A/N: My younger brother has a strong disliking of Maka and I refused to kill her off in any of my stories, so he created his own.
Keep in mind that he isn't exactly a writer and he wouldn't allow me to make changes. I still love it and think its hilarious though.

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Death the Kid, Blackstar, Maka, and their weapons lay on the ground in defeat. The kishin leaned back and laughed in triumph. The kishin then turned to them and said, "I will spare your lives, but you will have to kill one of your own."

Kid, Blackstar, and Soul all silently motioned to each other.

Maka stood defiantly and yelled, "No one here is going to kill their friend!"

Asura smiled and replied, "I believe your friends think differently."

Maka turned around puzzled right when the thin black blade impaled her. It was then followed by two gunshots and a thicker blade. Soul then kicked her of his blade arm and said, "We were never your friends."

The kishin laughed then released his energy from the orb and they were free. He then absorbed her lifeless corpse into his body and spit out the skeleton.

The students returned to Death and reported that they were unable to defeat the kishin, but they were able to weaken him and escape the ball with the exception of Maka. Her arrogance got her killed, and they were unable to retrieve her body.

"Maka!" Spirit cried when he heard the news. Spirit disappeared and the weapon fell into Stein's hands. "Lets kill this kishin" Spirit said from his weapon form.

Stein jumped from Death City and landed behind the kishin. "Come to fight me I see", the kishin said without turning around.

"I believe that's the only reason for coming down here", Stein replied, "I think we are far beyond negotiating". He adjusted the bolt on his head and then ran forward holding the death scythe to the side as he attacked with his soul wave length.

The kishin recoiled, and his weapon emerged from his throat firing once before sinking back into his body. Stein easily dodged the poorly aimed shot and moved to strike again. Asura lashed out with the bandages covering him, but Stein used Spirit to block the attack and attacked again. This time knowing the consequences of taking this hit the kishin made sure to dodge the attack. Stein threw Spirit upward and attacked with his other hand as Asura desperately moved to avoid his attacks, although the did no real damage to him, they affected his aim and agility. Stein then caught the death scythe and twirled it behind his back before rapidly attacking the kishin, but Asura dodged every attack.

Gathering all their strength Stein and Spirit linked their souls and yelled, "Kishin Hunter!" The death scythe became huge and glowed slightly as it fell upon Asura, who caught the blade millimeters above his head. Stein lifted the blade right as Asura moved to crush it and striked again this time cutting right through the kishin and sticking into the ground.

Once assured that the kishin was dead, Stein glanced at the skeleton of Maka, noticing the two blade cut marks and the bullet holes, but didn't say anything.

Spirit then slowly walked away with his hands in his pockets mumbling under his breath about Maka, but came to the realization that he was perhaps better off. She had neglected him and never truly loved him. He turned to look at the kishin's corpse then Maka's skeleton, and then walked away.

**The Happy Ending that everyone wanted**

By S1iverF1ame