Grover walked us around the camp. Everything was amazing, but I couldn't concentrate on it, and it wasn't because of my ADHD. Everyone was staring at me and Percy, but mostly me.

We finally got to a group of 12 cabins all lined up in a half circle. It was like each one had its own personality. One was made of what looked like pure gold, another looked like it was made of scrap metal, and another was like a wooden shack with a stuffed boar head over the entrance.

"These are the Cabins," Grover said, "There is one for each of the god's and goddess' kids. That one on the bank is both of yours and that one with the bow and arrow engraved on it is just yours, Summer."

"I have two?" I asked confused.

"One for each godly parent," Grover said as if it was the most obvious thing ever, "I'll leave you two sometime to get ready for the capture the flag." On the way to the cabins Grover told us about capture the flag, the classic game with a deadly twist. Basically it was the same as any other game of capture the flag with the exception of weapons.

Grover left and me and Percy got ready for capture the flag. I sat down on one of the beds in the Poseidon cabin and took in a deep breath. "What are you thinking?" Percy asked me as I stared off into space.

"That this has to be a dream." I answered with a sigh.

"Same here," he said back, "Hey did you see that girl, blond hair grey eyes?"

"Yea, Grover said her name was Annabeth," I said remembering Percy drooling at a girl fighting like 5 kids at once, "Why?"

"Nothing just curious." He said quickly. God he's bad at lying. I waved off his little 'crush'; he always has been like that.

I wanted to talk to Percy about everything that happened but I didn't know how to start. There was an awkward silence before he asked "How did this happen to us?" he asked.

I sighed and answered truthfully, "I don't know… I don't know." Again there was silence, and then in a sudden surge of anger I grabbed what was closest to me and threw it against the wall shattering it to little pieces. I just stared ahead of me with tears in my eyes, not bothering to look and see what I had just broken. I was deep in thought. I heard Percy calling my name but the words didn't really process through my mind. I just thought and looked forward.

"'Only three days ago my life was normal, but now I don't know what is real and what's not. Is my dreams real life or is what is thought to be real life really my dreams. It could be either way. Maybe I'm just someone else's dream. After everything that happened anything could be true. Hopefully I am in someone's dream. Then this misery will end and I won't have to actually go through this stuff. That is if the person wakes up before I have to go through this horrible life and-" My thoughts were interrupted by Percy shaking me.

"Summer, are you okay?" he asked worried.

"Yea." I said escaping my daze.

"Summer, look." Percy said pointing to something on the floor. I looked down to see a piece of metal shattered into pieces. There was a giant crack in the wall where I had thrown the metal at it.

"I…I did that?" I asked astonished. No person on earth could be strong enough to throw that hard. But then I remembered I'm not a person I'm a goddess. Percy nodded yes. "How?" I said looking at my hands. I was always stronger than most other girls, but that strong?

"I guess you're becoming who you truly are." Percy said like it was nothing.

"Who I truly am? Who I truly am! Is that all you can think of me as now, a Goddess. I am not a Goddess! I am Summer Jackson!" I screamed raising my voice with every word. Percy looked terrified, which only made me angrier but I tried to hold it in. "Look can't you just look at me like you used to only a few days ago. Look at me like I'm your little sister, because I am. This doesn't mean anything. I am Summer Jackson." Percy's face immediately turned from scared to guilty.

"I'm sorry Summer," he said "You are my little sister, I know you are. You always will be." He said. He came over to me and hugged me and I hugged him back, but for some reason I had doubts he was telling the truth.