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Someone on tumblr asked me how I thought Castle gave Beckett an orgasm for the first time and this was my response. Big, big thanks to the anon who provided the inspiration. A post-Always fic, I suppose.

Her fingernails cut into the back of his neck when he pins her up against the wall in his office, his mouth roaming over her damp skin and hands pulling at her wet clothes. Kate moans when he slips his thigh between hers and his hips rock forward at the sound. He wants to hear it again.

And again.

His name is a breathy sigh hanging in the back of her throat as he pulls her shirt up over her breasts and runs a hand across the flat plane of her stomach. He tries to pull back, to get her shirt over her head, but Kate clings to him, teeth sinking into the side of his neck.

Surrendering to her attack, Castle runs his hands up her sides, fingers strumming over her ribs. Her pelvis pitches forward and her head hits the wall when he pulls her bra out of the way and rolls her nipples between his fingers, his touch firm and sure.

Kate rocks into his leg when he dips his head to her breast, her hips setting up a tight little rhythm as she fists his hair in both hands and arches her back. The overwhelming need to feel her, to touch her, wells up in his chest and Castle slides his right hand down, popping the button on her jeans and slowly lowering the zipper.

His fingers dip under the waistband of her underwear, the heel of his hand pressed firmly into her abdomen. They both moan when he shifts down to cup her in his palm, her breast falling from his mouth as he pants harshly against her skin. He's wanted this for so long. Wanted to feel her pressed up against him, her body warm and responsive and his.

Castle, please.

Gently, he slides his middle finger against her, her name caught in his chest when he feels her for the first time, feels how hot and wet she is, how ready. Castle straightens his back as he teases her with one finger, wanting to see her face. To see what he does to her. Her eyes flutter in time with the tight circles he's drawing around her clit and he presses his leg harder between hers.

Look at me, Kate.

Her eyes are hazy when they meet his, green irises nothing more than halos around the inky black pupils. Castle rakes his gaze over her face when he pushes one finger into her, watches the way her throat convulses and her mouth falls open. In that one moment, feeling her clench around his finger as she grinds herself into his palm, he knows he's ruined.

Her rhythm quickly gets sloppy and rough and Castle grips her hip with his left hand, trying to even her out. Kate's head rolls from side to side against the wall, hands twin vices around his biceps. She whines out something that sounds like more and he slips another finger into her, tongue licking a wet stripe up the column of her throat.

He needs her. Needs to know right now what it's like when she comes for him, how she feels and sounds. Pressing his body more firmly into hers, Castle rocks his hips and twists his palm, his forehead falling into the crook of her neck when she clamps down around him and whimpers his name over and over, one hand sliding down to wrap around his wrist, holding him in place as she continues to rock.

Kate sags back against the wall after a long minute, her chest heaving and eyes closed. She flutters around him as he gently pulls out, her body trying to keep him close. Leaving a sticky trail up her stomach and over her breasts, Castle settles his hand at the base of her throat where he can feel her heart pounding against his palm.

Slowly, he kisses her, pulling her body off the wall and walking her backward toward the bedroom, want and need aching low in his groin.

He's never going to be the same.

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