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"Hold the elevator!" Rebekah Mikaelson called out as she ran across the lobby of her father's building, Mikaelson Software and Technologies. She was late for a "family meeting" and she had no idea why she was being summoned here. This place was her brothers' territory and she only liked coming here when Mikael wanted to take her out to lunch or give her his credit card for the day. He had said it was urgent, so she'd made sure to come.

She caught the elevator thanks to a nice man who held the door for her and watched as the lights flickered indicating the floors of the tower. She watched people get out and little by little until only she and the man were left.

"You're…her, right?" he asked, clearing his throat as they moved passed the thirty-second floor.

"Yeah, I am," she replied, used to the question. "I like to go by Rebekah."

"I'm sorry," he apologized, straightening his tie. "I didn't mean to be rude."

"It's alright," she said, sighing and glancing at her phone. She knew that people recognized her, as Mikael always liked to brag about his children as proof of his accomplishments, so his comments weren't really a big deal.

"Do you…work here?"

She looked up from her phone, trying to put on her most polite face. After all, he did hold the elevator for her. "I do not. My brothers do. I'm just here visiting."

The man nodded and got out on the thirty-eighth floor, leaving her alone to travel up the last two. The elevator dinged and she walked out as the doors open, brushing past the reception desk. Elijah liked to remind her that a visitor's pass was required of everyone who wasn't an employee, but Rebekah only rolled her eyes at such a suggestion. "I'm your sister, for God's sake," she would tell him, causing him to frown.

The Mikaelson tower was located in downtown San Francisco, an ideal place for such a business. Many times people had tried to persuade her father to move closer to the technology hub of the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, but he liked being right in the middle of the booming city. She looked out the windows as she walked along the floor, smiling as the fog had finally burned its way out of the sky, revealing a gorgeous day.

She waved at a few people as she reached the back of the office floor, stopping in front of her father's secretary's desk. "Hello, Pearl," she greeted, putting her phone into her purse. "I believe I have been summoned."

Pearl smiled. Rebekah always liked her. She was a woman who wasn't afraid of her father, and that always held well in Rebekah's mind. She knew a lot of people were afraid of Mikael, but she felt as if he were wrapped around her finger and it caused her no worries.

"I'll let him know you've arrived. I think he's in the conference room with the boys," Pearl said, picking up her phone to dial the phone in the room. She nodded her head after speaking a few words and then hung up the phone, looking up at Rebekah. "Just as I suspected…they're waiting for you there."

Rebekah smiled and turned around, heading for the conference room. She opened the door and the sound of her brothers' laughter filled the air, causing her to frown. She was always reminded at times like this as to why she did not work for the company and why she had tried to keep as much distance between her and them as possible. Sure, she loved her family, but being the only girl did not come with many perks usually.

"Ah, there she is," her brother Kol beamed, sitting back in his chair. She walked to the head of the table where her father was seated and kissed his cheek, sticking her tongue out at Kol.

"Hello, darling," Mikael greeted, motioning for her to take a seat on his left, next to her other brother Klaus. The eldest, Elijah, was sitting to Mikael's right and Kol was next to him. "Ignore Kol, we all do."

"Hello sister," Klaus greeted, smiling at her. She felt the closest to him and she was glad that he had left the seat next to him open for her.

"What's this about?" she asked, setting her purse on the empty chair to her left. "I'm not sure why I need to be here. Did someone die?"

"No," Mikael said, laughing softly. "Although I might if your mother tries to talk to me about adopting a child one more time."

Rebekah saw Elijah smile. Their mother, Esther, was an eccentric woman who gained and grew out of hobbies every day. Her latest kick, which she called the "Save the Children Movement", was her feeling the overwhelming need to help out a starving kid from a third world country. Instead of just donating a sizeable amount to a charity, she had been discussing actually adopting a child.

Rebekah had laughed at their last family dinner a few weeks ago when her father's face had turned pale at the first mention of it. "A child? You cannot be serious, Esther."

"Oh, but I am. They need me, Mikael…they need us."

"But we already have five children," her father had argued. "And they're all grown."

"Precisely. I am bored at the house while you work all day. I have no one to spend my time with or take care of."

Mikael frowned and set his fork down. "I don't want to worry about a crying baby in the middle of the night or diaper changes, Esther. Be reasonable. Pick up another hobby. We can do some work for the Aquarium. How about you save the dolphins and not the children?"

The conversation had slowly dropped after that and Rebekah had assumed her mother had moved on, but with her father's latest mention she knew it wasn't going to be something her mother let go of that easily.

"Well, can we get on with it? I have a nail appointment in an hour," Rebekah said, realizing she had gotten lost in her own memory.

"It's always something with you. A nail appointment, a hair appointment, wine tasting with April…when are you actually going to get a job?" Kol asked, leaning towards her on the table. "Some of us have to actually work for our money around here."

"I do work, I have a job…sort of," she replied, crossing her arms over her chest. "I work! It's not easy being the Social Media Coordinator for the city's Art Museum."

"You're barely there," he retorted.

"Enough," came Elijah's voice, which earned him an appreciative nod from their father.

"Elijah is right, that's enough out of the two of you. But yes, let's get on with it. I brought you all together today because I wanted to be the first to tell you about an important decision I have made regarding the company...I am retiring."

"We've heard that before," mumbled Klaus and Rebekah giggled.

"I'm serious, Niklaus. At the end of the year I will be done. If I won't let your mother adopt a baby, I'll just have to spend time with her myself."

"Retiring, for real this time," Elijah said, glancing at Mikael. "You're sure that by the end of the year you'll be ready?"

"I'm sure," Mikael said with a nod. "It's time, anyway. I've given everything I can to this company."

"And so, this meeting is to tell us all who you've chosen to leave the company to?" Kol guessed, sitting back in his chair.

"Well, then why am I here? What do I care if one of these idiots takes over for you? How will that affect me?" Rebekah added.

Mikael laughed. "Well, I couldn't exactly decide which son to leave this all to. You all work in different departments, and offer different strengths and weaknesses to the company."

"So, are you letting her decide?" Klaus interjected, looking at Rebekah with a grin. If it was going to be up to her, he'd be the clear choice for sure.

"Great," Kol whined. "I'm going to be made into a janitor."

"Not so fast," Mikael said, shaking his head. "I'm going to make it a competition, a contest of sorts."

"A contest?" Elijah echoed. "I don't believe that is the best way to determine the future of this company, father."

Rebekah's face lit up as the realization washed over her. "Oh my god."

"What?" her three brothers asked in unison as all eyes were on her.

"You mean to make me the judge, don't you?" she inquired, looking at Mikael.

"Sort of. The contest is going to involve you. Consider this a way to show me that you're all very bonded as a family."

Kol sighed. "Well, what do we have to do?"

"You have to find Rebekah a suitable mate."

The four of them just stared at their father, waiting for him to say he was joking and then tell them what they really had to do. After a few moments of silence Rebekah shook her head, her face scrunching in confusion. "I'm sorry, what?"

Mikael laughed. "I'm tired of watching you have failed relationship after failed relationship. Elijah is married, Klaus has been in a serious relationship for years now, and even Kol has just started dating someone."

"Okay, but why does it matter if I'm not with anyone?"

"I just want to see you happy. And who knows you better than your own brothers?"

Rebekah looked at each brother watching the way their faces were taking all of this in. "So, what? They each pick a guy for me to date and if I like one then that brother wins?"

"Basically," Mikael agreed. "I will be the judge of which boy you fall in love with. Or, man. Whatever."

Rebekah was flabbergasted. Never in a million years did she think that her father would resort into having her brothers play matchmaker for her. Sure, she'd had quite a few failed relationships, but that was one of the parts of dating – figuring out what things worked for you and what things didn't. So far she'd had a lot more things not work for her, but she'd realized it was just going to take time for her.

"I suppose…why not," she finally said with a shrug. "I doubt any of them will find anyone suitable for me, and I doubt I'll be able to fall in love so quickly."

"There is no set time when it comes to love," her father replied. "And maybe that is precisely your problem, my dear. Give this a chance, okay?"

"I think I already have someone in mind," Klaus said, sitting back in his chair and pulling out his phone.

"Well, what happens if she doesn't like any of the choices?" Elijah asked. Rebekah could already see him mentally scanning his brain for choices.

"Then…Rebekah gets control of the company."

"What?" they all cried in unison.

"That's absurd!" Kol yelled. "She wouldn't know a damn thing about running this company!"

"Then, I trust my sons will only present her with the best options."

A grin slowly spread across her face. She would love nothing more than to walk into this building and literally own the place. Kol would hate answering to her and that made her want to have it even more.

"What's to stop her from cheating? What if she doesn't pick any of the choices on purpose and takes the company for herself?" Kol continued, shaking his head.

"That's why I am going to be the ultimate judge here. She will have to make a decision by the September Gala. That way I can prime the new CEO before the year is up. And if any cheating is involved, then we'll figure it out and deal with that if it comes to pass. But, like I said, I have faith that one of you will pick the right man," Mikael said, a finality to his tone.

"Who goes first? What's the order?" came Elijah's voice and Rebekah could see that he too was displeased; he just wasn't showing it like Kol. "I find the idea of you picking your predecessor through a matchmaking game very silly, but might as well get on with it."

"We'll go from youngest to oldest, so Kol will be first," their father said, standing up from his chair. He buttoned up his suit jacket and pushed in his chair. "You will present your choice soon, Kol."

"Whatever," the youngest Mikaelson son groaned, flopping his head down on the table. Mikael left the room and Elijah followed after him, leaving Rebekah alone with Klaus and Kol.

"This is going to be very…interesting," Klaus said, rubbing her shoulder softly. "I hope father knows what he's doing."

"Yeah," Rebekah agreed, thinking everything over that had just happened. "I hope he does, too."

"So, they all get to pick a guy for you? That's…different," April Young, Rebekah's best friend, said as they rode in a cab through the Marina district.

Rebekah sighed. "I don't know how to feel about it, to be honest. Part of me thinks it's a horrible idea while another part of me feels like why not? I've had zero luck in the dating department lately, so what's the worst that can happen?"

"And you really think that you'll be able to fall in love with one of them?"

Bekah shrugged. "Who knows? Of course I'd like to fall in love, and if it happens with one of their choices, then I guess one of them wins something, too."

"Well, good luck I guess. Send me pictures of their faces, and I'll help you decide," April replied with a wink.

Rebekah just rolled her eyes. "Are you sure you want to come here?" she asked her as the cab came to a stop. She groaned and paid the driver, not sharing the brunette's excitement.

They were outside of a dive bar called Donovan's and they'd been there a few times before. But, the few other times Rebekah had been in there she was already pretty far-gone and didn't care to argue. She didn't like dive bars, especially in the Marina. They were full of college kids or older couples, all trying to look and feel like hipsters.

"I like it here," April argued as they showed their IDs to the security bouncers at the bar's entrance. "Plus, have you ever seen the owner? Oh my god, he's so hot!"

Rebekah rolled her eyes again. She highly doubted that the owner of some dive bar was appealing, especially to her. "I never knew you were into older men."

April laughed. "No, but see, that's the thing…he's not even old."

Rebekah wasn't listening to her friend anymore. They were inside the bar now and while there was a good crowd filling up the place, she already knew that she wasn't going to have a good time here tonight. "Come on, let's get a drink and hope this place looks better after some Tequila."

April followed her friend to the bar and they waited for a bartender to come their way. A few frat boys were eyeing them and it made Rebekah smirk. Of course they wished she'd look their way and give them some type of indication that she was interested, but she wasn't and never would be. Rebekah had made the mistake of dating a few college guys and it never turned out well for her. She only hoped that her brothers' choices had already graduated and weren't looking to "party hard" every night. She wanted a more mature relationship, a serious one. She wanted a guy who was established and stable financially...she wanted a man, not a boy.

A guy slid in next to Rebekah and April, leaning his forearms against the bar. She glanced at him and noticed he wasn't bad looking. He had a strong jaw, a nice body from what she could see against his basic clothing, and was of the blonde haired, All-American genre. He glanced her way causing her to look away as if she hadn't just been staring at him. She fluffed her hair and acted uninterested as the bartender moved on to the girls next to them.

"It's pretty busy tonight," the blonde stranger said to her and she looked up seeing he had the most crystal clear blue eyes she'd ever seen. It took her a second to realize that she was supposed to be playing the uninterested card and she shrugged her shoulders, pulling her phone from her clutch to make it look like she was too busy to talk to him.

"Yeah, I guess. It is a bar," she said, keying the code to her lock screen into her phone and tapping on her browser app.

"I hadn't noticed," was his reply and she looked up, seeing the smirk across his lips. "Can I get you guys something?"

April touched her arm and peered her head around her friend to see who was talking to them. She smiled eagerly at him and Rebekah had to wonder when her friend had become so desperate for a free drink. "If you're offering then hell yeah we'd like some drinks!"

"April," Rebekah scolded, shaking her head. "Thanks but no thanks," she said to the guy. "I'm sure we're capable of getting our own."

The guy put his hands up and laughed. April nudged her friend and Rebekah glared at her. "I was just trying to help and be a nice guy."

"No, you weren't," Rebekah countered. "I know exactly what you were trying to do. You were trying to establish yourself outside of this group of frat boys. You wanted to show us that you're not a cheap guy and that you think we're pretty and you'd like to show off and buy us some sort of fancy shot. Then, you'd talk our ears off about sports or whatever it is you frat boys are into this week, and we'd be polite because we have to be since you were so kind and bought us a drink. So, how about I save us all the time and be as polite as I can when I deny your advances and tell you to bugger off."

"Rebekah!" April gasped, shaking her head at her friend.

"What? I'm right, we all know I'm right."

"Actually, while your little theory is obvious of some odd insecurities you have going on and was highly entertaining, because I wasn't trying to hit on you when I offered to get you and your friend a drink," the guy replied, looking at her like she was a precious child.

Rebekah did not like the condescending tone to his words and glared at him. "Oh really? Then please, enlighten me as to why you wanted to be so nice and offer us free drinks from his crappy little dive bar."

"Because I own this crappy little dive bar."

Rebekah was embarrassed, no she was mortified. How the hell had she made herself look so stupid and insulting? Sure, she had grown up entitled her whole life, moving from London to the States when she was very young and experiencing a grand life on both spectrums, but she wasn't rude and she wasn't a snob.

But now, that's all that Matt Donovan probably thought she was – some self-important, brat, wench of a snob. She'd seen the satisfaction in his face when he'd gotten the upper hand on her, watching as her eyes grew large and listened as April apologized profusely on behalf of both of them. Her friend had grabbed her by the hand and moved her to the other side of the bar, and Rebekah had glanced back to see Matt hop up over the bar and join the bartenders, helping to tend to the growing crowd.

Now, it was almost last call and she and April were seated at one of booths lining the walls. Rebekah hadn't had much to drink over the course of the night, and she'd made sure to have April go and order them all. She'd been watching Matt all night, their eyes meeting a few times before she'd look away like some caught stalker.

She reached her hand inside of her glass and brought a piece of ice into her mouth, sucking on it slowly as she watched Matt clearing some of the tables around them. April excused herself to go to the bathroom before the place started to close down, and Matt approached the booth, causing Bekah to sit up straighter.

"Your majesty," he said, bowing before her as he grabbed April's empty glass.

Rebekah rolled her eyes and crunched on her ice. "That's not necessary, and it's actually quite annoying. I made a mistake, no sense in making fun of me for it."

"But, making fun of you gets you all angry, and you're kind of cute when you're angry," he replied, leaning his forearms on the table. She watched as his arms flexed against his t-shirt and she tried not to let her mind get lost in the thought of what a nice body he had, or how cute he was when he smiled at her. No, she didn't like this Matt Donovan – he was rude and she already had enough rude men in her life.

"You know, my mother always told me that men who gloat are ugly on the inside, and are probably trying to overcompensate for a lack of…something."

Matt laughed softly. "Trust me, I don't have a lack of anything. And I'm only gloating because I can. You'll be leaving in a few minutes and once you do, then I won't have any reason to. Gotta get it in while I can."

Rebekah frowned. "Don't be an ass. I'm still a paying customer you know."

"Okay?" he said. "Oh, you think this is one of those places where 'the customer is always right'? That's cute. Hate to break it to you Princess, but I don't cater to people here. You must have me confused with those fancy downtown bars."

"Don't call me that," she said, her jaw tight. "I'm not a Princess, I'm not a snob."

"Oh, I apologize," he replied, and Rebekah wished she could smack the smirk off of his face. "I just assumed you got lost down here and came to the first bar you saw."

"Everything okay?" came April's voice before Rebekah could reply.

"Absolutely," Matt said, standing up straight again as April slid into the booth. "I was just offering to call you guys a cab."

"That would be great," the brunette replied. "It's late, anyway. But hey, we love this place. I always try and come down here but I get so caught up with work."

Matt smiled at her. "Thanks, I appreciate that. It may not be much, but I kinda like it." He looked at Rebekah as he walked backwards and then turned around, heading behind the bar. She saw him grab a phone and glance their way, causing her to cross her arms over her chest. She hated that he was being a gentleman and calling them a cab, especially after he'd been a jerk to her when April hadn't been there.

"Isn't he gorgeous?" April beamed as she watched the bar start to clear out as the lights came on. "I told you he wasn't old."

"He's alright," Rebekah said, taking her compact out to apply some lip-gloss. She didn't want to show April that she agreed that Matt Donovan was gorgeous. She wanted to keep the image of him being some asshole, hipster, bar owner in her head so that she never thought twice about him after they left tonight.

April got up from the booth, suggesting they head towards the door to wait for their cab. Rebekah fluffed her hair and was proud of herself for not even looking in the direction of the bar as she made her way towards the exit.

"Bye, Princess! Thanks for dropping by," Matt shouted to her from across the room and she turned around, giving him the dirtiest look she could muster.

"Rebekah!" April shouted back and Bekah's eyes went wide as she looked at her friend and hit her in the arm.

"What?" Matt shouted back.

"Her name…it's Rebekah!"

"April," Rebekah hissed and grabbed her friend, pulling her out of the bar.

"Oh, thanks! Bye, Rebekah," she heard Matt call right before they were outside of the bar and jumping into the cab that had just pulled up, not even caring if it was the one he had called for them or not.

"I think he likes you," April said as they headed towards Rebekah's place, closer to the city.

"I think he should rot in hell," Bekah replied, looking out the window and trying to clear her mind of the way Matt Donovan looked when he smiled.

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