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After class Jackie headed straight for the library to reserve a table for her group meeting. They library was always packed during finals week and finding a table was always a struggle. Once she found an open spot, she went to the vending machines that were located on the first floor of the library to get a water bottle. When she sat back at the table she reached for her phone so she could text her group and let them know where in the library she was. After sending out that text she read Catherine's text. She loved that fact that Catherine wanted to see her and was willing to make it work. But she still thought it would be best if she didn't see Catherine. She decided to wait until her meeting was over to text Catherine.

Jackie wasn't much help during her group meeting, while they were talking finals and study guides she was thinking about Catherine. When the group meeting was finally over she decided to respond to the text Catherine back, "Will you be in your office around 5pm?" Even though she had thought about not going to see Catherine today, she knew that she just needed to get these thoughts off her chest so she could get back to being focused on finals.

She quickly got a response from Catherine, "If that works for you then I'll be there. Should I have coffee ready?"

Jackie almost broke down, Catherine was just always so thoughtful and of course she would have coffee ready for Jackie. "Sure that would be great, I have class at 3. I'll see you after" before she hit send she decided to add xo to the end of it.

During her 3pm class, she was getting more and more stressed about talking to Catherine, she really needed to be focusing on the notes the professor was giving them for the final, but she kept thinking about Catherine. Finally her class was over and after talking with a few classmates about getting together to study she headed off for Catherine's office. As she rounded the corner in the hallway, she could hear voices coming from the professor's office. It was the week before finals, of course there would be students coming and going from professor's offices. She decided to wait in the hallway and pretended to be looking at a bulletin board when the other students came out of the office. When the students were safely out of site she walked through Catherine's door. Most students would sit in the chair that was next to Catherine's desk so that is what Jackie decided to do, even though the couch looked much more comfortable. She started pulling her psych notebook out just to be prepared if students walked in she could pretend to be asking a question.

The older woman gave her a bit quizzical look and stood up to go close the door. Before she could get to the door though Jackie looked over and in a loud whisper said, "You can't close the door, if another student comes in it'll look weird if you're in here with me and the door is closed."

"I'm sure it'll be fine. I technically don't have office hours right now anyway, so no one will be coming" Catherine simply stated as she walked over to the door.

"Please, just leave it open, I'll feel better about it." Jackie asked, trying not to seem so upset.

Catherine paused for a second, and then decided to close the door anyway. "I think it will look even more weird if a student see's me kissing you," she said with that classic Catherine smirk and walked over to Jackie who did was trying in vain not to be upset. Catherine reached out her arms to help Jackie out of the chair and gave her a big hug. She whispered into Jackie's ear, "Everything is going to be fine." She pulled the younger blonde back just a bit so she could see her face. It was obvious that Jackie was still nervous about the situation. "I love you Jaqueline, nothing is going to happen." Before Jackie could even respond Catherine leaned in and gently kissed the younger blondes lips. Jackie just started to ease up a bit when she heard students out in the hallway. She broke away and listened to see if she could hear what they were saying. All she could make out was, Professor Stark, final, and questions. "Shit" Jackie said as she grabbed her backpack and notes. As she quickly grabbed her bag and notebook she said loudly, "Thanks for your help Professor Stark, I was a little confused by one of the study guides questions you had. Thanks!" She opened the door right as she said 'thanks' and tried not to make eye contact with the 2 students who were just about to knock on the door. She was pretty sure she didn't recognize them, and just hoped that they didn't think too much of it. As she walked away she could her Catherine snap back to her professor role and say, "what can I help you both with this evening, have a seat."

Jackie walked as quickly as she could to the library; it was all she could do not to start crying on her way. If she had just stuck with her original plan none of that wouldn't have happened. That was way too close of a call for her and just put her even more on edge. They only reason she had decided go was so she could have talked to Catherine. Now she would have to wait till the weekend most likely. She made it to the ladies bathroom on the 3rd floor of the library; she knew hardly anyone ever used it. As soon as she made it to the sink the waterworks started and she didn't know how to stop it. She knew it was partly due to stress, she rarely got this upset. But she loved Catherine so much and she was just so worried about it ending due to someone finding out. After a few minutes she finally stopped crying and splashed some water on her face. Just as she was looking at her puffy face the door opened and Jackie put her head down and pretended to wash her hands hoping the girl wouldn't notice how red her eyes were. Unfortunately, the girl noticed and walked over. She simply said, "finals are a bitch, don't worry, they'll be over soon." Jackie just smiled a bit and said thanks and walked out of the bathroom to try and find a table.

Back in the professor's office she was just saying goodbye to the students who interrupted her moment with Jackie. She sat down at her desk and thought about what happened. Of course she was worried about what would happen if someone found out about the two of them, but she never really let it bother her. She truly did love Jackie and whatever happened they would deal with it at that time. She just wished she could find a way to make Jackie feel more relaxed.

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