(Disclaimer and Intro: Welcome to Avengeance, an attempt by me to adapt the storyline of the DC Fighting Game Injustice: Gods Among Us to feature the Avengers with an array of Marvel characters both good and evil. The story clearly will contain parallels which means spoilers for the actual DC game, as well as some new ideas by myself which attempt to expand the world a little. This is probably the most ambitious project I've been planning in a while - I got about over 50 chapters in mind already, with more besides. I'll probably go into more detail in future chapters but for the sake of keeping this intro short, I just wish to say that the Avengers and their numerous allies and enemies are properties of Marvel Comics, and that the inspiration for this fanfiction was created by DC Comics and Netherealm Studios (and if you haven't played it already you should cause it is totally awesome!). The Avengeance Universe is its own reality, taking inspiration from both the 616 Comics and the MCU Avenger movies, so I'm hoping both comic and movie fans will take something out of it. Hope you enjoy this story and please send me your reviews and comments, it's how I'll improve as a writer! :) )

"Me…I'm a futurist. The way my mind works… That's why I'm such a successful inventor. I know what people will need before they know they're going to need it. And now I'm going to tell you the future. Someday… A hero… some carefree, happy-go-lucky, well-meaning person with the best of intentions, will do something wrong. He'll be trying to save someone – do something heroic – but he'll make a mistake… and people will be hurt or killed because of it. And it'll either happen on live TV, or it'll be recorded. … Be played over and over, all over the world. Until all the unrest that is already bubbling will boil over… And the country will rupture. Sides will be taken and people will get hurt. Friend against friend. People who used to be adversaries finding themselves teamed up against a common cause. Friends dying at the hands of a former ally or team mate.

This is what will happen." – Anthony 'Tony' Stark

"Our world, our… reality… It's one of an infinite number of universes, of… 'What If's', if you like. Some of them may well be exactly like our own, but maybe because of one or two events, maybe minor, perhaps major… could be very different." – Doctor Henry Pym




Dramatis Personae


Banner, Bruce ('Hulk', Nuclear Scientist, Gamma Infused Human, Founding Avenger)
Barnes, James ('Winter Soldier ', WW2 Vet, Red Room Inductee, Avenger)
Barton, Clint ('Hawkeye', Marksman, Former Criminal, Former Agent of SHIELD, Avenger)
Danvers, Carol ('Captain Marvel', United States Air Force, Former Agent of SHIELD, Avenger)
Drew, Jessica ('Spider-Woman', Former Agent of HYDRA, Former Agent of SHIELD, Avenger)
Logan ('Wolverine', Mutant, Weapon X Program, Former Alpha Flight Member, X-Man, Avenger)
Maximoff, Pietro ('Quicksilver', Mutant, Former Brotherhood of Mutants, Avenger)
Maximoff, Wanda ('Scarlet Witch , Mutant, Former Brotherhood of Mutants, Avenger)
Parker, Peter ('Spider-Man', Former Daily Bugle Photographer, Horizon Labs Worker, Avenger)
Pym, Henry 'Hank' ('Ant-Man', Scientist Supreme, Founding Avenger)
Rhodes, James ('War Machine', United States Military, STARK Industries Contact, Avenger)
Rogers, Steve ('Captain America, Super Soldier Program, WW2 Vet, Honorary Founding Avenger)
Ross, Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' ('Red Hulk', United States Military, Gamma Infused Human, Avenger)
Stark, Anthony 'Tony' (STARK Industries Director, Founding Avenger)
T'Challa ('Black Panther', King of Wakanda, Avenger)
Thor (Asgardian, Prince of Asgard, Physician In Mortal 'Donald Blake' Form, Founding Avenger)
Van Dyne, Janet ('Wasp', Former Fashion Model, Founding Avenger)
Vision (Cybernetic Construct Created by Ultron, Avenger)

SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division)

Carter, Sharon (Level 7 SHIELD Agent, Known Romantic Ties to Steve Rogers)
Coulson, Phil (Level 7 SHIELD Agent)
Fury, Nick (Colonel, Level 10/Director of SHIELD, Additional Intel Classified)
Hill, Maria (Commander, Level 9/ Acting Director of SHIELD)
Romanoff, Natasha (Level 7 SHIELD, Former Red Room Inductee, Avengers Liaison)

STARK Industries

Hogan, Harold 'Happy' (Former Mid-Weight Boxing Champion, Security Officer at STARK Industries)
Potts, Virginia 'Pepper' (STARK Industries CEO Appointed by Anthony Stark)

OSCORP Industries

Osborn, Harry ('Green Goblin II', Honorary OSCORP Trustee)
Osborn, Norman ('Green Goblin/Iron Patriot', OSCORP Director)

Currently Active Super Criminals (Approach with Extreme Caution!)

Amora ('Enchantress', Asgardian, Sorceress with Mental Manipulation)
Blonsky, Emil ('Abomination', Former Russian Agent, Gamma Infused Human)
Dillon, Max ('Electro', Super Criminal, Electricity Manipulation)
Frost, Whitney ('Madame Masque', Super Criminal, Daughter of Count Nefaria (Deceased), Skilled Markswoman, Possible Romantic Ties to Anthony Stark)
Le Fay, Morgan (9
th Century Sorceress, Time Travel Abilities, Possible Connections to Victor Von Doom, Further Investigations On-going)
Loki (Faux Asgardian, Ice Giant, Shape Shifter, Magic User,
Master, Tony ('Taskmaster', Highly Skilled Assassin and Merc, Engage with high risk!)
Richards, Nathaniel ('Kang the Conqueror', 31
ST Century Native, Time Traveller, Possible Descendant of Reed Richards or Victor Von Doom, ALERT, PARADOXICAL NATURE DUE TO TIME TRAVEL! DEAL WITH HIGH CAUTION!)
Schmidt, Johann ('Red Skull', Former Nazi Party Member, Former HYDRA Commander, Highly Dangerous!)
Schmidt, Sinthea ('Sin', Daughter of Red Skull, Shares Father's Ideologies, Skilled Markswoman,
ALERT:Displays High Sociopathic Traits, Restrain or Kill on Sight!)
Tong, Zhang ('Mandarin', File Name believed to be alias, actual name unknown, possesses high intelligence and alien ring-based technology)
Ulton (Cybernetic Construct, Creation of Hank Pym,
Highly Dangerous! Present Location Unknown!)
Viper ('Madame HYDRA', Current Commander of HYDRA
, Capture or Kill on Sight!)
Von Doom, Victor ('Doctor Doom', Ruler of Latveria, Highly Skilled in both Advanced Technology and Magic,
ALERT, LEVEL 10 THREAT, Diplomatic Immunity prevents Elimination! DO NOT ENGAGE UNLESS AUTHORISED!)
Zemo, Helmut ('Baron Zemo II' , Child of Henrich Zemo, Former Thunderbolt Leader)