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Faye Winston looked into the mirror and sighed. It was way too early to be awake but she promised Opie that she would take her Niece and Nephew to school. It was convenient for him and she liked to help her brother out whenever she could, especially because she was residing on his couch for the time being. She brushed her long blonde hair and allowed herself to think of her crack head mother, which wasn't a thought she allowed herself often.

She had tried to help Sandy out. She really did, but, when your mother would rather bring home crack then food it becomes difficult. The first few years of her life were complicated. Or so she was told. Faye really didn't remember much of it to be honest. She believed it though, because what she could remember weren't necessarily "good" memories. Of course she had the occasional happy memory of her mother. She could remember her brushing her golden hair after a bath and whispering about how beautiful she was. She could remember playing in the park, her Mother pushing the swing when she asked. However, those were few and far between because she could also remember being home alone and hungry and she wasn't about to forget that. She also would never forget the many men that frequented Sandy's apartment. It didn't occur to Faye, until years later, that her mother was a prostitute. That she sold herself in order to buy the drugs she's been forever hooked on. Most of the men ignored Faye's presence, but there were some that weren't so considerate.

She couldn't complain much though; she had a whole other family who made up for her mother. When her father, Piney, found out that one of the croweaters he frequently bedded was pregnant, and it was his, he took extreme measures to gain full custody. He knew that Sandy was troubled. He knew that she could never properly take care of Faye, but that didn't stop her from trying.

Opie was six when she was born and as unsure as he was about having a baby sister he fell in love with her at first sight. He told her that from the moment he laid eyes on her he knew that he would spend his life protecting her. It was a big struggle for Opie to have to bring her back to her mother's at the end of every weekend. Even at six he knew she was no good. Piney did all he could but, until Sandy was caught being an unfit mother, he couldn't gain full custody.

She ended up living for the weekends. Samcro had quickly become her home, and she was loved more than anyone. With her piercing blue eyes and sweet blonde hair hearts were stolen all around the club. What a sight it was, to see those big burley men so in love with a small beautiful baby girl. She ended up being the light of her brother's eye, and with Opie came Jax Teller. Jax wasn't immune to Faye's charm; in fact it was just the opposite. He found himself never wanting to let her out of his sight and he realized that the only time he was truly happy, was when he was making her smile. Opie and Jax made a promise to each other when Faye was still very little, that she would always come first and when she looked back at their childhood she didn't remember one adventure that didn't involve the two of them.

Memory lane came to a crashing halt when she heard a little knock on the bathroom door and could only guess that it was made by little hands. Plastering a smile to her face she opened it to find her nephew Kenny looking at her with sleepy eyes.

"Hi Aunt Faye, I have to pee" Kenny said bluntly, and before she even had a chance to move he walked past her and started to do his business. Such a boy he was.

Laughing, She left the bathroom, reminding Kenny to wash his hands and went to go wake Ellie up.

As she walked into the pink and purple room, she couldn't help but smile again. The young girl had pictures of her and her Aunt plastered around the room and she wished she was able to see them more. Donna, the kid's mother, couldn't handle the life that Opie was leading with the club and so she ended up moving out a year ago. She had the children most of the time.

"Ellie sweetheart, it's time to get up and ready for school" Faye said to the young girl, who stirred and eventually looked at her.

"Okay Aunt Faye" Ellie said sleepily.

She walked out of the room to make them breakfast, they weren't picky eaters and that was a good thing because her culinary skills only went so far. Toast and nutella were on the menu and the kids would be happy about that. Just as she was about to pop the toast down there was a knock on the door. Her first instinct was to go and wake Opie up, it was too early for a friendly visit. Faye remembered how late he went to bed though and decided to take the risk. She looked out the front window at the driveway and spotted the Dyna-Glide, which was none other then Jax Teller himself. What business would he have here at 730 in the morning? Not good she assumed.

Her heart beating abnormally fast Faye quickly answered the door and there he was, with that sweet smile and those bright blue eyes.

"Hey Beautiful" he said with a grin. She couldn't help but grin back, he had that effect on her.

"Morning Handsome" She replied with an even bigger smile. Jax had started calling her beautiful when she had turned 16. It was meant to get under Opies skin but the phrase stuck.

The smile quickly vanished when she realised he had to be here for a reason. Faye stepped aside and let him in, seeing trouble in his eyes as he walked past.

"Jax, is everything okay?" She asked tentatively, sensing he was trying to keep something from her. When he didn't respond she pushed further.

"Jackson. Did something happen?" the worry was evident in her voice. Faye didn't quite understand why Jax wasn't opening up to her. They were best friends and for as long as she could remember he would confide in her his deepest secrets and worries.

"Nah Darlin, nothing you have to worry your pretty little blonde head over" he smiled a sad smile "Wendy just came home trashed again, that's all"

Faye's heart hurt for him. She knew how much this killed him inside because he actually cared about Wendy and she couldn't figure out for the life of her, why he did. She was in the bad habit of calling her "Wendy the junkie whore" behind her back and had to hold her tongue.

"How long was she gone this time?" he put on a brave front, but she could see that it saddened him deeply. His eyes gave it away.

"Couple of days, no big deal" Jax said looking away. He always had a hard time looking at Faye when he was lying. "I don't really feel like being at the house when she comes down from her high. I was wondering if you wanted to go to the spot with me for a while."

The spot was a place they found together when Faye was 15 after she caught her first boyfriend cheating on her. She had called Opie originally to pick her up but he wasn't answering his cell. Flustered and heartbroken she called Jax and as soon as he heard the tears he was on his way. Of course he put the fear of God into that boy with a broken nose and two black eyes and had tried his best to slow the tears pouring from her eyes. She only stopped sobbing when she realized they weren't going back to the clubhouse, but in the opposite direction instead.

Faye could remember asking Jax where he was going, but he just shrugged and told her "For a drive" It was comforting, having the warm California wind blow through her hair as she clutched onto her best friend on the back of his motorcycle for dear life. After about 45 minutes of driving Jax pulled over and looked her in the eyes. He grabbed her chin and told her that she was the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on, and if that prick was able to do something like that to an innocent girl like her then he deserved to rot in hell. He grabbed Faye's hand and they walked, and walked and walked until they reached an Oasis of sorts. With a clear shallow river running through lush green grass and enough trees to hide them from view they knew that this would be a sacred place, meant just for the two of them. They ended up talking for hours and when the sun finally started to set she thanked him. The way he looked at her in that moment made her heart flutter and her stomach knot up, until he said those faithful words.

"What are big brothers for?"

Her stomach fell, and Faye could remember that, that was the first time she was disappointed to hear him say those words. Of course she chalked it up to being hurt by her boyfriend, and they rode back to Charming in silence. They had been there many times since then, but on a purely platonic level.

As she looked at him now, with those sad eyes she knew that he needed her, and she would be there for him just like he had been there for her many years ago.

"Just let me feed the kids and take them to school, and then I'm yours for the rest of the day" His smile was all the conformation she needed. Those butterflies were still there.

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