Nothing... nothing disturbed the quiet peace of a plains biome and it's gentle hills without a building insight. remote as it was,however, the peace never lasts forever as the silence is scattered by the ominous noise of a portal. No portal appeared, but a lone minecraftian fell out of thin air from an area of empty space slightly tinted with purple. The minecraftian landed with an 'ooff' as he bent his knees upon hitting the ground.

relief did not cross this man's face as his bright golden eyes scanned his surrounding with worry.

"SHROUD!", the man hollered his companion's name hoping he wasn't far. "ARE YOU NEAR ME?!" He paused swiping some of his brown and red tinged hair from his face. He was hoping-PRAYING- that Shroud was alright and hadn't been trapped in the Nether as the portal broke. He had no way of knowing for sure, but he knew Shroud wasn't anywhere near where he was.

Aodh Rincaid knew Shroud couldn't be near him he just knew, but strangely he felt that his recent ally would be fine; he just had to be.

This didn't make Aodh any less worried as he brushed off some grass from his brown shirt only to realize he was without his iron sword, Old Faithful. Now Aodh was more nervous as being without any good weapon of sorts made him an easy target for bandits. He could only hope that Shroud had Old Faithful, a sword that Aodh cherished greatly as an old friend of his had gave it to him...

A friend he could never seem to find...

Aodh banished the thought and headed north hoping to find something to lead him to a town to get an idea as to where he was.

Before he left though, Aodh rapidly dug into the ground with his fist and then with his stone pickaxe when he hit stone before taking the cobblestone he mined and making a stone sword to defend himself with and a new pickaxe. Now a bit more confident, he headed out to find some town.

all throughout the remainder of the day, Aodh traveled north and soon enough the sun began to hover over the horizon as Aodh found a gravel road stretching from west to east to unknown destinations. Aodh quickly decided to head east and didn't bother to settle down for the night since most other people slept during the night and the fact Aodh wasn't afraid of mobs; he could take care of mobs easily, but hostile minecraftians not so much.

However, not even an hour goes by when Aodh hears feet falling rapidly on the gravel. He whips around swiftly and holds his sword out only to see someone fall flat on their face trying to slow down to avoid being impaled by Aodh's stone sword. Aodh lowered his sword and took in the mans appearance in the dim light provided by the full moon.

He was an average looking person with brown frizzled hair and a green shirt with a smiley face on the back and wore some faded dark-blue jeans. When the man looked up with fear in his grey-blue eyes, Aodh realized this man meant no harm and was only scared out of his wits. Had the man had armor on Aodh would of thought differently.

"P-please! d-don't hurt me! I'm o-only passing through." The man squeaked out in fear. Aodh shook his head lightly before replying to the nervous man.

"Lad, I wouldn't dream of hurting yer and I'm just passing through as well looking for the nearest town. So come on, get up lad and tell me who are you?" Aodh asked calmly, easing the scared man's nerves.

"Thank Notch you're not a bandit or a griefer... My name's Bret. sorry if I seem overly-jumpy to you... kinda came out of a crisis a few days mister...?" Bret sighed with relief as he explained himself to Aodh.

"No worries lad, everyone has their bad days. My name's Aodh and it's just Aodh, no 'mister' in front of it." Aodh told the young man in front of him. "how about we bunker down fer the night and we can travel together to ... whatever town's is east of here."

"oh thank you kind sir! I would like that very much! having another person with me will definitely ease my worry off of bandits and... the town closest to here is Kettil." Bret happily thanked Aodh before the two of them dug down next to a oak tree and making a spacious well-lit room to house the both of them for the night.

Aodh pondered a bit before drifting off to sleep at what had happened to Bret as he saw Bret scribble down something in his book. However, he decided to ask the next day so that Bret would be more rested and most likely more able to answer properly. Also, thanks to Bret Aodh knew where he was in the Overworld.

Aodh's hometown Glenn happened to be a few days walk from Kettil and although he was worried at what had become of his hometown after the raid, Aodh wouldn't abandoned the man he just met. As for the city they were heading to, it had the nickname of the city of magic. Kettil happened to be a great place to stop by to get enchanted gear and potions and the city itself had a world-guard on it so no griefers could destroy the city. It also happened to be relatively close to a few other towns besides Glenn, namely Gorge...

...and Rhagall.

A/N yes, this is going to be a separate/parallel story following Aodh from where he ended up and what happened to him when the portal was destroyed in chapter 10 of Returning. This story will continue until he rejoins with Shroud some time in the future. enjoy! ^^