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Translator's Note: Please note that this is not an original story, it's a just translation of the fanfic Garotas Também São Pervertidas, by Dirty Darling. It was originally posted in this site in portuguese, and the story is currently completed, so if you want to check her story out, you're free to do so. Cheers.

Author's Note: This is a PWP fanfic (Plot? What Plot?), this means, even though there is a slight plot, the focus of this story is the sex. Despite this, I tried to keep everyone on character: Usui is still the perverted alien we all love, and Misaki remains a Tsundere that cannot stand to lose.

He is going to pay for what he's done. Sweet revenge, she thought.

Misaki struggled to keep her attention on the clients of Maid Latte, and she thanked the heavens for the fact that there weren't many people around that day at the shop. The three idiots followed her with their eyes as she served them a special dish.

"What do you want me to write on it, masters?" She said smiling sweetly, somewhat distracted.

"With Love, Misa-chan!" The idiots spoke in unison.

Misaki limited herself to give them a look of warning. She was in a relationship – a fact that remained unknown to most of the customers, except to her mates of Seika High. They nodded at the unspoken words by Misaki: they knew that the phrase written with chocolate syrup held no meaning at. Satisfied, she rewarded them with a small and happy smile.

The raven haired walked back to the kitchen, where a certain evil, provocative and perverted alien prepared the customer's orders. When he saw her, a malicious grin slowly spread on his lips. She blushed, she was aware of that much; but she didn't let herself get intimidated by that, and faced him with an upturned face.

"Another omelet, Usui" she said, masking her nervousness with a monotone. Usui let out a small laugh. A while ago, he had approached from behind, whispering hotly in her ear something about how much she turned him on in that maid costume, and then he stole a quick kiss that left her in shock and blushing hard. She avoided him since then, he noted, but far from being worried, he was just amused by her reaction. She was so cute.

Before resuming her work, however, the maid placed the tray she was holding, gently over the counter and turned to face to the cook, her cheeks slightly pink, and tangled in her own little internal dilemma.

"Do you have something to say, Misa-chan?" The blond pushed her to say something in a teasing tone. The words effectively woke her from her trance, jolting in the spot. She finally said:

"S-so, Usui, can I stay over at your place tonight?" Despite the initial stutter, the question contained a certain smugness, that made it sound more like a statement, an order. The firmness of her tone covered the embarrassment visible in the scarlet of her face.

"Hmm... Ok" the boy answered, a bit taken aback. It was the first time that she took the initiative to get together. "What's with the sudden request?" He asked, with a serious face this time.

Taking advantage of the small lapse in which Usui was not teasing her, Misaki mustered all the courage she had to close the distance between them and answer:

"Tonight, you are going to regret pestering me all day long" she whispered the words slowly, her lips very close to his ear, just as the cook had done to her a while ago. With a quick gesture, she picked up the tray on the counter and darted out of the room.

The maid immediately was kept busy in the hall for a long time, taking customer's orders and chatting with some of them. The embarrassment and the anger were long forgotten: she was going to show that Usui that two could play this game. The mere memory of the speechless boy were enough to keep her satisfied. She had to go back to the kitchen so Usui could take care of the orders. And she couldn't wait.

"Misa-chan!" called the manager Satsuki marching towards her.

"Is there a problem manager?"

"Don't worry, Misa-chan" Satsuki said with a smile. She continued whispering: "Do you know if there is something wrong with Usui-kun? He's acting all weird; he has had his head hung low since a while."

Had her words affected him that much? She couldn't fight the amused smirk that fought its way to her face.

"I defeated him, manager" she said in clear delight. "I got the best score today at school." she lied.

The manager walked off without another word to take care of one the 'masters', but she couldn't help to feel a bit surprised at the sudden glint of enthusiasm that appeared on the girl's eyes. Misaki moved in the opposite direction. She crossed the kitchen door and she noticed it was just the two of them in the room. She took this as a chance to mock him for his reaction; to prove that she wasn't going to let him harass her and walk away with it, just like that. She could also give him a bit of his own medicine.

The boy had his back facing her, absorbed in the cooking, apparently. When he didn't notice her, she broke the silence, catching his attention:

"Usui, two parfaits, two chocolate puddings and a custard pie." Her tone was insolent, defiant.

There was a long pause, and then the blond dropped the pan he was holding and turned his body towards Misaki. Upon seeing his deep green eyes, she knew why he had kept staring at the kitchen counter all this time. His emerald orbs were dark with lustful and raw desire. Her breath caught in her throat and redness spread through her cheeks for a moment. Usui wanted to take her right then and there, and she knew that if that happened, she wouldn't have the power to say no.

"Yo, what's with the couple?" Aoi grumbled as he entered the room. Usui averted his eyes back to the wooden board, and Misaki took a good look at the boy in front of her. He was dressed as a male in his modest school uniform.

"Hey, Misaki-chi, have you seen my aunt?"

"She serving the customers, Aoi-chan" the raven haired replied with a hint of nervousness. She glanced, almost by instinct, at the clock on the wall. Twenty more minutes and her shift would be over. Soon, she thought. She was anxious, but she didn't let her mind drift to those 'perverted' thoughts.

Aoi sat down on the nearest seat, resigned. Misaki just kept her eyes fixed on the floor as if it was the most interesting thing on the planet, while flushing as red as a tomato. The only sound that could be heard in the room was the soft clatter of plates as Usui prepared the orders Misaki had to serve. The awkward silence was broken by Usui's deep voice:

"The order is ready, Ayuzawa" the cook finally said, so serious that made the hairs of the back of her neck stand. Just like a few moments ago, when she had managed to provoke him, she dashed out of the room quickly with the desserts, only this time, she was completely flustered.

"She still acts this way with you, even if you two are dating?" Aoi asked, sceptical, after the maid left "She hasn't changed at all" he lamented.

Again, the blond let out chuckle. His tone, however, was completely different. He responded, almost to himself in a hoarse, quiet voice:

"She has changed, alright."

Aoi didn't even want to think about what had made Misaki so embarrassed. He raised his sight to look at the blonde in front of him, before he was interrupted by his aunt:

"Aoi-chan looks so cute!" she commented excitedly after finally seeing him out of those flamboyant lady outfits he wore. The dark haired boy turned, bashfully, to face his aunt as he eventually remembered what he wanted to say to her. Usui just smiled, pleased with himself. He was expectant to find out how the demon president intended to punish him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, Misaki was equally anxious as she tended her 'masters', but for different reasons. She was supposed to be the one doing the seducing today, but that idiot freaking spoiled it. How was she supposed to know that he would find her words inciting, thrilling her in the process with that dangerous look of his? Regret expanded through her brain as she imagined what Usui would do to her tonight. She quickly pushed that feeling away, because if the alien pervert wanted to play, he wouldn't go undefeated – she was going to play as well.