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Episode 1, Part 2: Candy For Your Thoughts

All 24 contestants entered the film lot. For the most part, it looked the same as when Total Drama Action was filmed. However there were two buildings that stuck out like a sore thumb, as if they were added much later to the lot.

Chef confirmed this, explaining: "After Total Drama Action ended, Chris decided to open a museum here dedicated to himself and to the show. After all, having a museum right where the second season happened seemed like a good idea."

"It certainly was! My family and I visited this museum at least five times." Said Sierra.

"I'm glad you liked it." Chef told Sierra. "Unfortunately, nobody else did, since we had almost no visitors. I'm not surprised, why visit the place where everybody's least favorite season of Total Drama was filmed?"

"Because even the weakest season of Total Drama is better than most other TV shows!" Sierra exclaimed.

"Wow Sierra, your understanding of rhetorical questions is comprehensive." Noah said in his signature sarcastic tone.

"Anyway, this museum never took off, so it's also abandoned. But ya'll are welcome to visit it when there isn't a challenge. There isn't a whole lot in there though, outside of a theater room where you can watch every single episode of Total Drama."


Pablo: Well, here goes my first of many confessionals. I'm glad that I'll get the chance to re-watch all of the Total Drama episodes. It will be a great chance to study the strongest competitors and their strategies.


Sierra: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I can't believe it! I'm back on Total Drama, I get to meet and compete with some of the season 4 contestants, and I can watch every single episode of Total Drama whenever I want! It's like my own personal Heaven. It makes me feel so…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (The lens on the camera then cracks from the fan-girl's high pitched squees.)


Noah: (Enters the confessional and notices the cracked lens) It's wonderful to be back on Total Drama, with its high production values.

"So wait, what is the other building for?" Asked Zoey.

"I was getting to that. After Chris' Total Drama museum idea bombed, he sold the film lot to a theater troupe, and that theater troupe knocked down the place where the Gilded Chris ceremonies happened and replaced it with a theater that they could perform in." Chef explained.

All 24 contestants then followed Chef into this theater. While they were walking, Tyler was sulking. "Man I hate this! I fell down the sewer last chapter and nobody noticed! I had to get out between the chapters and take a shower. And when I tried to take a shower, the spout poured out vinegar instead of water! So I smell doubly terrible and still nobody notices me. It's like none of you care about me at all!"

"Don't worry Tyson, I care about you!" Lindsay said trying to comfort her boyfriend.

"I'm Tyler Lindsay." Tyler said correcting his girlfriend.

"Ohhhh, right. Sorry about that Tyler; sometimes it's just hard for my brain to remember names."

"Sometimes?" Courtney asked sarcastically.

"Stop making snarky remarks and get your butts in this theater now!" Chef yelled at Tyler, Lindsay, and Courtney, who were the only contestants not in the theater. All three of them quickly complied with Chef's request. Inside the theater was a large stage with a medium sized auditorium with red seats. Chef explained what the theater was for, "This here theater is where the elimination ceremony will occur. If your team loses, then ya'll have to vote off one of your team members. If you don't receive a marshmallow that means you're eliminated from the competition for good and you will be escorted to Playa De Losers via a ride in the Lame-o-sine. Any questions?"

"Yes. Why are we receiving marshmallows when the symbol of immunity for Total Drama Action was the Gilded Chris award?" Asked Harold.

"Because the company that made the Gilded Chris Awards is out of business." Chef explained. "Besides the immunity marshmallows are a fan favorite, unlike anything in Total Drama Action."

"So will there be an elimination in every episode like last season?" Asked Mike.

"That's right Mr. MPD. And also like last season, there will be a Mclean-Brand Chris Head, carved out of wood, hidden somewhere on the film lot. If you find it, you got yourself a 'get out of elimination free card' so to speak. In addition, we also carved up a Mclean-Brand DJ Heroic Sacrifice Head." Chef then held up a small wooden statue of DJ's head.

"So what does that do?" Asked Leshawna.

"It allows you to save your teammate from elimination by taking their place." Chef explained.

"So it's a statue you use to exit the competition? Pathetic, absolutely pathetic." said Viktoriya.

Courtney nodded her head in agreement and said "I agree. Only a loser would willingly quit the competition."

After hearing this, Harold and Duncan yelled "Hey!" simultaneously.[1]

"Why did you even make that DJ statue?" Asked Heather. "I doubt that anybody is gonna use it."

"It's a blatant plot device that won't be relevant until several dozen chapters later." Chef explained, breaking the fourth wall.

"Gosh Chef! Don't give away spoilers!" Said a frustrated Harold, "It will ruin the surprise and disappoint the readers! Idiot!"

"Boy, you better stop calling me an idiot if ya know what's good for ya." Chef said, threatening the Napoleon Dynamite parody.

"So why is it a head of DJ if he isn't even competing?" Asked Bridgette.

"I was getting to that." Chef responded. "Follow me to the craft services tent."

Exiting the theater, the Chef turned host led the group of teenagers to the craft services tent, which had three tables, rather than two.

"Every morning all of you will be eating breakfast here. After you're done eating we will start the first half of the challenge. And after that, you will get a chance to take a break and eat lunch. After lunch, we will complete the challenge. Then all of you will eat dinner, and after that the losing team will vote off a teammate."

"Hooray!" Pablo exclaimed with joy. "I'm looking forward to eating delicious food here."

"I don't want to rain on your parade", Noah told Pablo, "but Chef's cooking isn't exactly 5-star restaurant material."

Chef looked annoyed at Noah, and stated "Well I've got good news for your wise-guy, I'm not going to be your cook this season, since I'll be busy hosting the show."

All 24 teens looked at one another. When this statement fully sunk in, all of the contestants burst into applaud, many of them cheering that they didn't have to eat Chef's crappy meals. Leshawna even shouted "Hallelujah!"

"Don't get too happy, or I might just step down from being host." Chef threatened the teens. "Anyway, your meals will be cooked by DJ."

The Jamaican teen stepped out of the kitchen carrying a pot of soup. "It's great to see you all again! Hopefully you guys will like my cooking."

"Hopefully?", Leshawna told the gentle giant, "Honey, you got a gift with cooking, the only good memories I have of Total Drama Action is eating Chef's food when improved by your secret spices!"

"Yeah DJ, you've got mad cooking skills!" Harold told his friend.

"Thanks guys, well I better get back to the kitchen, I need to make sandwiches for your lunch." After this statement, DJ went back into the kitchen.

"Well, that's enough exposition." Chef said. "Now all of ya'll step outside; we need to determine teams."

All 24 teens stepped out of the tent, and were surprised to see a familiar giant slot machine. [2]

"Since we don't have time to do a challenge to determine teams", Chef explained, "we'll pick the teams at random with this here giant slot machine. Watch." Chef pulled the lever, and the faces of Harold, Leshawna, and Trent showed up on the slots. "So you three will be on team 1." Chef told them.

"Sweet! I'm glad to be on a team with one of my band mates." Trent said high-fiving Harold.

Chef pulled the lever again, and the slot machine displayed the faces of Cameron, Mike, and Zoey. "You three will be on team 2." Chef told the season 4 contestants.

"All right!" Cameron said with excitement, "I'm glad I'm still on a team with my best friends!"

Chef pulled on the lever a third time, and the machine picked Tyler, Lindsay, and Jo for team 3.

Tired of writing boring exposition, and wanting to start writing the challenge, Helmet 798 skipped ahead in the story to the point where all the team members were chosen.

"OK", Chef said to team 1, "Harold, Leshawna, Trent, Owen, Noah, Heather, Sierra, Anne Maria, and Jerome; your team will be known as the Fanon Fixers."


Jerome: I like my team. I'm glad that I'll be able to work with Harold and Heather, who are my favorite contestants.

"And Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Duncan, Gwen, Bridgette, Viktoriya, and Pablo; your team will be known as the Sue Crew." Chef said, addressing the second team.


Pablo: When it comes to teams, I've hit the jackpot! First of all, every single one of my teammates has made it to the merge at least once; well excluding that Viktoriya chick. But even better, our team has two contestants who have won this competition before: Duncan and Cameron! Our team is so good, that it's practically a guarantee that I'll make it to the merge!

"The Sue Crew?" Zoey asked, wondering what her team name meant.

"It's most likely a reference to Mary Sues." Noah explained to Zoey. "A Mary Sue is a term that originated from Fan-Fiction that refers to characters who have no flaws."

"Well then I'm on the right team!" Viktoriya said with a smug smirk. "Because I'm flawless!"

"Wow, boastful much?" Duncan asked his teammate.

"I'm not boasting, I'm simply stating facts about myself. Viktoriya responded to the delinquent. "I'm super smart, super strong, and super skilled, and I will win this competition."

"And finally", Chef said addressing the last team, "Tyler, Lindsay, Jo, Justin, Cody, Courtney, and Izzy; your team will be known as the Shipping Sailors."


Courtney: I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, with the exception of Tyler, all of the members of my team have made it to the merge at least once. On the other hand, that doesn't automatically make them good competitors! Justin is too lazy to compete, Lindsay is a moron, and Cody only got far in the competition because of Sierra! Really, outside of me, the only really good competitor on our team is Jo. (Courtney sighs, before smiling a bit.) But at least I'm not on a team with that ogre and his backstabbing girlfriend!

"Shipping huh?" Tyler said. "As in sending stuff from one place to another?"

"No silly!" Sierra corrected the jock. "Shipping is the supporting of two characters in a relationship. For example, some people ship Duncan and Courtney while others ship Duncan and Gwen."

"Which happens to be my preference." Duncan said, winking at Gwen, which made Courtney scowl.

"Wait a minute Chef!", Jo protested, "Our team only has 7 members, but the Fanon Fixers has 9 members and the Sue Crew has 8 members. That's not fair!"

"Well too bad!" Chef responded unsympathetically, "Life ain't fair either, but ya don't hear me complain about it! Now shut up, and let me explain the first challenge!"

Chef snapped his fingers and an intern showed up next to him, carrying three copies of the fan-fiction, 'Candy For Your Thoughts.'

"All right maggots, 'Candy For Your Thoughts' is a fan-fiction that takes place during World Tour, and ships Cody and Courtney." Chef told the contestants.

"WHAT?!" shouted Cody and Courtney at the same time.


Cody: Me and Courtney?! (Cody has a shocked facial expression) Granted, she's pretty, but she's also bossy and mean! I should know, I was on her team during World Tour, and I've personally witnessed her do some nasty stuff! Like when she tossed Tyler off the plane, even though he was greatly injured! (Cody then sighs and looks a little sad) But at the same time, I do feel sorry for her. I mean, when Gwen got together with Duncan it broke my heart, but it crushed her soul. So I do understand how she feels, and I do want to be friends with her…(Cody pauses for a minute) But only friends, nothing more.

Chef continued to describe the fan-fic. "The first chapter of this story features Cody comforting Courtney, who is distraught over Duncan cheating on her. Now for the first challenge, each team will be reenacting that scene. You've got an hour to read this fic, choose two actors, and rehearse the scene. After an hour, we will go back to the theater and each team will perform the scene for three judges, including myself. Whichever team does the best will win a big advantage for part two of the challenge."

After Chef explained the challenge, the intern gave a copy of the fan-fic to each team. The three teams separated to go and get started on the challenge.

The Fanon Fixers went to studio 4 to rehearse. After reading through the script, the team decided to pick the two actors for the challenge.

"Let me do it!" Harold requested, "I spent an entire summer at Thespian Steve's Acting Camp!"

"I think that's a great idea." Said Trent. "Out of all the members of our team, Harold is the one that knows Cody the best. They spend a ton of time together, even when the Drama Brothers aren't recording."

"Very well." Said Noah. "But who should play Courtney?"

Sierra and Leshawna both looked at Heather. "Who me?" Heather asked.

"Yeah you!" said Sierra. "You're super manipulative, which means you're great at acting."

"You are good at faking tears." Said Trent, speaking from experience. [3]

"All right fine, I'll do it." Said Heather, "But I won't like it. Give me that fan-fic, I need to rehearse my lines."

Meanwhile in the studio next store, the Sue Crew was also preparing for the challenge.

Cameron spoke up saying, "I can play Cody. I'm scrawny and geeky enough for the role. But who should play Courtney?"

Duncan responded by saying, "Viktoriya should play Miss C.I.T."

"No thank you." Said Viktoriya. "I'm not going act like Courtney, she's a loser."

"Hey!" Said Bridgette, annoyed at Viktoriya for insulting her friend. "Courtney's not a loser! She made it to the merge in two different seasons."

"True, but the farthest she has gotten in the competition is a pathetic fourth place." Viktoriya responded rudely. "Plus in season three, she sabotaged her team, which meant she wasn't a winner; ergo, Courtney is objectively a loser."

"There's no need to insult Courtney!" Bridgette said angrily.

Gwen stepped in to stop the argument and to get Viktoriya to cooperate. "Calm down you two. It's obvious that Viktoriya doesn't have the ability or skill to act like Courtney."

"WHAT!?" Said a shocked Viktoriya, "I'll show you! I'll act exactly like Courtney and win the challenge for our team!"

"Good to hear." Said Gwen with a satisfied smirk.

"Wait a minute," Said Mike, "What happened to Zoey?"

"Here I am Mike!" Said Zoey, who was carrying several pieces of clothing with her. "I stopped by the wardrobe department and managed to find some useful stuff!"

Zoey handed Cameron a shirt that looked similar to Cody's. After that, she gave Viktoriya a gray sweater vest and a green pair of pants. After putting on the shirt, Cameron looked similar to Cody, and Viktoriya managed to replicate Courtney's outfit when she wore the sweater vest over her white blouse.

"Wow, that was a great idea Zoey!" Said Bridgette. "Good job!"


Zoey: I really like my team! I get to do challenges with my awesome boyfriend, my best friend, and both Gwen and Bridgette, who are my favorite Total Drama contestants! Hearing Bridgette compliment one of my ideas is a dream come true!

In another studio the Shipping Sailors were also preparing for the challenge.

"Woo-Hoo!" Tyler exclaimed. "With Cody and Courtney on our team, reenacting a fan-fiction about Cody and Courtney will be a snap! Victory is in our reach!"

Courtney was reading the first chapter of 'Candy For Your Thoughts' and was oddly quiet while doing so. Justin noticed this, and asked her "Courtney? Are you OK?"

Courtney turned away from Justin and said "I'm fine…" trying to hide the tears that were running down her face.


[1] A reference to the fact that both Duncan and Harold quit World Tour early on.

[2] This giant slot machine is the same one used during the Niagara Falls challenge of World Tour to pair up the boys and girls.

[3] A reference to the Total Drama Island episode 'Search and Do Not Destroy', where Heather faked tears to manipulate Trent.

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