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Rumors were spreading through the mansion about Tsunayoshi's lover; no one knew who it was, not even his most trusted Guardians. Some of them had made educated guesses, but he had never admitted to them being right, which lead many of them to believe that they were wrong, only to guess again. It was like an endless cycle in the mansion, some were even starting to bet wagers as to who it was.

The thought of money only piqued the interest of an ex-arcobaleno and now Varia member, Mammon. He truthfully could care less as to who the Vongola boss was sleeping with, but the thought of money and that it could enter his pockets at any given moment lead him to accept bets from anyone who was willing to wager, all of them had placed money on the Vongola Guardians or members of CEDEF or Varia.

Some thought that it was Mammon for a while as he was always appearing in the mansion alone and most of the time it was only where their boss was, but to their dismay Mammon told them that they were dead wrong, since he only came for missions and to accept the money for the bets.

The next person they expected was Tsuna's right-hand man, Gokudera Hayato, the Storm Guardian. The reason was that he was extremely loyal, even more than any right-hand man was supposed to be, to the point where he would revert to a lost puppy following his boss around, or a raging storm when he was left behind.

The numbers of bets being placed on him were endless, and it ranged from all over the Vongola, not just from those that work in the mansion, but also those who worked in Varia and CEDEF, even some of the allied families were placing bets on him. To their dismay, it wasn't said puppy who had won his heart. It was true that he loved his boss, but not in that manner, as some stupid baseball idiot had taken that place.

Rokudo Mukuro and Hibari Kyoya were the next two that people placed bets on, which only lead them to be tied. Both had originally wanted nothing to do with the brunet in the beginning, now both had rooms in the mansion and were a part of the family and were trusted as much as the other Guardians.

The thought of the Mist Guardian and the brunet being together made sense to some, as Mukuro was willing to listen to what the brunet wanted to say and even started eating with the rest of the family even if it was not very often that he did so. Much to Mukuro's dismay and continuous perverted attempts to getting the boss into bed with him, he'd only ended up in Dr Shamal's office as a bloody mess. It wasn't him, and trust me, he tried or rather, still continues to try. You would think after his first attempt of crawling into the brunet's bed naked, only to be dragged down the hall in a half conscious state a couple minutes later, that he would have learned, but no.

The Cloud Guardian, on the other hand, and the brunet also made sense, since he wasn't one to be bound to anyone for as long as anyone can remember, yet here he was, in the mansion. It was true that his room was the farthest from everyone else, but he still was in the building and he even attended their monthly meetings without complaining or being bribed. It wasn't Hibari either. It was true that he had feelings for the brunet and had had them for years, but he never was able to convince himself to act on them. He figured that if he ever worked up the courage, then he would act on it, but he wasn't sure as the best way to go about it and he wasn't about to ask anyone for help.

The Varia leader was another that some of the workers thought was a good choice, as for a long time he'd despised the brunet, only to turn around and to work under him. No one voiced this idea out loud in fear of what the scary short-tempered leader would do to them. And he couldn't care less about who you were, he would just put you in your place if you said anything stupid and annoying. Xanxus was definitely a good choice, he was tied with two others with the number of bets.

Most were almost certain that the Varia leader was sleeping with the Vongola boss, as whenever they were together, the brunet had a hard time looking at the Varia boss. Everyone in the meeting between the two couldn't help but think that the brunet was flustered since the Varia boss would do nothing but stare at him as if signaling that he was ready to go another round whenever the other was ready. Nope, it wasn't Xanxus. As the brunet grew up, he found that his strength grew as well, which lead Xanxus to somewhat respect him, and to Tsuna, that was good enough. As for why the brunet was flustered during the meetings, well, that was simply because Xanxus would do nothing but stare at him.

Besides, there was a loud-mouthed shark who would usually be found in Xanxus's bed in the morning, but only the Varia members knew of their boss's relationship with the shark so no one in the Varia bothered to place bets on their boss, they focused on the others around the brunet.

A couple of people even thought that Doctor Shamal was sleeping with the boss, mainly due to the fact that his motto was that he wouldn't look after male patients and then all of a sudden he was taking care of anyone who walked into his office that resided between the meeting room and Tsuna's personal office.

It wasn't him at all, the change in his patients was due to the fact that Tsuna refused to pay him a cent if he didn't start looking after anyone who walked into his office no matter their age or gender, which caused the Doctor to submit to the brunet. As for the reason of the close proximity of their offices was due to the fact that his main patients who entered was Gokudera due to his Bianchi-phobia as he was never sure as to when she would appear; it was mainly around Tsuna's office as she was there to see him. Then, of course, there was the perverted pineapple, Mukuro. Every time he entered, Shamal instantly knew that he had tried molesting the brunet, who was most likely the cause of the injuries, again.

Belphegor, the Varia's Storm Guardian, was one that a few people thought could be it, as he didn't seem to mind the brunet's company every now and again. At least, that was what some thought when the two were outside of closed doors. As for what happened behind those doors, no one knew as it caused most people to turn red in the face. The one day that Prince the Ripper brought the Varia reports, he had delivered them personally to the brunet and stayed for a couple of hours in the office with the brunet, which was unheard of since they still weren't on speaking terms. It wasn't him, since he was having too much fun with a certain frog and if you wanted the details, well, you wouldn't get them since princes didn't socialize with peasants.

The brunet's blond non-blood-related-self-appointed relative, Dino, was another that some thought could be it. That was mainly due to the fact that some saw their relationship as more like that of two lovers than of two relatives, but that only occurred when the blonde visited alone and without his men. The two of them were known to go out and have fun, whether it was for a drink, dinner or a movie, anything that could relax the two bosses' nerves after a busy day of filling out paperwork and dealing with troublesome guardians. Other than that, everyone knew that whoever bet on this blonde was drunk while placing their bet, since the brunet and the blonde had said it multiple times, that they were nothing more than siblings.

A couple of people were even thinking that it was the young, brown-haired and blue eyed man, Basil, who still remained working under Tsuna's father in CEDEF. It wasdue to the connection that he and the brunet had, as they both couldn't stand listening to Iemitsu going on and on about how proud he was about his son to anyone who was willing to listen.

The brunet would be lying if he had said that he hadn't considered getting Lal Mirch to go and smack his father the same way that she did with Colonnello just to make him stop, as he was tired of the way his father acted, especially when it came to how protective he was. Basil was appointed the person among the CEDEF who was to hold Iemitsu down when the man first found out that his son had a lover and that it was a man. He was more than certain that his son had been tricked into the relationship and swore that if he ever found out who it was, he would kill him. Basil was also the representative for the members of CEDEF, the brunet appointed him as such so that he wouldn't have to deal with father more often than needed, as he was prone to get massive headaches whenever his father decided to stop by unexpected.

But no, it wasn't Basil either, the brunet saw him more as a brother and friend, while Basil still believed that he wasn't worthy of such a relationship.

Reborn, the ex-arcobaleno, Spartan home tutor, or the spawn of Satan; or that was what Dino and the brunet thought of him, at least not when he was anywhere nearby in fear that he would read their minds and would torture, I mean, train them in some totally crazy way. He was one of the people who tied with Xanxus and he was quite popular among bettor due to the connection that he had with the brunet. And since they were teacher and student, it only added to the possibility of the two being a couple.

To some, Reborn seemed to truly care about the brunet to the point where he was almost possessive of him, but to others, it appeared more as if he was torturing said brunet and adding more work to him, to keep him in his office for extended hours and out of sight from everyone else. His feelings towards said brunet still remained a mystery, even to those close to him, and it truly irked him that his student was keeping a secret like this from him. He could care less about Tsuna keeping it from everyone else, but him not knowing something was unheard of. Sure he had warned, or rather, threatened him with extra work if he didn't tell him who it was, but the brunet not backing down from his threat just made it even harder on the greatest hitman.

Yamamoto Takeshi, the brunet's friend, Rain Guardian and left-hand man, an easygoing and laidback kind of guy, was someone that a few people were surprised to find was even on the betting list. He appeared nothing more than someone close to the brunet, yet there were people among them who thought he was sleeping with their boss.

It was true that he was close to the brunet ever since they were in middle school along with the other guardians and the thought of being in a relationship with his boss did cross his mind, but at the same time, he knew that it would never happen since his heart was already captured by a set of green eyes and he was certain that he would never be free of them. So, it was obvious to say that he wasn't the one who held his friend's heart, but hewill help cut down that person if he hurt the brunet in anyway.

The last person on the list and the other person tied with Xanxus and Reborn; much to his displeasure of being tied with Reborn, was none other than the ex-arcobaleno, Colonnello.

He came a couple of times a week only to drag the brunet out of his office and into the surrounding forest for hours, and then the brunet returned hours later with a hand on his lower back while complaining that he wouldn't be able to sit properly for days. No one could blame their boss for falling for the blond ex-COMSUBIN member as he was dreamy, not only in the eyes of females, but to some males as well. But to all of their dismay, it was revealed that he only came to train the brunet and as for Tsuna's issue with sitting, it was because he'd been sitting in the office for so long that the sudden constant movements during training with Colonnello caused him to have back spasms.

It also seemed that the blonde was still in love with the other ex-COMSUBIN member and his ex-teacher, Lal Mirch, who was a member of CEDEF, even though she continued to avoid him and preferred to punish him due to her embarrassment every time he tried to hit on her.

He wasn't Dame-Tsuna anymore, he knew about the bets and the rumors going around about him and his lover, but as long as they didn't bother him with questions, then he didn't see the harm in letting them continue.

(Somewhere hidden from the many eyes that Tsuna could always feel always watching him, whenever he was outside of his office or bedroom.)

Tsuna rolled over so that he was lying on his back so that he could see the wide and accepting sky above them, he couldn't help but smile as he saw his lover's face a couple feet above him since he was using his lap as a pillow. He smiled seeing his lover's face was red, making it almost the same color as his hair and eyes. 'These are the moments that I enjoy more than anything, so let the others bet all their money away. They'll never figure it out.'

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