Vampire amore, memoria Nasce


Vampire Love ~ Memory Arises

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Awesome chapter i am so happy that you are back.

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Nov 3


I hope Allen's old friends show up just once like if either Kanda or Lenalee wants him back. And Allen gets confused with his feelings and they see how awesome he is, but of course he chooses Kaname. Dude this is like one of my new Allen OTPs.

Really? Thank you! I mean I have my favorite Allen X Pairing myself but if this is on your list I'm pretty happy. When I first started this story I wasn't really sure if people would like it, and of course I did get help with in it in the beginning which I'm really thankful for. I hope this chapter will spark all types of lovely yaoi feels and keep looking forward towards the next chapter ahead along with this one.

Dec 22

DragonFire Princess


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{Afternoon/Night/Morning Nine - What Love Can Do}

A week after Yuki and Zero was attacked, everything came all back to normal... well of course almost, since Allen couldn't regain that last bit of his memory no less. Instead of going straight to the Tower, he along with the rest of the girl and few other brave boys at this school watch as the Night Class enters the school for it was their turn to learn something.

Allen watched with careful eyes as he saw Yuki and Zero keep the crazy fangirls back, once the doors opened, Allen's eyes fixed on them, each of them had their own grace and beautiful charm that Allen could see why the girl would be crazy, yet once Allen caught onto his scent, he stared at the person he knew he loved.

Kaname was the most elegant man Allen ever laid eyes on. Kaname didn't even look at his fans like the other but Kaname quickly rose his eyes from the ground and onto Allen just as quickly as Allen was to him. With a graceful smile, his walking pace slowed just enjoy for Allen to get a good look of what Allen was in love with before going onto class.

"...Wow..." Allen said breathless, and quickly licked his lips.

"You seem like you set your eyes on a large juicy stake." A girl's voice chimed as Allen jumped to see Yuki, with a giggling and positive smile.

"Yuki..." Allen whispered as they both made there way to the very back, usually where it was hard to see, not that it mattered to the fans, they all wanted a piece... Yuki will just have to make it up to Zero later.

"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that. Allen... I don't mean to be so straight forward but do you like Kaname-sama?"

"I respect him greatly." Who was Allen kidding, Allen wanted to spend every waking moment by his side, he wanted to be love by that man... of course, Allen was sure there was a way to get back to his world but, at this point Allen wanted to be by someone who loves him... and so far it was going pretty well... though he still have questions that needed to be answered.


"Huh, oh sorry... I was lost in my train of though..."

"About Kaname?"

"H-huh?" Allen looked at Yuki with a slight state of confusion, of course Allen thought about Kaname but not how Yuki thought about how Allen, thought about Kaname.

"Don't try to hide it from my Allen Walker..." She jabbed her finger in his chest as her voice when down to a low whipser that no human could hear, "I know that Kaname has been visiting your room in the Tower nearly every night, now you don't have to tell me what's going on between you too because I already got a soild idea..."


"No! Nope! Don't even try it!" With a laugh she hugged Allen who was now totally confused, he heard her whisper,

"You haven't shared blood but I smell him all over you... Kaname-sama scent, is so deep in your skin, you could be mistaken for him... so... who's on top...?" Allen pulled away unable to keep the blush off your face,

"We haven't slept together..." Allen said in a low breath while he was trying to breathe.

"So you guys are together!" Yuki hissed back in excitement. "Allen that's great! That's wonderful! Oh my god, why haven't you guys shared blood yet...? It's like making love for the first time." Allen only sighed but he was surprised,

"Y-you want us to be together...?"

"Of course why wouldn't I? I mean sure Zero and Kaname-sama don't get along but they would never dis-respect each other. Beside, when Kaname looks at you - he so in love he doesn't know what to do... so I say go for it... and try not to tease him to much, k." She winked as Allen laughed warmly and snorted and muttered more to himself,

"You only wish that was true."


"Nothing, nothing..." Looking back up, and sanding on his tippy toes, there was one left. She wasn't too tall, maybe a half an inch taller then him. She has pale brown hair that falls in waves down to her waist. Her eyes are a few shades darker than her hair, and she has the same pale, creamy skin tone. Seconds later her eyes snapped to Allen, giving him a icy glare before heading into her class room, yet what freaked Allen out the most was how she kept walking but was still able to glare at him.

"I guess I wasn't the only one that picked up Kaname-sama's scent..."

"W-who is she?"

"Ruka Souen, she is a Aristocrat or Level B vampire. She is completely at Kaname-sama's command. Sad really, someone already loves her..." Allen raised his brow at Yuki who muttered that last part but she only shook her head before turning back to Allen,

"Be careful Allen. I can only watch your back for so long... I wouldn't be alone with her..."


"Her power cause horrible Illusions... so I would stay either really close to Kaname-sama... or really far away."


"I'm serious Allen... that girl..." She shook her head again before looking around to see most people have left, it was alright night...

"You should get back to your room."

"Very well, good night Yuki." She smile at him who smile back,

"You too... good night Allen."

Allen laid in bed, he was still slightly wet from his shower that completely relaxed his muscle, laying in complete darkness usually was the calmness time... or at least it was...

I know Yuki seems like a really good person and I really don't have a lot to say that I can't trust her but..., Ruka...? She's in love with Kaname... yet I am too... if she was in love with him, why didn't she confess her love? Maybe she did and he turned her down... it was probably during a time Kaname was in love with Yuki... I probably should have ask Yuki more... oh well... I'll ask her tomorrow.

Allen was at this point, slowly feel to sleep... yet... once again their was that one thing at kept him awake... A knock. A gentle knock. It was gentle, nothing like Kaname's...

"One moment..." Allen yawn, getting up he quickly found his shirt and he was already where pj's... at least the bottoms of them. Opening the door and turning on the light Allen's eyes laid on Ruka.

"Oh! HELLO!" He rather screamed that line but it didn't bother her a bit,

"Can I come in...?"

"Yes..." He didn't want to be rude... and on a line of vampires he was probably near the bottom...

"As I predicted... this whole place smells like him..."

"H-how...?" Allen croaked out as Ruka snapped towards him,

"Kaname-sama, you idiot. Why are you here anyway?"

"Kaname-sama gave me the tower since there was no other room at the school."

"And the headmaster let a thing like you in..."

"I'm not trying to be rude Ruka-sama, but what do you mean; "a thing like me"." Putting the air quotes around that small part Ruka laughed,

"I don't know what you are but you not full human... that's for sure... stay away from him Allen Walker or you won't wake up from this little moment of being noticed. Have a wonderful night, Walker..." With that she felt as Allen held his breath up until the point she closed the door behind herself...

Allen sat back down on his bed and let off a shiver, not out of fear or cold but anger. He decided to Yuki advice into account but since he figured his mind was clouded so decided to take action, tomorrow. It was a new day, after all.

Well everyone that's the end of this chapter come back for the next one, have a Happy New Year and 2014 HERE WE ALL COME!