Gunshots, assassins, wars.

I am Phantom, Zwei, the assassin created by Scythe Master, trained by the first Phantom, Ein.

I should have returned where I could live peacefully. Not something like this. I need to run. Run away far from here. Where no one can find me. I don't want to live a live-or-death situation. Everyday is a war. I had enough. But yet, I can't get myself to run. My hands keep killing. Pressing the trigger of the gun. The handle of a knife. I kill and destroy. My hands are splashed in blood are because of the Inferno. The underworld assassin.

I am the second generation Phantom, Zwei. This is my karma. I kill and destroy. Until the day, the third generation will arrive in the underworld. They, too, will follow in my footsteps as I have followed in Ein's footsteps. Caught in the whirlwind, I go round and round in circles, I can never return to the peaceful life. As I sin, I sin more and more sins. Curse you, Inferno.

When the day I'll be released from my chains, I'll repent my sins to god myself, as Ein had did. My existence is not needed. Mio, this is goodbye... may we live together in a better life in the afterlife. Ein and Cal, you too...let's meet again in the near future...