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It is a little dark at the beginning, but blame Victor Hugo ;)

Darkness. Laughter, cruel laughter drowned her.

"Look what you're big mouth's done now Ninny."

A single light flicked on somewhere to reveal a pool of blood. Floating face down were the bodies of her friends. Each one more mutilated than the next. Cosette and Jehan's beautiful blonde plaits were ruined. Musichetta was torn from her boys. Enjolras was cracked and Grantaire broken in two. Feuilly limply clutched a lifeless Azelma and Gavroche was draped over Courfeyrac. Joly, Boussett and, Bahorel all stared into oblivion, indescribable pain forever frozen on their face.

Letting out a scream no one would hear, she collapsed in the blood. Covering her face with bloodied hands, she tried to shield herself from the horrors in front of her. "Look what you've done. They screamed you know? Horrible really. Especially this one."

Another light flicked on and Éponine's egregious scream cut through the dismal nothingness. There was Combeferre, tied to a chair, blood dripping from his, well his everywhere. The skin she could see was starch white. Whip marks, stab wounds, bullet holes, the worse placed perfectly between his eyes.

She moved to him, but fierce hands grabbed her. She turned to fight but met darkness.

"Look what your selfishness has done Ninny. You've caused you family so much pain already. Did you have to get them killed Ninny?"


"Ponine! Ponine, please wake up!" A gentler voice broke through the laughter, a warm hand on her cheek brought her closer to the warm light the tickled her eyelids. Finally grasping reality she shot up, squinting at the bright light, but relaxing at finding herself in the café. Then she took in the anxious glances of everyone surrounding her. All visibly worried yet all very alive. Upon this realization she burst into tears.

"Ponine!" The closest figure exclaimed, moving towards her. Realizing who it was she quickly buried herself in his wrinkled shirt.

"You're alive! You're all alive!" She sobbed. Combeferre looked up, eyes popping from his skull, everyone mirroring his reaction.

"Ép, why wouldn't we be alive?" Joly asked nervously, scanning himself for any sign of a possible disease.

"I told! I told everything, I got them arrested and they got angry. His voice, so loud, I couldn't get away from it, I ran into darkness but I couldn't escape. Then the lights flickered on and." She paused, sobbing and wheezing for breath.

They watched her slightly terrified. Éponine never cried. Never. She was more likely to shoot someone in the face than shed a single tear, yet here she was, sobbing uncontrollably as they stood by slightly helpless, unable to understand what exactly she saw to evoke this reaction.

"All the blood." She finally choked out. "God, there was so much blood. Everyone, all gone. I'm alone because of my selfishness. The bodies, the blood." She couldn't handle it; she slid off the sofa into a heap on the floor. Giant sobs wracked her small frame. Combeferre set off at this, falling to his knees and pulling her up towards him, rocking her gently as the others took their places around them.

"Shhh, love, shhh, it's alright. We're all here and all alive, no one is going to hurt you ever again." He whispered into her hair, pressing a kiss to her temple, trying to sooth her trembling figure.

Once the tears had mostly subsided, she untangled herself from Combeferre and found every eye trained on her, it almost felt worse than the courtroom.

"Ponine," Jehan started cautiously, kneeling down to face her. "How come you never told any of us?"

"What I'd like to know is how Pontmercy didn't notice anything." Grantaire growled, "Weren't you neighbors for Christ sake?"

Marius held his hands up defensively, "I wasn't on twenty-four hour patrol around the block R."

"Oh, but her saying that all her bruises were because she was clumsy made perfect sense." Bahorel bit out.

"ENOUGH!" Her surprisingly booming voice silenced the burgeoning fight and dragged every head back to her.

"This is ridiculous! I didn't tell anyone about anything because I was afraid. Afraid that my father would go after whoever showed kindness or stood to protect me. Afraid that if I told I get nothing but pity and pitiful glances and whispers of "that poor poor girl, whatever can she do." Afraid that people would think I was asking for it. Afraid our friendship would simply grow because I was the perfect poster child for the group. 'Let's befriend the abused street rat, that'll launch our cause." She guiltily looked up to find Enjolras in front of her.

"Éponine, love," He started, taking her hands into his and kissing her on the knuckle. "Since I met you, I've found you to be extremely witty, devilishly sarcastic, positively charming and wonderfully loving. Never, in all our years of friendship have I ever used or exploited your family history or back round for the group's cause, nor have I ever wanted too. Us finding you was a blessing beyond words and I still don't know how the hell we deserved it." He pressed a light kiss to the top of her forehead as she let out a small laugh.

"I'm sorry." She blurted, once again staring at her hands.

"For what?" Gavroche asked curiously, still stuck to Courfeyrac's side.

"For not telling you, doing it on my own and making you come rescue me." There were sharp protests all around, saying she needn't apologize for something they'd do no matter what, but Combeferre's voice rose above.

"It was something you had to do and ultimately, it worked out for the best in the end. They're all locked away for good and you're where you belong."

Tears once again pricked at her eyes as she took in everyone around her. Enjolras and Grantaire, Jehan and Courfeyrac, Feuilly and Azelma, Bousset, Joly, and Musichetta, Cosette and Marius, Gav and Bahorel, and her Combeferre. This was her family and her life. She had finally found a home.

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