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It was the final day of the academy year in Iwagakure, and the day that the academy students take the final test. We find Naruto sitting by himself on a swing outside the academy. This would have been very similar to what Naruto's life would have been in Konoha except for one simple fact.

Naruto was not sad or depressed. In fact he was very happy and anxious. He was happy because he had just passed the ninja academy and had received a high score, possibly high enough to become the rookie of the year.

He was by himself on the swing because his name was Naruto Arato. The instructors had called them up to perform the test in alphabetical order and he was first. He was anxious for his best friend to get out of the testing area. He would have to wait for many other students to get out before she would come out because her name was near the end of the alphabet.

Some of his other friends came out while he was still waiting for her to come out. As he talked to them he found that he had done very well comparatively. He had even received some extra credit points for being able to perform the shadow clone and a wind jutsu.

While the shadow clone was a forbidden technique, it was not a forbidden technique because it was a secret of the village. The only reason that is was kept a forbidden technique was because it took an incredibly large amount of chakra. Jonin and sometimes chuunin would sometimes learn it, but even then they were limited to three or four clones.

Naruto was the first ever in the village to learn this jutsu before becoming a chuunin, and he wasn't even fully a ninja yet. The reason he was allowed to try the jutsu was because he was having a lot of trouble with the regular bunshin. This was very surprising to the academy teachers, as Naruto was always at the head of the class.

When they consulted with some more skilled ninja, they had determined that Naruto had a huge amount of chakra. As a result of the larger reserves, Naruto's chakra control was much lower than any of the other students.

After consulting with the teachers and even the Tsuchikage, who had grown close with Naruto after his granddaughter's friendship with the blonde, Naruto had been allowed to learn the shadow clone. He had completely surprised them and himself when he created over fifty clones.

However, Naruto didn't want any special treatment from the teachers or even the Tsuchikage. Unbeknownst to everyone else, he had visited the library to learn more about chakra control. The most basic exercise he found was using his chakra to stick a pebble to his skin. While it had taken a while for him to get the exercise down, he vowed to get his chakra control above the level of his classmates despite his disadvantage.

After practicing the exercise for several weeks, he had gotten it down that he could hold the pebble for as long as he wanted. After his initial success, he decided to take it to the next level by keeping the pebble stuck to his skin all the time. Initially it had taken his concentration away from his studies, but he quickly was able to do it unconsciously and he was able to recover in his studies. As it became easier for him to keep the pebble stuck to his skin, he would add another one. By the time of the of his graduation, he had over fifty pebbles stuck all over his body.

Snapping out of his daze of remembering his academy days, he saw Kurotsuchi coming out of the academy. Running over to her, he embraced he in a tight hug. "How did you do? Of course you did well. You did well right?" Naruto was in in his rapidfire speaking mode.

"Relax, I did well. I even think I got some extra credit by doing some lava release techniques. How do think you did." Kurotsuchi was calm and cool, the opposite of Naruto.

"Yeah, I think I did well, I did the shadow clone and a few wind element jutsu." Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he said this. It was a habit that he did when he was embarrassed, and he was embarrassed now because he never liked to brag. "Your lava release is darn cool, you know that, right?" Naruto had always been slightly envious of her bloodline. Her lava was at the same time beautiful and extremely destructive. While his wind element was cool,he did not think that it was not as cool as his best friend's lava affinity.

She stuck her tongue out at him playfully. "Well you can't have it." He laughed at teasing. "Well, we should probably go back to your house. Your mom is probably extremely worried about how we did even though she should know that we did well."

"You're probably right."

After a short walk home in a comfortable silence between the friends, they arrived at Naruto's house. Seeing the two friends walking up to her house, Rina ran out to them. Grabbing both of them in a deep hug, she began to ask them about their performance. "How did you guys do? I know you did well. Were you guy the best in your class? Wait, you won't know until tomorrow, right? But do you think you will be?"

Kurotsuchi could see where Naruto got his personality from. Putting her hand over the mouth of the woman who had been almost her mother for the past ten years, she reassured her that they did well. "Of course we did well, Rina. I bet that Naruto was even rookie of the year."

"While I may have done well, I'm sure that Kurotsuchi was the rookie of the year." While she was always close, Naruto was always at the top of every test and ranking in the academy. She could not understand how he could continue to believe that she was better than him.

"Well, I'm sure that you both did well. Remember that I'm proud of you, no matter who wins rookie of the year. Naruto, I've got something really important to tell you. I promised myself that I would tell you after you graduated and it's finally time. I hate to do this, but it's kind of a private thing, Kurotsuchi, so could you wait outside for a bit?"

Kurotsuchi had grown close to Rina over the last ten years, but she could see that this was a really important matter. She knew that the older woman would not leave her out of a secret for a good reason. "It's fine, Rina. I understand. I'll wait out here until you guys are done."

Naruto was looking pensive while all this was going on. "No, Kurotsuchi can hear it too. If you can tell me, then you can tell my best friend as well." Kurotsuchi was surprised and flattered that Naruto trusted her that much.

After taking both of them in the house she sat down in a big chair, facing the two young friends. "Naruto, I know this may be a little tough to bear, but please be strong. Remember that I love you no matter what, okey.

What I have to tell you is: I'm not your real mom. I was returning from delivering some supplies to a border town when I found you in the woods. I couldn't find your parents so I brought you back to Iwagakure and adopted you. I don't know where your real parents are or whether they're even alive, but I do know that I'm not you real mom." By the end of her speech, Rina was in hysterics.

"No, NO!" Naruto shouted. "That's not true!"

"But it is true, Rina sobbed. "I remember. If you want proof we can go talk to Shozaburo."

"That's not what I meant." Naruto was now a lot calmer. "Don't ever say that. Don't ever say that you're not my real mom. Because you are. You are my real mom. I don't care who gave birth to me; they're not my parents. You are and always will be my real mom."

The two embraced in a teary hug. As they held each other, Rina called to Kurotsuchi, "Get in here, you're part of the family too."

The next day would decide their lives forever, for the next day was the day they would be split up into teams that would define their lives for years to come. Naruto was waiting anxiously outside the house shared by Kurotsuchi and her only living relative, the Tsuchikage. As she exited her house she could clearly see that something was bothering him.

"Hey, Naruto. What's wrong? You look very worried."

"I can't hide anything from you, can I? Well I'm just worried about team assignments today. What if we're not on the same team, will we still see each other. Missions take up so much time, and if we're on different teams we won't be able to hang out much."

"Don't worry, we'll still be friends even if we're on different teams."

"I know, but it just won't be the same. Promise me that even if we are on different teams, we'll still be there for each other."

"I promise. You didn't even have to ask."

The two then walked to the academy together in nervous silence of what was ahead. Sitting together in the back of the room, they patiently waited for their teacher to arrive. After waiting for a few minutes their teacher arrived exactly on time.

"Good morning class. As you all know, today is a very important day. While you left the academy yesterday, today is the day you become ninja. First I will announce the class ranks. Our top Kunoichi is, Kurotsuchi Suzuki. Congratulations Kurotsuchi."

Kurotsuchi looked over at Naruto with a big grin on her face. She knew that Naruto had won rookie of the year, even if he was not yet sure.

The teacher continued. "Now, for Rookie of the year. I'm sure you all already know who it it is." Everyone's head turned to Naruto, who just rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish grin. All the other students knew of his accolades and couldn't have expected anyone else to win. "Our rookie of the year is Naruto Arato. Congratulations.

Now, on to the team assignments." Naruto spaced out until he heard either his or Kurotsuchi's name. "Team three is Kurotsuchi Suzuki, Iwasa Kamizuru..." Naruto was hoping against hope to be the final spot on that team. "And Naruto Arato." Naruto would have jumped up and shouted for joy if he had not been trained well in the academy to remain calm at all times.

"Jour jonin-senseis will be here after lunch, so I suggest that you use the lunch break to get to know your teammates."

Naruto decided that it would be prudent to try to get to know his teammate better before his jonin-sensei got there. He did not know much about him other than the fact that he was from a clan that used bees and that he was very quiet.

The three went out to lunch together, but to Naruto it seemed like it was only him and Kurotsuchi. The bee-user did not speak much during lunch and Naruto found his efforts to get to know him better were mostly fruitless.

Now the three were waiting together with the rest of the class in the room that they had spent most of the last eight years of their lives in. All of the students were looking at the door with varying degrees of attention. A young woman with long, brown hair entered the room first. "Team Three, you're with me. Meet me at training ground thirty-three in half an hour." She then disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Well, we should probably get going. That training ground in on the other side of village." Naruto called mainly to Kurotsuchi.

"Alright, I'm coming." The pair then took off together, jumping from building to building across the village in an attempt to arrive at the training ground as quickly as possible. Iwasa was hurrying to the training ground as well, but not as quickly as his excited teammates.

When Naruto and Kurotsuchi arrived, there was no one else there. A few minutes later, Iwasa arrived and the three sat in tense silence. Exactly half an hour after they left the academy, there was another cloud of smoke, and their new sensei.

"Alright, let's sit down and introduce ourselves. Likes, dislike, dreams and goals for the future."

"Since we mostly know each other already, perhaps you should go first." Naruto was curious as to who his sensei was as he hadn't seen her around before or at least he hadn't recognized her.

"Okay. My name is Yui Nawabe. I was recently promoted to jonin after being a special jonin for several years. I like gardening, my friends and kenjutsu. I dislike people who put down others, perverts, asparagus and spicy food. My dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the elemental nations, greater than the seven swordsman of the mist. My goal at the present is to train you three to become strong shinobi to serve the Village. Blondie, you're up next."

"Alright. My name in Naruto Arato. My likes are my mom, my friend Kurotsuchi and all my other friends, training and ramen. I dislike people who try to hurt my friends and Iwagakure and not a lot else. My goal is to become a strong shinobi. My dream is to become Tsuchikage."

Kurotsuchi was surprised by his last statement. Naruto had never told her that this was his dream before. She was a little angry that he hadn't told you. She hit him over the head, and with all her strength training, it really hurt.

"Ow, what was that for?" While the punch hurt, Naruto had been hit worse in training and he wasn't angry at Kurotsuchi.

"That was for not telling me you dream until now. And why do you want to become the Tsuchikage?" Interestingly enough, Yui was about to ask the same question. She wanted to make sure her student wanted to become powerful for the right reasons.

"I want to become the Tsuchikage so I can protect my precious people and everyone in the village!" Yui was pleased to hear that her student wanted to become the Tsuchikage for the right reasons. If he only wanted it for respect or some other selfish reasons, she would have had to correct him."

"Alright, girlie. You're next." She gestured so that Kurotsuchi would realize that it was her turn to go.

"My Name is Kurotsuchi Suzuki. I like Naruto and training. I dislike people who only see me as the granddaughter of the Tsuchikage. My goal and dream is to become as strong kunoichi so people will respect me for who I am, not who I am related to."

'It seems that the two of them are very close. I wonder... are the two of them romantically involved? I'll wait and see.'

"I assume that I am to be next." Iwasa did not even wait for his sensei's recognition to begin his introduction. "My name is Iwasa Kamizuru. I do not like many things. I dislike many things , especially the Aburame clan of Konoha. My goal is to become strong, and, while it's not my dream, because it will become reality, I will restore the honor of my clan against the Aburame."

'Great, we have a broody avenger. I'll have to break him of that and remind him that his loyalty is to Iwa first, and then to his clan.' Overall, Yui was happy with her team.

"Okay, now that introductions are finished, I will test your abilities. We will start off with taijutsu. You three will all attack me. You must come at me with the intent to kill if you even want to touch me. Begin."

As soon as she said the word, Iwasa rushed at Yui hastily, his right hand pulled back, showing her that he would start off with a punch. She easily dodged the punch the genin threw at her and let him rush past her. As he went by, she hit him with a knife strike to the neck, and he collapsed instantly.

"That was pathetic. Let's see if either of you two can do any better."

"She looks tough, Naruto. We're going to have to take her together."

"Of course." He had not even thought about engaging her one on one. "We'll use plan seven." Naruto and Kurotsuchi had created several rough plans to use together against enemies that they could not take on their own.

"That seems appropriate. On three. One, two, three." The genin pair rushed toward her at speeds that she had not been expecting. Rather than rush her directly like like Iwasa had done, the two took up positions on opposite sides of her. Naruto went for a leg sweep, and as she easily dodged. Trying to take advantage of her opponent's unbalance by throwing a strike to his right side.

Her efforts were foiled as Kurotsuchi flew into the picture. Yui's strike was blocked by Kurotsuchi's left hand and Kurotsuchi spun around, striking at Yui's midsection with her other hand.

As Yui blocked, the two genin flipped back from her to regroup. "I'll admit that you're better than your teammate, but you're both firmly average and don't have a chance of striking me. We should move on to ninjutsu as I already can see your taijutsu abilities. It's a shame that the two best rookies aren't better at taijustu than this."

Naruto and Kurotsuchi shared a look before both of them exposed their arms and legs. They both took off the weights they had been wearing. As Naruto dropped his weights, a small crater formed on the ground. While Kurotsuchi's were not as heavy, Yui was still impressed that the pair had started weight training already.

Naruto and Kurotsuchi engaged her again, and now they were much more effective. One would strike, and as she tried to take advantage of the opening left by the strike, the other would attack and stop her from gaining the advantage. The two fought as one well-oiled machine, and while they could not overpower their sensei, they were certainly holding their own.

"I've seen enough of your abilities to judge for now, and I must say that I'm impressed. Also, it seems that Iwasa is coming around. We'll move on to ninjutsu." While she did not say it, the thing that she was most impressed by was their teamwork. They worked together better than any pair that she had ever seen. 'I'm now certain that those two know each other well prior to today. They must have been friends for a while, or maybe more...'

"Now that you are awake, Iwasa, we will continue with ninjutsu and other abilities like genjutsu or kenjutsu. Iwasa, why don't you go first."

"I can do an earth justu, the earth wall." He demonstrated and a small wall of rock and earth formed in front of him. "I can also do some clan techniques such as the bee bomb technique, bee honey technique, and the beeswax clone."

'At least he is not as bad with ninjutsu as with with taijutsu. It appears that he has an earth affinity like most of Iwagakure. Still, pretty good.'

"Let's see if you two are as good with ninjutsu as taijutsu. Naruto, you first."

'So, sensei thinks that Naruto and Kurotsuchi are good at taijutsu,' thought Iwasa. 'I have to find some way to surpass them. I won't be able to redeem my clan if I am weaker than those two clanless losers.'

"I don't have too many jutsu, but I know a few wind jutsu; that is my affinity. I would stand back, this can get a little destructive."

The others stepped back and he turned away from them. "Wind release: slicing wind blades!" He ran through several hand seals and swung his arms several times. From his hands extended a wind bald for each time he swung his arms. The blades went all over the training ground, leaving deep gashes in the ground and the various boulders scattered around.

Everyone was impressed by his jutsu's raw, destructive power. "I know a few other wind jutsu, but none as good as this one. I also know some fuuinjutsu, enough to create sealing scrolls and explosive tags. Also I can seal someone's chakra away temporarily."

'He definitely deserves to be rookie of the year. I wonder if Kurotsuchi is as good as him.'

"Alright, you up next, Kurotsuchi. After this we will be done for today and you can go home for today."

"I can only really do lava jutsu other than the academy ones and a few earth and fire. I'll show you my best lava jutsu." She turned to where Naruto had demonstrated his wind jutsu. She called out, "Lava release: lava stream." A stream of molten lava shot out of her mouth. This jutsu was made even more effective because the lava would remain on the ground, hindering any opponent's movement.

"Alright; that's enough for today. Meet me here tomorrow and we'll start taking missions."

Naruto and Kurotsuchi walked home together like they always did when they were in the academy. On their way home, they were ambushed by three of Kurotsuchi's closest friends, other than Naruto of course.

"Hey Kurotsuchi, we were going to have a sleepover tonight to talk about our teams and stuff, you want to come?" Asano was Kurotsuchi's best female friend so there was never any doubt that Kurotsuchi would accept.

"Sure," she replied. "Naruto, do we have anything we need to do tonight."

Honami, another of Kurotsuchi's friends, suddenly chimed in before Naruto could respond, "Well, we were going to have a girls night, so Naruto can't come."

Kurotsuchi looked conflicted about choosing between Naruto and the girls. Before she could respond either way, Naruto made the decision for her. "It's fine. I have to work on my wind element training anyways."

"Alright, I'll come," Kurotsuchi decided even if she was still feeling a bit conflicted.

The group of girls continued to Ayako's house, where the sleepover would be. Ayako Kasai was Kurotsuchi's newest friend, one she met in the academy. Once the foursome was settled in the living room on various couches and chairs, Kurotsuchi was suddenly inundated with questions from the other girls.

Asano was always the most outspoken of the girls, so it was not a surprise that she was the first to start teasing Kurotsuchi. "You seem even closer to Naruto now. Pretty lucky that you're on the same team."

Honami picked up where Asano left off. "What is your relationship with him. Are you still only friends?"

Ayako was the most quiet of the four, but she did not want to be left out. "Y-you seem to spend a lot of time with him." The shy girl stuttered a little bit, but she was getting over it with the help of the other girls.

"I've told you a million times, we're only friends."

In addition to being outspoken, Asano was also a bit of a tease. "So you're saying that he's available? He's pretty much the perfect package: talented, a nice guy, and how should I put this... He's extremely hot! If you don't mind, I'll see if I can get a date with him."

A mental picture formed in her mind of Naruto going out with Asano. Surprisingly, she felt strong negative emotions at the thought. A small growl escaped her lips. But why was she thinking that? She didn't like Naruto, did she? Well, she knew that she liked Naruto, she had said it in her introduction earlier today, but she didn't like like him.

Or maybe she did. She did almost everything with him, and when she wasn't with him, she wished he was with her. He also comforted her when she was down, and he was there for her after her mother died. He was also very sweet and honest. She also realized that the thought of him with someone who wasn't her made her feel extreme displeasure.

Eventually she came to the conclusion that she did like him. And while it wasn't the reason that she liked him, she would admit that he was hot. Her friends had been silent for about a minute, watching her as she growled in anger. But as the seconds went by her expression changed from one of anger to more contemplative, then embarrassed.

Seeing her friends looking at her, she realized that they had known even before her. "Okay, okay. Maybe I do like him. But he still only sees me as a friend, and I don't want to lose that."

"I was only kidding about Naruto, you know," Asano said. "But it's good that you finally realize that you like him. You have to make a move soon or someone else will."

Kurotsuchi looked worried by this but did not say anything further about it. "Can we please talk about something else. Ayako, I hear you have a crush on that loudmouth Junzo Tataki guy."

Ayako's face blushed such a deep red that Kurotsuchi was surprised that a like that shade could even exist on someone's face. She was very quiet and everyone knew about her crush on Junzo, except him. It was obvious as she would turn red and regain her stutter when he was around, but he still didn't notice.

The night went on in a similar manner until the girls went to bed not unreasonably late, as they had their first missions in the morning.

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Yui Nawabe:

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