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Chapter Eighteen: A Little Fall of Reign pt. 2

Time is a curious thing. Some moments are tortuously long; the silence and the tension in the room becomes exceedingly uncomfortable. But some moments pass by all too quickly – the ones of great beauty that end in the blink of an eye. Then memory becomes hazy and unreliable. Were his eyes that certain shade of blue? Did his lips feel that way?

Prince Edward had never thought much of the passing of Time. It was always just another year and another celebration to him. He could count on his hand the instances he had truly cared about the stages in his life. Unsurprisingly, each of those occasions had involved Hale of Forks. And now, five years later, Prince Edward's sole wish was for his life to slow down again, so he wouldn't be hurtling into his unwanted future.

Curious, indeed.

Though Prince Edward fought to forget about his moments of happiness in the forests of Forks, he couldn't deny that he was inexplicably connected to Hale. It must've been magic. There was no other explanation for the vivid and colorful dreams he had been having for the past two years.

Lights were brighter, scents were more fragrant and skin was more sensitive in his beautiful dreamscape. It was a utopia of flowing trees and fresh air, but the true paradise was the Faerie boy that was with him. Hale would always speak his mind in their dreams. It was almost as if he had bottled up all his thoughts throughout the day so he could save them for only Anthony to hear during the night. Though Prince Edward often forgot in the morning what was spoken in the dreams, Anthony savored every word.

They talked about meaningless things, meaningful things and everything in between. There were times they didn't need to speak at all; their company was plenty enough. And then there were times that the silence was filled with their heavy breaths and their whispered devotion. Anthony spent those times with his lips fixed to Hale's mouth, tongue and neck. There were places behind Hale's ear that made him groan louder and Anthony had memorized them by heart. And Hale reciprocated his affection with equal fervor. That was always when Anthony's hips would begin to move. At first it was completely involuntary but then it quickly evolved into a dance of sorts. There was a certain tension and friction between their bodies. If he thrust this way then Hale would clutch his arm tighter but if he shifted that way then Hale would gasp quietly in his ear. Even though Prince Edward hated waltzing at balls, Anthony was an eager partner for this style of dancing. It left him panting when he woke with a pulsing erection in the morning, then he would have to dance with himself. And as he bowed for his solo performance, he would smile. The smile that made him both Edward of Masen and Anthony of Happiness.

It was a strange duality that the Prince of Masen developed. By day, he was a dutiful son holding up the family line. But by night, he was a carefree boy who shared a Love with the only person that knew his true self.

It was, of course, only a matter of Time before someone else noticed this too.


Captain Seth of the Clear Waters always prided himself of being intuitive.

He chalked it up to his Faerie lineage. Currently though, said Faerie lineage wanted nothing to do with him, but he still received his heritage with honor. He had shared his falling out with the Faerie Council with both Prince Edward and King Carlisle when he first arrived at the kingdom of Cullen. He spoke of the unwavering loyalty he had to the prince and how the Council was unappreciative of his shift in allegiance. As a son of the Clear Waters, he was to answer to the authority of Good above all else. And as a Quileute, he was to guard that power. But Seth had begun to see a world beyond the forests of Forks. He had been chosen by King Emmett to protect his only son - it was a position of integrity.

More than that, the people and architecture of royal life called to him in way that the magical world hadn't: it was real. There was no subjective power at work within the kingdoms of Masen and Cullen. The only governing force he could see came from the parliament and the social cohesion the people they ruled.

The Faeries of Forks told him he had lost his way. They said he had yet to witness the power of Fate.

He simply scoffed and left the Council without a glance behind him. He understood and respected his ancestry (it was why he kept his name) but didn't agree with their ways (this was why he took the human title "Captain"). No one but Seth seemed to comprehend this. In a sense, he was truly a lone wolf.

And, in turn, he did his best to bury that loneliness. He enjoyed Prince Edward's company, though it was clear that Prince Edward didn't feel the same way. He knew it wasn't personal, it was simply the fact that Prince Edward didn't want someone hovering over him every moment of the day. And if Captain Seth of the Clear Waters thought about, he supposed he wouldn't be too receptive to the constant surveillance either.

For the most part, his relationship to the prince was fairly inconsequential. Pleasantries were rarely exchanged and conversations revolved around the daily schedules. That of course didn't stop Captain Seth from voicing his witty commentary on life. As a Quileute, humor usually came with the territory of being a sentinel; it was the only way to expel the nervous energy of being constantly on guard. For what it was worth, everyone but Prince Edward appreciated his unique outlook on the world. In fact, on more than one occasion, Kings Emmett and Carlisle would engage him in witty banter. It was in those moments that he felt truly at home with his decision to leave the Faerie Council. His new, unexpected family of human royals had accepted him more than his birth family.

Everyone, it seemed, but Prince Edward. To Captain Seth, it appeared as though the Prince of Masen had but one emotion: business.

So when Prince Edward let out a full-bellied laugh on a particularly sunny spring day two years ago, Captain Seth was more than taken aback. He was shocked.

His jaw dropped, "It wasn't that funny!"

Prince Edward chuckled, "Everything you say is funny. It's so…off-center. You remind me of…" He didn't finish. He simply smiled. It was a smile that would've made maidens swoon.

Captain Seth smirked at the praise that the prince gave him, "I knew it. You're the type that likes to keep their laughter hidden. You save it for a rainy day." Then he comically glanced at the bright sky, "Err, sunny day, as it were."

Prince Edward smiled again and from that moment on, they had something of a camaraderie. They certainly weren't swapping secrets, but they had evolved passed the superficial bubble that Prince Edward had originally placed them in. From this, Captain Seth realized that the prince simply had to be opened up and that someone else was helping him do it. His eyes almost seemed brighter and he spoke with more energy than before. If he kept this up, he be almost normal, Captain Seth reckoned.

Of course, that had all changed when plans were being made for Princess Tanya's arrival to the kingdom of Cullen. This was meant as a preliminary visit before their marriage next year.

As Captain Seth sat in on King Carlisle's counsel with Prince Edward, he had once again witnessed another emotion on his face never before seen: Fear.

To all the world, it had looked as though Prince Edward was afraid of marrying the princess of DeNali.

At first, Captain Seth scoffed. The girl was only fifteen. What could she possibly do to the twenty-year-old Edward? Bore him to death? For his own amusement, he would've liked to see that happen. But as he thought on this new display from the prince, he knew that there was more to it.

In the hall after the counsel, Captain Seth demanded to understand what put Prince Edward in such a state.

Under the ornate chandeliers and extravagant tapestries, Prince Edward quite literally fell apart. He slumped over and Captain Seth immediately caught him to protect his prince from the rest of the world. It was there that Prince Edward told him everything. He told him the reasons for his two trips to Forests of Forks. He told him about the Faerie boy he Loved. He told him about his realistic dreams. He told him he didn't want to be King.

And for all his humor, Captain Seth had nothing to say. He simply patted the prince's back, as though it would take away his pain.

It was for that reason that Captain Seth of the Clear Waters was not in any mood to greet Princess Tanya of DeNali when she arrived on a characteristically rainy day.

He knew her type. She was simply a pawn being used as a peace bargain. And a selfish one at that. He rolled his eyes at her rumored collection of china dolls and coordinating wardrobe. Girls

But all thoughts suddenly disappeared the moment she entered through the front doors. Even though it was raining outside, there suddenly was sun in the Great Hall. It came from her golden hair. All the Happiness in the world came from her smile. Every color he saw came from her Light. His gaze was rooted in place, staring at her violet eyes. He didn't even know eyes could look like that!

One thing became startlingly clear: he was wrong. Fate was real. And it had led him to her.

Dude, didn't see that one coming! Put your hands together for Sanya! (Or Teth or Clearnali or De Water...)