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Blaine walked into Kurt's room with an easy going smile. Wordlessly he sat on the end of the bed and laid down next to Kurt, closing his eyes and exhaling slowly. Kurt looked up from his homework with an amused smirk. Blaine had called several hours earlier to invite him to dinner but he declined, needing the alone time to catch up with his homework. He could tell by Blaine's tone that things had gone better than expected and the peaceful smile on Blaine's face was all Kurt needed to know that dinner had also gone well.

"You know, I never imagined how easy it would be to go home," Blaine said in a hushed voice. "It was awkward at times, sure. But I didn't realize how much I truly missed my parents until I was there," he opened his eyes and looked at Kurt adoringly. "I missed you though. I wish you would've been there."

"I really needed to get this work done," Kurt told him, gesturing to the Chemistry book in his lap. "Besides, I figured it was important for you to spend some alone time with them."

Blaine nodded and rested his head back for only a moment. He glanced sideways at Kurt to see him diligently working on his assignment once more. He thought of his parents and how their love had always moved him when he was younger. His heart broke for their struggles now and he sincerely hoped that they were able to work things out. He reached for Kurt's left hand and lifted it off the book. Kurt watched with curiosity as Blaine undid his cuff, brought his hand towards his face, and kissed his wrist.

"You ok?" Kurt asked. The kiss was gentle but a little cautious and Kurt wondered what he was missing.

Blaine nodded, his nose nuzzling against his name. "My mom is falling out of love with my dad," he whispered and Kurt's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Her name is starting to fade from his wrist. The conjoined lines are all but gone at this point."

"Oh my god."

"Yeah," Blaine looked at Kurt with sadness in his eyes. "That's why he wanted to see me. He knew that if he didn't swallow his pride he would lose her." Blaine sat up, moved Kurt's homework aside, and swung his leg over Kurt's lap. He undid his own cuff and joined their hands together. "I don't ever want that to happen to us. I don't ever want to be like him."

"You aren't."

Blaine shook his head. "But I am. I don't always communicate the way I should and I'm just as stubborn."

"Neither do I," Kurt smirked. "And I'm pretty sure I'm just a tad more stubborn than you."

Blaine rolled his eyes playfully. "The point is, I don't ever want us to not talk things through because we're too stubborn to admit we're wrong. I don't ever want you to question our love because I shut you out."

"That's not going to happen," Kurt promised. "We're different, Blaine. You know that. The Mira would never have come to us if we weren't. And I'm not saying we won't ever fight or shut each other out. I'm saying that we'll work through it and whatever else the world throws at us because our love is unbreakable. Nothing is ever going to get in-between us."

"How can you be so sure?" Blaine questioned though in his heart he knew they would be ok.

"Because I have faith in you and in us and in our love," Kurt reached for his cheek to caress. "I'm never letting you go, Blaine, not ever. I promise."

Blaine leaned forward for what was meant to be a sweet kiss, but the moment their lips touched the air around them thickened, their heart beat's racing. Kurt pushed his work off the bed and moved so that they were lying down with Blaine on top. He wrapped his leg around Blaine's thigh and moved his hips expertly, moaning with want into Blaine's mouth. He could finish his homework tomorrow. Reassuring Blaine of their love was more important and he would gladly do it every single day for the rest of their lives.

Finn waited by his bedroom door for the first sign of Blaine. He had a favor to ask, or rather a promise he wanted to cash in on but he didn't want Kurt to know about it yet. His step-brother would surely stop him from asking if he knew. His birthday was the weekend after Valentine's Day and Finn wanted to do something special for Rachel, for them. He spent all week trying to find the right time but had yet to find a moment alone with Blaine. He hated to ask now with his parents surely on their way to join them for Friday night dinner, but Blaine was leaving in a week and the arrangements needed to be made. Blaine walked out of Kurt's room dressed in black slacks and a blue polo. Finn exhaled. It was now or never.

"Blaine," he called in a whisper. Blaine raised a curious brow and walked his way. "Where's Kurt?"

"In the shower getting ready for dinner," Blaine told him.

Finn nodded inside his room and Blaine walked in. He closed the door behind them, giving Blaine a goofy but nervous smile. "I know that you're probably trying to get like, emotionally ready for dinner tonight and this is totally shitty timing, but I have a favor to ask."

"Alright, what's up?"

"Ok so like, you remember how you yelled at Rachel and made her cry?" Finn asked awkwardly. "And you said you'd make it up to her?"

Blaine nodded slowly, "Yes."

"Ok well, I'm calling in that favor. As you know, it's Valentine's Day on Wednesday."

"Uh, huh."

"Well, it's also my birthday next weekend," Finn said with a bashful smile. "I really want to do something amazing for Rachel but I don't exactly have the money."

Blaine smiled with amusement. "Let me guess, you need my help paying for the hotel?" Finn nodded hopefully. "Here's what I'll do; I will make all the reservations for you and all you have to do is show up."

Finn's eyes widened with excitement. "Seriously?"

"Mhm," Blaine nodded. "Your birthday is Saturday so I'll make the dinner reservations for Friday and I'll book your hotel until Sunday. You can check out Monday morning."

"A whole weekend?!" Finn asked shocked. "I was just hoping for one night."

"You're turning of age, Finn, and Rachel's already 18. You two have been together for a while. I highly doubt you two won't bond this weekend and if you do, you need the privacy in order to really connect," Blaine said. "Honestly, I'm happy to do it. You and Rachel deserve a loving, sweet weekend away from your families."

Finn's smile was impossibly wide. "Thanks, bro. I really appreciate it."

"It's no problem," Blaine assured him. He glanced at the time on his watch then looked up at Finn. "My parents will be here soon though so you might want to change."

Finn looked down at his jeans and t-shirt. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

"Nothing, except that Cheetos stains on the side."

Finn looked down again and saw the stain. "Crap. Ok, I'll change."

Blaine chuckled and headed towards the door. "Oh and Finn," Finn looked over at him from his closet. "I'm really happy for you and Rachel."

Finn blushed a little. "Thanks man. That means a lot." Blaine offered him a small smile and walked out.

Dinner started off incredibly awkward. From the moment John and Natalie arrived at the Hudmel home, Blaine went from his usual carefree self to stiff and worrisome. His anxiety over his parents meeting his new family was much higher than he anticipated and now that they sat across from each other at the dinner table, Blaine was at a loss as to how to incorporate both families. Finn and Kurt took their leads from Blaine and sat quietly, Finn even going as far as being conscious of how he ate. Burt sat at the head of the table watching his family and guests stare at their plates. This was not how dinner was supposed to go. Unwilling to let the awkwardness lie, he decided to break the ice.

"So boys," Burt directed at Finn and Kurt. "How's Nationals prep going?" Kurt and Finn glanced at each other and then at Blaine but neither said a word. "You guys still doing-"

"NO!" Finn and Kurt shouted simultaneously.

Natalie dropped her fork in surprise and John stared at them with an unreadable expression. Kurt shifted in his seat and cleared his throat. "Dad, we are not discussing Nationals in front of the enemy."

Blaine's jaw dropped. "I'm the enemy now?" he asked feigning offense.

"Uh dude, yeah," Finn said. "You're giving those guys all your secrets to beat us. You are definitely the enemy."

"Now, now," John spoke, everyone's attention going to him. "You boys must understand that Blaine is simply giving his Alma Mater a few tips. There is no shame in that."

A small smile pulled at Blaine's lips. His father was defending him? That was new. "We understand that clearly, Mr. Anderson," Kurt said with a sideways glance at Blaine. "However, we cannot risk Blaine using our set list as a way to ensure Dalton's win."

Blaine scoffed. "As if I needed your set list," he teased. "Dalton has this in the bag."

Kurt turned a glare on him though his eyes sparkled with delight. "Is that so?" Blaine nodded confidently. Kurt and Finn shared a look. "If you say so," he sang.

"You're awfully cocky for someone who hasn't chosen a song yet," Blaine said pointedly.

Kurt shrugged, a smirk on his lips. He'd let Blaine think he was still struggling for his song choice. It would make beating the Warblers that much more satisfying.

"Are you going to Nationals, Blaine?" Natalie asked curiously. "Or does it cut in with your tour?"

"It's right at the end of the tour but we might be able to fly in for a night," Blaine told her. "We'll definitely be here for graduation though."

"Awesome!" Finn exclaimed. "What about prom? You guys are gonna perform right?"

Blaine looked at Kurt bemused while Kurt deadpanned Finn. "We're performing at your prom?"

"No," Kurt answered though Finn nodded yes. "Principal Figgins wanted me to ask but there's no way you guys can fly back here for that and Nationals. I'd rather you be at Nationals so that you can watch us annihilate Dalton," he teased. "Besides, I'm going to be too focused getting those last minute votes. I can't have you there distracting me."

"What makes you think you're going to win?" Finn asked seriously. "What if Rachel and I win?"

Kurt laughed out loud. "Yeah right, Finn. On what planet are you and Rachel going to beat me and Tana? We have king and queen locked in the bag."

"Don't be too confident, son," Burt warned. "You may lose."

Kurt shook his head. "Not gonna happen."

Burt turned to Blaine. "What about you, Blaine? Were you prom king in your day?"

"Of course he was," John answered for him. "Both our boys were. You can't beat the Anderson charm."

Blaine chuckled a little. "This is true. Cooper even tried to get elected after he already graduated."

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me," Kurt laughed.

Burt turned to look at John who was watching Kurt and Blaine. "Blaine tells me you're the best financial analyst in the state, John."

Blaine caught his father's eyes and smiled a little. John smiled back, allowing himself to relax a bit. "I wouldn't say the best but I'm pretty good at what I do."

"Don't let him fool you, Burt. He could squeeze a quarter out of a penny," Blaine joked.

John smiled down at his plate. He couldn't believe that Blaine would talk his work up after so many years of it getting in the way of their relationship. "As I said, I'm pretty good at what I do."

"We should meet up," Burt said with a nod. "I'm always looking for a way to save some money."

John smiled at him. "We can definitely do that."

"But not right now," Carole cut in. "We are having dinner. No shop talk," she said with a pointed finger at Burt.

Burt pouted a little. "Yes, Mom," he teased, earning him a playful shove. "You like football, John?"

"Of course."

"Have you seen the mess that new coach at Ohio State created last season?"

John held up his hand. "I will not ruin my dinner talking about that man."

"Damn right!" Burt pounded the table. "I cannot believe they replaced Jacobson with that, that boy! I don't even want to call him a man. He's going to ruin the Buckeyes."

"Mhm," John agreed. "It's deplorable how he coached that team. He's killed any professional football future those boys had."

Burt nodded and scoffed. "That's for damn sure."

Blaine glanced at Kurt, just barely containing his grin. This was how he wanted dinner to go. This was how he wanted his families to be. Maybe he truly hadn't lost his family after all. Now all he needed to do was talk to Cooper and make sure his brother was on the same page. Blaine was done living in the past.

"Will we see you again before you leave?" Natalie asked hopefully as they hugged goodbye by the front door.

"I'll stop by once more before I leave," Blaine promised her.

"Make sure I'm home when you do," John said in a tone much softer than Blaine could ever remember hearing. "I would like to see you too."

Blaine parted from his mother and offered his father a gentle smile. "Of course. Maybe I can bring Kurt this time and you two can show him all my embarrassing baby pictures."

John laughed a little. "Sounds like a plan." They stood awkwardly for only a moment before John pulled Blaine into a hug. Blaine stiffened in surprise but allowed himself to fall into his father's unusually warm embrace. He couldn't even remember the last time his father hugged him. "I love you son," John whispered.

Blaine tightened his arms around his father, a single tear streaming down his cheek. "I love you too, Dad."

John held on for a second longer then pulled away. He gave Blaine a curt nod and escorted his wife out. Natalie side eyed John as they walked to the car. She was admittedly surprised by how well dinner had gone. In fact, she was surprised by how different her husband had been acting ever since Blaine and he talked things through. In many ways, his actions reminded her of the college boy she fell in love with.

"Jonathan," Natalie spoke with a softness in her voice that hadn't been there in a very long time. John turned to her with surprise. It had been quite a while since she had called him by his full name. "Why don't we go out for dessert?"

They reached the car and John placed his hand on her door handle but didn't open it. "You want to go get dessert?"

Natalie nodded with a sweet smile. "It's a beautiful night, isn't it? We shouldn't let it go to waste."

John smiled, bright and true, and Natalie sighed softly at the beauty. "I think that's a wonderful idea. Why don't we get some ice cream and then take an evening stroll?"

Natalie placed her left hand over John's heart, her gesture full of hope. "I'd love that."

Parrish barked at the door before the knock came. Sebastian looked at his dog and shook his head. "Why do you have to do that every single time?" he asked as he walked to his door. Parrish huffed at him and stepped back to let Sebastian open the door. "What's up, Drew?"

"A package came in for you," Drew answered with a nod to the large box. "You expecting anything?"

Sebastian shook his head bemused. He stepped outside and took a look at the writing. There was no return address but he recognized the penmanship easily. "I got it. I know who it's from." Drew nodded and walked away.

Sebastian lifted the box and brought it inside. He grabbed a pair of scissors and cautiously cut the packaging tape. Parrish wagged his tail excitedly as Sebastian opened the box to reveal its content. Inside was a guitar case engulfed in packaging material and a letter addressed to Sebastian in the zipper of the case.

"What the hell, Anderson?" Sebastian muttered with a smirk and pulled out the letter. Parrish stuck his nose inside the box and Sebastian snapped his fingers. "Don't even think about it," he warned.

Parrish stared at him then barked, his head resting on the edge of the box. Sebastian shook his head at the dog as he ripped Blaine's letter open.

Dear Sebastian,

Before you say anything, yes I know you prefer the drums to the guitar. I couldn't exactly airmail you a drum set though and personally, there's nothing more relaxing than laying back and strumming for a while. Besides, where would you keep the drum set?

Sebastian rolled his eyes and kept reading.

The reason I sent you this guitar, my guitar actually, is because I wrote a song on it for you and I felt that not only should you learn to play it, but you should play it on the very instrument that created the beautiful music.

I know it's hard being in London and away from us, from him, and I know that you hate how much you're struggling with everything. But hang in there Seb. You're going to make it through this. You and Hunter will make it through this.

Inside the zipper is a CD of me playing the song along with the sheet music. Learn it. Sing it. Allow yourself to drown in it. I have faith in you brother. Have faith in yourself.


Sebastian set the letter down and reached inside for the CD and sheet music. He grabbed his laptop, put the CD in, and played it with his headphones on. He closed his eyes as Blaine's smooth vocals tugged at his heart strings, his soul. He shed several tears, the lyrics fitting so perfectly to how he felt. Blaine always had been a brilliant lyricist. Once the song was complete, Sebastian sent Blaine a quick text and grabbed the guitar case out of the box. He would have learnt the song by the end of the day.

Blaine was awoken Wednesday morning with Kurt's finger teasing his puckered hole and his hand stroking Blaine's cock. Kurt ditched school since it was Valentine's Day and Blaine was leaving at the end of the week, and there was no way in hell he was going to waste a moment of it. They had the house completely to themselves until Finn got home from school. Blaine arched his back at Kurt's touch, sleepily mumbling Kurt's name as a single digit entered inside him.

"Get on your stomach," Kurt demanded gently. Blaine happily obliged, his ass in the air desperate for more. Kurt settled in-between Blaine's leg and kissed down Blaine's taut muscles. "Such a good boy," he purred.

Kurt spread Blaine's ass cheeks apart and licked down the crack. Experimentally, he dove his tongue inside. Blaine mewled with pleasure, his hips gyrating against the mattress in rhythm with Kurt's tongue. Kurt pulled back and slapped Blaine's ass.

"Watch it now," he warned. "Don't you dare cum until I'm fully inside you."

"Kurt," Blaine whined. "That felt fucking amazing. Don't stop."

Kurt slapped Blaine's ass harder. "Is that how you ask me?" he asked lowly.

Blaine bit his lip and looked behind with puppy eyes. "Please, sir, may I have more?"

Kurt slapped the other ass cheek. "More what? Be specific."

Blaine gulped. "Will you lick my asshole, sir?" he asked with submission, knowing exactly how much Kurt loved it. "Please, sir?"

Kurt smiled devilishly. "Since you asked so politely."

Kurt kept eye contact with Blaine while his tongue stretched Blaine's hole. He would have to do this more often. The sounds Blaine made were simply pornographic. Blaine stopped rutting against the mattress and started fucking Kurt's tongue, his need to release overwhelming. Kurt pulled back and went to insert two fingers inside Blaine to finish stretching him but Blaine stopped him.

"No more teasing, please," he pleaded. "I need you."

Kurt smirked. If only Blaine knew exactly how much Kurt planned on teasing him today. Kurt reached for the bottle of lube he had set aside and coated his throbbing erection generously. He lined himself up and slowly pushed his cock inside. Blaine hissed at the slight burn but then moaned at being so completely full of Kurt. Nothing in the world felt better than Kurt's dick in his ass. Kurt placed his hands on Blaine's ass cheeks and squeezed as he pulled out then bucked forward. Profanities fell out of Blaine's mouth with every thrust. It wasn't long before Blaine came all over the sheets but Kurt didn't stop fucking Blaine, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he got closer to the edge. Blaine clenched around him and thrust his hips back against Kurt until Kurt spilled inside him, his name falling from Kurt's lips.

Kurt exhaled, pulling out his softening dick and flopping down on the bed. Blaine cuddled up next to him, draping his arm over Kurt's abdomen. "Best wake up ever," he said with a kiss to Kurt's collar bone.

Kurt nodded with a lazy smile. "Shower first then breakfast?"

"Sure," Blaine agreed.

Kurt kissed him on top of his forehead then got out of bed. Blaine watched him walk into the bathroom, his heart heavy with longing. His flight was in two days and he wasn't at all prepared to leave Kurt's side. He pushed the sadness away though. Today was not the day to dwell on his departure. He could sulk on the flight alongside David and Wes.

"What should I wear tonight?" Kurt wondered as he took a bite of his pancakes. "I don't want to dress too fancy but I want to leave a good impression too."

Blaine half shrugged. His feet were tucked underneath him and the food tray was set in-between them on top of Kurt's bed. Blaine got a spoonful of chopped up strawberries and held it up to Kurt's mouth. "Wear whatever makes you comfortable. It's just dinner."

Kurt took the bite with an eye roll. "It's not just dinner. It's dinner with your parents."

"Which we already did last Friday," Blaine reminded him.

Kurt shook his head. "That was different. I had my family there as a buffer. This is just us, in your childhood home, eating with just your parents. I have to dress properly."

Blaine tilted his head, an adoring look in his eyes. "Kurt, don't make this into a big thing. Honestly, whatever you wear will be fine."

"But I want them to like me," Kurt pouted. "The outfit can make or break a meal."

"They already like you," Blaine spoke sweetly. He reached over the tray to hold Kurt's hands. "My mom adores you. She said that you're a very well-mannered young man with an elegance that she wished she had."

"She did not say that."

"Yes, she did," Blaine chuckled lightly. "And my dad thinks you have a very strong, outspoken personality, which apparently is a very good thing for me. In fact, his exact words to me were, 'Kurt seems like the kind of man who appreciates discipline and that son, is something you need for when you have children. You'd spoil them if not for him. I'm certain of it'," he mimicked his father.

"Well, he is right about that," Kurt said with a cheeky grin. "I do appreciate discipline," he purred.

Blaine's cheeks turned a bright red and he glared at Kurt playfully. "The point is, my parents like you, a lot. They just want the chance to get to know you a little bit better. What you wear is not going to matter to them. Just be yourself."

Kurt nodded, a small smile on his lips. "Ok. I believe you. And since being myself is the most important thing, it's only fitting that I dress fabulously," he said with a flourish.

"Don't you always dress fabulously," Blaine teased.

"Totally irrelevant."

"Completely relevant," Blaine laughed. His phone chimed with a new message so he set his silverware down and reached for it. He smiled with delight at the message. "Seb got my package."

From: Sebastian Smythe
This is why you're my very best friend. Thanks B. You always know how to sort out my head.

To: Sebastian Smythe
Anytime Seb. Anytime. :)

"Did he like it?" Kurt asked curiously. Kurt had been moved to tears when Blaine played Sebastian's song for him before sending off the package. He couldn't even begin to truly grasp Sebastian's struggles.

"Mhm," Blaine said with a proud nod. "He said that this is why I'm his very best friend and that I always know how to sort his head."

"So what happens now?" Kurt asked, a new message coming in.

From: Sebastian Smythe
Do you think he got them yet? Are you sure this wasn't an awful idea?
It was an awful idea. I can't believe I let you talk me into that.

"Now, I step back completely," Blaine said while he replied to Sebastian. "He knows how he feels and how he shouldn't. It's his turn to make the final moves."

To: Sebastian Smythe
Dude relax. It's barely first period. I'm sure he'll text you when he gets them.
And I did not talk you into anything Smythe. You asked my opinion and I gave it. The choice was yours.

"I hope they work it out," Kurt pouted. "They deserve to be happy."

Blaine smiled at him. "Yes they do. I hope so too."

The end of first period was drawing near and Hunter was already dying to go home. He wasn't feeling this today. The hearts plastered everywhere, the young couples giving each other doe eyes, his fellow teachers talking about their Valentine's Day plans; he hated all of it. He had never been a fan of the holiday and this year was particularly hard. Sure, Sebastian and he were on the mend, but they still had a long way to go. Being apart from his soulmate on the day that was supposed to celebrate them was heartbreaking. Hunter was so down that he didn't even bother to scold the boys for passing notes in class. Today was not the day to care. He was too busy trying to hide the ache in his heart.

A knock on the door pulled Hunter out of his thoughts. Without looking up, he called out, "Come in."

"Hunter Clarington."

Hunter looked up at the unfamiliar voice and his jaw went slack when he saw the delivery man. "Yes?" he answered, his voice much shakier than he intended.

The delivery man walked over to his desk. "These are for you," he handed Hunter a bouquet of six flowers. "Sign here please." Hunter set the flowers down on his desk, ignoring the murmurs of his students, and signed the recipient sheet. "Happy Valentine's Day," the man smiled and walked out.

"Who are the flowers from?" one student asked.

"Your boyfriend? Girlfriend? Soulmate? Secret admirer? Secret lover?" another chimed in.

Hunter waved dismissively. "Get back to work gentlemen," he instructed though it lacked its usual conviction.

Hunter grabbed the envelope attached to the flowers and opened it.

My Dearest Hunter,

We may be far away and things are still a bit rough between us but I couldn't let today pass without letting you know how I felt.

The red rose represents my deep love for you. No matter what hardships we go through, I have and will always love you.

The lavender represents devotion. I am and will forever be devoted to you.

The carination represents pride. I'm proud of us and what we've accomplished in the past few months. I'm proud of you for being exactly who you are.

The coral bells represent challenge. Our love is the hardest challenge I've ever known. It's also the best.

The blue irises represent hope. I chose two because my hope for our love, our relationship, is what keeps me up at night. It's also what lulls me to sleep. It's what drives me to become a better man for you, for us.

I've never been good with words and I've never been a silly romantic. But when I think of you, all I want is to treat you like the prince that I know you are. I want that romantic movie scene with you. I want to grow old with you.

Happy Valentine's Day Darling. May it be our first of many.


"Mr. Clarington, are you crying?"

Hunter laughed to himself because yes, he was crying. He was crying tears of pain and joy and shock and confusion all at once. Sebastian sent him flowers. Sebastian actually sent him flowers and told him exactly why each flower was chosen. This had to be a dream.

"Are you ok, Mr. Clarington?"

Hunter could hear real concern and nodded. "I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm just a little emotional right now, excuse me."

"Who are the flowers from?"

Hunter looked up to see his entire class eagerly awaiting the answer. He cleared his throat and wiped the tears away. "My soulmate. They're from my soulmate." The boys looked at each other with wide eyes. They had thought Hunter had yet to meet his beloved. "Yes, that's right, I know who my soulmate is. I have for a very long time. But just because I know him does not mean that everything went perfectly. Remember boys, soulmate or not, relationships take work."

The end of the period bell rang and the boys quickly stood to leave. Hunter brought the flowers to his nose and inhaled deeply. He grabbed his phone from inside his drawer and texted Sebastian.

To: Sebastian Smythe
Flowers huh?

From: Sebastian Smythe
Too much?

To: Sebastian Smyth
Not at all. They're beautiful Sebastian. Thank you.

From: Sebastian Smythe
You're beautiful.
You're welcome.
Call me tonight?

To: Sebastian Smythe

Hunter set his phone down, an ease settling in his heart. Maybe Valentine's Day wasn't so bad after all.

"I love this episode," Blaine told his dad. They were sitting in the living room, each a beer in hand, watching an episode of White Collar. "Mozzie's conspiracy theories are the best."

"Agreed," John nodded. "Don't tell Cooper but Mozzie is my favorite character."

Blaine threw his head back with a laugh. "Are you kidding me? He's Cooper's favorite character."

"Good. Then I won't feel bad for saying so whenever he and I watch this," John smirked. "Although, I'm not entirely sure if or when that'll be. Your mother didn't even know I watched this show until recently. Though I didn't exactly share it with her either."

Blaine could clearly hear the regret in his father's voice. He smiled sadly at him. "What matters is that she knows now," John nodded but didn't take his eyes off the television. "When do you think dinner will be done?"

"Soon I hope. I'm starving," John looked past Blaine and towards the kitchen. "Should we worry about those two being in there by themselves?" he asked with a slight tease.

"Naw," Blaine chuckled. "I'm sure they're fine. If anything Kurt kicked Mom out of the way to cook. He likes to do that."

"He's a good man, Blaine," John spoke earnestly. "Don't make the same mistakes I did."

"I'll try my best not to," Blaine said with his eyes lowered. "We're a lot more alike than we think, you and me. I am my father's son."

"No, you aren't," Blaine met his father's eyes, feeling more like a kid than an adult. "You're a better man than me son, don't ever doubt that. I hope you know how incredibly proud of you I am, of you and Cooper. You both proved me wrong in more ways than you know. I'm blessed to have you as my sons."

Blaine smiled, his heart swelling with joy. "Thanks, Dad."

"I say give it another five minutes," Kurt said as he closed the oven. "It smells amazing."

"Thank you," Natalie smiled. "I've always loved cooking. I would've done it professionally if I could."

"Why didn't you?" Kurt inquired.

"It just wasn't in the cards for me," Natalie answered dismissively. "What about you? Blaine says you like to design clothes? Is that something you want to do for a living?"

Kurt nodded enthusiastically. "But not just clothes, interior as well. I love taking something that's plain and giving it a new life. Blaine doesn't know this yet, but I have our entire house already designed top to bottom right up here," he tapped his head.

"That's a good thing, believe me. Blaine has always made questionable choices when it comes to style," Natalie joked lightly. "Once, when he was about 6 or 7, he wore this blue and yellow striped shirt and these lime green pants, I still have no idea where they came from, for about a week straight," Kurt made a face or horror. "I could not for the life of me get him to take them off. I had to literally hold him down while Cooper undressed him."

"Poor baby Blaine," Kurt said with his hand over his heart. "He was so young, so lost."

Natalie giggled. "If you think that's bad, when he was 12, he-"

"What are you telling him, Mom?" Blaine's voice interrupted them, as he and John walked into the kitchen.

"Nothing," Kurt and Natalie said simultaneously.

"I thought you were watching TV?" Kurt asked.

"We were but we're hungry," Blaine pouted.

Kurt gave him a look and pecked his lips. "Why don't we set the table? Dinner's almost done."

"Ok, fine," Blaine said in a childish voice with a smirk on his lips.

John waited until Blaine and Kurt were out of the kitchen with the plates and silverware before approaching his wife. He held up his arm and she snuggled into him. "I like this," he spoke quietly. "Us and them. I could really get used to this."

Natalie smiled up at her husband. "Me too. Now we just need to get Cooper," she said with a pointed look.

John nodded almost as if he was a child being scolded. "I know. I'll talk to him soon."

"Good," Natalie leaned up a little and kissed John's cheek. "Will you get the drinks while I get dinner out?"

John kissed her forehead. "Of course. Anything for you, sweetheart. Anything for you."

Blaine and Kurt stood close together, their foreheads resting on each other. Blaine had less than five minutes before he needed to leave and they were desperate for every single moment. A part of Kurt was happy that Blaine was going. While it was amazing to have him around, it was also incredibly distracting. For the first time ever he was getting behind on his school work and he couldn't afford to have anything less than a perfect academic final year. But that didn't make saying goodbye any easier. He would miss their morning cuddles and their late night talks. He was going to miss simply being with his love. Blaine was also torn between excitement and sadness. While he was thrilled to continue the rest of their tour, he hated leaving Kurt's side. Being apart the first leg of the tour was one thing. They hadn't bonded yet and they were at least in the same country. But now he would be so much further away, too far, and their still newly created bond was not at all happy about his departure.

"You call me as soon as you land."

"I will."

"And be safe. Don't let David and Jeff convince you into doing something stupid and end up in the hospital."

Blaine lifted his head and looked into Kurt's eyes. "I won't," he promised. "You be safe too. Don't think that just because the fans and paparazzi left us mostly alone that you aren't in any sort of danger. There's a good chance that they'll take my leaving as a sign of vulnerability and they will harass you."

"I'll be careful. I promise."

Blaine kissed Kurt's lips gently, his love and devotion pouring through. "I love you," he whispered.

"I loved you, too," Kurt breathed.

"Blaine, we have to go!"

Blaine deeply inhaled Kurt's scent, embedding it into his mind. "I'll see you for Spring Break."

"I'll see you then."


With one more quick but heated kiss, Blaine grabbed his luggage and all but ran out of the bedroom door without a look back, knowing that with a single glance he would swoop Kurt into his arms and never let go. Kurt took a seat on his bed, his bedroom feeling a thousand times emptier without Blaine in it. He pulled out his phone and sent a group text to Santana, Quinn, and Brittany.

To: Unholy Bitches
He's gone.

From: Satan
Meet up at my place. Pick up some pizza Hummel. Make it extra fucking greasy. We'll get the cheesecake.

From: His Highness
Make it two. I'll need one just for myself.

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