(Karkat's POV)

I find myself jerked awake as Gamzee knocks me out of the chair I managed to pass out in.

"What the motherfuck Karbro, you had me all worried," He mumbles in my ear. It takes me a few seconds to register what just happened, before I'm hugging him back tightly. I must've been crying in my sleep, because I feel the dried tear tracks on my face.

"Sorry Gamz, I just...couldn't deal with anything right then," I reply, pulling away to see that for the first time in awhile, that Gamzee hadn't bothered to put on his clown makeup. His scars seemed more exaggerated in the bright fluorescent hospital lighting.

"Of course bro, I told Tavbro and Roxy to not bother you, 'don't know if they motherfuckin' listened but hey, I hoped it helped." He smiles slightly, looking sad at the same time.

"Yeah, uh, I guess it was a bad idea to ignore you guys anyway..."

"Karbro, can you tell me what happened?"

I sigh and keep my eyes on my hands, before I look up and to my side. Deithelm isn't there...

"Was Thelm sitting beside me when you got here?" I question, only slightly avoiding the question.

"Ah, nah, I didn't see anyone, of course it is around 10 am Karbro, you've been here all night."

I frown, "Ok...anyway...Me and Sollux were at my place as you know and Silas got home early and stabbed Sollux." I say quickly. Gamzee sits there staring blankly for a few seconds, before grabbing me into a tight hug once more.

"Do you want me to go kill the motherfucker?" He growls. I chuckle awkwardly, but shake my head. I bet if I did say yes Gamzee would go out and do it, he can be pretty crazy and impulsive sometimes.

"No, but thanks Gamz, I'm glad you came here to see me."

"'course Karbro, plus I wanted to make sure if Solbro is ok...is he?"

"I don't know," I sigh, running a hand through my quite messy hair, "he's unconscious as far as I know, Porrim sneaked me in last night and he was unconscious then."

Gamzee frowns, "This is quite the situation isn't it." I find myself barely smiling as I nod. We sit in silence for a bit, and I realize that it had gotten light outside. I begin to get curious to where Thelm has gone, it's nearing eleven now. I begin to think about going to look for him before I see him being led from a back hallway by Porrim.

"Good morning Karkat, sorry I wasn't here when you woke up," Thelm greets, his eyes flickering over to Gamzee before returning back to me.

"It's alright, I was just wondering where you went," I say cautiously. He doesn't seem too upset or anything, so I'm assuming I hadn't missed anything when I went to sleep.

"Sollux woke up for a bit so Porrim took me to see him," Thelm explains as he sits back down. My eyes widen and I look up at Porrim for confirmation.

She nods, "He fell asleep again before we left though." I sigh with relief and look over at Gamzee.

"Well at least he motherfuckin' woke up," Gamzee says with a lazy smile.

I then sit there silently, trying to sort out my thoughts for what seems like the millionth time. I'm glad that he's woken up, but at the same time I'm now worried about what he's thinking now. I'm stopped mid-thought when Gamzee speaks.

"Oh hey Karbro, I said I'd go tell Tavbro if you were ok, I'll come back soon." I look over at him as he pats his pockets as if looking for something.

I frown, "Did you break your phone or something? Why can't you just message him?"

He laughs, "Oh, I left it at his place by mistake, I won't take too long Kar, don't worry." With that he stands, patting my shoulder before walking away. I don't say anything until Porrim clears her throat.

"Do you want me to take you to Sollux's room? At the least you'll know where it is." she offers. I see Thelm nod out of the corner of my eye so I stand. She looks as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders as she begins to lead me back down the hallway they'd appeared from.

"We, the doctors and everything, were honestly worried when he woke up, because he woke up earlier than we'd guessed he would so they thought something was wrong, but he was fine, just really confused. Thelm didn't want to wake you, or else I would've told you," Porrim begins to say, answering a question I have without me even having to mention it.

"Oh, so he's ok right? Like, he's not dying?" I ask. Porrim lets out a small chuckle.

"No, he's not dying anymore, just healing now." But something about her voice rings false with me, but I think it's just me overreacting. Then I almost run into her back when she stops in front of a door.

"Ok, here, I have to finish a few more things but you can stay until visitors aren't allowed so it doesn't matter," Porrim says, glancing at a watch on her wrist. I nod knowingly.

"It's fine, see you I guess." She smiles at me before turning and beginning to walk away. I take a deep breath before opening the door. The atmosphere is different from when I snuck in last night, for one thing I know it's fine that I'm here. And for another, Sollux doesn't look on the verge of death anymore.

His breathing is even, and he's lying a bit more on his side, like the way he does when he sleeps. I can't help but smile as I see his hand clutching his pillow.

"Ah man, you're such an asshole, you realize that right?" I sigh with a small grin, rubbing a hand through my hair. I sit down in the chair I had last night, which is still close to the edge of the bed. Instead of being creepy and watching him sleep, I slip my phone out of my pocket and turn it on, instantly regretting turning it off because I see how many missed messages I have.

A majority of them are from my mom, which I scan over before replying, then I see the rest are from Roxy and Tavros. I guess they decided to keep bothering me despite the fact Gamzee told them to stop. I'm glad Gamzee came to see me though, he makes me feel better.

I sit back in the chair, ignoring the fact that I thought to myself that I'm not, and watch Sollux sleep. I don't realize how long it's been until a doctor walks in, looking at me with surprise.

"How long have you been here?" He asks me, obviously not expecting me to be here.

"Oh, awhile," I answer vaguely, embarrassed that I don't really know how long I've been sitting here.

The doctor seems a bit suspicious, but more in a curious way, "Ok, well, it's about three if that gives you indication." I feel my eyes widen and I look at the screen of my phone for confirmation.

"Well sh-crap. Crap." I say, quickly catching myself. He starts to smile at my almost curse and shakes his head.

"Well kid, I just came to check up on Mr. Captor, I'll just be going now." I watch his back as he leaves before I shake my head in bewilderment.

"How the hell did I just lose three hours to watching my friend sleep," I chuckle in exasperation with myself, wiping a hand over my face.

"Maybe...becauthe...you're an...idiot."

I jerk my head up to see Sollux staring at me with one eye, the red one. A small smile is on his face as I stare open-mouthed at him. It takes me a few moments before I get up and grip his wrist tightly. I lean down close to his face and debate doing something while he stares wide-eyed up at me. I settle for leaning my forehead against his and ignore how close we are to kissing.

"You, are the biggest moron Sollux, and you're an asshole. Do you realize you could've fucking died? Tell me honestly, you're the worst piece of shit that ever lived and I love and hate you so much right now." I begin to rant, but stop when I hear him chuckle.

"You love me you thay," he whispers. I pull away to see him smiling up at me. A blush spreads quickly across my face and I pull away, sitting back in the chair without meeting his eyes.

He sits up, although quite slowly and with only a few repressed pained noises. I refuse to look at him until he reaches over and ruffles my hair. He leans as close as he can without falling out of the bed and whispers.

"Love you too KK."

"Goddamnit Captor," I growl, but turn and hug him tightly, although he gives a pained whine as he hugs me back. I pull away quickly and sit back down, although I do look at him.

"Th'orry for freaking you out I gueth KK, but I couldn't jutht thtand by and let you get hurt," Sollux says before the silence can get too awkward between us.

"I should probably thank you for that but you almost died! You shouldn't have done it!" I retort quickly, feeling the anger return slightly as he winces when he talks. Not anger at him of course, but at myself.

"It'th fine KK, don't blame yourthelf," He returns knowingly, giving me a look.

I glare at him a few more moments before sighing, deflating slightly. "You're infuriating Captor, but...I'm glad you're ok."

He laughs a bit, "I wouldn't thay ok, but I'm not dead," He winces again, and my anger is replaced with worry.

"You're hurting right now, you should lay down and go back to sleep," I order, as he begins to protest before I'm done speaking. I stand and walk to the end of his bed.

"I'm hungry anyway, I haven't eaten at all, you better be asleep by the time I get back in here Sollux," I threaten playfully as I begin to walk out.

"Wait Karkat!" He exclaims before I can leave. I glance back at him and he smiles back at me. 'Love you' he mouths with a grin. I blush darkly and mouth it back before leaving swiftly. As I walk down the hallway, I'm sure my blush is painfully obvious to everyone that walks past me, but I don't even care anymore.

terribly sorry for not updating, this week got super crazy and I literally didn't get on the computer for three or four days, but I'm still only going to update two chapters