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So, I do actually think that their first time together is going to be wild and passionate and just the 'ripping the clothes of each other' kind of sex and that's how I wrote all their 'first times' so far. But Angelfan984 pointed out that in this scenario she thinks that it should be sweet and gentle. Well, since my muse is terrible when someone plants an idea in my head she fired picture after picture of them having slow and tender sex at me until I gave in and just wrote it and I love me a challenge. Let's see if I can keep it tender! :-)

Only love could heal a broken heart.

Because her heart had been broken and she'd truly believed that it had been broken beyond repair, that no man would ever be able to make her trust him with her heart again.

But it had happened. She had found that man. She was in his arms right now and she would take Mary Margaret's advice and wouldn't waste any more time.

"I'll be right back." Emma slipped out of his arms, giving him a dazzling smile before she hurried below deck.

Killian was just staring after her, still not quite sure if what just happened was actually real or just something his brain came up with because he wanted it so much. He hadn't moved at all as Emma reappeared with her father in tow a few minutes later. Prince Charming was looking a little peeved that he'd been woken up but Emma just dragged him up the stairs to the helm, giving Killian an expecting look.

"What is your father doing here?" Killian looked from Emma to her father, a scowl appearing between his brows. "You didn't need to haul him out of bed so that he could punch me right now."

"Punch him? Why would I want to punch him? What did he do?" David stiffened, every sleepiness vanished out of his posture in a heartbeat and he already took a step towards Killian, balling his hands into fists and a small smirk quirked up Killian's mouth because he knew how much Emma loved to see Prince Charming's protective side.

"Nothing." Emma pulled David back, rolling her eyes unnerved. "He didn't do anything that warrants a punch."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Emma, I don't understand ..." Killian began but Emma interrupted him.

"You did teach him how to stir your ship, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did. But ..."

"Splendid." Emma grinned, grabbing Killian's hand and pulling him down the stairs. "David, you can manage the ship alone for an hour or so, right?"

"Yes. But where are you two going?"

"We need to take care of something and it can't wait."

"Take care of ..." David started, his eyes falling on their intertwined hands and he furrowed his brows, taking in a sharp breath as he suddenly realized what Emma was talking about. "Oh no! Emma! You can't ..."

"Of course I can." Emma threw back over her shoulder. "Thanks, Dad."

"Now she is calling me Dad." David grumbled already stepping away from the helm but then he saw his wife coming up to him, a soft smile on her face and he stopped dead in his tracks.

"She is an adult, David." Mary Margaret said quietly, her hand brushing over his arm.

"So you actually approve of this?"

"You mean would he have been my choice?" Mary Margaret asked, waiting for his nod before she shook her head slightly. "No, he wouldn't have been."

"See! We should go after them, we should ..."

"But it's not our choice to make. They need each other."

"I don't like it."

"Of course not." Mary Margaret chuckled. "You are her father."

"I'm ridiculous, aren't I?" David questioned, rubbing a hand over his face.

"Only a little."

"So she really chose him?" David looked down, a small part of him still hoping that his wife would tell him that this was just a fling, that it wouldn't last, even though deep down he knew that it was more than that.

"Looks like it." Mary Margaret said softly, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her body against his. "She chose him."


Emma closed the door firmly behind her, pushing the bolt shut. She would not let anyone interrupt this. She had denied herself to acknowledge her feelings for so long and she meant what she told David. She couldn't wait any longer.

Pushing herself away from the door, she turned around slowly, expecting Killian to watch her but he was bent over the table, his back turned towards her and she heard the distinctive sound of a striking match as he lighted the gas lamp in front of him and she stepped closer, wrapping her arms around his waist, pressing her face against the cool leather of his coat.

His hand went immediately up to cover hers and he leaned back slightly, his fingers skimming over her skin, neither of them moving for a few minutes, both still a little stunned about the fact that they had finally admitted that they had feelings for each other.

Slowly Killian turned around in her arms, his hand going up to her hair, brushing it softly back over her shoulder and tilting his head, he leaned down, his lips ghosting over her neck, making her shiver, his mouth trailing a path up to her ear, then along her jaw, his breath brushing hot over her skin as he hovered over her lips but he didn't close the last gap but stepped back and shrugged out of his coat.

Somehow she'd always expected that when they would finally cross the line it would be hot and passionate. Wild sex that would leave bruises. She wasn't prepared for this sensual assault, his tenderness.

Her hands trailed over the buttons of his vest and she remembered that she'd wanted to ask him why he'd stopped wearing all black and instead appeared with this red vest about two weeks ago. She knew him wearing it was carrying a deeper meaning. Somehow it had seemed as if a burden had been taken away from his shoulders. Something had changed that day, she had felt it. It had made it even harder for her to deny the feelings she had developed for him.

Slipping her hand under the buttons, she opened it slowly, her eyes fixated on the task, her fingers trembling slightly as she unfastened the buttons of his shirt next, holding her breath as she brushed both his shirt and the vest over his shoulders. She'd caught herself quite often imagining how he would look like naked, the deep V of his shirts giving her already a pretty good idea but she was still not prepared for the sight in front of her.

Taking one step back, she let her eyes roam over his chest and lifting her hand, she trailed her fingers over the scars covering his body, barely touching them, a sudden lump appearing in her throat as the scars once again reminded her of how much pain he'd had endured in his life. Both physical and emotional.

Stepping slowly around him, she let her fingers outline every little scar and leaning forward, she brushed her lips over a particular thick scar, feeling an insane urge to hurt the ones who had hurt him. She felt him shudder as her fingers ghosted over the scar that went from his right shoulder blade across his whole back, ending shortly before it reached the hem of his pants and skimming her fingers over his waist to his stomach, she stepped back in front of him.

Staring up in his eyes, she was suddenly uncertain how to proceed. Somehow the fact that they hadn't spoken one word since they'd stepped into the cabin made the whole situation so intense that she feared to make a wrong move and ruin everything.

But then he lifted his hand and pushed her gently back, his fingers working on the first button of her blouse and Emma groaned deeply when he leaned down and let his mouth wander along the rim as he opened button after button. His hand flattened against her stomach as her blouse fell open when he reached the last button and using his hook he pulled it over her shoulders, his mouth closing around one nipple, sucking it into his mouth through the fabric of her bra.

She didn't even realize that his hand had wandered to the clasp of her bra, her mind solely focused on the sensations his mouth elicited in her and she suppressed a whimper when he leaned back. But her breath hitched in her throat as he slipped her bra down her shoulders, his gaze heating up as his eyes locked on her naked breasts, making her feel as if he would set her skin on fire with only one look.

Raising his hand, he let one finger circle one of her breasts, making her nipple harden even more in response and as he leaned down to trace the path of his finger with his tongue, hot pleasure shot straight to her core. His lips were only teasing touches, only skimming over her skin and as he reached the peak he stopped, his breath brushing over her and she almost yanked his head forward, wanted to thrust her nipple into his mouth and a jolt of hot, pulsing lust surged through her body as his tongue suddenly licked over the tip, his teeth scraping tentatively over the sensitive peak before he sucked it into his mouth once again and Emma thought she would explode right then and there, his tongue twirling around her puckered nipple almost making her come.

But then his mouth was suddenly gone and he turned her around, his hand finding its way down her stomach, his fingers opening her pants swiftly and pushing them gently down her legs. He let go of her for the few seconds it took them to slip both out of their shoes before his arms were around her again, pulling her back against his body.

His fingers disappeared under her panties, brushing softly over her, parting her and Emma turned her head upwards, searching his lips, her tongue finding his as his fingers slipped through her wetness, stopping teasingly at her entrance, just sliding back and forth slowly and Emma arched into his touch, the want, the need making her feel dizzy.

She knew he would make her come like this if she wouldn't stop him. But she wanted to have him in her for the first time. She needed him in her. Now.

Her hand reached for his wrist, pulling his hand out and turning around, she stepped back, meeting his gaze and as she looked into his blue eyes, eyes hooded with desire, she needed to hold back the words that almost tumbled out of her mouth. She loved him and she wanted to tell him but somehow this night wasn't the right moment. She would tell him. Soon. But not now.

Breaking eye contact with him, she leaned forward, pressing her lips against the rapid beating pulse point at his neck, letting her hands trail down his stomach until she felt the buttons of his pants under her fingers. Opening them slowly, her fingers brushed over him ever so softly, a smile curving up her lips as she heard his sharp intakes of breath every time her fingers made contact with his length and when she had unfastened all the buttons, she pushed the pants down, taking his boxer briefs with them, admiring his body for a few seconds before she closed the gap between their bodies.

Pressing her hands against his chest, she stood up on her tiptoes, their mouths meeting for another slow kiss and his arms encircled her waist, pulling her into his body, a sigh slipping over her lips as she felt his length against her stomach, the contact making her whole body vibrate in anticipation.

Killian stepped back and took her hand, pulling her towards the bunk, pushing her down gently, his hand and hook went to her panties, drawing them down her legs, revealing everything to his hungry gaze and Emma opened her legs, welcoming him as he covered her body with his and feeling his hardness against her inner thigh, she shifted impatiently under him until he was pressing against her entrance and Emma wrapped her hands around his neck, waiting for him to enter her.

When he did, he slid into her so excruciatingly slow that Emma held her breath, arching her back, demanding from him silently to push deeper but he didn't budge, giving her another toe-curling kiss while he was still only half-buried in her. Emma envied his restraint, she wanted to claw his skin open, she wanted to feel him pushing into her with hard thrusts and she whimpered under his lips, not able to keep herself from pleading.

"Killian, please. I need you." Her voice sounded hoarse and eerily loud in the silence of the cabin.

But instead of pushing deeper into her he retreated and Emma let out a strangled sound, half sob, half moan, locking her legs around his waist to keep him from pulling away further. "Where do you think you're going, pirate?"

"Nowhere." Killian replied huskily and moved his hips forward, slipping into her and Emma cried out as he leaned forward, burying himself even deeper in her before he stilled every movement again for a few seconds. As he started moving again it was in the same excruciatingly slow pace than before.

She wanted to hit him, wanted to make him push harder. Faster. Her body was vibrating, every single nerve ending was sizzling, she wasn't able anymore to take in deep breaths as he kept torturing her with long and slow strokes, bringing her closer and closer to her release.

"Oh my!" Emma let out a silent moan as his hand reached between their bodies, his fingers stroking over her most sensitive spot and she exploded under him, her walls clenching around him and his fingers slipped to her waist, digging into her flesh as he kept pushing into her, not letting her getting down from her high as he altered the angle of his thrusts, hitting her even deeper and Emma felt another wave tugging at her, her heart picking up its pace again as he pushed her towards another orgasm, this time tumbling over the edge with her, their bodies arching into each other, the intensity of their orgasms making them see stars.

Killian knew he was probable crushing her but he just needed a few seconds to be even able to move a muscle. He jerked in her arms as she clenched her walls around him again, a low chuckle reaching his ear and he smiled against her skin as he sensed the pride in her voice that she made him jump. But he was only a man. Of course he would never get tired of this.

Slipping out of her, he rolled down from her and pulled her into his arms, arranging the blanket around them one-handed and Emma snuggled deeper into his embrace, closing her eyes tiredly, her fingers intertwining with his as his arm went around her waist and drawing his hand up, she pressed a kiss against his knuckles.

"Good night, Killian."

"Good night, Emma."

It had been a long time since she'd stayed in a bed with a man after having sex with him. The last ten years her love life had only excited in one-night stands or hot but short affairs but this, what she had with Killian … it was different. Because with him there were feelings involved. Deep feelings.

Two broken hearts had found each other and despite the hurt and pain they both had to endure so far in their lives they were able to trust again. They were able to trust each other. Because they shared a special connection. A connection Emma was sure no one could destroy.

"Before we met,

I was as lost as a person could be

and yet you saw something in me

that somehow gave me direction again."

Nicholas Sparks

But that's really the end! See, I was able to keep it tender and believe me that was no easy task. I hope you liked it!