Chapter 1: It begins

Konohagakure Night time

The village hidden in the leaves, founded by the Senju, the Uchiha and the Uzumaki clans' respective leaders, its known to produce some of the strongest ninja's of the world, Senju Tobirama, Senju Hirashima, Uchiha Madara, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Danzo Shimura, Sakumo Hatake, Jiriaya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade, Uchiha Itachi, and Namikaze Minato. While the village after the third ninja wars is enjoying a peaceful night, one Minato Namikaze is holding on for his dear life from threat only men can face and anyone that would be hearing his screams would be praying for his life because they know what he is going through.

In a hidden cave north from the village

"MINATO NAMIKAZE IF I GET THROUGH THIS ALIVE, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU FOR PUTTING ME THRIUGH THIS MESS WHEN I RECOVERRRRRRRRRR AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" screams a very frustrated Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze as she's giving birth to her twin children while squeezing Minato's hand.

"Take it easy Kushina, I'm here for you; you just need to calm down and take deep breaths and push the baby out" Minato soothed his wife ignoring the crushing of his hand by his wife by screaming on the inside as Jiraiya stands behind Minato trying and failing from keeping the smile on his face


"Congratulations, ma'am here is your children" said Tsunade tending to Kushina

"Look Minato, aren't they beautiful" replies a very tired Kushina

"Not as beautiful as you look right now" says a very proud Minato

"Congrats gaki on both the resistance from an angry Kushina and the mini brats but what's up with Naruto, his hair has black strips and is a lot spikier and is – is that a tail?" Jiraiya asks as he notices some odd things about Naruto and as he reaches over to pull it, the baby starts crying.

"Jiraiya, let go of my sons tail or I will kill you where you stand!" exclaimed Kushina, after which Jiraiya quickly let go and the wailing stopped and she hands the children to Tsunade

An ANBU appears in the cave "Hokage-sama the council wishes to see you on recent developments" as he says this, he motions to the twins and Kushina and Kushina scowls as she notices this

"How in the nine hells did they know you just gave birth Kushina?" asks Tsunade

"I don't know but I'm going to find out right now" says Minato but as he is about to leave, a masked man appeared, in the room and shushined out with Kushina, but nobody does anything as the shock of some enemy finding out of the place freezes Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Minato but soon snap out of their daze and rush to find Kushina once they heard the roar of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and assumed the worst for Kushina.

A few moments before with Kushina and the Masked Man…

"Why are you doing this?" Kushina cried.

"This world has become nothing a hate infested hell, so I'm going to remove it from existence." The masked man replied. "To do this, I'm going to need power, so Kyuubi come on out of there." At this point, the masked man and Kushina make eye contact and she notices that this masked assailant possesses the Sharingan. The kyuubi's chakra completely surrounds her, and then she feels the pain of having the fox ripped from her body.

Weakened after the forced extraction, Kushina tries to stall for help, "W-W-Wait!" and masked man directs his attention to her after placing the fox under his illusion.

"Amazing… You Uzumaki are really something, to be able to survive the Kyuubi ripped from you…" then turning his attention back to the fox he commands it, "Now, Kyuubi, since you free of your prison, why don't you destroy it so you never have to go back there again" and the Kyuubi happily obliges by striking its claw at Kushina only to roar when he didn't feel the resulting gush under its paw.

In a yellow flash, Minato saved Kushina from instant death and said,"Kushina, I'm taking you some where safe for now okay?" Kushina just nods her head weakly on his shirt, while murmuring thanks to and with another flash, they leave the not so hidden cave. Minato then reappears and confronts the villain "Who are you? Why are you doing this? Tell me!"

"Hmm… well since you asked so nicely… I don't think so", replies the masked man.

Minato's eyes narrowed in annoyance and anger at the reply and responded, "Fine! Then I'll just beat it out of you!" After that Minato let loose one of his special kunai, but was shocked to see the kunai phasing right through his opponent.

'What the hell' Minato thought in surprise.

The masked man suddenly warps to minato's location, and Minato feels distortion right in front of him and threw a kunai in a different direction in order to analyze his opponents' technique.

Just as minato appears where his kunai was thrown, a warp suddenly appears out of nowhere and reveals the masked man. 'Damn! It appears that he has even better capabilities in time-space ninjutsu that me. It's going to come down to whose attack is faster' Thought Minato.

"Let's end this now", spoke Minato.

"Couldn't agree more", replied the masked man.

As they charged each other, Minato threw another kunai and readied a head-sized Rasengan. The kunai once again phased through the masked man. The masked man was getting ready to grab Minato to end it all he thought 'Victory is MI…', but he felt a Rasengan attacking him from behind unexpectedly.

"GUAH!", he screamed in pain and was on his knees. As the assailant was getting up, Minato suddenly appeared before him with a kunai in hand.

'How did he get right next to me!' thought the man in fright.

Flashback no Jutsu

As the Rasengan exploded upon contact, Minato took his chance and marked the masked man with the Hiraishin formula.


"Heh… so now what you going to try to take Kyuubi away from me", said the masked man.

"No, I've already done so through a contract break seal that I placed on you", said Minato.

"Grrrr! Fourth! You may have beaten me today, but I swear that I will always get what I want, one way or another!" With that the masked man warps away, leaving Minato to deal with freshly exorcised and very angry Kyuubi. Minato quickly teleports to his wife's' location, then to his children's' location to make his family whole.

Minato takes Kushina to their children as Sarutobi takes his place in battle and Minato makes a decision that will change not only his life, but the lives of his family

"Kushina I'm going to have to use the dead demon seal on Naruto and Naomi, I'll seal the yin Chakra in Naomi because she's a girl and we can train her early so that she can control the foxes Chakra like you did while ill seal the foxes yang Chakra into Naruto and we don't need to train him because the yang Is less tamable than the yin but I'm sure that if Naruto inherited your never give up he will out will the hatred of the yang and control the yang part"

"What are you talking about, these are MY CHILDREN Minato, I won't let you turn them into a jinchiruki so that in the end, they can receive the abuse of the villagers. I won't let you" shouted a very rebellious Kushina while she snatched HER children from Tsunade, how they can sleep peaceful through all this noise is beyond me was the thought of one very shocked Tsunade after she heard the plan. Also listening to the plan was one Sarutobi Hiruzen who left Jiraiya to fight the fox made a slight alteration to that plan when he said

"Minato, you're still young, in charge and you just had children while I'm getting old and past my prime, the village will need someone as strong and independent as you, not a withering deceitful old fool, I'll do the sealing while you and Kushina remain with the children and have the village see them as heroes. Now I must go join my wife in the afterlife" said Sarutobi, but Kushina still insists

"No, you will not turn them into jinchiruki while I'm still conscious, I won't let you"

"Kushina, he has to, to be able to protect the village and its ones duty as Hokage to protect his village, the same village that I want my kids to grow in with their parents watching over them" replies Minato then he stops as he notices Kushina calm down

"All right Minato, but I still don't like it, if anything goes bad, I blame you" says Kushina as exhaustion takes over her. Minato grimly takes both children in his arms and appears next to Hiruzen who teleports both of them to the battle field where their shinobi are fighting against the fox, Jiraiya while fighting notices them and asks

"Sensei, Minato, what's going on, what are you doing here, shouldn't you be with Kushina?" then he notices the children in Minato's hands and comes to a conclusion on what's happening then he looks at Minato with a serious face who nods then asks "who's gonna do it?"

"The third Hokage, at first it was me that was going to do it but then I realized I have a family to look after and Sarutobi offered his help" Minato replied solemnly and Jiraiya looks over to his sensei to ask for his opinion which he got by a nod of the head and his sensei's words

"Jiraiya, please distract the fox while I summon the Shinigami over to this realm as Minato prepares his children for this sacrifice"

"hai sensei" as that was said, Hiruzen went through hand signs for that jutsu and as he was done, the Shinigami appeared and with its intimidating figure he spoke

"What is your reason for summoning me ningen, I have paperwork to finish and souls to torture"

"Shinigami-sama I am Sarutobi Hiruzen of the leaf village and I ask for your help in sealing the foxes yin Chakra in to the girl and its yang Chakra into the boy thus making them respective jinchiruki of the leaf village" spoke a very intimidated Hiruzen and as he said this, the Shinigami formally known as King Yama, looks at Naruto, notices he looks very familiar

'Hmmm, what's this? He looks just like Goku and his tail further confirms my claim, and what's that, a dormant yet strong when unleashed Saiyan blood? I'll help him there' with that thought, his eyes glowed behind his mask and he made Naruto's Saiyan blood dominant among the Uzumaki and Namikaze blood so he will be a full Saiyan with his parents DNA in his genetic reading 'There, that should do it, now when the time comes, I'll allow Goku permission to stay in the boy's mind to train him till the age of fifteen, now onto the main reason I was summoned'

"You know the cost of one summoning me for the task, are you ready to make payment with the intended price?" asked the Shinigami as he drew his knife from his mouth

"Yes I do, and I am willing to give my life for the exchange" replied Hiruzen

"Then it shall be done", he said as he cornered the fox and separated the yin and yang Chakra, sealed t in their hosts respectively and after that was done, he took Hiruzen's life.

"*cough* *cough* Minato, I know you will make a good kage for the village, *cough* *weeze* do anything you must *cough* to protect it as a proud kage would" and with that, his life ended.

"Of course, sandaime I would do as you ask, as respect to your dying wish and protect the village with the best of my ability" said Minato with his children back in his hands. Then he looked over at Naomi and said "I'll do everything I can to make the people of this village happy and I'll start training Naomi to be strong enough to handle the foxes' Chakra at the age of three and make sure she's strong enough to protect herself and the world because I know for sure that she is the prophesized child" and he remembered how he knew about the prophecy

Flashback no Jutsu

"Minato, the toads told me a prophecy some time ago about a warrior of pure heart and fueled by rage shall be born of two powerful ninja, and shall bring peace to the world or utterly destroy it; and from what I've noticed it could be one of the children that Kushina is about to give birth to" Jiraiya says

Minato asks" If you're sure, then which one, Naruto or Naomi? I should be sure so that I can start their training early"

Jiraiya replies,"I think Naomi would be the child of the prophecy because she will have both yours and Kushina's chakra in her and the Kyuubi no Yokos' yin sealed in her as well."

"Hmm, that makes perfect sense, but I won't let Kushina know about it.", Minato replies

"It would be our little secret" says Jiraiya with a bug grin, as Minato grins as well


And with that thought, he left to Kushina reporting the news wondering what happened to the masked man and why he attacked konoha in the first place.

Five years later

It is the fifth anniversary of the Kyuubi's attack and defeat at the hands of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. There is a festival to commence this great event that is usually held the night of the date, and everyone is extremely happy on this day, well almost everyone.

The soul that was unhappy on this day was none other than Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, firstborn of the Fourth Hokage and the Red Death. He has midnight black, spiky hair and a monkey tail swirling behind him. As to why he is unhappy at this moment, naruto is currently alone in his room, while his parents are training his sister to be a ninja.

It all started two years ago…

Flashback no Jutsu

Just as Minato said, he along with Kushina started training Naomi in the family ninja arts at three years old. Naruto was ecstatic; He, along with his sister, would finally start to learn about cool ninja tricks from their parents.

"Hi Tou-chan, I'm ready to start learning how to be a ninja", shouted a hyper-active black haired boy.

"Sorry, Naruto, but your mother and I need to train your sister because of a very important circumstance."

"B-B-But Tou-chan, I wanna learn how to be a cool ninja like you and Kaa-chan" Naruto begins to beg desperately "Please, I'll do any and everything you ask, and I wanna ma-"

"NARUTO!Llisten to your father, if he says we need to train your sister first, then you will obey that wish!"

"Yes, Kaa-chan", replied the depressed black haired boy. With that, Naruto decided to go to his room in the hopes that maybe his parents will reconsider over the next day or so.

Unfortunately for Naruto, his parents had given him the same answer they had given him the first time he asked about training a few days later.

Naruto, then, decided to train in secret so he wouldn't fall behind his sister.

He was currently working on his taijutsu when someone made their presence known to the saiyan.

"Hello, Naruto-sama" "What are you doing out here all alone? I would've thought that you would be with our family?" Naruto then got a depressed aura around him

"Oh, hi Itachi, Tou-chan and Kaa-chan are busy training Naomi-nee-chan" Naruto replies to the now revealed Itachi.

"Really? Without you?" ,replied a surprised Itachi.

Naruto suddenly picked himself up, loudly proclaiming, "It's alright, and I'm still going to train so I don't fall behind Naomi-nee-chan."

"Hey, Naruto, if you're interested I could help you train when I'm availa-" Itachi didn't even get to complete his sentence when Naruto interrupted him.

"Really?!" At Itachi's nod Naruto started to bounce all over the place in happiness. From that point on, Itachi trained with Naruto whenever he could.


Naruto had changed a lot since then; He practically stopped asking his parents for training, seeing as they told him no every single time.

It was tough for Naruto since he couldn't rely on his parents for help, especially when Naruto got interested in sealing not long after he started his training with Itachi. He had to 'borrow' the books from his father's study in order to learn the basics.

He was proud to say that after two years of study on sealing, Naruto was low chunin. He had high genin chakra reserves for his age, but it didn't really compare to his sister's low jonin reserves. Naomi would be a chakra powerhouse when she was older, especially with the training she was receiving from both their parents.

That thought had brought a frown to the boy's face. He wanted to know why his parents were training his sister and only his sister, which he thought was completely unfair. Naruto thought about this many times on his way home.


Was it really a home where your parents practically have nothing to do with you and spend all their time on a sibling? As he walked through door it was absolutely silent, his parents and sister were probably out in the family training grounds or out somewhere in the village having their 'family bonding' time.

Having completed his daily personal training he decided to go to bed early. He would have never suspected that what was going to happen tonight was going to change not only his life, but also the entire elemental nations.

Later that night

In Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto woke up in a dark, wet sewer. 'Where the hell am I?' Naruto thought. Naruto saw some huge structure off in the distance, and as he got closer to it the more apparent it became to him that it was a cage.

Naruto heard a malevolent chuckle coming from within the cage, and at the same time giant, red slitted eyes opened up and looked directly at him.

"Heh heh heh… so, my container finally decides to come pay me a visit" a malevolent voice spoke As Naruto listened to the voice, he could just barely make out a giant animal like figure with nine…tails?

He had no more time to look when a huge furry hand slammed down where he had been only a few seconds before.


Naruto went wide-eyed hearing this. 'Was this why he had heard some of the villagers talking about demon's and foxes when he was in the area?' Because he had the kyuubi sealed in him? If so, why did his parents never tell him? Did his sister know?

Naruto wasn't able to think any more on the matter because he felt a cold death-like presence around him.

"That is quite enough of you, Kyuubi." Shinigami, the Death God, faded into appearance "I believe I have a few things to discuss with the boy, so go back to sleep" with that the Kyuubi suddenly went to sleep within his cage.

"Shinigami-sama, I truly do hope that you're not here to take my soul or anything like that." The shinigami just chuckles, although it sounds very eerie

"No, Naruto, I don't plan to take your soul… yet. I actually wanted to speak to you about learning what you are, and how to use your… unique abilities."

"I'm interested, but what's the catch? I doubt you would do this out of the goodness of your heart.", replied Naruto.

"Heh heh… You're very sharp Naruto. It's a shame that your parents have been so stuck on your sibling to notice your impressive potential, but you're right. I'm not doing this for nothing."

Naruto's eyes narrowed at the mention of his parents' favoritism with his sister.

"I want you to use your gifts, should you accept my offer, to hunt done a few people for me. These 'people' have each found their own versions of extending their own lives, which is something that goes against my design. Everything in life has and end and I do not like people playing with what that!

"Shinigami-sama, I humbly accept your most gracious offer" replied Naruto.

"Excellent Naruto, I look forward to what you will be capable of in the future, and now for my end of the bargain." The shinigami snapped his fingers, and then there was an extremely bright light. As the light subsided, a man, around 5'9", with spiky, black hair like Naruto's started to appear.

"This man's name is Goku and he is your ancestor, but if you could call him anything it would be grandfather. Anyway, he is like you, and will tell you what you are, what you're capable of, and train you till the age of fifteen", spoke the Shinigami, while pointing to the man that was now with them, who was listening intensely to the conversation.

While the Shinigami was speaking to Naruto, Goku was looking intensely at his descendant, sizing him up.

Goku finally spoke to naruto, "Hi How ya doing?" Naruto sweat dropped at this. "Anyway, I guess I'm gonna be your trainer till fifteen like the Shinigami said." Goku continued to speak after gaining a small nod from his would be protégé , "So, did you have any particular training regimen that you are currently doing?"

Naruto answered his question, "yeah, I have been basically working on my taijutsu, but haven't found a suitable style, besides my parents' style; my sealing, which I'm around low chunin; and I have good chakra control for my reserves." He added, "I've basically tried to keep any high-level training that could alert the village and my family of any training that I'm doing."

Goku had put in his thoughts when Naruto had told him all about his current skills, "Well, you have no concept of ki, so I guess we'll start there, then we'll start on simple ki manipulation that include flying and ki sensing. I'll also teach you image training to help with you learning high-level techniques without alerting the village. We'll also continue on your taijutsu training as well as stealth. Heck, if you can impress me I'll even teach you my Instant Transmission technique."

This last technique had peaked Naruto's interest far more that the flying technique.

"Instant Transmission?", Naruto asked.

"Yeah, it allows me to teleport to anything within my range to sense energy", Goku replied.

"Cool" was Naruto's only reply, while Goku chuckles.

"Okay, so now the boring part. You need to know about your race, so you'll learn about the saiyans within your mind tonight, and tomorrow ask your Hokage if you can use a training ground", Goku tells Naruto, hearing this he nods.

And so the long history lesson began.

The next day

Naruto was walking into his father's office in order to use for his training. He was inwardly praying that his father's neglect would be deep enough to where he would sign the document, letting Naruto go to a training ground of his choice.

When Naruto gave the document to his father, Minato didn't really want to hear anything that Naruto would say, so he signed it without a second thought just to get his son out of his hair.

As Naruto left the Hokage's office he couldn't believe that the entire moment just happened. He put that thought out of his mind, so he could concentrate on getting to his (ahem Goku's ahem) chosen training ground.

The Forest of Death.

Yes, the perfect place to hone naruto's taijutsu, stealth, energy sensing.

Seven years later

A figure emerged from the Forest of Death, and the figure was around 4'9" and dressed in a worn out training gi with gauntlet gravity weights on his arms and gravity shin weights on his legs. The figure was Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, and he was now twelve years old. Naruto had grown much in his years of training in the Forest of Death.

His chakra levels where around low jonin with high chunin control, unlike his ki that is enormous. Goku even commented that his ki level was as high as himself when he fought Buu . His sealing capabilities rivaled both his mother's and father's capabilities. He had learned all of the moves that Goku had to offer him. Naruto was taught Goku's Turtle Hermit Fist, and excelled in it; however, Naruto's greatest achievement to date was learning and perfecting Instant Transmission to the point where Naruto could perform the technique effortlessly, and without the use of his index and middle fingers.

In the village

Naruto is now walking through the village, then out of the corner of his eye he sees a familiar stand with the three of four people Naruto trust most: Teuchi, the owner/chef of Ichiraku Ramen; Ayame, one of the two chefs in Ichiraku and daughter of Teuchi; Mikoto Uchiha, the Matriarch of the Uchiha clan.

As his eyes hover over the sight of Teuchi and his daughter, naruto remembers how he met the father/daughter duo.

Flashback no Jutsu

Six years ago

Naruto was walking through the village, desperate to find something to eat. He had just finished training for today, and he was starving! Unfortunately, most of the restaurants won't service him because he's the 'Demon'. That's when Naruto hears a girl like scream, and all thoughts of food were gone for the moment. He immediately began to extend his senses as to find the origin of the scream.

Naruto was able to pinpoint to screams, and find them. As he got closer to the noise, distant words such as 'help', 'no', and 'get away' were starting to make their way to Naruto's ear. He quickly veered down an alleyway, but what he would see next would make his blood boil.

There were five young men, around the age of 16, surrounding a young woman, who was backed against the wall and in a less than appropriate state of dress. Three of the men had on flak jackets, so he assumed they were chunin while the other two were civilians.

Anger seeping into his voice, he called out, "Hey You, don't you know that rape is illegal!"

Annoyance and surprise ran through the group of men, while hope within the woman. As they turn towards the person who made the statement, laughter could be heard and you could practically feel the hope in the woman dwindling.

"Demon Fox, why don't you go run along like a good little pet before we decide to have fun with you too" said one of the men.

The temperature suddenly dropped significantly, and all the while Naruto said nothing. With his hair covering his eyes he whirled out of existence. A second later, one of the civilians was on the ground unconscious with a broken, bloody nose.

The three chunin, remaining civilian, and captor were shocked at the speed the boy moved at. The boy quickly assumed a stance and whirled out of sight again this time taking out the last civilian and a chunin.

The last chunin, seeing this, quickly grabbed the woman by her hair, took out a kunai and held it to the girl's throat "S-S-Stay B-Back or I'll kill her!" he said in a frightened tone.

"Woah! Okay Okay, I'm backing off" as naruto placed his hands in front of him in a complacent manner, while keeping his senses extended.

Naruto then slowly backed away, all the while taking his left hand and placing his index and middle fingers on his forehead.

The former scared chunin then turned arrogant "Ha, I knew you didn't have it in you demon" "You wouldn't risk this little whore's life…" he continued to drabble while lowering his kunai thinking he was safe.

In that instant, Naruto disappeared and the chunin thought 'Where the hell did he go?!' before his entire world went black.

The woman that was about to be killed was amazed. She had never seen a person move that fast! One second he was backing away, then the next he knocked the ninja restraining her out with a hit to the back of the head.

She quickly scrambled away from her 'would-be' raper; It was then that she noticed the features of her savior: worn-out clothes showing his athletic build with muscles starting to develop quite nicely, black spiky hair, a rather handsome face that had little baby fat on it, an extremely cute brown monkey tail swaying wildly behind him, and even cuter whisker marks on his cheeks.

She blushed at what the kid would look like in a few years. His voice had brought her out of her musings "Hey, are you alright? What's your name?" he asked in a gentle, kind voice.

"A-A-Ayame, and yes I'm fine thanks to y-y-you" she said with a stutter as she tries to cover her half naked form with her hands.

"Good, so where do you live?" asked Naruto trying to find out more about this young women.

"My father owns the Ichiraku Ramen Stand in the village" replied Ayame.

"Oh, okay just give me a second to get you something more appropriate than the rags you got on as clothes" he said while showing her a spiral tattoo on his arm. He then said, "Seal Release!" with a puff of smoke Naruto now was holding a drawstring bag.

He opened the bag to fish out a scroll that had the kanji for clothes on it. With another "Seal Release!" and another puff of smoke, Naruto now held a new, exact replica of his worn-out training gi.

He then handed the clothing to her and said, "I'll be right around the corner, while you get changed okay?" She just nods, and ten minutes later she calls Naruto over.

Naruto notices the training gi is a little tight on Ayame, but that can't be helped right now.

Naruto speaks to Ayame, "Okay, do you want me to take you through the village to your father's restaurant or do you want me to get you there without going through the village?"

"I'd rather not be around a lot of people right now" she replied as Naruto nods his head in understanding.

"Relax", Naruto says as he wraps his arm around Ayame's waist, and places his free hands' index and middle fingers to his forehead. Both of them vanish in an instant.

After appearing at the ramen stand, Ayame called of her father and explained what had happened and Teuchi was extremely relieved and grateful to the boy.

So, as thanks for the boy deeds, Teuchi let the boy have whatever he wanted on the house.


Naruto's eyes next start to roam to the figure of Mikoto, as he remembers how he met her for the first time.

Flashback no Jutsu (I'm going to go into more detail about the Kushina/Naruto confrontation in the next chapter)

It had been a few days since Ayame was nearly raped, and Naruto was walking around the village. He decided to get some ramen before going off into the forest to train for the day. He was just about to sit down and order his meal when he heard someone angrily call his name.

Kushina was extremely mad and on the warpath. She had just found out that naruto was 'causing' trouble again. When she saw him again she was going to tear him a new one. She spots him near the ramen stand

"NARUTO!" she shouts with fury in her voice.

Third point of view

Mikoto was walking through the village in order to get her something to eat besides what the Uchiha clan serves regularly. She had decided on ramen, and wouldn't you know it Naruto, the son of Kushina, sitting down to eat ramen as well. She thought she could talk to him and see how he and the rest of the family were doing.

She had gotten three-fourths the way to the ramen stand when she heard and angry "NARUTO!" being projected towards him. Then, there was her best friend, Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze, and she looked mad as hell.

Kushina had started to heatedly argue with Naruto, while Naruto was just trying to calm her down. Mikoto heard Kushina saying 'Why can't he be more like his sister?', and when he tried to explain to Kushina what happened she just snapped.

Kushina grabbed a handful of his shirt and SLAPPED him hard!

"SPEAK ONLY WHEN SPOKEN TO, YOU DELINQUENT!" Mikoto heard Kushina scream.

Mikoto's eyes were exactly like Naruto's: wide-eyed and full of shock.

After a few seconds, Naruto broke free from her grip and left with a speed Kushina didn't know he had. Mikoto suddenly wasn't feeling very hungry, so she decided to try to find Naruto.

After an hour, Mikoto finally found him. He was standing in front of the Forest of Death, so she began to carefully walk towards him.

As Naruto was standing at the entrance of training ground 44, he was lost in his own world till he was broken out of it by a rustle of grass. He looked behind him and saw a beautiful woman: dark hair and eyes, nice figure.

"Who are you? What do you want?" he said in a monotone voice, staring at her with no emotion.

Mikoto replies, "I'm Mikoto Uchiha, and I'm the best friend of your 'mother'." She ends with a whispered tone on the last word knowing the trouble he was having with Kushina right now.

Naruto just nods his head down at the mere mention of his 'mother'. Not wanting to talk about this anymore, he starts to turn away to go into the forest.

Suddenly, Naruto feels something press against the back of his head. He looked around and saw Mikoto embracing him in a loving hug.

"Naruto, you can't just keep it locked up. You have to let it out" Says a sad Mikoto.

He tries to fight the hug without hurting her, but he realizes it's futile. The woman just wouldn't let go. He starts to feel liquid dripping onto him, and he turns his head around to see Mikoto crying. Upon seeing this, he couldn't hold back his emotions any longer.

A sob racks his body his body as he begins to cry. He cries over what has happened to him: the assaults, the neglect, everything!

As Mikoto stands there holding Naruto's sobbing form she thinks 'Kushina, you stupid fool. What have you done to your son?'


Today is Naruto and Naomi's birthday, and Naruto isn't expecting anything to be different. Oh how wrong he is.

A few hours later (when the party begins)

Everyone was in the Namikaze living room in anticipation for Naomi's gifts, but only three people had brought gifts for the hokage's firstborn, Naruto.

All of the adults have already had a few drinks, so their walking a little funny at the moment.

"Okay, everybody it's time for Naomi to start opening her presents" at hearing this Naomi is ecstatic. As Naomi is tearing through gift after gift, Naruto has opened his three gifts and is glad with what he has.

From Mikoto, he has a black haori that reached his knees like his father's, and it fits him very well. From Ayame, he was given a 'HUGE' bowl of birthday ramen made just for him, ultra-size. By the time Teuchi was ready to give Naruto his gift, Naruto had already inhaled his birthday ramen. Finally, Teuchi had decided to give Naruto a cookbook call it a hunch, but Teuchi had a feeling Naruto would need it one day.

At this point of the party, everyone could see Naomi holding two giant scrolls and everyone gasping at what they were.

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade had wanted Naomi to sign their respective contracts, but they ended up bickering about which contract Naomi would sign. As everyone had their attention on the two full grown sannin acting like children, Naomi gave an arrogant, smug smile right at her brother.

Minato then spoke, "Alright Naomi, it's time for your final gift. After a lot of thought I and your mother have decided to give you the title of clan heiress."

Mikoto looked shocked and was inwardly seething, 'They… can't…' Everyone else looked happy, minus Ichiraku who looked shocked, for the girl. Naruto doesn't have any readable emotions on his face.

She couldn't believe both Minato and Kushina are doing this. As part of a clan herself, she knows that this can only be done if the current heir dies or… is expelled from the clan! And if the look on Naruto's face says anything, then he knows what this gift to Naomi means too.

"Minato… Kushina… can I speak to you really quick?" they both nod and head into the kitchen.

"So, what do you want to talk about Mikoto?" Minato asks. Mikoto couldn't contain herself

"Are you guys out of your mind? Do you realize what you are doing to Naruto?"

They replied, "Yeah, Naruto hasn't shown any abilities that would make a good clan head, unlike Naomi, so we decided to give her the title of heiress."

Suddenly all three hears a crash, and ran back into the living room to see what was going on.

Flashback no Jutsu

A few moments ago

Naomi got up from her position in the living room, and went to hug her brother. She wraps him in a hug "Did you hear that?" She begins to whisper arrogantly "Mom and Dad are giving me the title of clan heiress, and then they are throwing you out like the piece of trash you are."

Naruto could no longer keep himself calm. He punched her in the gut with one hand breaking a few of her ribs and forcing her to cough up blood, and then punched her square on the jaw, with the sound of bone cracking filling the surrounding area, knocking her back into a lamp stand making a loud crash as it hit the floor along with Naomi.


Minato, Kushina, and Mikoto ran through the door to only see an enraged Naruto scowling down at his 'sister', who was bleeding from the mouth and holding her mid-section and jaw gasping.

"NARUTO! What do you think you are doing?!" yells Minato, who is shocked at the scene before him.

"SHUT UP! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO YELL AT ME AFTER WHAT YOU TWO HAVE DONE!" roared Naruto, finally having enough of how his 'family' treats him "I'VE TAKEN A LOT OF SHIT FROM THIS VILLAGE, ALONG WITH YOUR NEGLECT AND YOUR RIDICULE" he started shaking uncontrollably "BUT NOW, YOU TWO CROSSED THE LINE BY GIVEN THAT ARROGANT 'THING' MY BIRTHRIGHT!" he started to scream at both Minato and Kushina.

Minato started to speak, "Naruto, your sister showed mo-"


With that Naruto runs upstairs to his room, slamming the door closed upon entering, and preparing to leave this hell hole. He grabs his drawstring bag that has all his worldly possessions: sealing scrolls that contain extra clothes, his gauntlet/shin gravity weights, and his sealing ideas.

Naruto then slips out of the window of his room, and begins to levitate in the air. He was about to leave Konoha, but he felt a disturbance. He decided to investigate, and was rewarded with a nearly dead Uchiha clan member.

"What happened to you?" asked Naruto.

"Itachi… Traitor… Kill…Clan…" the clan member choked out before passing on into the void.

'So, Itachi went and killed his clan huh?' thought Naruto, sad that one of the people he trusts had snapped.

Naruto then notices the sharingan still active in the dead Uchiha's head. He decides to take them thinking 'He won't need them and I could use a trump card.' He then quickly creates a stasis storage scroll in order to store the eyes till he can implant them into his own eyes.

With his work done, Naruto then jumps into the air and begins to fly, at full power, out of the village not to be heard of by the village for two years.