Prisoner 08091940- Severus Snape

Cell 42D-High Risk Security

Azkaban Prison- Great Sea, North Atlantic


Professor Snape,

I reckon if you never heard the name Harry Potter again you'd be grateful for the respite. To be honest sir, I've tried very hard not to contact you. I've written countless letters only to end up tossing them into the fire knowing the last thing you'd want is to hear from me. In the end however, I knew I'd never find the peace I needed to move on with my life if I didn't write to you even once. I don't expect any kind of response nor do I even think you'll read this letter, but somehow my heart feels lighter with the knowledge it will be sent.

I won't ask how you survived Nagini's attack nor harass you for information about my mother. You gave me far more than I could have ever dreamed when you shared your memories of her. It was a gift I will be eternally grateful for and I promise you sir, those memories will stay secure in my Gringotts vault until your release, at which time I'll return them safely to your possession. Nobody has viewed them aside from me, and I swear to you it will stay that way.

You can't begin to know how grateful and relieved I was to learn of your survival, although if I'd known what the Wizengamot had planned for you, I would have encouraged you to stay hidden rather than endure the injustices of your trial. Your words come back to me now, harsh but true: nobody ever said life was fair. Though the cynicism of reality has given me a new appreciation for those words, it doesn't mean I have to accept them. I certainly refuse to accept your imprisonment which was wrong on every level, while real criminals like Malfoy and his wife get away with barely a slap on the wrist. The wizarding world was looking for a scapegoat Professor Snape, and they found it in you.

I tried professor.

I did everything in my power as did Hermione, Professor McGonagall and many others. The fact that Dumbledore left nothing to support your case only intensified my anger against him. It's obvious we were all used as pawns for the greater good. Though I now fully understand what his intentions were, I believe somewhere along the way, he lost track of the individual lives revolving around his plans in favour of the bigger picture. I think in that sense, Dumbledore lost some of his humanity. His lectures on love and compassion still resonate through me, although now they're tainted with the bitterness of his hypocrisy.

The cruel reality was he never expected either of us to survive Professor Snape, so never planned anything for it. The very fact that he cast us aside for dead so early on, was deeply upsetting. Seeing the scope of it now, there isn't a single person who doesn't agree there could have been alternatives to his master plan had he chosen to see them, but I suppose it's too late to go into what if's. As Hermione often tells me, contemplating it is enough to drive anyone mad.

The main purpose of this letter isn't to prattle on about what could have been, but to convey to you the things I never had the chance to say. I know you don't want to hear any of this, but I need to say them regardless.

I need this Professor Snape.

I need this for me.

Thank you for loving my mother as you did. It was you who taught me the true nature of unconditional love, not Dumbledore. It took me a long time to admit this, but as much as I love my mother, she did not deserve everything you endured for her. Although it hurt deeply to know the faults of my parents, it also made me realise that I'd placed them on an unrealistic pedestal for far too long. I guess you could say I stopped looking at mum and dad through rose-coloured glasses, once I viewed your memories. You were right about my dad in many ways, but I like to believe in the end, he matured enough to know he was wrong about the things he did in his youth. I also need to believe that mum knew she should have forgiven you, if only to keep a cherished childhood friendship. Of course I'll never know the answers to these questions, but I suppose what's more important are the lessons they carry, which I'll take with me throughout my life.

More than anything, I'm sorry for the continuing retribution you are being forced to suffer in Azkaban. I swear to you professor, we're not giving up! Hermione, who's decided her future lies in Wizarding Law, is appealing your case even as I write this. Since you already consider our lot hopeless Gryffindors, it should come as no surprise to you that we're going to continue fighting for your release even if it takes us all five years of your sentence! It might also interest you to know that Draco has come on board and is lending his time and resources, which I have no doubt would be completely against his father's wishes. Though I loathe that Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were able to use their money and influence to buy their way out of prison, at least they've done us a service by crawling into obscurity for the time being.

I don't pretend to believe you're interested in any aspect of my life sir, so I won't burden you with details about it. As I said in the beginning, I don't expect any type of response to this letter. It would be enough for me to know that your eyes have looked upon its contents. It's been unbearable for me to think you would never know the gratitude that's in my heart for all that you've suffered for our cause, especially for a boy who's been the physical embodiment of all the things you despise. I can only hope that eventually you'll see that I am not my father Professor Snape, and someday will be able to look past my exterior to know that my words are indeed sincere.

Thank you sir for everything you've done, not only for our world, but also for my mother and especially for me. Please know that despite what you may believe, there are many among us who greatly admire and respect you as one of the bravest men we will ever know.

Myself included.

With deepest respect,

Harry Potter