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All at once, several surges of power erupted at different points in Fuyuki City. At the centre of them all were men with strange red marks on their hands and a summoning circle – but only at one of them were the expected results yielded. Standing inside a specially prepared room within a large Manor were three men, two garbed in Holy robes and one suited in red. Before them stood a new arrival – one who radiated power and even standing still and silent almost screamed out the right to rule in arrogance. The man in red sounded giddy with excitement as he announced: '…We've won Kirei, we've won…' However, victory is not determined until the end – and the corrupted chalice of victory had decided to stir the pot around a little bit.

Emiya Kiritsugu.

At the Einzbern Manor, Emiya Kiritsugu watched with anticipation as the smoke cleared before him; expecting to see the much hailed King of Knights stand before him. His eyes calmly observed the gradual unveiling of the silhouette, but then his mind caught up and he looked shocked at the man who stood before him. This was certainly not King Arthur.

Tall and with short black hair, a stern faced man stared directly back at Emyia Kiritsugu just as the latter was doing to him. An impressive black moustache unsuccessfully hid the frown that adorned his face, but it seemed not be of a frown of displeasure and more one of habit. He wore an eye patch over his left eye, and Kiritsugu was doing his best not to look at it rather than his open eye. The servant was wearing a blue uniform decorated with several badges and markings that seemed to represent a significant title. Slung over each shoulder and hanging at each side were swords, sheathed. He looked middle-aged, possibly even a little older but the way he stood made it out so that he exhibited both strength and presence. He looked to simply breathe authority and radiate might.

What…what is this!? Kiritsugu thought with the beginnings of outrage. He had gambled a lot on having a strong servant – and without Arthur he couldn't use Avalon. Suddenly the servant spoke.

'I am the servant Saber.' He said in a deep and powerful voice that caused Irisviel to step back in fright. 'Are you my Master?'

Waver Velvet.

Waver Velvet stood in the clearing as the smoke cleared for his summoning and now he was waiting to see who he had got. He knew that the relic he had stolen from his teacher – Kayneth Archibald, the man who had denied and belittled his paper on the potential of Magus's, who had ironically set him on the path to steal Kayneth's relic – had been a piece of Alexander the Great's cape. A servant with such a powerful and recognizable legend would definitely put him in the running to win the war, even with larger and more powerful families like the Tohsaka's and the Einzbern's.

Waver saw a flash of red cloth – the matching colour of the catalyst he had brought – and hope brightened within him. As the rest of the smoke cleared though, that glimmer began to fade. The figure before him was certainly not Iskandar, and other than that the youth could not recognize him. He was dressed in a great crimson coat, with lapels' on each shoulder. A large, wide brimmed hat matching the colour of his coat sat on his head; cloaking his face in shadows. That caused the bright orange sunglasses that lay on his face to seem to shine and the effect was nothing short of eerie. He stood tall, and under his coat was a black suit and a red cravat around his neck.

Waver felt a truly terrifying aura surround the man, which could be described as nothing but evil. He took a step towards the schoolboy, and each footfall echoed in the silence of the night.

When the distance between them had been closed to a mere few metres, Waver could make out more of the man's facial features. His skin was bloodlessly pale, several locks of raven-like hair descended upon his skin. Wavers eyes moved to his servants mouth and saw rows of sharp, pointed teeth behind a wicked smile – a smile that had nothing to do with a happy emotion.

The servant breathed out heavily through his teeth, which promptly caused Waver to step back and fall on his ass, a small whimper making its way out of his mouth and his eyes wide. The servant watched and then started to chuckle; a deep, dark that made Waver's mind conjure images of huge echoing tunnels filled will charred and bloody corpses.

Without warning, the servant raised both of his white gloved hands to his face – one removing his hat and the other taking the sunglasses away. His hair almost seemed to float rather than flow in the wind or fall with gravity and now with his eyes revealed – blood-red irises staring directly at the timid teen on the floor. The tall figure then moved – sending Waver into a fit of fearful spasms and flailing – only to take his place in a low crouched kneel; his head low and facing the floor.

A chilling, haunting voice came from the mouth of the servant – and Waver trembled as he heard it speak to him. 'I am the servant Rider. Are you my Master?'

Matou Kariya.

Kariya Matou panted heavily. His hand extended outwards to the summoning circle – the two extra lines chanted had ensured he would summon the Berserker; something his grandfather had forced him to do to compensate his lack of ability as a Magus. Slowly, Kariya regained his breath and stood straighter. He was a little confused, as far as he was aware – the worms within him should be driving him into immense pain with Berserker in physical form. Comparatively however, Zouken was far more confused at Kariya's demenour.

The boy should be in agony. The elder Matou thought. What is going on? Berserker should be straining Kariya to his limits.

Zouken looked at the circle and saw the last wisps of smoke disappear. Within the circle was someone Zouken could not imagine as Berserker in his most obscure dreams – someone who barely looked fit as a servant at all.

An impressive man with pale blue skin stood proud and elegantly before the pair. Atop his head was a tall black top hat that sat upon long cascades of luscious black hair. His outfit was rich, a great black cloak that shined and hid the sides and back of his head in a high collar. Beneath that was an elegant and luxurious suit with a cravat. In his right hand a long, gold cane with elaborate engravings that ended in what resembled an emerald green heart was propped up between him and the ground. A gust of wind blew in from nowhere and set the cloak into motion – it trailed so eloquently and with such magnificence that it made both the Matou's eyes water. A pair of eyes opened – one yellow and one red – and observed the pair, eventually fixing his gaze on Kariya, recognizing the command seals on his hand.

The new arrival began to walk out of the summoning circle – the act itself so appealing that Zouken had to consciously close his agape mouth, Kariya on the other hand simply letting it hang in awe. He stopped before Kariya, almost completely ignoring Zouken and smiled, revealing a perfect set of teeth and canines that coupled with his entire ensemble of attire made Kariya think very much of a vampire. This act also set the sharp, pointed goatee on his chin into animation – so well-groomed it made Tohsaka Tokiomi's look like the scruff of a pubescent teen.

Then he spoke; with a voice so deep and mesmerizing that it made Kariya slightly weak at the knees. 'I am the servant Berserker. Are you my Master?'

Kariya's dry mouth failed to put out an intelligent response, so Zouken took the chance to interrupt.

'What in the hell is this farce!?' Slamming his walking stick heavily into the floor and drawing the attention of Berserker. Zouken shuddered under the gaze, so he turned to Kariya – to chastise his descendant.

'I knew I should have never trusted you to do this properly! You're a failure of the Matou family, a disgrace!' Zouken was very honestly outraged, not only was the servant sane to the point of serenity – something out of even considering for a Berserker – but Kariya was not under any kind of strain from keeping the servant manifested. 'Sakura will take your command seals and become the Matou's representative in the War.' At this Kariya seemed to twitch and his eyes darted to meet his grandfather's accusing stare.

Berserker seemed to recognize this, and interjected. 'It is not up to you to decide who shall be my Master.' He paused, almost dramatically; 'Fate has dealt you this set of cards and you shall play your hand with the choices you have been given, or fold your hand and leave the Holy Grail to the other Masters.' Still radiating an aura of calmness.

Zouken snapped his head back and shouted at the taller man; 'How dare you question the authority of House Mat-'

'Silence!' Berserker commanded. Zouken stopped speaking abruptly, as if he could no longer process speech. Berserker then readjusted his eyes back to Kariya.

'How would you have me serve you, my Master?'

Back with Waver.

The door of a small warehouse suddenly exploded open and a small, dark-haired teen jumped in fright. From the new hole out walked the servant Rider, under one arm a stack of thick books and held in the hand of the other a black pistol – if something as big as what was in his hand could even be called a pistol. Rider walked out casually, as he walked past Waver he dropped the stack of books into the boy's lap – winding him.

'Ah!' He said as he fell over, lifting his head to see the servant watching him from behind tinted orange glass. The youth cowered under the look as he stood up, grasping the books with his arms across his chest. His eyes – avoiding his servants' – made their way to the weapon in Rider's hand.

'Idiot! What kind of weapon is that?' Waver exclaimed. 'It's too big to be a handgun anyone would use!'

Rider simply smirked and held it up, angling it to the side so that Waver could read Jesus Christ is in Heaven Now along the shaft.

'Mercury core bullets, cased in blessed Macedonian steel. The powder charge is Marvell's N.N.A.9. Length: 39 centimetres. Weight: 16 kilograms. A 13 millimetre explosive ejection chamber. "The Jackal".'

Waver simply looked dumbfounded. 'I didn't understand any of that!' Rider tutted.

He looked at the pile of books he was holding. One of them was about wars during the 15th century. Another a detailed copy of the life of Vlad Tepes and his exploits. Under that was Bram Stoker's "Dracula". Waver looked up at his servant.

'You said you're name was Alucard…why have you picked up all this?' Waver looked from his servant to the books and back, slowly making the connection between Dracula, Vlad Tepes and Alucard.

'Gaaahhhh! You're…?' Waver asked with a smug nod from his servant.

'But why aren't you Lancer then!? Your name was Vlad "The Impaler"!'

'There is a lot more to me than stabbing people on long spikes and biting necks, even if it all happened after those legends were written.' Alucard turned away, putting The Jackal away and striding off.

'Hey wait! Where are you going?' Waver asked loudly, running to catch up to his servant.

'This is only the first night of the Holy Grail War, and the night is very young. Take me to your home, we shall use it as our base.' Slowly mist began to form around them, becoming thicker and thicker until Waver couldn't see out of it.

'Rider…?' Waver nervously said.

Suddenly a loud noise was heard, like the sound of a jet flying at high speeds. Waver felt Alucard grab him by the back of his collar and lift him into the air – causing the books to fall. Waver let out a yelp and tried to reach for them, but Alucard kept him grip.

The noise started getting closer and louder, and Waver stopped trying to get the books and started looking around worriedly. Suddenly the pair shot of at a preposterously high speed.

Mach 2.8 to be exact. A speed that caused two very different reactions from the passengers of the small reconnaissance craft; The SR71 Blackbird. A deep and evil laughter from one, and an all too familiar shout from the other.


Einzbern Castle.

Irisviel was still finding difficulty in getting used to the stiff man who had presented himself as Saber. As of current, he was staring out the window into the snowy backdrop of the Einzbern estate, and for all intents and purposes he was very calm. Both hands were held behind his back as he looked out, seeing his Master and his daughter out in the forest. The pair were playing in the snow, looking for some berry or tree-growing bud and laughing as though it were a game. His Master seemed not only relaxed but also happy – which he had not seen prior to this moment. His mind remembered the woman sitting behind him; Kiritsugu's wife.


His sudden action had taken her by surprise and she jumped at the word. Recomposing herself, she looked up at him, who had turned and was looking at her with his good eye.

'Yes, Saber?'

'Why are you and Kiritsugu married?'

Irisviel was slightly taken aback by the question. She cleared her throat and looked Saber in the eye; 'I married him because I love him, and he loves me.'

She didn't need to tell the story about how Kiritsugu had rescued her from the cold after her creator had thrown her out, and how Kiritsugu had shown her the world without her ever leaving the estate.

I see. He is just like me; cold and merciless – but he too chose the woman that he shall spend his life with. He remembered back to his wife and son, Selim. Even if Selim hadn't been biological and Madam Bradley had no knowledge of the situation he still held his family very close to him. He wondered just how close he and Emiya Kiritsugu were in terms of personality.

Saber paused and then asked another question.

'Irisviel, just who is Emiya Kiritsugu?'

The white-haired lady could only smile warmly at the cold man as she came up with her answer.

Tohsaka Manor, Fuyuki City.

A single servant stood perched on the roof of the Tohsaka Manor, clad in shining gold armour and his arms folded over his chest. A haughty and proud expression lay upon his features as he looked down into the garden before him. The trap had been laid and all that was left to be done was to wait for Assassin to show up. However; the once King of Uruk, "The King of Heroes", the one who owned all worldly possessions – was not amused.

How dare Tokiomi bother me with something this trifling. Archer thought, still in the night. The small impudent man who had summoned him several nights prior and had been audacious enough to call himself "Master". Tokiomi was a competent enough Magus to be able to deal with this part of his ridiculous plan himself – so why was he; Gilgamesh – being bothered with it. He had started to consider turning his Gate of Babylon at the Manor and firing until he killed the Magus, then going off and siding with another Master – he had heard the Einzbern Master was someone to be wary of.

Then with no warning, a figure stepped out of the trees and made his appearance. He was dressed in a white hakama, a white coat with two long tails and something resembling half a helmet over his head. He had black hair that dropped in a single bang over his nose and bright green eyes which were underlined with tear streaks. At his waist hung a green-hilted katana, and both hands resided within the man's pockets – despite that his demeanor was not relaxed or apathetic, it was rather stiff and he walked with purpose.

Assassin? But… Gilgamesh watched as the white-clad figure moved – while very quietly and without doing anything to give away his presence – without any regard for stealth. Suddenly he disappeared in a blur, only for Archers searching eyes to find him within the walls.

How…? The gold-armoured servant was now interested in the new arrival, just what had that empty man Kotomine summoned? Watching the servant move and seeing his facial expression Gilgamesh thought; Perhaps someone as empty as him. Gilgamesh restrained a chuckle.

Assassin then reached up to his head – calmly – and pulled out his eye. He outstretched his arm and crushed it into a fine dust. Goldy watched as every particle of the dust that came into contact with Tokiomi's sensory shields revealed the latter's location. The servant then – with a hand over the newly empty socket – made his way through the shields.

Every movement Assassin made was subtle and very lacking and style or flair – almost as if the servant was mechanical – yet each action was executed with precision and deliberation. Every time he stepped or ducked to avoid one of Tokiomi's spheres Gilgamesh saw a well-honed finesse.

Quickly Assassin reached the centre of the garden and reached out to the gem that had been laid by the Master of Archer as a trap. Gilgamesh could feel the familiars watching them and he knew this was simply a performance to that boring little man. He readied his Noble Phantasm behind him, aiming his weapons and prepared to fire. Assassins hand reached out and was about to grasp the gem, then suddenly moved his good eye and looked directly at Gilgamesh.

Startled, Gilgamesh fired upon Assassin and let loose several bladed missiles. Just before impact however, Assassin moved inhumanly as fast as sound directly into the path of one of the weapons. It speared through him and pinned him to the ground, piercing through the centre of his chest just under his neck while the rest of the weapons blasted the ground apart and sent dirt and debris flying. All of the familiars scattered and ran off with the boom and Gilgamesh smugly observed the corpse of his victim.

Then without warning, the hand not covering the eyeless socket curled up and grabbed the haft of the spear going through him. Pale fingers clutched the shaft and proceeded to break it in two, and as Gilgamesh watched he found he could see straight through the hole in the servants coat to the other side and no flesh could be seen. Assassin lifted himself off the ground and stared into Gilgamesh's eyes, the red and green contrast highlighting. The white figure pulled his hand from his eye and flicked the air – creating a portal that looked as though the air was opening a gaping mouth. He continued to meet Gilgamesh's gaze right up until he stepped into the portal – which closed behind him.

Confusion riddled through Gilgamesh, the plan to convince the other teams that Assassin had been killed had worked, but Gilgamesh didn't fully understand what was going on – something he did not like. He looked up at the sky and roared out.


Tokiomi's Office, Tohsaka Manor.

Bright gold dust began to materialize in Tokiomi's office and into the shining form of the servant Archer. Tokiomi looked up at his servant who was sporting a dissatisfied look on his face.

'What is the meaning of this, Tokiomi!?'

'My lord I-' The Master attempted to calm his servant before being cut off.

'Where is Assassin!? What happened to the original plan and why was I not informed?' Anger coated Archer's words. Tokiomi stuttered his way through his words.

'Kirei's summoning did not go as planned, my king.' A sheepish look took its place on Tokiomi's face. 'After conversing with Kirei we agreed that the servant summoned would not hinder the plan at all.'

'And you didn't tell me!?'

Suddenly the pressure in the room shifted and both men turned their eyes to the doorway, where Kotomine Kirei stood and behind him was his servant; Assassin. Gilgamesh immediately felt a building rage, but rather than acting on it – turned and began to disappear into bright gold glitter.

'I expect an explanation, Tokiomi.' The sound of his annoyed voice lingered in the air, and Tokiomi could only think; Why did I have to summon Gilgamesh as Archer, with Independent Action…? His head was in his hands in mild frustration at the situation.

Kirei cleared his throat loudly enough for Tokiomi to hear and began to speak; 'Assassin has reported that the other Masters believe he is dead. He also has sufficient knowledge as to which class was summoned by which magus – with the exception of Caster; who has yet to be summoned.'

Tokiomi nodded and indicated for Kirei to continue.

'However, just as the servant Assassin was summoned as an abnormality all the other servants are not of our world. It also seems that the other Masters have learned this and are spending their time trying to determine who their own servants are.'

'On that topic, can your servant tell me who he is?' Tokiomi asked.

Assassin's posture recomposed and he spoke. 'My name is Ulquiorra Schiffer, Fourth Espada in Aizen's Army. I understand that you command my Master, but I shall only bend my will to my Master and my Master alone.'

Tokiomi nodded to Assassin, respecting his loyalty. He's quite like Kirei; loyal and determined to serve. Though…he seems to be just as empty as Kirei himself – if not more.

'Kirei, have your servant continue to monitor the other teams.'

The priest bowed and began to exit the room. Ulquiorra hesitated for a bit, his eyes on the red suited man behind the desk. He seems familiar…as though I've met him before somewhere…

The pale man shrugged and followed his Master out of the room, leaving Tokiomi to figure out what he was to do with his disobedient servant.

Aboard the SR-71 Blackbird.

Waver clung like a thin spider to the screaming jet blasting through the air. His shouts were drowned out by the insane speed, but that didn't make them any less quiet. Alucard was standing at the front of the vehicle, arms crossed and cloak billowing wildly in the wind.

Will I really be able to have him as my Master? A voice in his mind thought.

Integra was your Master when she was a lot younger than this boy. Another voice spat back, defending Waver.

True, but she showed courage and a will strong enough to deserve my loyalty – this boy is a WIMP!

She and you found each other in a dark place when she was backed into a corner; she had no choice but to be strong.

Are you saying that I must wait for a similar situation to see the worth of this boy as my Master!?

He was brave enough to steal the relic from his own teacher; it would only be fair to expect more from him. Unless that was all he had.

Alucard chuckled darkly under his hat, only time would tell whether Waver was worthy of calling himself as his Master. The SR 71 slowly began slowing down, not enough to make Waver stop screaming his head off – but enough for it to become more than the blur it had been before. Opening his tear-streaked eyes Waver saw that they were nearing the home of the Canadian elderly couple he had hypnotized into believing he was their grandchild. A tingle of finally getting off this ridiculous jet and a shudder of guilt at bringing Rider into the house both ran through him.

He didn't have any time to say or do anything about it, as Alucard swiftly picked him up once again and suddenly the jet nosedived towards the small house. Waver screamed in terror at the thought of what his servant was doing – when at the last moment the craft disappeared into a thick cloud of mist and the pair landed on the roof. Alucard's boots crashing into the tiled roof, but oddly not making any noise – and Waver tucked under his arm.

'Idiot!' Waver struggled to get free and shout at his servant. 'Tell me what the hell you're doing next time!' Alucard dropped the boy and phased through the roof like a ghost – much to Waver's shock and astonishment. Several minutes later after Waver had made his own way down from the roof he opened his bedroom door only to find a pair of bright orange circles staring at him from the unlit darkness.

He screamed out; 'AAAAHH!' Then fell on his ass.

A dark shadowy hand reached out from the room and plucked Waver from the hallway and into the darkness.

'Sleep boy, I will keep watch.'

Courtyard, Einzbern Castle.

The sound of metal clashing could be heard from the Einzbern Castle, echoing out from the garden. At the centre two men stood, sweating and panting; one elderly and wielding a pair of swords – the other young and holding a small firearm in each hand.

Kiritsugu's youth and training had done little to protect him from Bradley's vicious assault. He was both dodging and using his guns to parry the sword-strikes in equal measure, the older servant capable of great speeds and agility that few would anticipate or suspect.

At the beginning of their spar Kiritsugu had attempted to take advantage of Bradley's blind side, but he had soon discovered that it didn't matter where he shot with the Calico, his servant was able to dodge or effectively parry the bullets while moving in closer to take Kiritsugu's long-range advantage away. A shot with the Thompson Contender had proved too fast for Bradley to avoid, and even though his sword endured the hit well – the servant had both been driven back several steps and his arm had become bent out of place from the force of the shot, until Bradley had re-located it.

Kiritsugu had to use Time Alter on more than one occasion to keep up with the homunculus; luckily his body wasn't wearing down like it normally did because of something Bradley possessed called a Philosophers Stone. It gave extended durability to both servant and Master and effectively erased their limits for certain feats, but it didn't make them invincible or everlasting.

Both servant and Master were tired, the session had only gone on for half an hour – but the intensity had worn both contestants to their bones. Bradley was holding back admittedly – it was only a spar.

A sudden lunge from the Master reset the combat into motion. 'Time Alter: Double Accel!' He shouted out and felt a burst of speed.

Within a second he had closed the ten-metre gap between him and Saber and had his Calico raised, ready to hail bullets. The servant swatted it away with a sword, nicking Kiritsugu's finger in the process – which instantly healed thanks to the stone. The right hand of the Master whipped around, wielding the Thompson Contender and fired at point blank.

Saber's skills were enough to divert the bullet mere inches from his face and have it barely graze his cheek, but it knocked his arm back enough to expose himself to Kiritsugu.

'Time Alter: Double Accel!' Was shouted out again, followed by the crunching sound of Kiritsugu's weapon bashing into the face of Bradley in a melee attack. The pair then separated in a unified dance of leaping back from one another. As each stopped, they glared each other in the eye. Bradley's good eye met Kiritsugu's gaze, and already both their wounds had begun to heal through the Stone, but the fatigue would require time and rest in the cases of both human and Heroic Spirit.

Bradley grinned at Kiritsugu, which was returned by a curt nod from the Magus Hunter. Kiritsugu knew that if Bradley was fighting to kill, the servant would have definitely won – but even so, so outlined weaknesses and strategies' they could go over before engaging in combat with other servants.

Kiritsugu walked out of the garden in silence, picking up his dropped weapon and pocketing it along with the Thompson Contender and his servant followed.

Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi.

Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi was furious.

Not only has the relic for Rider been stolen, but the backup relic for Diarmuid has failed as well. Damn it all! Angry thoughts clouded his mind.

In the next room at the top floor of his hotel-turned fortress, his fiancé; Sola – was consoling and trying to understand the Lancer they had summoned rather than Diarmuid. He was the Master, but as she was the one providing the mana she also had duties to fulfill. Kayneth had been annoyed when she almost jumped at the chance to be away from him, but he knew that if it helped him win the war – it wouldn't matter.

'Sola!' He barked at the closed door. 'What's taking so long!?'

The Lancer they had summoned was some intolerable brat who had a far too aloof attitude and didn't seem to remotely care about anything. His spiky white hair, headband, strange red eyes and sharp teeth immediately put him as some sort of delinquent in Kayneth's eyes. Baggy pants and the jacket coupled with the "Too cool for school" persona this kid put up irritated Kayneth beyond belief. He was about to scream for Sola again when the door opened and the pair walked out, him before her.

The Magus slicked back his blonde hair and smiled falsely at his servant, then looked to his bride-to-be. 'What have you learned, Sola?' His voice sweetening on the last couple of syllables'.

'He won't tell me anything, even though I sustain his presence he says that as you bear the Command Seals you are his Master.' She was about to continue speaking when the teen spoke up.

'It's too much of a hassle having too many partners, easier for me if I just stick with you; Kenneth.'

'IT'S KAYNETH!' He shouted, correcting the servant and making Sola flinch.

Kayneth wasn't happy at all. Reading his servants stats wasn't particularly uplifting and the lack of any visible weapon to fight with – especially as the Lancer class – was disappointing.

'Where is your weapon?' Kayneth demanded in indignation.

Lancer smiled widely – exposing rows of pointed teeth – and outstretched his right hand. Slowly his entire arm began to shift and change shape – elongating. Soon Kayneth saw the youth holding a long red and black scythe in his right hand – which had deformed into a black, skeletal-resembling limb that looked more liquid than solid. Instantly after the scythe took full shape the black-blood arm filled out into a normal arm; but retaining that dark, oozing consistency.

'Death Scythe.' The boy muttered.

Kayneth didn't have time to express his opinion before Lancer whirled the polearm around his head – the long curved black coming very close to both the other humans in room before fluidly returning the scythe into his arm and returning his hand into his pocket – then slouching.

No one spoke for a few moments, the Archibald heir and his fiancé didn't quite understand how close with death they had just danced until several seconds after the kid had reformed his arm back to normal.

Lancer clicked his tongue in his mouth and said; 'That's cool, huh?'