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Chapter 5

She tossed and turned on the couch, Jax, now sitting in the chair still couldn't grasp her beauty. He didn't want to wake her up and tell her to put her clothes back on. But, he had to, and soon. The sun was coming up and he knew that Op wouldn't stay at the clubhouse for long. You don't wake up and cuddle a croweater, even if she is a pornstar. It wasn't just the fact that Opie would be coming home soon that was stopping him from waking her up, it was also due to the crazy amount of nervous he felt. Jax couldn't remember the last time a girl made him feel nervous. What if she regretted their decision? What if it had all been a big mistake and she never wanted to talk to him again? Jax wasn't sure he could handle that kind of pain.

Not only was he worried about that but, he was also sort of angry with himself. He knew that this decision was going to fuck up every other friendship he had, especially the one he had with Op. If he could have just kept it in his pants, if he could have ignored his growing feelings for Faye then he wouldn't have to worry about that on top of everything else going on in his life. He looked at the sleeping woman and smiled. She was worth it; she was absolutely worth fighting for. He cleared his throat and slowly but surely she opened her eyes and looked at him. If Jax was nervous before it didn't even come close to what he was feeling now, that is, until she smiled that 100 watt smile in his direction. He breathed a sigh of relief and returned her smile.

"Hey beautiful" he said it almost shyly. Not that Jax had ever in his life been shy but, if there was one girl that could make him feel that way, she was sprawled on the couch before his eyes. Naked.

Faye stretched and let out a moan, Jax thought he was going to spontaneously combust. With a body and a moan like that he wanted nothing more than to shed his clothes and take her again.

"Hey handsome" she said with a happy sigh. She was content. It didn't take a genius though to figure out that he had a lot on his mind.

"What's up?" She asked propping herself up on her elbows. She looked concerned and Jax didn't want her to feel like he regretted this decision. In fact it was the opposite.

"I'm just wondering if you're okay, I didn't hurt you or anything did I?" Jax wasn't sure if she had slept with any guys before or if she was, in fact, a virgin. It wasn't something that they talked about. He didn't know which answer would make him happier and he definitely didn't know why he was suddenly so interested. It wasn't exactly like he was pure himself.

She turned red and looked flustered. Jax should have known by the way she moved last night from position to position with ease, that she wasn't a virgin. The thought of her with other men made him angrier then he thought it would and he tried to suppress it. She didn't need his jealous bullshit.

She looked back up at him "No Jax, you didn't hurt me" She said it with finality and he knew that was all she was going to say on the subject.

"Are you okay? I mean, with what we did. You don't uh, regret it, do you?" She asked awkwardly but she never broke eye contact and he could see that she was just as nervous as he was.

Jax got up and moved over to the couch, she followed him with her eyes and he sat down beside her. His face inches away from hers.

"No, baby, I don't regret anything" the smile that grew on her face was all the reassurance he needed and he couldn't hold back. Jax took her lips with his own and began to slowly explore her mouth. She tasted so sweet. The kisses became hotter, heavier and needier. She started to explore under his shirt with her hands and her caresses felt so good.

He didn't have much to pull away; she was only wrapped in a thin blanket. He gave it a tug and her supple breasts popped out, her perfect little nipples already hard with pleasure. Jax gave her a sexy smile before he took one in his mouth sucking and flicking the tip with his tongue. Faye moaned and leaned back enjoying his expertise. He groaned against her breast and took the other one in his hand feeling the weight of it and used his thumb and finger to lightly pinch her nipple. The sensation sent her over the edge and she couldn't keep quiet. The pleasure was unbearable and she needed a release.

"Oh Jax ..Please Jax" the breathy way in which she said his name almost put Jax over the edge himself, she couldn't get any sexier. He knew that if he reached down she would be wet and waiting did he ever want it. He wanted her more than he's ever wanted pussy, because she wasn't just pussy. She was perfect.

Jax pulled the blanket away and spread her legs with his hand, just the look of her pussy made him harder then he already was. He could see her pleasure and he wanted to feel it, lick it, caress it. Anything to hear her moan, anything to feel her orgasm. He was just about to rub her clit when they heard the low muffled sounds of a Harley Davidson and the look on Faye's face would have been hilarious if he didn't feel the exact same way. Her legs closed so fast she caught Jax's finger tips between them and didn't even apologized when she hear him swear under his breath. He watched her as she fumbled for her clothes and sprinted to the bathroom. He couldn't help but admire her bare ass as she ran. As soon as the bathroom door slammed shut Jax stood and tried to straighten up the living room. He hoped to God it didn't smell like sex in there. He turned the t.v on and sat on the couch as nonchalantly as he could.

The motor on the Harley died and he knew at any moment his giant friend would come walking through the front door. He just had to play it cool, this wasn't the first time he slept over at Opies. He heard the front door open and then heard his friend moan. It was a hungover kind of moan and it made Jax chuckle.

Opie looked over at the sound of his voice and gave him a glare. "Shut up, I'm not used to drinking that much anymore. You missed one hell of a party man"

Jax shrugged it off "I just haven't been in the party mood lately. This shit with Wendy is taking its tole." It wasn't a lie and he knew that Opie knew first hand where he was coming from.

"Yeah I get it man, I guess there just comes a point where you shut it off for a while and try to have some fun" Opie smiled his wicked smile and Jax felt guilt knotting up in his stomach. He was having fun, with Op's sister.

"Speaking of, how was the blonde pussy last night brother?" he knew that the guy wanted to talk about it. Shit, Jax thought, this was the first pussy he's had since Donna left; of course he wanted to brag.

Opie looked around before answering. "Where's Faye?"

"She woke up about five minutes before you got home; she just jumped in the shower. I tried to convince her to make me some breakfast first but that didn't go over to well. I think she responded with make it yourself shithead" it was a lie but it was convincing because she has said that before, on multiple occasions.

Opie laughed from his gut and looked at the bathroom door with admiration in his eyes, the love for his sister was undeniable and that made Jax feel even more awful. He should also be looking at the door with admiration, not with the need to jump in the shower with her and touch her everywhere. He cleared his throat and looked away.

"So anyways, about the blonde." Jax got up and followed Opie to the kitchen. It wasn't a far walk because it was a small house but it was quaint and he was hoping the guy would make him some breakfast.

The wicked grin was back on his friends face. It must have been one hell of a night because Jax hadn't seen that grin in over a year.

"Fuck brother, it was amazing. She was amazing. Sexy and had the body of .. well of a pornstar, but it was much more than that. She didn't seem like the regular pussy we get crawling around the bar. She was actually funny and had some sort of a personality. She did things I've never even heard of before. I'll be tapping that again here soon."

Jax was happy for his friend even though he knew Faye would eventually ream Opies ass out. When it came to Cara Cara she was not a happy person. She treated the girls like shit and called them whores whenever the opportunity presented itself. She was like a little Gemma in that respect. Jax was about to respond when the next sentence that came out of Op's mouth made him almost choke on his coffee.

"I bet you wish you would have fucked a hot blonde last night" Opie was facing the stove and couldn't see Jax's expression which was the luckiest thing to ever happen to him. He took a second to recompose himself and laughed.

"Yeah man, me too. Maybe I'll find the girl you're talking about and give it a go" On a normal occasion he would like to get under Opies skin just for the sake of it, but today it was to try and switch the subject as best as he could.

"Ha Ha, she would just come back to me disappointed in you, There is no topping this man meat"

"Eww what man meat?! Please tell me you're not talking about yourself" They didn't hear Faye walk in and Opie turned a light shade of red.

"Oh hey Faye, good morning" Opie said choosing to ignore her. She wasn't giving up so easy though.

"Oh hey there you big man slut" she said with her eyes narrowed. Jax backed away, maybe the Cara Cara talk was coming sooner than expected. He leaned against the cupboard and risked a long glance, her hair was still wet and Jax couldn't help that his mind wondered to her shower and how her body must have looked all steamy and wet. It wasn't until he realized she asked him a question that he snapped out of it.

"Jax! Don't you agree?!" she asked her face flushed pink.

"Jax isn't going to agree with you Faye, he loves those girls" Opie shot back although it wasn't harsh. He knew better than to get in a heated argument with her about this.

"Oh really? Well Gemma will agree with me. Why don't I call her up and we can all talk about it" Faye grabbed her phone and forgotten she had put it on silent. She had ten missed calls from Gemma and twelve from Wendy.

"Shit" she muttered before walking back into the kitchen.

"Hey Jax is your phone on?" She said knowing full well that it wasn't. Opie seemed relieved she was dropping the subject for now. He hated arguing with his sister.

"Oh shit, I don't know. I'll go check" He walked in the living room leaving the two siblings alone. Before Faye could get another word in Opie started to talk as he broke a couple eggs over the pan.

"So how was your night?" What did you and Jax do?" the question was purely out of curiosity but Faye couldn't help but feel a jab of anxiety.

"We had a couple shots of Jack and hung out, watched a couple movies and he didn't want to go home to the Junkie Whore so I told him he could crash here, I took over Ellies bed for the night" it was almost honest. She never had to lie to Op before and it felt so wrong.

"The junkie whore eh?" He said with a laugh "I guess that about sums her up. Listen I'm glad you're here for him. I know he needs someone to talk to and with the Donna shit and the kids sometimes I don't feel like I have enough time"

Faye smiled "Of course I'm here for him. He's my best friend too." She pointed out.

"I know, I know I'm just saying I appreciate everything you do for us kid. You're not the clubs bitch. I just want to make that clear" he looked her in the eyes and she could tell he was tired. Not just physically but with all the bullshit he had to put up with.

She walked over to him and enveloped him in a bear hug. "I know Op, but thank you. You're a pretty stand up guy, ya know?" He kissed the top of her head when Jax walked back in.

"Soo Gemmas in a shitty ass mood. She says she needs to talk to me ASAP" Jax spilled. "Wanna come with me Faye? I think having you there might soften the blow"

Faye didn't particularly want to see the wrath of Gemma, although she was curious why the woman was so angry. She also didn't want to give up any alone time with Jax she could steal throughout the day so she looked at Opie.

"You need anything?" Faye asked him. He smiled and just shook his head "Nah kid, I'm just going to make myself some breakfast and hit the sheets. I'm tired" She just nodded and looked at Jax "Let's go get this over with then, and just so were clear I'm always on her side. She can get scary"

Jax smiled "Understood"


It was going to be a hot day. The wind was rapidly drying Faye's hair and it felt good, she was finally relaxing after almost getting caught this morning. She let her mind wander to the night before. She couldn't stop smiling, Jackson Teller was hers. She won, and he had wanted it just as bad as she did. It took a couple minutes to realize they had passed the clubhouse and they were going in the opposite direction of Gemmas place.

"Jax!? Where are we going? I thought you had to talk to Gemma?" She yelled in his ear over the wind. He half looked back with a smirk. That hadn't been his plan at all, she though wryly. He had to have seen all the missed calls on his phone though, either he didn't know or he didn't care. Faye decided to just embrace what was happening. She didn't let herself care too much about Gemma or Wendy right now, no, right now she was lost in Jax.

She knew exactly where they were going as soon as they hit the highway. They were going to their sacred spot. It was the perfect day for it, the sun was shining and in Faye's head the birds were chirping. She let the warm breeze warm her face and she smiled. This was where she belonged. On the back of Jackson Tellers bike. If things progressed they way she was thinking they were going to then they were going to have to figure out a way to tell Opie and the rest of the club. Maybe that's what he wanted to talk about. Or, she though blushing, maybe he wanted to finish what they started this morning.

It didn't take long to get there and she climbed off handing Jax his helmet back. She snuck a shy look at him and was surprised to find him staring at her, with hunger in his eyes.

"I need you" he said in a husky voice and it made Faye melt .. and a little wet.

"Well I'm right here baby, you can have me anytime you like" her voice was laced with pleasure and Jax couldn't help it, he kissed her passionately in front of passing vehicles. She reluctantly broke away and took his hand. As much as she wanted him, she wasn't about to pull her panties down on the side of the road. Faye led Jax to the spot and as soon as they reached the opening he whisked her off her feet and started carrying her. She squealed in delight, she could get used to this. He carried her over the shallow stream and set her down on the soft grass. She watched him take off his Kutte and then his shirt. He had the sexiest back in the world and the giant SAMCRO tattoo just made it even sexier. He was her biker, he was her bad boy and now he was her lover. He looked over his shoulder at her and a sexy grin spread on his lips. Her breath caught in her throat. No wonder every woman flocked to this man, he was beautiful.

He turned around and headed toward her wasting no time "Jesus Christ you're beautiful" He said before he leaned down and kissed her hard. This wasn't the sweet kiss he started out with this morning, no this kiss said much more.

She responded to every kiss with just as much need, and when he reached to take off her shirt she was ready. This wasn't going to be love making, this was pure animalistic need and it was hot. He undid her bra in the swift motion he learned from taking off more bras than he can remember and gasped at the sight of her beautiful tits. She loved what she could do to him so she pushed them out even farther, her breath catching in her throat when he took one in his mouth and kneaded the other one. She moaned so loudly when he sucked and pulled on her nipples that she was glad this was such a secluded place. Jax undid the button of her jeans with ease, one breast still in his mouth and he wasn't expecting her to reach down and grab his erection, hard. He gasped and she pushed him down. Undoing his pants was easy and pulling his boxers down even easier. What wasn't going to be so easy was the size of this gorgeous man. How was she supposed to fit all that in her mouth?

Faye grinned at Jax. She was always up for a challenge. She took the tip in her mouth using her tongue to glide slowly around and over the tip flicking the top every once in a while. "Holy shit Faye" he groaned when she picked up the pace. She loved the fact that she could leave Jax Teller "Sex God" speechless. She loved his groans and then she took him in the back of her throat and sucked. He called out and pushed her back.

"God damn, Woman. If you keep doing this I'm going to cum and I really want to fuck you." His voice was husky and he was out of breath. Faye gave a sexy smile, if it was a fuck he wanted then it was a fuck he was getting. She slide out of her jeans and panties and climbed on top of him. She was going to ride him until he couldn't take it anymore. Before she could feel his hardness inside of her, he handed her a condom, thank God he was paying attention because her mind wasn't anywhere close to protection. She took it out of the package and carefully slide it on with her mouth and then she rode him hard. He loved to watch her boobs bounce as her tight pussy rode his hard dick and he knew he was close to finishing, he needed her to finish with him. With one hand he started massaging her clit and the response was immediate. She started groaning and tightening and with one final plunge she called out his name and the sound of her orgasm made him orgasm.

Faye dropped beside him and he pulled her closer until her head was on his chest.

"You're fucking amazing" He said as he looked into those blue eyes.

She smiled shyly "You're pretty amazing yourself Jax Teller" and just about as she was leaning in for a kiss, his phone rang. He grabbed it out of his jeans with annoyance and looked at the caller I.D.

"Ugh, It's Gemma again" He said and made a motion to set it down.

"I think you should answer it Jax, She's been trying to call me too. I think it might be important" Faye left out that Wendy had been calling as well. He rolled his eye but answered.

"Yeah, what is it Ma" he said with a sigh.

"Where the fuck have you been Jackson Teller! You have a fucking wife here crying her God Damn eyes out claiming she's PREGNANT with your damn child. Please tell me you haven't been off fucking some easy pussy while I'm here dealing with this shit" The colour drained from his face and he glanced up at Faye. She was just as pale as he was.

"Mom, what? I haven't fucked Wendy in like, two months. She has to be lying" he said. Please God let her be lying.

"I have the pee stick right here Jackson. She's fucking pregnant. Get your ass to TM and deal with this shit" she hung up and he felt like he was going to throw up. If he ever needed a miracle it would be right now. Please let that crank slut be lying. He put the phone down and glanced up at Faye who was retrieving their clothing.

"Faye .." He didn't know what to say and neither did she because she didn't even look at him. He could physically see her retreating from him, she covered herself while she changed and when she looked back and saw that he wasn't getting dressed her eyes grew cold.

"Put your fucking clothes on, were going back to your pregnant wife" She walked away without him. She ignored the hurt look in his eyes because she, herself, was trying not to cry. Faye hadn't won at all; she had just became another notch in Jax Tellers bedpost.