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Ch. 1:

"You could be a great officer, Commander, if you would just stop pissing off everyone you come in contact with!"

The woman in the back of the shuttle winced as she thought about Admiral Pike's words again. She knew, even as he was dressing her down, the Admiral was going easy on her, but that didn't stop the words from stinging.

"You blow up one little building." She muttered.

"Ma'am?" the pilot called.

"Nothing, Ensign." She replied. "Just thinking aloud."

"Yes, ma'am." He replied.

The woman sighed.

You can't screw this up, Lydia Jones. She thought to herself. Pike's giving you a chance to redeem yourself, a chance every other security officer in the fleet would kill for. So…don't. mess. this. up.

A shadow crossed the cockpit and Lydia leaned forward to catch her first look at her new home.

The Enterprise. Flagship of the Federation. Captained by James Tiberius Kirk, youngest captain of the fleet.

And I'm her new Chief of Security. Lydia thought, grinning. The first woman to hold that position on any starship…I think I'm going to be sick.

Lydia leaned back and took a deep breath as the shuttle moved into the Enterprise's bay. A couple of seconds later, they touched down, and Lydia moved to the hatch.

Outside, a young blonde woman waited for her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Commander Jones?" she asked. "I'm Yeoman Rand. Captain Kirk asked me to show you to him."

"Ma'am?" the pilot called. "Where would you like your bags?"

"Oh, don't worry about your things." Rand told her. "They'll be taken to your quarters. If you'll follow me?"

"Of course." Lydia replied with a smile. "Lead on, Yeoman."

Rand returned her smile before turning on her heel and leading Lydia through the bustle of the shuttle bay and to the turbolift. A few seconds later, they entered an equally busy corridor.

"It's not usually like this." Rand told her. "But we finally got the last of our crew, so everyone's trying to get settled."

"I understand, Yeoman." Lydia told her.

"Well, Captain Kirk will meet you in his ready room as soon as he's finished his business in Engineering." The Yeoman said.

They stopped in front of said room.

"It should be just a few minutes." Rand told her. "You're welcome to wait inside."

"Thank you, Yeoman Rand." Lydia said, dismissing her as she entered the room.

The door closed and Lydia found herself alone in the Captain's ready room. She slowly walked around the room, trying to get a feel for her new captain.

The room was comfortable, with three couches around a small table, across from the captain's desk. On the wall behind the desk was Kirk's framed commendation, and on his desk was a mass of papers, tablets, and other general stuff.

She heard the door open and turned to find herself face to face with Captain James T. Kirk.

"Sir, Commander Lydia Jones." She said, coming to attention. "Permission to come aboard?"

"At ease, Commander." Kirk said, grinning as he moved around her to settle on one of the couches with a sigh. "And permission granted. Please, sit."

He motioned to the couch next to him and Lydia sat, taking the moment to study the man across from her.

The rumors of his good looks had not been exaggerated. His boyish looks were very easy on the eyes, and the charm he naturally exuded obviously made it easy to like him. But with those traits came a self assuredness that bordered on arrogance. He carried himself like someone who was used to the world bending to his will.

But that smile did make it hard to not smile back when it was directed at her.

"My orders, sir." She said, handing him her tablet.

"Excellent." Kirk said, grinning again. "Let's see who Pike sent to be my new Security Chief."

He began scrolling through and commenting aloud.

"So, advance training in six different martial arts, including one Vulcan discipline." He read aloud. "That'll make Spock happy. Expert marksman – or should that be markswoman? – on pretty much any weapon you've ever touched. Degrees in Advanced Weaponry and Tatics, as well as a degree in Musical History, which automatically makes you one of the more eclectic members of my crew. Scotty's still winning though, until we find Admiral Archer's dog. Served a year on Space Station 5, where you rose through the ranks until you reached the rank of second in command, at which point you – did you really blow up a building?!"

Lydia winced.

"Just a small one." She replied.

"Oh, this I've got to hear." Kirk said, smirking and putting down the tablet.

"You've got my report right there, sir." Lydia said.

"Nope." He replied. "This must be one hell of a story, otherwise the Admiral would never been willing to overlook it, so spill."

Lydia sighed.

"There was a nearby planet that had a civil war going on over whether or not they should join the Federation." She told him, resigned to her fate. "The Federation sent a mediator, and as the closest security team, we were tasked with her protection. I had a ten man team working in shifts, but our mediator didn't particularly want our protection. She felt that she could better help these people by moving amongst them, and we were hindering that with our petty need to keep her alive. Well, she managed to give us the slip one day, and the moment she was out of our protection the Anti-Federation extremists snatched her up. Intelligence led us to a small house in the middle of nowhere, so I led my team to extract her. Long story short, they wouldn't negotiate, I got annoyed, tossed a shock grenade to loosen them up, they had some kind of chemical that reacted badly. We got everyone out safe, if a little singed, but there's no house anymore."

Kirk laughed out loud and Lydia quickly squashed any feeling of pride at making him laugh.

"That's pretty impressive." He told her. "With that story, I think you'll fit in around here."

"I'm not sure that's a good thing." Lydia said before she could stop herself.

Kirk laughed again.

"I'm sorry, sir." She told him, blushing. "The part of my brain that vets what I'm about to say doesn't always work the way it's supposed to."

"That's quite alright, Commander." He told her. "You'll find things are rather lax most of time on this ship. And I don't mind if my officers speak their minds. In fact, most of the time, I prefer it."

"I doubt you'd feel the same way for long if I said everything that popped into my brain, sir, but I'll keep that in mind." Lydia replied.

"You do that." Kirk replied with a girn. "Meanwhile, I know you haven't even been to your quarters yet, but I'd like you to sit in on the senior and bridge officer's meeting, and after we get on our way, I'll take you on a tour myself."

"That's not necessary, sir." She told him.

"I insist." He replied. "Well."

He got to his feet and held out his hand to help her up.

"Let's go meet the team, shall we?"

He led her to a room next door where there was a large conference table and six people sitting around it. Lydia was surprised when none of them even acknowledged Kirk's entrance, but just kept right on with their conversations.

Her surprise must have registered on her face, because Kirk grinned.

"No, no, everyone, please, at ease." He said, moving to the head of the table. "Please don't get up on my account. You guys are making me look bad in front of our new Security Chief."

"Have you talked to her, Jim?" An older man, who Lydia identified as Dr. Leonard McCoy from her security files, said. "If so, how could we possibly make you look worse?"

"Thanks for that, Bones." Kirk drawled.

He motioned for Lydia to take a seat next to Lt. Hikaru Sulu.

"So as you've already realized, hopefully, Admiral Pike has sent us are new Security Chief, Commander Lydia Jones." He told the group. "You can all introduce yourselves after the meeting. If you could refrain from terrifying her before we're too far into space for her to change her mind, I'd appreciate it."

He motioned to Commander Spock, who passed a stack of tablets down the table. When the stack reached Lydia, she took one, passed it on, and quickly scanned the overview before focusing on the security report.

"Well, our orders have come through." Kirk said. "We're on patrol duty in the Neutral Zone. I know, not the most thrilling assignment, but that's where we're being sent. That being said, any last minute issues?"

"I'm still waiting for three more nurses." McCoy said. "They were supposed to be here three hours ago, but they're running behind schedule. Some shuttle foul up."

"I promise to not leave without your nurses, Bones." Kirk told him, smirking.

"They're male, so get that smirk off your face, Jim." McCoy told him glaring.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Kirk replied. "Anyone else?"

"I'm still not sure about this new warp core, Captain." The man on the other side of Lydia said, his accent revealing him to be Commander Montgomery Scott. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't push it on our first run out."

"But how can you get comfortable, if we don't push it, Scotty?" Kirk asked.

"If you want to fix it when it all falls apart, feel free to push it, Captain." Scotty replied. "If not, canna we not go past warp 3 for the first trip? Please?"

"Oh, fine, but you're ruining my fun." Kirk said. "Spock, anything to add?"

"Nothing of importance." Spock replied.

"Sir?" Lydia spoke up.

"Yes, Commander?" Kirk said, surprised.

"I was looking over the armory inventory, and I see we have been given the latest photon torpedo systems." She said hesitantly.

"Admiral Pike set us up with the best." He confirmed. "What's your question?"

"Well, I was on the Beta Team for those systems, sir." She said. "The trigger systems were a little twitchy back then. I'm sure Starfleet has corrected the problem, but I'd still like to go over the systems before we leave. If you have a systems officer who could help, I would appreciate it."

"I would be happy to help the Commander, sir." The youngest member of the group, Ensign Pavel Chekov presumably, offered.

"Thank you, Chekov." Kirk said. "We'll be in dry dock at least until Bones' nurses get here. Let me know if you find anything. Now, does anyone have anything else? And before you answer, keep in mind just how much I love these meetings."

The others chuckled and shook their heads.

"Nothing?" Kirk asked. "Good. Now, introduce yourselves to our new Chief, then let's get this ship ready to go."

The only other woman at the table quickly got up as the meeting broke up and shooed Scotty out of his seat.

"Commander, you have no idea how nice it is to have another woman here." She said, grinning. "I'm Lieutenant Nyota Uhura."

"Commander Lydia Jones." Lydia replied, shaking the other woman's hand. "And believe me, I understand completely. At last count, there were about 15 women total in the Security forces of the fleet. My first advisor laughed himself silly when I told him I wanted to be a security officer before he realized I was serious. Then he told me I'd wash out in the first semester."

"Nice." Uhura sneered.

"Idiot." Scotty agreed.

"I thought so." Lydia replied, grinning. "I decided right then and there to prove him wrong. Graduating top 5 of my class was a nice touch, don't you think?"

"My kinda girl." He said, laughing. "Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, but everyone calls me Scotty."

"Nice to meet you, Scotty." Lydia replied.

"I'm Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu." The man on her other side said. "Helms Officer."

"Nice to meet you." Lydia said.

"The others are Dr. Leonard McCoy, Ensign Pavel Chekov, and Commander Spock." Uhura said, pointing to each man in turn.

"Welcome to the Enterprise, Commander." Spock told her evenly.

"Thank you, Commander." Lydia said. "I only hope I can live up to her crew's reputation."

"I am sure you will perform adequately, Commander." The other Commander told her.

"That's Vulcan speak for 'I'm sure you'll do great'." McCoy said, smiling at her.

"I believe that is what I said, Doctor." Spock said.

"No, you said the least inspiring, least encouraging version of that, you hob-"

"Hey!" Kirk interrupted. "What did I say about scaring her?"

"Fine, but you have to promise to not scare my nurses then, Jim." McCoy told him. "I don't want another Nurse Chapel."

"The Doctor is correct, Captain." Spock said. "You must hold yourself to a higher standard, which I think you sometimes forget."

"I take it back." Kirk said. "I like it better when you two are fighting."

"I'm not fighting with Doctor McCoy." Spock clarified. "I am simply pointing out when he is wrong."

"Why you – !"

"Ignore them." Uhura said as the Doctor continued to snipe at the Vulcan.

"I take it this is a normal occurrence?" Lydia asked.

"Almost daily, and certainly whenever we have a staff meeting." She replied. "You get used to it."

"Well as fun as it might be to see how long it takes Bones to take a swing at Spock, we've got work to do." Kirk said. "Chekov, can you show Jones to her station? I want a report on those new systems as soon as possible."

"Yes, Sir." Chekov and Lydia said at the same time.

"Alright then." Kirk said. "Dismissed everyone."

They all got up from the table and made their way to the bridge. Chekov led Jones to a station right next to Uhura's.

"All weapons systems can be accessed from here." He told her. "Where would you like to start?"

"Can you pull up the code for the trigger systems?" Lydia asked. "I want to check out the lines dealing with the ignition commands. When they were testing them, there was an error 8% of the time that led to the propulsion not igniting."

"But that would leave the armed warhead in the tube!" Chekov sputtered.

"Exactly." Lydia confirmed. "It didn't end well."

"I would imagine not, Commander." Spock said, coming up behind them. "Have you found anything amiss?"

"Well…" Lydia said, flipping through the code. "I don't see any of the glitches that were there, but I wanna run it through some simulations. I remember some of the conditions that led to the glitch, so with Ensign Chekov's help, I'll program them in and have an answer in half an hour, tops."

"Very good, Commander." He said before walking over to Uhura and leaning down to whisper something in her ear that made her smile.

Lydia glanced at Chekov, who simply grinned.

"Shall we, Commander?" he asked.

Lydia shook her head and returned to her work.

"Bastards." Lydia hissed a half an hour later.

"Commander?" Chekov asked.

"They hid the glitch, lowered the chance to 2%, but it's still there." She said.

"Is there anything we can do?" the Ensign asked.

Lydia sighed.

"Let's go talk to the captain." She said.

She and Chekov found him in his ready room.

"So, what did you find?" he asked.

"The glitch has been minimized, but it's still there." Lydia reported. "I don't feel comfortable taking this ship out with the glitch in the system."

"Why would they have installed it with the glitch still there?" Kirk asked.

"I'm sure they thought it was inside the acceptable margin of error." Lydia said. "And they're probably right. The conditions I put in to make the glitch appear are fairly implausible, but not impossible. The problem is that their job is to create and install new weapons systems, mine is to keep this ship and her crew safe."

"I understand, Commander." Kirk assured her. "What can we do to fix it?"

"Well, I'm assuming the new systems were installed on top of the old ones?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am." Chekov said.

"Well, I'd like to talk to Commander Scott first, but I'm thinking we can use the old systems to patch the new ones while I contact the engineers to get a fix." Lydia told him.

"Sounds like a plan, Commander." Kirk said, smiling at her.

Lydia lost her train of thought for a second.

Damn, they weren't exaggerating about that smile. She thought.

"Uh, thank you, sir." She finally managed.

She just barely managed to contain the wince at the hitch in her voice.

"Dismissed, Commander, Ensign." Kirk said.

As they walked out the door, McCoy was walking in. He spied Kirk staring after the retreating pair and sighed.

"No, Jim." He said, walking over and sitting down across from Kirk.

"What?" Kirk demanded.

"You said to not scare her off." McCoy said.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Bones." Kirk shot back.

"Huh." Bones said, sitting back. "You usually don't deny it."

"I don't have anything to deny." Kirk said.

"Oh, my." McCoy said. "This is more serious than I thought."

"Look, she's a good officer." Kirk said. "That's where my interest ends. Besides, I just met her."

McCoy didn't say anything.

"What?" Kirk demanded.

"Just, be careful Jim." McCoy told him. "Security Chiefs are much harder to replace than nurses. Speaking of, mine are on the way. They should be here within the hour."

"Good to know." Kirk said. "Dismissed, Doctor."

"Yes, sir." McCoy said, smirking as he got up and left.

"Well, hello there, lassie." Scotty said, spotting Lydia and Chekov. "What brings you to my neck of the woods?"

"Want your opinion on something, Commander." Lydia told him.

"Please, Commander, call me Scotty." He told her. "Commander makes me feel like I'm in Starfleet."

Lydia laughed.

"Then I'm Lydia, Scotty." She told him.

"Excellent." Scotty said, grinning. "So what do you need my opinion on, lass?"

"I found a glitch in the new weapons systems." She told him, leading him to a computer console. "I want to patch it with the old systems. Is that possible?"

"Well…" he said, looking at the screen. "I canna see why it wouldn't work. Do you think you can do it, Mr. Chekov?"

"Yes, sir." Chekov said, smiling. "I'll get right on it!"

He ran off, leaving Lydia with Scotty.

"He's very happy, all the time, isn't he?" Lydia asked.

"You noticed that." Scotty replied.

"Oh, I like the kid, don't get me wrong, but I think it's going to be hard to not want to kill him." She said, laughing.

"You're not alone." Scotty replied.

"Good to know." Lydia said. "I need to get back to the bridge."

"Good luck, Lydia." Scotty told her.

"Thanks, Scotty." She replied.

Lydia caught up with Chekov on the bridge.

"I've almost completed the patch, Commander." He told her.

"Good." She replied. "When you're done, I'll run it through the simulations again, see what we get."

She went back to her station and sat down to send the message to the engineers, telling them what she had found, the steps she had taken, and that she wanted to know the moment they had a fix. After the message was sent, she started a review of her security officers.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, our crew is all present and accounted for." Kirk said, walking on to the bridge and sitting down in the captain's chair. "Let's get this show on the road. Mr. Sulu, release the docking clamps."

"Docking clamps released." Sulu confirmed.

"Then take us out, Lieutenant." Kirk ordered.

A second later they were on their way and Kirk turned his chair to look at Lydia.

"Welcome to the Enterprise, Commander." He told her.

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