:Sollux POV:

I stare at the ceiling for a bit after Karkat leaves, drifting on the space between consciousness and not before my dad walks in, startling me from my daze.

I look over at him lazily, but my eyes widen slightly as I see a letter in his hand. My eyes flick to his face and I can see that his expression is grim. I sit up quickly enough for my head to spin and for my chest to sort of throb with a bit of pain for a few seconds.

"No, nonono, tell me that's not what I think it is," I say quickly, standing before my dad with what I know is a fearful expression.

"Just got a call," Deithelm takes a breath, "They need me in Europe this time, a place in Germany for about two or three years."

I stare at him, fear trickling through my veins, "When."

"Two days from now there's a flight scheduled, two tickets to Germany."

"Why only two?"

Thelm closes his eyes for a second, as if preparing himself for something, "Mituna's moving back with Latula, he's gotten a job there and he's buying his own apartment."

I feel the air in my chest rush out in shock, "You can't make me leave, it's halfway through the school year, I actually like it here you can't fucking make me move."

Thelm only shakes his head at me, and I can already tell it's a lost cause but I can't just give up on this, "Dad I'm legally a fucking adult, I'm almost nineteen you can't make me fucking move," I begin to yell, but I can see that Thelm is just staring calmly.

"YOU CAN'T MAKE ME DO THIS TO KARKAT DAD, I CAN'T JUST FUCKING LEAVE HIM!" I scream, but my dad doesn't seem very phased, he just shakes his head sadly.

"You know, Mituna said the same type things when he wanted to stay in the old town, but I can't let you stay Sollux."

I choke on a sob, and I can already feel a few tears running down my face. I spin around, not grabbing my phone or even my keys that are laying on the table in front of me, as I storm out, slamming the door as loudly as I can.

Then I just run, as if running can help me escape what's obviously going to happen.

So this was the cause of my unease earlier in the day, I think bitterly to myself. I'm not paying attention to where I'm going, the only thing I really notice is that it's gotten dark out, the faint glow of the sun is set on the horizon.

I slow my running to a sort of jog, then to a stop in front of what I assume is my undecided destination.

The large oak tree looms in front of me and I gaze at the widespread branches, and even in the near complete darkness I don't hesitate to climb to the highest branch possible without falling. I lean against the sturdy trunk of the tree, the cold beginning to seep through my thin shirt and jeans, I had left my jacket in my room. Since I'm at the top of the tree, the leaves are sparse amongst the spread out branches and I begin to unconsciously classify the few constellations I can see from my little hiding spot.

I feel myself thinking back to the time we lived in the other house with the large tree, I was so much younger then, we'd stayed in that place the longest, mostly because my bitch stepmother refused to let Thelm move even when his work demanded it.

"Thelm if you dare to uproot this house again I swear on all things holy that I'm taking the kids and going to a place you'll never find us!" My stepmother screeches, cornering my dad against the wall. Even from my perch in the tree outside I can still hear them screaming at each other. "Well I'm sorry Condina, but you don't even have anything close to be called custody so that won't be happening," Thelm hisses harshly, taking a step forward and forcing my stepmom to take a step back. The screaming accusations continue to escalate in severity until a slamming door and the screeching of a car pulling out tells me that Condina has left.

I shake my head roughly, trying to rid myself of these memories, they aren't good ones in any way shape or form. I scrub at my eyes in hopes to rid myself of the tears still leaking out from underneath my eyelids, but they refuse to stop so I just lean back , staring at the stars. They blur in a strangely beautiful way; I can't help but stare until my eyes almost burn.

"Fuck," Is all I can say, hand unconsciously covering the small scar on my chest. The wound sort of aches as I find Cancer amongst the mess of stars.

"Guess I know how Mituna felt now," I mutter as I curl my legs up as close to myself as possible, resting my aching head upon my knees.


I frown as I look over at my phone that is resting on the table beside my bed. My mom had gotten all of our few belongings moved up in a surprisingly short amount of time. However I feel like Sollux would've at least texted me out of boredom. Unless if he's asleep, but I feel like that's a more unlikely scenario.

I look out the window, seeing the sun has only just set, meaning it's still around seven or eight, one of the downsides of Autumn/Winter.

Unease prickles through my mind as I grab my phone, quickly telling my mom that I'm going to Sollux's before sliding on my shoes and walking down the few staircases to get to the ground floor.

I almost feel like I'm being paranoid as I head towards Sollux's house, which the new apartment is much closer to.

I feel like something is off as I knock at the door, almost like the place is empty. But that can't be true, right? I shiver and wrap my arms around myself, breath forming in clouds in front of me.

It takes Deithelm a few seconds to answer, which is another sign that something's off because it's always been Sollux who gets the door, especially since he can practically sense that I'm coming over, and he's usually waiting outside for me beforehand.

Deithelm looks confused, almost empathic for a few seconds before he shakes his head.

"Not here."

My frown returns, "What do you mean not here? He said he probably wasn't going anywhere for awhile."

"He took off, I feel like he should tell you why when you find him, he doesn't have his phone on him either so keep that in mind," Thelm says. I nod slowly, trying to think why Sollux would take off as I thank Thelm and begin walking away.

I try to place the emotion on Thelm's face as I find myself at the entrance of the park.

I figure it out as I stand in front of the large oak tree.


I find myself looking up at the few visible constellations as I sit down in the layered roots of the tree Sollux had convinced me to climb. I take a deep breath, letting the cool air sort of reinvigorate me as I gather my thoughts. A small sound catches my attention and I quickly look up into the dark expanse of branches. I feel my eyes widen as I stand a bit of hope stirring in my chest.

I look at my choices of branches and decide to use the lowest one near me, which I still have to jump to reach. I use my meager arm strength to stand on the branch and begin making my way branch by branch to the top of the tree.

"Sollux?" I ask as I see that it is, in fact, him. Which I can easily tell because he's wearing his mismatched shoes.

"KK? What are you-?"

I cut him off before he can finish, "What the hell Sollux? Why did you decide running to the park was a good idea?"

He moves to a more upright position on the branch before turning away from me, "Something...came up I guess you could say."

"And you couldn't tell me about it?" I feel my eyebrows creasing in confusion. In the small amount of moonlight I can see him shake his head no.

"I'm sorry KK."

"What, for not texting me? Tell me what's wrong Sollux, really."

I take a few steps back as he moves from his branch to balance on the more steady one I'm also standing on. I'm holding onto the branch nearest to me to help keep my balance.

"I'm really sorry K...Karkat," He says again.

"Why Sollux what's wrong," I feel even more worried as I reach forward to hold one of his hands, but this action seems to distress him even more as he instead pulls me into a hug.

He mumbles something into my shoulder, which I can't discern so I ask, "What?"

"My dad is making us move," He repeats even quieter. I feel my heart and breath almost pause for a moment as my eyes widen and I move away slightly.


"I'm not turning nineteen for almost six months, we're leaving in two days according to my dad."

I stare at him, shocked, as I feel tears drip onto my shoulder. I lean back enough to see his face and I feel my own eyes welling with tears as I see the anguish etched into his features.

"I'm really sorry Karkat," he says again sliding a hand to cup my jaw and leaning his forehead to rest against my own. He smells like honey and sea foam. I feel my own tears slide down my face to mingle with his. The meager moon and starlight that filters through the leaves makes his eyes seem even more brilliant, I'm completely awestruck by this moment.

I lean forward first, tilting my head for our lips to meet, and he reciprocates the kiss. It tastes of salt and honey and cherries, and I swear it's the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced.

I feel him gently rub the skin near my jaw with his thumb as I'm also steadied by his hand at my lower back. He leans away first, fresh tears staining his eyelashes.

"You're amazing Karkat, you're the first true friend and now love I've ever had and you stopped me from giving up on life completely," His breath hitches as he inhales, "And I don't want to leave you."

But even I can't change Thelm's mind.

I stand and watch as their last belongings are loaded onto a truck. I force back the tears gathering as Sollux hugs me tightly, giving me a chaste kiss, only stepping back from the embrace when Thelm yells that they need to leave.

I can't stand watching them leave, so I turn away as soon as Sollux's hand leaves mine, and begin walking away. I keep my gaze on my feet and speed up my pace as I hear the truck start, now having to wipe away the tears.

I can barely hear over the noise in my head as I watch little circles form from where my tears are falling. I don't notice the sound of footsteps and I don't know how to react when arms are suddenly wrapped around my shoulders. The sound clears as a voice reaches my mind.

"Hey KK."


"I'll see you in the future when we're older When we're full of stories to be told Cross my heart and hope to die I'll see you with your laughter lines."

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