olivia, you were the one who was cheating on me." Elliot said angrily he would not let Kathy come here to disrespect Olivia like that.

Olivia could not believe what Elliot just said, "Kathy how could you do that to Elliot, he has been nothing but faithful towards you."

"Oh please, like you and he never slept with each other." Kathy said folding her arms across her chest.

"Kathy you're wrong, we're partners, friends nothing more." Olivia said even though she did wish they were more than friends.

Kathy laughed, "You're so blind Olivia. My husband is in LOVE with you Olivia. He has since the day he met you. That's why I cheated on him, he doesn't love me anymore, and he loves you and wants to be with you not me. He even calls your name in his sleep, not my name. If it wasn't for you, he would still love me." Kathy said getting into Olivia's face so tempted to slap her.

Olivia glared at Kathy as much as she wanted to believe Kathy that Elliot was in love with her, but it wasn't true, right. Before Olivia could respond, Elliot spoke up.

"Kathy you are out of line, if you didn't want to be with me anymore, then you should've left like you did before. Don't come here and blame Olivia, you slept with that guy, no one made you. Now leave, you'll be receiving divorce papers soon, and I will be fighting for full custody of the kids, but I'm sure when they find out what you did they'll want to come live with me." Elliot said opening the door.

Kathy glared at Elliot, "You are not going to take my kids away from me, you'll be hearing from my lawyer." Kathy said leaving.

Elliot rubbed his hand down his face; he would not let Kathy take away his kids because of what she did. He took a deep breath to try to calm down the last thing he wanted was to take his anger out on Olivia.

Olivia could tell that Elliot was furious. She just could not believe that Kathy would do this to Elliot, than blame them for her mistakes. She would not let Kathy hurt Elliot anymore then she has by taking his kids away. "El I'm so sorry."

Elliot turned to Olivia, "Liv you don't need to apologize. Kathy is the one who need to apologize, me too. I'm sorry for bringing you into this mess." Elliot didn't know what to do, the chances of him getting custody of the kids were slim, he worked crazy hours and he didn't even have a place, he was crashing at Olivia's.

"El, don't worry, we'll get the kids, Kathy won't win, I'll call my lawyer and see if we could see him today." Olivia said reading his mind.

Elliot pulled Olivia into an embrace, she always knew what to do, what to say, she was always there to help him, he would have to repay her. "Thank you Olivia, you're the best." Then it hit him, he pulled back, "Liv you have a lawyer?" Elliot asked looking into her eyes he saw a smirk forming on her face.

Olivia laughed a little at the shock look on Elliot's face, "Yes, El, after the whole murder set up I was in, I decided to have me a defense lawyer in my back pocket, so I kept Langan also I have Miranda Pond." Olivia laughed, Elliot face was a picture prefect of pure shock.

Elliot couldn't believe what Olivia just told him, "Wow, as much as I appreciate it Liv I can't, I can't afford them, their way out my budget." Elliot said grateful for Olivia's offer.

Olivia put a hand on Elliot's shoulder, "El, I'll pay for it, I said I'll help you and I know if you want to beat Kathy, you'll need one heck of a good lawyer like Langan. Come on let's go see Langan." Olivia said giving him an encouraging smile. She would do anything for Elliot.

Elliot wanted to tell her that he loved her but he was scared that she'll feel like she was the rebound person or the other women, but truth be told Kathy was like the other women to him. Olivia was always there for him, even when he acted like a jerk, she was there for him. "Liv thanks but I really can't accept that, I…" Elliot was unable to finish his statement.

"El, I want to, you know my mother left me a lot of money. So let's get dress and go see Langan." Olivia said heading towards her bedroom. Not leaving any room for Elliot to argue.

Elliot shook his head, she was always stubborn. Elliot put their coffee mugs into the sink waiting for Olivia to get done with the shower hoping that there would be some hot water left for him.

After they both got dress, they headed out towards Langan office hoping that he'll be able to help them. They drove in comfortable silence. Olivia was debating if she should ask Elliot if what Kathy said was true. She didn't know what to do, she'll be ecstatic if it was true but hear broken if it was a lie that Kathy said to hurt her. Olivia was torn.

Elliot could tell that Olivia was in deep thought, that she had something on her mind. He wanted to know what it was because whatever it is was making her worry. "Penny for you thought."

Olivia was silent for a minute, not knowing what she should do. She knew she couldn't lie because Elliot would see straight through it. She wanted to know, she just hope she would not regret it later, "El, what Kathy said, about you loving me, is that true?" Olivia asked without looking up, just starring out of the window. Elliot was silent for a minute causing Olivia to worry, to regret asking now.


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