Ichigo grunted slightly as the weight of the steel beam pressed down on his shoulder as they began to move. The other construction worker at the other end of the beam was barely able to carry the large beam, he was suppose to be able to lift it himself however Ichigo had offered to help the struggling worker, they hefted the large beam down onto the ground with a sigh of relief.

Ever since he and Minato had arrived at the construction site, they had been working none stop. It was a for a small residential building next to a large arboretum that seemingly sprouted a forest over night a couple of days ago. There were still a few news crews around investigating the strange occurrence.

"Hey, thanks for the hand." The man said offering his hand to Ichigo.

"No problem." Ichigo told him shaking the man's hand. "I better get back to it." The man nodded his head as Ichigo walked away going to pick the shovel he had dropped before he had gone to help that man. Shoving the shovel into his wheel barrow he manoeuvred over to where he had been digging holes for new posts to go into.

Working for another hour or so Ichigo heard the boss call out for lunch making him sigh, having done nothing for the past couple of weeks apart from lay about Mason Izumo, working here had taken it out of him, but he was getting through pretty easily and getting back into the swing of things. Walking over to where he had agreed to meet Minato for lunch he sat down wiping his brow of the sweat that had formed there before opening the lunch Miya had made for him.

"How's it going so far?" Minato questioned making Ichigo look up, chopsticks in his mouth as the other resident of Mason Izumo sat beside him, his own boxed lunch in his lap.

"Not to bad." Ichigo told him. "I can't remember the last time I've worked this hard." Ichigo chuckled.

"The boss already told me he's happy to have you here." Minato said beginning to eat his lunch. "Told me if you ever want a job, contact him." Ichigo nodded before raising an eyebrow at the other man who had sat beside Minato and was practically drooling on him. Minato turned and jumped slightly in surprise.

"Hey." The man grinned before going back to staring at Minato's food making Ichigo raise an eyebrow.

"C-Can I help you?" Minato questioned. "W-Would you care for some of this?" He asked gesturing to the food.

"Really? Sure thanks man." He smiled taking a rice ball, Ichigo shaking his head in amusement as he continued to eat his own food, reclining on the concrete pipes they were sitting on.

"This taste like..." The man started making Minato tilt his head to the side slightly.

"Like what?"

"So, you guys a couple of college students or what?" He asked looking over Minato at Ichigo who was still eating the lunch.

"Uh, well we have to pass the entrance exams first. I failed the last few times I've taken it, he's still deciding on whether he wants to go or not." Minato told him gesturing to Ichigo.

"Should, suppose to be the best years of your life." The man grinned.

"What about you?" Minato questioned.

"Yeah, I'm in college. In my sixth year. At this rate I'll never finish!" He laughed giving Minato a thumbs up before looking down at Minato's lunch once more. "Oh man, that chicken looks good!" Ichigo's head shot up as he heard running and looked down only to watch with wide eyes as a girl dressed as a maid came flying out of the air and slammed her foot into the side of the man's head sending him toppling to the ground.

"Seriously, these Sekirei are coming out of the god damn woodwork." Ichigo mumbled under his breath as he recognised the signatures of the two girls as Sekirei. Minato sat there in shock as he began to recognise the girl as one of the lighting Sekirei that had chased him and Musubi the other day before Musubi kissed him.

"Hey! You're one of those lightning girls!" Minato shouted pointing at the Sekirei making her turn back to him. As Minato had stood up his lunch had fallen from his lap and fell across the ground making Ichigo shake his head, Miya was going to be pissed that her food got wasted. "Ah! That lunch, my Land Lady made it for my first day of work and now it's ruined."

"Um, sorry about that." Hikari said not really knowing what to do as Minato had collapsed to his knees practically crying over the lost food.

"Well you should be." Seo told her making her turn to him, fire in her eyes as she gripped his work shirt.

"Well you should be sorry for mooching food off of him!"

"Well what a small world! Who thought we'd run into a couple of Ashikabi eating lunch." Ichigo glanced up to see Seo looking down at him. "What's your name youngster?"

"Does it really matter?" Ichigo questioned standing up, his height towering over Seo's his build a lot stronger then his as well making the brown haired man take a step back. "You got a problem here or what?"

"Hey watch how you talk to him buddy!" Hikari shouted poking Ichigo in the chest. "We're his Sekirei and we'll kick your ass!"

"Ah, Hikari he looks pretty strong." Hibiki said taking her sisters arm and trying to pull her away.

"I don't care how strong this guy is! He's just an Ashikabi!"

"Man, are all Sekirei quick tempered?" Ichigo questioned, the only ones he hadn't seen that were bad tempered or easy to anger were Uzume and Musubi. Karasuba had a quick tempre, well Karasuba was a blood thirsty killing machine and Miya had... rules that needed to be followed or there'd be consequences.

"So, these two are your Sekirei?" Minato asked Seo who nodded as he folded his arms behind his head as he watched Hibiki, Hikari and Ichigo argue.

"How many you got?" Seo questioned.

"What, Sekirei? Just the one." Minato told him.

"And him?" Seo questioned again as he gestured to Ichigo.

"Three, all crazy powerful from what I know." Minato told him.

"Three huh." Seo mused. "Hibiki, Hikari, leave it be." Seo called out. "Sorry for the fuss, come on girls."

"But Seo!" Hikari shouted.

"Just come on." Seo mumbled walking away with a wave over his shoulder at the other two Ashikabi. The day continued on, Ichigo and Minato working hard well into the hours of the afternoon to where daylight started to fade behind the large buildings shadowing the work site in an orange glow. Stretching his shoulders Ichigo leaned up against the shovel waiting for Minato to finish filling in the concrete as another worker worked it around the post.

"Alright! Get on out of here!" The boss's voice called out as they finished planting the post in the ground. Ichigo wiped his forarm across his brow and let out a tired sigh. "That's it for today, head on home!"

"We're a bit early aren't we?" Minato questioned as he and Ichigo walked over to where they put all the equipment, however Seo slapped him on the back.

"That's because of these guys." The brown haired man said pointing up at the MBI choppers flying about. "You guys got the message about the Green Girl right? That's what I assume you're here for?"

"Actually, we're here just for work." Ichigo told him placing his shovel on the rack. Taking his gloves off he looked Seo over who was leaning on Minato with a grin.

"How about we go find this Green Girl?" He asked.

"Find her yourself, if it's got anything to do with Sekirei or Minaka, you can shove it. Karasuba would be pissed if I brought another one back." Seo took a step back in shock, Ichigo raising an eyebrow at Seo's wide eyed expression. "Something wrong?"

"Y-You're the Ashikabi of Sekirei number four! The Black fucking Sekirei!" He shouted in shock.

"Or Karasuba for short." Ichigo told him throwing his gloves into a pile. "Problem?" Seo took a step back with an awkward laugh.

"Something wrong Seo?" Minato questioned.

"Wrong!? No not at all! Except your friends a massive douche!" Seo shouted.

"Hey!" Ichigo snapped. "You got a problem with me, say it to my face!"

"Karasuba is the leader of the Disciplinary Squad! Do you know what she does to Sekirei! To Ashikabi that don't follow the rules of the game!?"

"She'd kill them." Ichigo told him making Minato go wide eyed. "However for the past oh I don't know, couple of weeks now she's been my Sekirei and is no longer apart of the Disciplinary Squad." Ichigo told him. "So, please any more problems you have with my Sekirei do tell?" Ichigo questioned narrowing his eyes at Seo who rose his hands up.

"No way man, I got nothing against you, you do what you do and I'll do what I do." Wrapping his arm around Minato's neck he led the black haired youth from Ichigo talking all the while, the orange haired teen shrugged and went about getting dressed in the clothes he had arrived in, dumping his work clothes in the washing cart that came through. When Minato came back over he rubbed the back fo his head.

"Ah, Ichigo. I'm going to ah, hang out with Seo for a bit. I figured he could teach me some things about being an Ashikabi, you know... so uh..." Minato said nervously.

"Minato, relax." Ichigo smiled placing a hand on his shoulder. "It's fine, just because I don't like that guy that you can't hang out with him. You think that'd bother me?" He laughed lightly. "I'll see you at home."

"Ah, sure thing!" Minato smiled as he waved to Ichigo as he left. Ichigo sighed as he placed his hands in his pockets and began to walk back to Mason Izumo. Musubi would probably aks him where Minato was, but quite frankly Ichigo wasn't Minato's care taker he was old enough to look after himself. Seo didn't seem like that bad of a guy, kind of a tool but other then that, he seemed fine.

Ichigo reached the gate of the Mason Izumo yard and pushed it open just as darkness fell over the city, he made his way up to the front door and pushed it open with a tired yawn, working all day had really taken it out of him. Kicking his boots off he could already smell Miya's cooking. Walking down the hall he leant against the kitchen door and smiled as he saw Miya moving around the kitchen happily, not having noticed him yet. Honestly he could get use to this, coming home from work to see a beautiful woman cooking a meal up for dinner.

"Keep giving her that look and I'll start to feel jealous." Ichigo's head turned to see Karasuba standing there a small smirk on her face.

"Hey Karasuba." Ichigo smiled softly before Karasuba walked forward gripped Ichigo by the front of his shirt and pulled him down for a kiss, Ichigo didn't really fight it and kissed her back wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her to his body.

"I missed you today." Karasuba said softly pulling back from the kiss and leaning her head on his shoulder. "Without you here it was really lonely." She leaned in and kissed the side of his neck sucking it slightly leaving a small hickey where her lips had pressed against his skin before she bit the mark softly making Ichigo groan softly. "We have some time before dinner, maybe we can go up stairs to my room and start right back off from where we were so rudely interrupted last night." She whispered in his ear before she bit the lobe of his ear. "I'm not wearing any underwear."


"Ow!" Karasuba whined as she pulled back and cradled her head where Miya had hit her with a wooden ladle that she was currently holding in her hand as she sighed in annoyance.

"If that's the case, go put some on Karasuba." Miya told her. "Now, before dinners ready, I'll not have you sit through dinner without any on." Karasuba glared back at Miya however turned and walked off down the hall. "Ichigo, where's Minato?"

"Uh, he is talking with some guy." Ichigo told her. "Some guy he met at work."

"Oh, how was your day?" She questioned as she led him into the kitchen, the smell of Miya's cooking hitting him directly making him take a breath.

"It was an experience, that was for sure." Ichigo smiled as Miya turned to cooking. "Thank you for lunch, it was great."

"I'm glad you liked it." Miya smiled as she turned pulling the apron up and over her head before hanging it on a rack. She walked over to Ichigo and took his hands before placing them on her hips and she smiled before leaning up and kissing him lightly on the lips, his hands on her waist gripping tightly as he deepened the kiss, Miya moaning slightly as she gripped the front of his shirt. Pulling back slightly she opened her eyes and smiled before raising her hand and tapping Ichigo on the nose slightly. "Just because the rules have changed doesn't mean you can do it all the time now." Miya told him making him chuckle lightly.

"Trust me Miya, I'm not usually one for all 'this'." He told her.

"Well, all 'this' can wait until later tonight." Miya told him making a blush rise up in his cheeks slightly. "Karasuba's not the only one who wants to become one with you Ichigo." Miya told him, a small blush on her own cheeks as Ichigo stared at her with wide eyes. "Now, go sit down at the table. Uzume and Akitsu are already there, Karasuba shouldn't be too far away now."

"That's another mess we have to sought out." Ichigo sighed remembering the other Sekirei.

"Indeed it is. Akitsu seems like a nice girl and all but she's a discarded Sekirei Ichigo, it's impossible to wing her." Miya frowned. "Running from MBI is a risky thing to do but staying here would be her best bet. Minaka probably knows she's here, but with everyone that is taken up residence here I doubt he'd come after her. I wouldn't let a member of MBI step foot in this house anyway." Miya told him.

"Apart from Karasuba that is." Ichigo added.

"I did that for you Ichigo." Miya told him softly. "But let's not dwell hmm?" Miya smiled. "Now go, and please try to keep the change of rules away from Uzume, Karasuba and I think that would be for the best."

"So do I." Ichigo smirked making Miya giggle as Ichigo went to leave the kitchen. "Oh and Ichigo." Miya called out making Ichigo turn back to her with a smile. "Welcome home."

"Thanks Miya, good to be back." She nodded as Ichigo left and she sighed happily as she went back to her cooking. Miya continued to hum happily as she continued to make dinner, she could already here the commotion caused by Ichigo's entrance into the dinning room, Uzume was quite loud in her affections for the orange haired teen. Giggling to herself she began to finish the preparations for dinner.

Dinner had been uneventful, Minato hadn't returned and Musubi had left earlier in the afternoon before Ichigo had arrived home to deliver the black haired teens cell phone to him. Uzume had clung to Ichigo like she usually did, even with the glare of Karasuba, Miya didn't cause a fuss which confused the busty brunette slightly but she didn't hold anything against her for it, if she was able to stay close to Ichigo like this all the more power to her.

"Ichigo, how about a bath?" Karasuba questioned.

"Yeah, I could go for a soak in the tub." Ichigo groaned rolling his shoulders. "It's been a hectic day." He was slightly surprised how he had adapted to taking a bath with the girls so easily now.

"Oh! I could give you a massage, specially for you of course." Uzume grinned. "Might even end with a happy ending!"

"No talk like that at the dinner tbale Uzume." Miya said from behind a bowl of rice.

"Yes ma'am." Uzume squeaked, not wanting to incur the wrath of the more powerful Sekirei.

"I'm pretty sure I wasn't inviting you." Karasuba said to Uzume who poked her tongue out at her.

"Well, it's a free bath tub and I haven't had a bath yet so ner ner nah ner ner!" Uzume teased.

"What are you a child?" Ichigo questioned with an amused smirk getting a pout from Uzume.

"Come on Ichigo, I'll give you a rub down." Karasuba smirked as she stood from the table and taking Ichigo by the hand. Uzume stood up and gripped his other hand, the two Sekirei glaring at one another.

"Ah, Miya, you need a hand with the dishes?" Ichigo questioned, knowing the bathroom was about to be turned into a war zone, not a nice relaxing bath.

"No, it'll be fine. I'll have Akitsu help me." Miya smiled making Ichigo cry out for help as he was dragged down the hallway. With a sigh Miya rose form the table and with Akitsu's help finished putitng the dishes away after having washed them. As she exited the kitchen she heard the front door close and turned to see Minato standing there with a young girl on his back, Musubi wearing Minato's jacket and her underwear.

"What happened?" Miya questioned.

"Ahaha... well you see..." Minato started but the young girl on his back seemed to awaken and look around.

"W-Where are we?" She asked. "I'm hungry."

"Oh you poor dear, here come with me and I'll get you something to eat." Miya smiled and the girl nodded before Minato let her down off his back and she followed Miya into the kitchen where Miya whipped her up some of the left overs form dinner that she had saved for Minato and the forever hungry Musubi.

Karasuba had been the first out of the bath, walking down the hallway her body wrapped in a towel and drying her hair, she was surprised to walk into a child that fell on her butt with a soft thud. She looked up at Karasuba with wide eyes before scurrying down the hallway to where she knew Minato's room was. With a grin of her own she made her way back down stairs and found Miya coming out of the dining room.

"Well, so a child huh?" Karasuba questioned. "I guess she's the famous Green Girl."

"Obviously." Miya acknowledged.

"So I guess the rule about sexual conduct in the house is out of order now that a child is on the premise. Even more so now that you'd be having the child in your room with you, your maternal instinct and all that." Karasuba smirked leaning up against the wall.

"Some of us actually had human emotions other then blind rage and sadism placed within us Karasuba." Miya told her making the Sekirei laugh heartedly. "But you're right, Ichigo will be returning to his room and if I hear you had any nightly visits..." She left the threat hanging.

"I understand." Karasuba smirked before heading up the stairs to her own room she was still sharing with Musubi only to stop at the desk and look at the destroyed cameras that had littered the hallway, hers and Musubi's room along with Ichigo's room. "You just won't hear about it, let alone see it." Karasuba grinned.