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Prologue: Failed Abduction

It was late in the evening when the news came in. A spy rushed all the way across the continent from Konoha to Kumogakure as soon as he acquired the information. Kumogakure had a large and well-connected spy network–almost matching that of Jiraya of the Sannin–and the information they had just received was not well guarded secret. It extremely easy to obtain this information.

The spy rushed directly into the office of the Raikage, A. He was reading a certain orange book when the spy came into his office. He was extremely irritated that he was interrupted during his personal time.

Quickly putting the book away, he smashed his fists down onto his desk in anger. The desk broke in half; he was not a world-renowned taijutsu expert for nothing. His secretary, who was looking in from the doorway, sweatdropped at the sight. 'Damn. That's the third desk he's destroyed this week.'

With his anger yet unabated, the Raikage started to yell at his spy. "This better be good intel you've got, because if not, you might be on the receiving end of my fist." The spy paled at the thought, but he was not extremely afraid because he knew the Raikage would be extremely pleased at his information.

"Yes, sir. This information is extremely important. Do you remember the failed mission about twenty years ago where we attempted to retrieve the Uzumaki girl from Konoha?"

At this the Raikage became even more displeased. "Yes, of course. It was a diplomatic nightmare, and it got the yellow flash involved. Get to the important part already; I'm not feeling very patient today."

"Well, I discovered another Uzumaki in the village. I don't believe him to be related to her because he has blonde hair–unlike her red hair, but he might have the same ability as her. Even better, he is an orphan and an outcast in the village.

It would be child's play to assemble a team a bring him to Kumogakure. The best part of all is that he is only two years old. If we brought him here he would remember nothing of his past, and we could raise his to be a loyal shinobi of Kumogakure. We could gain a bloodline limit as well as a powerful shinobi in one simple mission."

While the spy was speaking the Raikage, his face morphed from one of initial displeasure into one of extreme glee. "Yes, yes, this could be extremely beneficial. But Konoha is already displeased at us about the Hyuuga incident a few months ago. This mission would have to be one of utmost stealth. When we go to talk with Konoha about the Hyuuga incident, we will sneak a team of jonin in.

However, this will be easier than capturing the heir of a clan, for he is an orphan. The jonin will put on Iwagakure headbands once they leave the village with him. I am confident in the ability of our jonin to sneak of past the border with Iwa and then they will catch a ship from the coast. With any luck, if Konoha cares, they will blame Iwa. We are leaving for diplomatic relations in three days. Assemble a team of jonin that you think would be able to complete this mission."

"Yes, sir."

"Dismissed, now go!" The Raikage had a huge grin on his face. He was about to do something that his father, the previous Raikage had not been able to do, and this pleased him greatly. However, he forgot a vital lesson about counting chickens before they hatch.

Three days later:

"Shit, I didn't expect this kind of border security. Our intel must have been off." The team meant to abduct Naruto was not faring very well. They had been spotted by an Iwa border patrol, and while they had on fake Iwa forehead protectors, the simple duplicity was not enough to fool the Iwa nins.

In the ensuing battle, all but one of the team of Kumo jonin had been killed and the entire patrol from Iwa had been killed as well. The Kumo jonin that had survived, however, was extremely wounded. His entire right arm was gone and bleeding profusely after a boulder from a Doton jutsu launched by one of the Iwa nins had hit him.

He decided that if there was any chance of succeeding in the mission, he would have to leave Naruto behind and come back for him later with reinforcements. If he were to continue with the child, he would inevitably pass out from blood loss before he could inform his superiors of the boy's position.

As it was currently, he didn't have much of a chance of success either way, but slim was better than none. He left Naruto at the base of a large tree a few kilometers away from the battle, so if anyone noticed the battle, then they would not find the young boy.

However, the Kumo jonin would not be successful in his attempt to complete the mission; he passed out and would later die from blood loss after a few more kilometers. Now no one knew the whereabouts of Uzumaki Naruto, Son of the fourth Hokage, last of the Uzumaki, and jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi: a very important person to be laying beneath a tree in the middle of nowhere.

But Kami smiled on Naruto that day, for in the exact same middle of nowhere where he was laying, there was a woman returning from making a delivery from her shop, who was lost off the path.

"Damn, I just had to take a leak, and now I'm lost. Suddenly, from not very far away, she heard a cry like that of a small child. 'I wonder what that was. It didn't sound very dangerous; maybe it can help me get back on the path.'

Rina Arato was a citizen of Iwagakure, the widow of an Iwa shinobi, the owner of a ninja gear shop, and the best friend of daughter of the current Tsuchikage. She was not exceptional in appearance; she was of average height and weight. Her hair was cut short and was a dull, dark red. She also had brilliant green eyes that were her most extraordinary feature.

She had been very good friends with the daughter of the Tsuchikage; her husband and Rina's husband had died in the war with Konoha, she had been asked to take care of the Tsuchikage's granddaughter, Kurotsuchi, while her mother could not during the day.

Currently, she was supposed to be delivering a package to a village near the border containing many shinobi supplies for restocking the border town's arsenal. she had been good friends with the town's leader for a long time as she often was tasked with delivering supplies. However, she was now lost on her way back.

Hearing the cry again, she followed it and found, lying under a large tree, a small child. He had bright blonde hair and bright blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks. She was extremely worried because she could not find any evidence of why he was by himself in the middle of the wilderness by himself.

'I guess it's up to me to get him back to his parents.' She thought. 'I wonder if he's from the town I just dropped off the supplies at.' She decided to climb the tree he was lying under so she could see the town again and make her way back there.

While she was not a shinobi, she kept herself in pretty good shape and climbing the tree was no trouble for her. Spying the village a few kilometers away, she picked up the child, who was still nameless, and started walking.

"Do you have a name, little guy?" she asked, honestly not expecting a reply.

"Na-, Naru-, Naruto!" he said, seemingly proud that he had been able to say his entire name.

"So your name is Naruto? I hope that means maelstrom and not fishcake." She said with a smile. "Now that we know your name it will be easier to get you back to your parents. They must be worried sick."

After a short trip back to the village, she made her way to the village leader, Shozaburo Murasaki, who she had left the supplies with only a few hours ago.

"Rina, what are you doing back here? I thought you were going back to Iwa after you delivered the supplies? And why do have a child with you"

"Well.." she trailed off, "I was on my way back to Iwa, but I made my way off the path to take a leak, and I kinda got lost." At this she rubbed the back of her head and blushed slightly at the embarrassing memory. "But while I was lost I found this little guy in the woods. I looked for a while, but there was no one around. I figured the best way I could find his parents was to contact you."

"Fair enough, I'll put out a village wide notification immediately. His parents are probably worried sick and will come for him by the end of the day. Though, what are you going to do if we don't find his parents? I believe that I would know if any of the children in the village were missing. This isn't exactly a big town."

He gestured out the window and she saw that the town was small enough that everyone in the town probably knew everyone else. If any child went missing, the whole village would be quickly in panic mode, and that did not appear to be the case.

She stared off into space, thinking about Shozaburo's last question. What was she going to do? Her mind drifted to her late husband, Fujimaro. They had been hoping to start a family after the third shinobi world war was over. Both her and Fujimaro had been orphans, and this led them to have a strong desire to have children.

However, all hope of having children went out the window with Fujimaro's death. She had loved him so much that she could never hope of re-marrying.

But after just a few hours with the small child, he started to fill the void in her heart that had been left gaping since the third shinobi world war. While to others it may have seemed sick and twisted, as the hours went by she found herself hoping more and more that no one would come for him so that she could raise him herself.

Knocking on the door to the office of Shozaburo, she opened it to inform him on Naruto's status. "Hey, Shozaburo-san. I'm going to take Naruto and find a hotel to stay for the night. I've decided that if no one comes for him tomorrow I'm going to adopt him and take him with me. I always wanted to have kids until my husband died, and now I finally can have a son."

"That sound fair to me. I'll let you know if anyone comes tomorrow."

No one did come though, which had Rina both happy that she would be able to take care of him, and also sad that his parents were either dead or had abandoned him.

It was three days later when Rina arrived back in Iwagakure. She was extremely weary from the extra time the trip had taken and having to take care of a two-year old as well. But she didn't really care; the blonde had a mysterious ability to make anyone he came into contact with like him, and she had fallen hard. She already felt like a mother after only five days of knowing him.

The two chuunin who were on guard duty knew he very well. Just like in Konoha, there were two lazy chuunin who always seemed to draw guard duty. "Hey Rina, what took you so long? You were supposed to be back two days ago. And who do you have with you?"

"Well, I got lost for a bit and found this little guy hanging out under a tree." She trailed off playing with her finger under his chin, looking every bit the part of a new mother. "I wasn't very far from the village so I took him back to see if Shozaburo-san knew if he had any parents. Sozaburo-san did not know of any and no one came for him. I decided to take him back and I'm going to adopt him today. I couldn't just leave him all by his lonesome. Plus, he's just so cute!"

"I do have to agree with you there, Rina, he is pretty darn cute."

She had to take him to the social services building in town so she could finalize the adoption process. Several hours and a lot of excruciating paperwork later, Rina had a son, Naruto Arato, and she would raise him as her son.

Three years later: Naruto is five

"Naruto, We're going to visit someone today." Rina called out to Naruto who was currently playing in his room. He then ran to his mom who was standing in the doorway.

"She's the daughter of one of my really close friends, Oshima Suzuki. Oshima was a kunoichi and the daughter of the current Tsuchikage, but she died on a mission." At this she struggled to hold back tears for her friend that she had known from childhood.

"She has a daughter, Kurotsuchi, and because she doesn't have parents anymore, I'll be taking care of her during the day. Don't tell her her mom is dead yet; I want to find a good time to tell her. You need to be on your best behavior, okay?"

"Okay, kaa-san. I'll be good."

"Good. I'll bring her here immediately. Naruto, can I trust you to stay here by yourself for half an hour?"

"Yes. I'm a big boy, I can be by myself for half an hour."

"Okay... I'll be back soon."

Sure enough, half an hour later, Rina returned with Kurotsuchi in tow. When she came in the front door, Naruto was waiting patiently for her. Kurotsuchi was hiding behind her. She turned around to address the small girl in her shadow.

"Kurotsuchi, this is my son Naruto. He's the same age as you." The turning back around to face Naruto she said, "Naruto, this is the honorable granddaughter of the third Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi. Kurotsuchi, why don't you come out from behind me and say hi?"

"Hi, Naruto," She was very tentative when she spoke, characteristic on one who had not spent much time around people of her own age.

Naruto paused, not knowing whether to address her as the honorable granddaughter or as just Kurotsuchi. He did not know it, but this one choice would decide the fate of his future. "Hi, Kurotsuchi. Do you want to go play in the backyard with me?"

They started walking away from Rina and toward the backyard. "Yes, I love to play with you. After a small pause she added, "Thank you."

Now Naruto was confused, what was she thanking him for? "Kurotsuchi, what are you thanking me for?

"Thank you for calling me Kurotsuchi. Everyone calls me 'The Honorable Granddaughter' and when they look at me, all they think about is my grandfather. I want to be seen as my own person. And one day I'm going to prove it. Then everyone is going to have to recognize me for who I am, and not for my family." While she was saying this her voice was slowly rising in intensity until she almost shouted the last part.

They walked in silence for a minute until they got to the backyard. "Hey Kurotsuchi, what do you want to play?"

They played in the backyard for hours, playing ninja, hide and seek, tag, and anything else they could think of. Rina found them laying down in the grass next to each other, both tired from a long day of play.

"Are you two going to be friends?" Rina was hopeful that if the two of them would be friends, it would be easier to take care of both children and easier to break the sad news to Kurotsuchi.

"Yeah! We're going to be best friends." Rina was pretty surprised that it was Kurotsuchi who proclaimed this because from what she knew of the girl, she was not very outspoken. Then again, she could have predicted this outcome. Because was the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage she seemed unapproachable to any kids and as a result, didn't have very many friends. Naruto, it seemed, did not have any reservations about playing with her. Even in this short time, the two had become friends.

"Well, I have some good news and some really bad news for you Kurotsuchi. Which do you want first." The girl was a little surprised, but decided to hear the good news first. "First, it's good that you are such good friends, because you're going to be a lot more time together. The bad news is... I don't really know how to say this..." She trailed off, rubbing tears that were forming in her eyes.

"You know that being a ninja means taking risks, right?" She nodded at Rina to show that she understood. "Well your mom was a ninja and she had to take risks too. And today those risks didn't turn out too well. I'm really sorry to have to tell you, but your mom died on a mission, but don't worry; Naruto and I will be here to help you through this."

Kurotsuchi started sobbing and whimpering for her mother. Seeing his friend is such a state of despair caused a deep pain in Naruto, and he put his arm around her in an attempt to console her. Eventually the two of them fell asleep, together in the grass. Rina sighed at the cute scene of the two kids lying together, despite the heartbreak of what she had to tell them before. She carried the two of them inside the house and laid them to sleep together on the bed. She knew that this night would be the start of a great friendship.

Three years later: Naruto is eight

"Kurotsuchi, what are we waiting for?" Asano Nanako, one of Kurotsuchi's closest friends (other than Naruto of course) was tired of waiting for Kurotsuchi's birthday party to start.

"He'll be here, just wait." She too was a little tired of waiting, but she knew her best friend wouldn't be late for her birthday present without a good reason.

"Humph, why did you invite a boy to your party?" Honami Mari, another one of Kurotsuchi's friends had not been introduced to Naruto yet and she did not know how close of friends the two were."

"Look, here he comes now!" Kurotsuchi was glad to see that he was finally here; he was running top speed up to her house. When he got there he promptly fell down of the ground breathing hard. All of the girls giggled at the sight of him lying winded on the ground. "Sorry... huh... I was... huh... finishing up... huh... your present." He barely managed to get this out while breathing so heavily.

Rina was right behind him, not having run like Naruto had. "Let's get this party started."

The party was a grand affair, with a large cake and many presents exchanged. But Naruto had refused to give her his present, insisting that it was special and he would give it to her when he thought the time was right.

Three hours later found Naruto and Kurotsuchi hiding in a tree during their game of hide and seek. "We're pretty good hiders, right Naruto?"

"Yeah... Hey Kurotsuchi, are you going to become a ninja?"

She was caught off guard by his seemingly random question. "I think so. Why do you ask?"

"Well, we have to make the decision of whether or not to go to the academy soon. Why do you want to become a ninja?"

"My whole family were ninja, so I want to make them proud. And if I become a ninja, everyone will have to acknowledge me. Are you going to go to the academy too?"

"I think so. If you're going, then I'm going too. Also, I want to become strong so that I can protect my precious people like my mom and you." He said this with his trademark big, goofy smile. "I think this is a good time to give you my presents. First is this." He pulled out a box with a hairpiece that she could put her hair into a bun with.

"When you're fighting as a ninja, you don't want your hair to get in the way, and it would be a shame to have to cut your hair really short, so I got you this. The hairpiece was very ornate and Kurotsuchi assumed that he had his mother's help in picking out any paying for the gift.

"I also got you this necklace." He pulled out a necklace with a big wooden bead in the center with a spiral on in. "I made this myself. You know my name means maelstrom, so-"

"Or fish cake," she interrupted, giggling.

"Yes, or fish cake. But a maelstrom is a giant whirlpool so I thought this spiral would remind you of me. Do you like them?"

"Yes, I love them." And it was true. From that day onward she would never again cut her hair or take off the necklace he had made for her.

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