Her mind was blank.

Once again, ecstasy swelled up inside her, driving the already familiar feeling flow as an electric bolt through every one of her nerves. For a few seconds, her five senses were completely anesthetized – and now, gradually, they returned to her. She felt the floor beneath her bare back and legs; she saw, headlong, women's and men's clothing entangled on the wooden floor; she heard, at last, a heavy panting close to her face. In anticipation, she prepared to greet the voracious tongue that overtook her mouth, closing her eyes to enjoy better the mutual sensory exploration. Misaki responded eagerly to the lips that shaped up to hers, as her body, that before was tightly arched due to the effects of her climax, pressed against the hands that caressed her so eagerly.

"That was the third one, Misaki." the blonde murmured in her ear before sucking the base of her throat. His voice was slurred, his eyes hungry. Those emeralds, paradoxically, burned with desire, despite being darkened with arousal.

Was he really counting? Well, she couldn't deny that he was inspired today: he had provided her three orgasms already. Initially, she was propped up against the wall, her legs wrapped around her boyfriend's hips for support. That bastard made her reach heaven twice with his deft fingers. She countered back, however, after she led him to his couch and licked and sucked his bare chest, sitting on his lap, to then strip him out the remaining items of clothes and do the same to his cock, now exposed, until the boy reached his own liberation.

And it was on the ground (taking advantage of the fact that she was kneeling on it) that Takumi made her reach her peak of pleasure for the third time. His lips and tongue were demanding against the raven haired's pussy, who writhed, gasped and moaned as she was intensely explored by the blond thirstily. This wild side of him drove her insane, however. At some point, she dug her nails on the naked skin of Usui's back, as she felt him grasp her thighs with so much force it'd probably leave marks. His savage touch was more than welcome.

There was not a single surface that was immaculate in that apartment. Walls, floor, sofa, the bathroom, the kitchen – not even the large glass window could escape their lust, one time; the ceiling would have been a valid target if gravity allowed them. Clinging now to the floor – he slid his mouth between Misaki's tits and his hands all across her soft curves, whilst her fingers fidgeted in an arrhythmical pace over the boy's shoulders and nape. Moans faltered by gasps were heard inside the austere environment.

When Takumi stopped briefly to grab a condom, touching the floor with a certain urgency, the raven haired took her chance to lay him down and sit on his hip again. Her pupils dilated while she enfolded his member with the latex, as he scratched the girl's back. Slowly, she allowed him to invade her – the sensation, the friction, the depth left her ecstatic.

The blonde took her lips in a lustful kiss, while she was rode him up and down at a speed that mystified him – she rose her hips as high as possible, in a torturous abrasion to lower them with force against the boy's crotch. Rapt, Misaki moaned against the restless tongue that danced atop hers as she felt Usui's impatient hands tighten the grip on her thighs to ease her movements. Her moans turned into shouts when she approached a new orgasm, and her legs lost strength due to the intense effect. Quickly, then, her boyfriend reversed their positions, hovering over her once more.

Hardly could she protest upon realizing her insides were empty again, because any shred of coherence escaped her as she felt him lick her bare neck and chest as he pressed his hands on the soft flesh of the buttocks. His erection, as it grazed her skin, only multiplied countless times the awareness of the need in her guts. When she moaned his name, burying her slender fingers between his golden locks, she could feel him smile against her skin. It was her turn to get impatient: buckling her hips against him, who growled in response, she was finally filled internally.

Her breath became uneven when he started to thrust violently; she gasped anherd cried, throwing her head back and closing her eyes, though she knew Takumi's eyes were on her body, devouring her with his gaze too. She craved for more, however, and she gradually moved his hips, watching the frantic pace with which he penetrated her – in response, she heard a gasp and a carnal sound uttered by the blond. Wanting to hear more, she crushed again her pelvis against his.

But what happened next was something she did not expect – much less him. Due to the movement, added to the warmth and softness of her walls that twitched as they enclosed his erection and the sounds emitted by his aroused girlfriend, Usui came before her. For the first time ever. However, upon feeling him throb and release himself inside her, while listening to his low and hoarse groans, Misaki was drowned in her fourth orgasm.

Both of them, exhausted, inhaled and exhaled frantically, seeking to placate their exhaustion within the soft silence – which was only interrupted when the raven haired tenderly stroked Takumi's thick hair. She smiled triumphantly as he stared.

"That was the tenth one, Takumi." she said, amused by her own victory.

"That face of yours pisses me off." she spat as she returned from the bathroom, while she glimpsed at his stupid smile. She was dressed, and he was as well.

"Well, Misa-chan, for your happiness "this face of mine" is irreplaceable." He held a comic tone in his voice as he pulled her towards the warmth of his arms. He enveloped her gently, sitting on the couch, and muttered in a lower tone: "I'm proud of you."

She remained quiet, digesting his words. In the end, she just pressed herself closer to Usui, and asked him gently, as if she already knew the answer: "You've been waiting for this all along, was it not?" Ah, she was so clever.

"Yes, actually." he admitted against her shoulder. The effort she devoted to every one of her affairs was truly charming. And from the start he knew that, somehow, she could do it. He just didn't know which methods she would use. "But you always manage to surprise me, Misaki."

And the memory of strategically convenient situations suddenly came to her mind – as if a certain someone had generated them on purpose. After all, the greatest beneficiary of her victories was the stupid alien that now embraced her. Her actions had surpassed his expectations, at least. She contented herself with that thought, although one little questions still remained.

"So you did all this because it would be "fun"?" She asked herself, because she was well aware of the meaning the word for it. Clasping her hands tightly together, Misaki stared at the ground in irritation.

"I know I wasn't the only one who enjoyed it, Misaki." It would have been easy to refute him if he had spoken with his usual mockingly tone, but upon mentioning the one crucial point, he was dead serious. She did not want to admit it, yet, despite her embarrassment, she didn't avert her eyes.

"I know what I'll ask first: shut up!"

Takumi obeyed, holding her closer to his body. Her back was facing him, however, the raven haired could clearly imagine the complacent grin on his semblance in responded to her last sentence. Ah, he managed to be inconvenient even when he was not trying, and this unnerved her. Why couldn't she say it, even after everything they've done? To distract herself from the current direction of her thoughts, she made up a random wish.

"I want you to caress my hair." She mumbled, almost inaudibly, the first thing that came to her mind.

And now, she relaxed – or at least tried to – lying on the couch, while she borrowed her boyfriend's legs as a pillow. The sensation of his hands petting her hair was rather nice; his fingers leaking between her dark locks, entangling them, felt comforting. Much to her surprise, his caress transmitted her the security she needed to accomplish what she intended to do. Despite he was initially taken aback by her rather... childish request, Usui proceeded to stroke her scalp until he felt her soothed, and not tense anymore, on his lap. He leaned in, then, to level his face with hers, and whispered, humorous:

"That was not what you wanted to ask, was it?"

"I told you to be quiet, dammit!" She complained, raising her torso to face him, enraged. She sighed heavily, and masked her own nervousness behind a fake anger: "You said I would get whatever I wanted." Clenching her fists to gather her breath, and continued: "If you go back on you word, I'll beat the living shit out of you till you become fucking a masochist!"

"I still don't know what you want, prez." he pointed out, among a fit of involuntary laughter.

Really, there was nothing better than being with her.

Misaki was reluctant at the time – wouldn't it be indiscreet to ask for something like that? A certain thought, however, prompted her to continue. She didn't care if she was being nosy, alright, especially when it came to the people she cared for the most. And winning that game demanded her courage: for her, it served as a proof of her merit. She would no longer repress her true desires.

"I want you to take me with you next time." she confessed at last. Seeing him confused, there was a need to clarify: "When you visit your family, I want to go with you." She was already aware that he was in a more comfortable position regarding the ties with his relatives, and she also knew that he still had a few more steps to go through. And she was going to walk beside him. "You don't need to fight alone." Quickly, she rephrased her sentence: "Hell, I won't let you fight alone."

Despite her blush, in her semblance shone the glow of an unmatched determination. As regarding her victory, he predicted that the raven haired would ask something completely different to the scope of the competition, but as usual, she was unpredictable. And how not to surrender? Stunned, Takumi put a hand to his face to stifle a chuckle. With those words, he unbelievably fell even more in love with that woman who confused and delighted him so much.

"It's impossible to resist you, Misaki." Upon saying that, Usui was just as flushed as she was.

It was, simply, spontaneous to retribute the contained smile he gave her, as well as responding to the warm kiss the boy gave her. When they sealed lips, they also sealed a promise. They remained like that, bodies and tongues intertwined, for as long as it was possible. At some point, they separated, yet they stayed close to each other. Upon remembering that the next meeting with his family would be in two months, he laughed – picturing her among those people, who due to their frivolous and hypocritical behaviour would probably conquer her immediate revulsion, was so unusual that it contained a strange humour. And knowing that the raven haired was doing all of it just for him, thrilled him. When she asked what he thought was so hilarious, he remembered one more fact:

"It'll be quite a thing to explain how you managed to "convince me", don't you think?" he pointed out, amusement clear in his voice.

"Tell 'em the truth." she hissed, firm, despite the blush on her cheeks. He could barely contain his popping eyes in surprise as she continued quickly: "That I won a bet." The details of it would remain as a secret between them, however.

"Oh, by the way, President..." His tone was dangerous; it implied malice, despite the quietness it expressed. His greenish orbs were ignited with eagerness, very different from the blond's usual indifferent complexion. "I want a rematch."

Immediately, she understood. So, that idiotic pervert was really was bothered about having come before she did? Misaki could not suppress a giggle. "You cannot accept that you lost, Takumi?"

"I have to keep my reputation as a perverted alien." he replied, and in his words she discovered an unprecedented determination. It was the first time, but she could already say that she adored seeing him this way. She smiled in disdain at the only inhabitant of Pheromone Planet she knew.

"As if I'd lose to you" she challenged. Misaki wasn't going to let him defeat her, because now, that arsehole was not the only one motivated. After all, girls can be naughty too.

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